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Happily Homed

Below are some pictures of our dogs that have now been happily homed. If you would like a picture of your greyhound on this page, send us a pic & a few words and we will happily put them on! 


A whole month of having Suki has gone past so quickly.

She has really settled in as part of the family, very loving and affectionate with everybody, so doted upon by all the family from age 4 - 84! She has got very acustomed to her home comforts and although she has a lovely large and cosy bed on the floor she often prefers to curl up like a cat on a small armchair with her legs all tucked in, it doesn't look comfortable but she  seems to like it! She loves racing around the garden or doing a bit of sunbathing, playing with her toys, and collecting shoes! Favourite walks are in the local wood, where she does an impressive performing circus dog routine, walking backwards up on her hind legs in an attempt to see where the squirrels have gone. She meets lots of other dogs and wants to play with them all, but her favourite friend is another rescue greyhound called Crosby, whom she is always thrilled to see. We have booked to go to Cornwall in the summer so look forward to taking her on the beach and for a paddle.

Thank you for letting us adopt her-we can't imagine not having her around!

Jackie and Family x

Brook Trigger Trotter & Ppesi


Just wanted to drop a few photos of our happy homed greyhounds from yourselves- most of our photos involve sleep or cuddles which are theiir favourite pastime!Thank you for being great in helping us find our perfect dogs happy humans  and hounds here!

However, if you see me pulling up outside alone, lock the gate.......4's enough

Nicki and Daniel

Happily Homed

Hi Guys,

We thought we would send you a few pics of Dilly in her new home. 

She loves racing around our garden and has settled in quickly. She's a real character, very affectionate and we love her to bits. Hope all is well at the 'Farm'. Best wishes to you all. 

Tony & Lynn 


Hi all

Just to let you know that Susie is settling well. She loves laying on the grass and is now learning to play with her toys. The pleasure she gives me is unbelievable. She is well known by many of my friends and neighbours.

Massive thank you to Dean and the team for giving me such an amazing friend.


Happily Homed

This is Sophie. 

She's absolutely gorgeous and has settled in beautifully. 

Such a character about her that puts smiles on all of our faces. 

Thank you :) 

Happily Homed

Thought we would just drop you a mail with news of Oliver, now renamed Broc who we rehomed earlier this year. He is adorable, a real gentle giant and he has settled into life without any problems. He and Poppy get on really well and he is not at all bothered about our chickens. It has taken a bit of time but he now loves a good play and has learnt a few commands....although we haven't needed many as he is very well behaved :-)
Hannah, Gary, Broc and Poppy

Happily Homed

Hello everyone, I thought you would just like an update on the old man as it's been a while! I've no doubt you'll be happy to know Gino is doing really well and has overcome his fear of stairs! We often have a warm spot on the bed where he spends most of the day. Somehow I've managed to gain two lady companions for him, who have found the pup within. He's often off lead now on walks and loves a quick sprint or two but always comes back I'm relieved to say. Bridget, Rob and Gino

Happily Homed

Just thought we’d let you know how Droopy Dog is getting on. As you can see she is loving life and making friends. She’s an absolute delight to be around and turns heads wherever she goes. It’s amazing how she has a sixth sense when other “greys” are around and always greets them with a wagging tail. Her favourite place is her bed with her toys or snuggled on the sofa with mummy and daddy. Thank you once again for letting her “choose” us, we are smitten. Lisa and Julian Cutter

Happily Homed

Since coming home with us Norman has settled into his new home very well indeed! He was a little unsure when he first arrived and getting him to settle in the living room was a challenge, but that’s certainly changed and takes some coaxing to go to his other bed at bedtime! Norman has already worked his way deep into our hearts; we simply couldn’t be without him and love him very much. Thank you Clarks Farm for helping us to home such a wonderful character. Christian & Lindsey

Happily Homed

We think that Oddball (Benjen) has settled in very well.

Thanks for a good choice.

Helen, John, Alex & Charlotte.

Happily Homed

Tiffany (who was called Kiwi) has settled brilliantly, with no problems at all. She is a very loving, affectionate, playful and fun dog. She also loves cuddles! We are very lucky to have found you and in doing so, such an amazing dog!

Best wishes,

Julia, Charlotte, Grace, Nana and Granddad 

Happily Homed

This is Ebbie (greyhound) and Alfie (lurcher).  I would like Ebbie to be put on the found a home page. Please say she is wonderful and is such a playful, loving and muched loved part of our family now. Thank you to clarks farm for letting us have her.  She enriches our lives. We will be back for another friend soon. 

Lynne x

Happily Homed

Been nearly a year now since Darin came home to live with us and it has been a wonderful year. He has settled in and become a true character in the family. Everybody loves him and would take him home in an instant if given the chance! He has a very playful nature and will do anything for a game of ball! Can't thank you enough for allowing me to give him a forever home. Could never be parted from him, he's my boy always.

Mrs Noble and family 

Happily Homed

We are so glad to have Barney because he is a real superstar. He is now 18 weeks and getting taller and taller. He is housetrained, loves cuddles and is so much fun! He passed his Puppy Foundation Assessment at the Puppy Socialisation classes we have been taking him to. This means that he can sit, lay down and come when he is called. His favourite place to sleep is the closest spot to the fire even if it means laying across another dog.

Happily Homed

Thank you for helping me to find such a lovely dog as Beauty. She is settling in really well and has even started to get up later! We have no mess indoors so long as I give her a 10 minute evening walk, she is fine with other dogs, children, unusual noises and people. She doesn't even pull to chase cats! Although she has tried to catch a couple of squirrels.