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Dogs for Rehoming

Experience Required Experience Required

We pride ourselves on being a responsible rehoming centre.  We put the dogs first by ensuring each one finds their perfect forever home in matching them based on their needs and personality. 

Each dog’s behaviour is assessed in order to establish their suitability in socialising with other breeds out and about, but also in regard to in living with other breeds, children and even other species such as cats!  To do this we assess each dog with a very small dog breed, and in some instances with a cat, which gives us a good idea of what level of experience the home has to be.

We provide honest and open descriptions of each dog and ensure all details are given to potential adopters.

The colour chart is a rough guide.  Some of the yellow, orange and red dogs could live with children for instance, so make sure to read the blurbs fully.  However, it is important to trust in the staff to successfully match you with your perfect dog, as you may find yourself matched with a different colour level than you expected.  Matching with your perfect dog can take some time, but with new dogs arriving constantly throughout the year your perfect dog may just be around the corner!

For more information, to register interest in adopting or to discuss any of the dogs available, please call 01621 788315.

REHOME Experience Required
Jerry Jerry
4 Years Old
Chilled Out

In just a few short weeks, when we hit February, we will sadly have reached Jerry’s 12th month waiting for his forever home…No joke, this boy will have been waiting 365 days to find a family to take him home and love him.

This is just insanity…it is like revolving doors here at the moment!  Yet Jerry has watched so many of his friends come and go without ever having any interest in him at all.  We all love him to bits, and everyone that meets him says how relaxed, quiet, good on the lead and affectionate he is…His tail never stops wagging, it is always out and about doing its own thing when on walks and some days he is so lazy he has to be bribed out his kennel with belly rubs!  Very affectionate and patient, he loves everyone he meets without question.

Overall, he is just perfect!  Just look at those little teefies and that face, honestly…how can you say no to that adorable overbite?!  Even better is he isn’t even that big for a male, he has quite a slight frame and doesn't stand much taller than a lot of the females. 

He is excellent with all the other greyhounds and can religiously be found cuddling whoever he is kennel sharing with (which is adorable!).  He regularly uses his kennel mate as a pillow or a footrest!  So, it would be lovely to see him in a home with a female greyhound for company and to cuddle with!  He would be able to live with children who are used to being around large breeds, but he cannot live with cats or small furries.

You are probably wondering how such a perfect greyhound is still here after all this time? 

The simple answer is he struggles with other breeds, that’s all.  He gets very insecure and overwhelmed in seeing other dogs as he doesn’t understand what they are or how he is supposed to talk to them.  But at the same time, he’s not had the opportunity to learn how to ‘dog’ as he has only known kennel life and in his mind, greyhounds are the only dog breed! 

So, yes, we aren’t going to lie and say he isn’t reactive on the lead, but we strongly feel that once into a home and he gets desensitised to seeing them, with some guidance and bribery, he will settle down and go onto be such an amazing pet.

He is such an angel in every other aspect, the joy he will bring to his forever family’s life should outweigh a bit of training out on the lead! 

It’s Jerry’s turn to find the loving forever sofa he so rightly deserves.  Can you give this goofy smiling boy a home?

Maestro Maestro
5 Years Old
Special Bean

Maestro is such a special dog.  We've come to know him very well since his arrival in February last year, the big lump has just got such an endearing face with those fabulous grey eyebrows and one sticky uppy ear.  It's so hard not to love him!

So ridiculously calm in the kennel he barely bats an eyelid at anything.  He is very quiet and patient in the kennel as he he knows and enjoys his routine.  When we take him out to the garden he does absolutely love a zoomie and to let out some energy, he loves to play!  Then, once all zoomie'd out, he is back to bed for a nap.

He knows the walking route here at the kennels very well and generally walks well on the lead although he can be a bit pulley should something that desperately needs smelling be of interest.  He loves to walk with his nose to the ground, he does tend to zig zag as he does this.  Clearly he thinks he is a bloodhound rather than a sighthound!  But so long as you walk with a good stride it's pretty easy to keep up. 

Maestro loves and trusts in his routine, he knows what is expected of him and is always happy to quietly and patiently wait his turn in feeding and walking.  He is literally an angel in the kennels and we all love him dearly.  Sadly though, Maestro does struggle when anything unexpected happens.  This is a particular worry out on walks.  He can easily get very overwhelmed and panic if other dogs approach him and if he cannot escape, he will jump up, wrap his paws around you and cling on for dear life just so he can feel safe.  Bless him, he is just really anxious.  We have been working with him to overcome this and we have found that he is making slow but steady progress.  He has been able to walk with a small breed for a time but can reach his limit quite quickly, so he will need a very slow introduction to life so he doesn't get too stressed.

We can literally picture him being such an amazing addition to a home, just lazing around watching the days go by and playing in the garden.  He would be so happy to just lay on a sofa and never move from it.  But because he is a 'spook' out on walks he is going to need an experienced adult only home that is also physically strong as he is a big strong lad.

He would definitely suit a more rural/small village lifestyle where there is less pressure on walks, as he does excellently here as there are no distruptions on his walks.  Although if someone had a really large secure garden that he could run around to his hearts content or laze about in the sun without any of the stress of going for walks, we're quite sure he would be happy with that too!

REHOME Maestro
Luke Luke
4 Years Old
Chilled Out

We are devastated to have had the beautiful Luke return to us for rehoming after three ridiculously loved months in a home.

Luke had originally been here for six months waiting for his forever home when a wonderful lady took a chance on him.  Luke took to home life as if he had always known it, living on the beach, and going for long walks across the sand, he got the best of everything.  But sadly, his mum has had a change of circumstances that means she is no longer able to care for him.  We are really hoping that he isn’t going to have to wait another six months to find his forever home!

House trained, good on the lead and comfortable being left for a few hours, Luke is more than happy to be the only pet in the home and roach on your sofa.  He is obedient, loyal and knows several basic cues in the home such as no, leave and bed, but not ‘sit’…he is still a greyhound after all!

He was excellent with visiting grandchildren in the home, and has no problems being approached and fussed by people he doesn’t know.  He is a very confident and outgoing lad and isn’t really fazed by anything! 

We have always found him to be very cat like; affectionate, but independent, and was no different in the home.  You will still get the funny five minutes zoomies around the garden and sillies when you come in from being out, as he is excited to see you, but overall, he is a very calm, easy, go with the flow kind of lad! 

Luke is very people motivated and has very much got a god amongst men attitude toward other dogs.  He would much rather enjoy his walk with his humans without ever speaking to another dog!  While he has met a variety of breeds while in the home, he can be standoffish.  He is not reactive; he does not lunge or bark.  He will stand still and tolerate them smelling him but doesn’t care to interact with them beyond that, he’ll just walk on without acknowledging them.  Although he isn’t keen on off lead smaller dogs running up into his space uninvited, but then who is?

Luke’s mum has really set him up to succeed in his loving forever home, and while we are saddened that it won’t be with her, we know that whoever takes this beautiful boy home will have the perfect family companion.

Mach Mach
5 Years Old
In Foster

This silly lump of a dog is just such an idiot...and we mean that in the most endearing way, we promise!  He is just a bundle of fun, zoomies and cuddles and after all the excitement napping is very high on his favourite things to do!

Mach is a big handsome and gentle lad.  He doesn't jump up at people (although he can turn into a kangaroo when the lead comes out), he is always very respectful of your space...though if you are giving him fusses he does end up at a 45 degree angle leaning into you for more!  He is just such a total soppy, affectionate, cuddly sweetheart and can always be found cuddling up to whoever he is kennel sharing with!  His greatest love was his elderly kennel mate Bee who went on to find her final forever home, but he has had several great loves since, that have all gone on to find homes while he waits ever patiently behind.  Endlessly overlooked, Mach just lazes about dreaming of the day he gets to be adopted.

He eats like a champion and love his walks.  He gets so excited when it's time for walkies he starts bouncing around like a little loon as if to say 'hurry up, put my lead on!'

He is really very clean in his kennel and overall is very quiet and patient, we rarely hear a word out of him!  Mach has brought so much laughter to the kennels since he arrived and oh boy does he love a cuddle.  He absolutely loves leaning into people and getting all the fusses.  As a confident and outgoing hound he is more than happy to demand fusses from anyone he meets.  He does not hesitate at all to walk up to complete strangers and ask for neck scratches or ear rubs.

Mach has the potential to live with older children that are familiar around large breeds, as he does love to play but at the same time he can be very lazy!  He would love to live with a lady greyhound but he would be happy living as an only dog, he hasn't shown any indication of being anxious when left.

However, he does need an experienced and physically strong home as he is reactive to other breeds.  We do feel like this will improve once he is out of the kennel environment and he is getting regular positive socialisations with other dogs.  He just needs to learn some doggy ettiquite!

In the home, he is going to be an dream.  We can literally picture him being the perfect dog at home.  He is everything you could want in a dog, very happy go lucky, interactive, playful and affectionate.  He just needs some help on walks!

Cindy Cindy
3 Years Old

We all adore little Cindy...but this quiet, dreadfully shy, and tiny excuse for a greyhound hasn't had any luck in finding a home!  Which, in fairness, isn't a huge suprise as she never does show her true self on meeting new people and can be very stubborn about going for walks if the weather is not exactly to her liking.  

But believe us when we say, once you earn her trust she has a wonderful nature, if a bit stubborn at times, and will really thrive in a home.

Bring such a tiny and quiet little thing in the kennels, it's hard to remember she's there as you can't even see her behind her kennel mate Dnata...and he's not even big himself!  She's basically a whippet when standing next to him!  Cindy has been nothing but perfect from the minute she arrived, she has a lovely personality and can even be a bit of a sasspot when she wants to be! 

We love little Cindy to bits and she has really come out of herself with us now.  She does still have some anxieties but given a little bit of time you won’t regret taking her home and into your life and heart.

Cindy needs an adult only home who will look past her initial scaredy cat exterior and see the fantastic character that lies underneath. She will need to live with another more confident and settled dog to show her the ropes and to show her everything is okay while she takes it all in.

She is excellent on the lead but can do the frozen hound. We have found that this is generally when it’s really windy or the weather is otherwise not to her liking, and she wants to go back to bed.  She does love her bed and would much prefer to nap than walk most days, which I think a lot of us can relate to! 

Cindy will bring a lot of happiness to her forever home, as watching her come out of her shell and grow is so rewarding!

Dnata Dnata
2 Years Old
Happy Go Lucky
In Foster

Adorable floppy ears and sad ‘adopt me’ eyes…you would be hard pressed not to be attracted to his boy! Although in saying that…we haven’t had any interest in him at all!

A little bit on the shy side, Dnata is a lovely natured and cuddly boy with a little cheeky playful side that is just waiting to show itself in the right home. He loves his food and loves his walks, both of which he gets all silly and excited about!

Outgoing on walks, he can be strong on the lead as he investigates all the sights and smells, but this is already settling and will continue to calm in time and a bit of guidance.

He did well in meeting a small breed here at the kennels but was initially quite strong in his excitement to investigate what he must have thought was the weirdest looking greyhound he had ever seen. Once he was satisfied that it was indeed a dog, he was much calmer and walked nicely with her.  Out in the great wide world he is a bit more unsure.  He can be unsettled by off lead dogs and can be vocal at times, so will need a bit of help with this.

He is sometimes a bit of a sensitive soul, and has a gentle and shy side to him which is quite contradictory we know (since he is generally a muppet).  But if you met him you'd understand!  But being a sensitive soul doesn’t stop him playing and doing the zoomies should the mood take him.

As he can be a bit shy and unsure of certain situations, he would be best suited to a nice, quiet, and easy going adult only home where someone is around most of the time in the beginning to settle him in.  He will also greatly benefit from living with an easy going female greyhound to show him the ropes.

Dnata was finding kennel life very frustrating and was not enjoying it here at all, so we managed to get him out into a foster family with a lovely lady greyhound.  So far he's taken to home life like a total pro!
Now hes discovered the sofa, he's loving life in the slow lane, and is really thriving.  The feedback from the foster family is very positive and he house trained straight away!  Which is brilliant.  He'll do so well in his forever home, especially with this jump start to show him the way!

Those eyes just look straight into your soul and he will absolutely take advantage and use them to get whatever he wants out of you! So, if you don’t mind being wrapped around your dogs paw, this is the dog for you!

Lola Lola
3 Years Old
In Foster

Lovely Lola is just a delight to have around.

Tail always furiously wagging, she is one of the happiest little ladies in the kennels...second only to Tonks, but even that could be contested!  Very affectionate, cuddly, and playful, she loves all the fusses and just wants to be included in everything.

Lola walks beautifully on the lead and is quite happy to just trot along beside you.  She loves all the other greyhounds and shares her kennel very nicely with Gibson.

What Lola loves more than anything is eating, she is definitely not a fussy eater.  Anything placed in front of her will be gone before you can blink. Bless her, she really loves her food!  Being food motivated leans well for training in the home as she would be more than happy to earn her treats.

She can be a sassy little monkey sometimes, jumping up for cuddles, but this just adds to her charm!  She will bring so much joy to her forever home with her zoomies and quirkiness, but also just by snuggling up for a nap on the sofa with her humans.

She did very well in meeting a small breed. She was so excited to say hello and sniff her from head to tail!  Lola was completely baffled that a dog could be so small. But after the initial excitement they walked nicely together.

Really Lola hasn’t been a bother at all since she arrived and is generally quite clean in her kennel, which bodes well for house training!

There is no question that Lola is going to be adopted by the first family to meet her...if only someone would meet her!  Lola hasn't had one single viewing yet and that absolutely baffles us!  She is the happiest, sweetest and cuddliest little lady and will make a wonderful companion in the home. 

Surely there is someone out there that wants to have this darling girl in their lives!

Jasmine Jasmine
3 Years Old

Jasmine may have a beautiful face, soul piercing eyes and a heart of gold…but she’s well cheeky!

An absolute dream in the kennel, she is quiet, patient and really relaxed. Unlike the other dogs jumping at the doors all excited to see us in the morning, Jasmine is quite happy to just lay about until it’s her turn with her kennel mate Jerry!

Excellent with the other greyhounds, she has been very well behaved when kenneled on her own and wonderfully kind to her kennel mate Jerry who likes to use her as a pillow or foot rest, so she would be quite content with being an only dog or sharing with another greyhound. She’s adaptable like that!

Very affectionate and cuddly with her humans, she is outgoing, confident and loves everyone she meets…particularly if they give her fusses or treats! Honestly, she is an absolute sweetheart and we haven’t heard a word out of her since she arrived.

She walked in here like she owned the place and hasn’t been a bother since. She eats like a champ and absolutely loves her walks, she will make such an amazing companion in the home, where she will no doubt settle in like a total dream!  She would be more than happy to live with children, as she doesn’t seem to be fazed by anything around her, she just takes it all in her stride.

Of course, such a perfect dog will have a catch!  Jasmine has no concept of how to walk nicely on the lead! Honestly wouldn’t expect such a tiny lady to be so powerful and she needs to be walked on a harness to stop her hurting herself in her excitement to be out seeing and smelling all the things!  This is starting to settle down now that she's been here for a little while, but will still need some guidance once in the home.

Due to her excitement and strength on the lead, as well as her eagerness toward other breeds, she does need an experienced home and one that is physically strong that can guide her into good behavior on the lead and in learning some doggy etiquette.

Jasmine is beautiful and we love her to bits, given a chance she will be an absolute delight to have at home! She just needs someone to look past her behavior on the lead!

REHOME Jasmine
Gibson Gibson
3 Years Old
In Foster

The strikingly handsome Gibson is returning to us at the end of January after a successful time in foster…but we haven’t found him his perfect home yet!

Always excellently behaved while in the kennel, you would barely have known he here most days and that theme continued on into the foster home.  Living with two other greyhounds and a lurcher, he has been a dream.  He’s gotten along with everyone and even got the seal of approval from his foster sister Beth…who is notoriously difficult to please…But then if she couldn’t accept this perfect gentleman, then there really is no helping her!

House trained, good on the lead and an all-round easy going and happy chap, Gibson loves to snuggle up with his foster brother Rory.  Happy to laze about and watch the world go by, Gibson spends much of his day snoozing or pottering around with the other dogs. 

If he isn’t asking for cuddles, he’s sleeping and although eating is high on his favourite things to do, it turns out his biggest love is children!  Gibson adores the little humans in his foster home…his favourite being the 9-year-old daughter who he gets all silly and excited about whenever she comes home from school!

Gibson would do well living with children of any age (ideally 5+) as he is so gentle.  He will walk up to adults and children alike, put his head in their lap and ask for a fuss.  He isn’t bothered in the slightest whether he knows them or not!

Gibson has done well in meeting a variety of breeds but can still be a bit strong in meeting them.  He has made excellent progress with his doggy etiquette but still needs to learn to say hello a bit more gently.  There is no malice in him, he just wants to sniff them all over!

He does get a bit unsettled by off lead dogs, but this will come with time.  With a little bit more experience and some guidance from his loving forever home he will be a total pro in no time…and eventually will probably go on to completely ignore other breeds, as most greyhounds do!  He has demonstrated that he is well on his way to this goal already!

Gibson will do well in just about any home but would benefit from living with another gentle and easy-going greyhound, as he loves to cuddle!

All round Gibson is a lovely lad who is more than happy to use the ‘sad eyes’ to get everything he wants in life. He is a total gem and has been a dream to look after both here, and in the foster home!

Tonks Tonks
3 Years Old
Happy Go Lucky

This little lady is literally one of the happiest dogs in the world.  The tail hasn't stopped wagging since the minute she walked in, she loves to play and loves to jump up for cuddles.

Without any sense of boundries, Tonks has literally jumped up everyone shes met to try and give them kisses and to enjoy full body hugs.  She loves everyone she meets without question.

Excellent on the lead, she gets along very well with all the other greyhounds and did well in meeting a little dog.  She eats like food is going out of fashion, so there is no question over fussy eating with this one.  Anything placed in front of her is fair game, so may need a little bit of instruction in the home not to become a counter surfer!

Really theres nothing bad to be said about her, except that she has a hard time keeping all four feet on the floor in her pursuit of cuddles.  Although we don't consider this a bad thing, we love doggy cuddles and kisses, we know it isn't everyones cup of tea!

Tonks has a wonderful temperment and doesn't seem to be fazed by anything at all.  This lends well to the potential to live with children of any age.  But, due to her cuddle monster habits, any young children will have to be comfortable and confident around large dogs, because even though she isn't large by any stretch, a dog licking them in the face could make them nervous!

Tonks has kenneled well on her own and with a partner, so would do well in either scenario in the home.  As she is so people motivated, she would benefit from living with another hound for companionship when the humans aren't around, but this is not essential.  As she settles well when we aren't around, with a little bit of training she will likely do the same in the home once settled.

Really, despite not having magical colour changing hair, Tonks will make a fantastic companion.  Even without having any concept of personal space, she is just an all round happy go lucky and amazing lady!  She'll be snapped up without a doubt!

Oscar Oscar
6 Years Old
Gentle Soul

Sweet hearted and beautiful Oscar is a gentle old soul, so quiet, clean, patient and well behaved in the kennel you wouldn’t even know he was there!

House trained and food motivated, Oscar knows many of the basic cues such as wait and lay down and is quite happy to do as asked whenever treats are involved.  He travels well in the car, is happy being left for up to 3 hours, loves a cuddle with his humans, belly rubs and loves to play with squeaky tennis balls.  Eating is also high on his agenda of favourite things to do!

His new best friend, Tonks, has just blown away from of his old soul cobwebs.  He turns into a puppy when they go in the garden, doing zoomies and investigating all the different smells together.

Excellent on the lead (until he sees a squirrel!), he enjoys his walks, but prefers quieter nature walks rather than street walking as he can find certain day to day encounters in busier places a bit worrying.  He also hates the rain and will refuse to go for walks, which frankly is a bit of a bonus!  Rainy walks are the worst!

Oscar can be quite introverted and can be slow to trust new people, and although it may take a little while to see that tail wagging he is willing to engage with people (especially if they have treats!).  Since coming into our care he has met a wide range of people (with different volunteers and students each day) without any fuss at all and is happy to be lead by Tonks in all things.

The difference we have seen in him with having Tonks to lead the way shows how much he would benefit from living with a nice confident and settled lady greyhound, both for company and to play with!

Good as gold with the other greyhounds, out on walks he can be aloof toward other breeds and is much happier to walk past other dogs then speak to them.  He is happy to meet other breeds to a certain degree, but too much interaction stresses him.  If they come running into his space without warning, he can get very worried.

If you were to meet him, you would see that he is just such a gem!  Literally the quietest, kindest, and sweetest boy!  We have all fallen in love with him, as has everyone that’s met him.  He is the best dog once you earn his trust, he really is!  We are so hopeful that someone is able to look past his insecurities and introverted first impressions to take a chance on him and give him the forever sofa he is so desperate for!

Remus Remus
3 Years Old
Easy Going

Remus is an old soul.  Quite happy to do his own thing and get on with it, you barely even know he’s in the kennel most of the time!

A gorgeous looking boy, Remus is quite happy to use the ‘I’m sad’ look with those beautiful brown eyes to get what he wants and very much enjoys chin scratches and ear rubs!  He is very affectionate when he fancies it but also doesn’t seem to be bothered to just chill out on his own.

Quiet and clean in his kennel, Remus is quite happy to chill out and wait his turn…unless he needs the loo!  Then he has no qualms in letting us know that he is there and needs to go out!  But this will lend very well to house training, as he doesn’t like going indoors if he can help it!

Excellent on the lead, he trots along quite merrily on his walks as if he hasn’t got a care in the world.  He gets along well with all the other greyhounds but prefers to kennel on his own so he doesn’t have to share the bed…as he can often be found sprawled across the whole thing!

Remus’ first small dog test was a bit mixed.  Happy to walk past without issue, he continued to be gentle on the lead even when the little dog was moving, but he was a little bit too keen and strong in meeting we gave him a little bit more time to settle in and tested him again with a small dog and he did excellently.  Again, walking past without an issue and taking no notice when she was moving around.  He sniffed her (relatively) polietly, still very confused that greyhounds come in this size and then lost interest and leaned up against our legs for fusses as if to ask 'what am I supposed to do now?'.  

He has calmed massively since his arrival (and that was only a couple weeks ago and he was already super calm!)...once in a home he'll probably become one with the rug and barely move from it!  We don't see him having a problem with other breeds, he's already well on his way to being oblivious to them as most greyhounds are!

He loves food even more than he loves cuddles; he scoffs his meals so fast you’ll question whether you even put the food down in the first place!  Being food motivated will be very helpful in rewarding good behaviour and doing any other training with him in the home.

We can really see Remus settling into home life like he’s always been there.  Nothing really seems to faze him and seems quite happy to just go with the flow of life!

He’s just a dream in the kennel and really isn’t a bother at all.  Once he finds the sofa, that’ll be that!

Pandora Pandora
2 Years Old
Total Princess

Do you really want to open up this box?  Of course you do!

Pandora is your typical confident, outgoing and silly 2-year-old greyhound! 

You really can’t help but love her, and with her striking eyes and light coat she does really draw attention to herself!  Even before we wrote this, we had several phone calls wanting to register interest based on her colour alone…as is the curse of the blue brindle!

But as beautiful as she is, she is still young and can be a cheeky little mare!  She is a bit of a door dasher and you have to really keep an eye on her whenever you are going in her kennel!

Generally, she is very good on the lead, but it depends on her mood and who’s walking her!  We’ve had mixed reports from the volunteers…some say she’s an angel others say she is a devil!  But really, she’s just a pup and is excited to get out, zig zagging to smell all the things and looking out across the fields for rabbits to chase! 

We’ve found her to be fairly consistent on the lead so we know that once in a home with the same people walking her each day, she will settle into her routine and walk nicely.

She gets along brilliantly with the other greyhounds and loves to play.  Her and Ariel love a potter around the garden, the occasional mini zoomie thrown in there for good measure.  She did fairly well in meeting a small breed.  She got excited and a bit silly on the lead, but not strong, as we walked past.  Going down into the play bow as we went.  Upon meeting, she was a bit strong to sniff the little lady from head to tail but soon settled and lost interest.  Though she will need some more guidance in this department, but she is young and impressionable so she will become what you guide her to become.

Pandora loves her food; blink and you’d miss it.  She really doesn’t hesitate to get through a meal.  But even though she loves to eat, she is never demanding of it.  Her and Ariel wait very quietly and patiently at feeding times, you’d hardly know they were there most days!

More confident than her friend Ariel, she loves a fuss but is also very cat-like in that she is quite happy to do her own thing with Ariel regardless of whether the humans are around.  She has been a really guiding hand for Ariel and the pair of them are just adorable together.

We would love to see them homed together, but don’t want to make them stay in kennels longer than is necessary so we will consider homing them separately if the right homes come along. 

Pandora is a lovely lady but ideally will need an adult only home, particularly with her penchant for dashing through doorways should you not be quick enough!  Though hopefully this is just a kennel related behaviour, but if not, as we mentioned she is young, and food motivated, so it wouldn’t take long to train her to respect boundaries!

Whoever takes this lady home, with or without Ariel, will be very lucky indeed!

REHOME Pandora
Ariel Ariel
2 Years Old
Very Shy

Ariel is a tiny little lady who just wants to be part of your world.

Quite shy of new people and situations, she can get quite overwhelmed by all the gadgets, gizmos, whotzits and thingamabobs out in the great wide world.

She takes a great deal of confidence from the other greyhounds when out on walks and is particularly guided by her kennel mate, Pandora, who she relies on to show her everything is okay.  Pandora may not be as strapping as Prince Eric, but she is pretty as a princess and Ariel loves her!

Gentle on the lead, she can be a bit spooked by traffic but is already improving with this.  She did excellently in meeting a small dog and although shy, she is willing and is slowly building confidence and coming out of herself.

We would love to see Ariel and Pandora live happily ever after together in a loving forever home as they are so bonded in the kennel.  Pandora is always resting her head on Ariel, and they are always cuddling up together.

But we know difficult it can be to find a home for the shy ones, let alone as a pair!  So, to stop them from having to wait in kennels for an extended time…if someone out there has a lovely settled and confident greyhound that is looking for a friend and is happy to give Ariel the guidance she needs, then we will home them separately.  Hopefully, if we do have to split them they will be adopted nearby to each other and can still see each other out in the real world!

Ariel is not a poor unfortunate soul, but she does need a patient, loving and adult only forever home that will guide her as she learns the ropes of home life.  We are already seeing the little signs of personality coming out as she is beginning to trust us, and we know she will make such a wonderful companion once settled.  She will just take a little bit longer to get there then the other greys do, but taking that journey with her will be so rewarding!

Sonic Sonic
2 Years Old
Total Muppet

Well, despite his namesake there isn’t a lot that is fast about this boy…both in physical and mental speed!

Sonic is your typical young unraced male greyhound, lacking in braincells and a general all round lovable, cuddly muppet.

You could not fault this boy; he is just so much fun to be around but really, he can’t decide if he’s a puppy or an old man!  He is equal parts young, playful and cuddly but also, I’m sleeping, leave me alone!  He is incredibly lazy for a young greyhound!

He is good on the lead; gets along excellently with the other greyhounds and eats like it’s going out of fashion.  He is not fussy about anything and is confident, outgoing, and very happy to walk up to complete strangers and ask for a cuddle. Although when he comes back from a walk he does like to totally embarrass us by putting on the brakes and refusing to go back to his kennel because he wants to stay with his new human friends!

He is simply too adorable and so affectionate.  All he wants is a nice warm bed to sleep the day away, food (which is high on the priorities list) and cuddles when he asks for them.

Sonic ideally needs an adult only home but has the potential to live with older dog savvy children that are used to living with large breeds, because he has no idea how big he is when he plays or what personal space is!

We aren’t surprised in the slightest that Sonic never made it to the big leagues and retired without ever having run a race…he doesn’t seem to really know which way he’s going most of the time.  He also did very well in meeting a small dog, quite happy to walk past and not overly bothered when it walked nearby.  He was a quite interested in meeting her, but that was mainly confusion and excitement and once he sniffed her all over, he was satisfied that she was in fact a dog and walked along nicely with her.

You could see he wanted to play but didn’t know how to engage in it.  Really, he needs some lessons in how to ‘dog’. 

Sonic will be brilliant in the home.  He will do well as an only dog or with a female companion, but so long as he has somewhere soft to lay his head, he’ll be a gem.

He will bring so much joy and laughter to his forever family with his silly clumsy antics!

Whiskey Whiskey
3 Years Old
Easy Going

Whiskey is a gentle soul but is also just a bit of an idiot.  It’s not his fault, he can’t help being male!  Calm, clean and well behaved in the kennel, you couldn’t fault him.

Whiskey is house trained, travels well in the car and loves a cuddle.  Although he does have a habit of leaning in so hard, he would fall over if you moved!  Although he loves a zoomie, eating is at the top of his agenda of favourite things to do!  He is more than happy to be bribed with treats whenever possible!

Good on the lead, he enjoys his walks (to a point!).  He is quite lazy and will let you know if he’s had enough and wants to go back to bed!  He also strongly dislikes walking in the rain and will refuse to go out!  Good as gold with the other greyhounds here at the kennels he has done well in meeting a variety of other breeds, although can be a bit excited by them at times.

Whiskey was in a loving home for several months but signs he was struggling as an only dog were starting to creep out and his mum had to make the difficult decision to bring him back to us.  Back with us, he got himself a new best friend, Taylor, who has just thrown his insecurities out the window, and he is thriving.  He is definitely quieter, calmer, more confident and mature when she’s with him, but that doesn’t’ stop them being all silly in the garden, doing zoomies and investigating all the different smells together, it’s really lovely to see!

Overall, Whiskey can’t decide if he’s to act like a puppy or an old man, but he definitely has some hilarious quirky habits.  But the difference we’ve seen in him with Taylor shows us that he is seeking a confident lady greyhound for companionship, play and security in the home.

If you were to meet him, you would see that he is just such a gem.  We have all fallen in love with him all over again.  He is an amazing character and stupidly affectionate, he really is!  We are so hopeful that someone will offer to give him the forever sofa he deserves!

REHOME Whiskey
Vivi Vivi
2 Years Old

Isn’t Vivi just lovely?  We’re all in love with her and her kennel sister Hilda.

Calm but quietly confident and outgoing, Vivi is a little gem.  She loves everyone she meets and is just a total sweetheart. 

Quiet and patient in the kennel, she is very clean and always waits to toilet outdoors.  There’s no fussy eating with this one, she eats anything placed in front of her, so you won’t have any problems there!

She may look like she means business in her photo, but she is just a soppy lump.  Vivi doesn’t have any problem with meeting new people and has quite happily pranced up to all our volunteer walkers each day for fusses.  She loves going for walks and is excellent on the lead.

Vivi did very well in her small dog test, the ears went up but was happy to walk past without question and in actually meeting her she was interested but gentle and after sniffing her all over she just looked around at us as if to ask what she was supposed to do next. 

Vivi has been a delight from the minute she arrived and is no doubt going to bring a lot of happiness to her forever home.  Although when her and Hilda are playing, it is really hard to tell them apart as they are so similar in appearance, size, and temperament!  Somehow, we’ve managed to keep track of who is who!

Despite being so young, Vivi has a lovely temperament and will go on to be a wonderful companion in the home.  She has kennelled well on her own and with her kennel sister Hilda, so would do well as an only god or with a partner.

Ideally, Vivi would like an adult only home but has the potential to live with children.

We have no doubt that Vivi will be adopted before we know it!

Hilda Hilda
3 Years Old

She may look a bit worried in her picture, but this lovely lady is just a silly, loving and cuddly lump who wants to be friends with everyone she meets!

Hilda is an absolute sweetheart and although at times she seems to forget what personal space is and jumps up for cuddles and kisses, she is wonderfully behaved.  Quiet, clean and easy going in the kennel, Hilda is a confident and outgoing lady who loves her kennel mate Vivi, her walks, her food and most of all she loves cuddles.

She has such a positive energy about her, you can’t help but love her.  There is definitely a cheeky playful side coming out the more we get to know her, she’s going to give her forever home such joy, laughter and memories.

We really couldn’t fault her.  She walks brilliantly on the lead, she did very well in meeting a small breed and really hasn’t been one bit of a bother since she arrived. 

Hilda has kennelled very well on her own and with her kennel sister Vivi, so would do well as an only dog or with a partner.  She wouldn’t mind either way.  Though we have no doubt at all that she is going to use those sad eyes to manipulate her humans into giving her everything she wants!  Ideally, due to her habit of jumping up, Hilda will need an adult only home but could potentially live with sensible children should the home feel confident in training her to keep her paws on the floor!

It would be impossible to say no to this girl, she will be snapped up by the first people to meet her.

Splodge Splodge
2 Years Old
Easy Going

Some days it would be easy to forget that Splodge is even in the kennel, he’s so small and quiet!  Honestly, it’s as if he was off staring at the birds in the sky when they were handing out the genetics for height, because he is well dinky for a boy!

An absolute angel, this little lad hasn’t been one bit of a bother since he arrived.  He just walked in, got up on the bed, curled up and went to sleep.

For a 2 year old, he is exceptionally easy going and calm!  It’s sometimes hard to remember how young he is!  We’ve not heard a peep out of him, he is so patient at feeding and walking times.  He just waits his turn without complaint.

This boy is going to do amazingly in the home, and like all young boys we have no doubt at all that he’s hiding a very cheeky and playful personality under all this calm and that will really come out and shine once he is in a loving forever home.

Splodge has no qualms about meeting new people and is easily bribed into loving everyone he meets by being given cuddles and fusses. 

He eats everything put in front of him, no fussy eating here, and is generally good on the lead.  Although he does have his strong moments, he is young and with a bit of guidance he will learn quickly how to walk nicely all the time.  His ears are absolutely fabulous when out on walks though, that is definitely a highlight, they have a mind of their own and stick up and out in all sorts of directions…and not at the same time either!  They will make you giggle.

In meeting a small breed, Splodge did do well.  A bit strong, but his strength is relative seeing as he’s barely tall enough to be considered a male (he’s been mistaken for a female by everyone that’s met him!).  Once he had sniffed the little dog from head to tail, he was satisfied that she was in fact a dog and got on with his day. 

Splodge would ideally like an adult only home, but has potential to live with older dog savvy children that will respect his space while he’s napping…because he likes to nap, a lot!

There is not a bad bone in this one and he’s going to be a gem once settled into home life!

REHOME Splodge
Kronk Kronk
3 Years Old

Well…what is there to say about this big cuddly idiot?

Kronk is, in short, is your typical male.  Big, not very bright, soppy, and affectionate.  An angel in the kennel, you won’t hear a word out of him.  He is calm, patient and very clean, always waiting his turn to go to the toilet outdoors.  He has kenneled nicely on his own and with a female companion so will likely do well in either situation in the home!

Look at that beautiful face…those eyes!  He is so gorgeous, and we all love him.  He’s a bit of a tart and loves cuddles, neck scratches and bum rubs from anyone who offers them. 

Confident and outgoing, Kronk loves going for walks but…he is a bit of an idiot on the lead, and we mean this in the most loving of ways, promise!

As angelic as he is indoors, he can be a bit too excited for his walkies!  As soon as the gate opens he's back at the races and it really puts people off, although he quickly settles down and walks (relatively) nicely after a couple of minutes!  He still has a presence on the lead, but is getting better and better every walk he goes on and is much calmer than he was when he first arrived!  We have no doubt that he will go on to settle further and walk perfectly with a bit of guidance from a loving forever home.

But being a bit strong on the lead is nothing in comparison to all the good this boy will bring to the home.  We’re all in love with him, he is honestly too cute!  He’s going to bring so much happiness to his forever home with his silly happy nature and demand for cuddles.  He honestly gives out nothing but good vibes and will be such an amazing companion in the home.

He might look like a bit of a project dog, since he looks like he has been dragged through a hedge backward.  His coat isn’t in fantastic condition, and he’s got a lot of bald patches…but please don’t let that put you off loving him.  We’re working to get him all cleaned up and he is on an excellent diet to try and encourage the fur to grow back in.  He loves being groomed too, enjoys the feel of the brush on his baldy bits!

The sad truth for Kronk is he has the rehoming nightmare trifecta...hes black, male and strong!  This basically means that no one is going to register interest in him, it's just how it goes!  As much as we like to think black dogs don't get left behind, they do.  Hopefully someone can see past his strength on the lead...the fact he may be a bit lacking in brain cells and say yes to that beautiful face!  Just look at him!  He is begging you to adopt him!

Noah Noah
2 Years Old

I’m sorry, but Noah…he is too cute for words.

We love young, unintelligent male greyhounds.  They are just too funny!  Bless him, he’s such a happy, easy going little man. 

Always so happy to see us every day (even if we’ve only been gone five minutes!), his tail is a weapon.

Noah is going to be fantastic in the home.  He is excellent on the lead, eats like a champ, loves all the other greyhounds and every human he meets...there really is nothing bad to be said about him.  Except maybe the fact that he doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together, but like we said, we love them that way!

Quite and clean in the kennel, he did excellently in meeting with a small dog.  He’s been an absolute gem in the kennel.  He’s a lovely balance of easy going, cuddly and playful, and really, he’s just a lovable idiot and will really thrive once in the home.

He retired from racing after he lost interest in it, he is ready to find his forever sofa and do crazy zoomies around the garden!

He is already pretty perfect, but being so young, with the guidance of a loving forever family, Noah will go on to thrive into the perfect family companion.  He has a gentle spirit and only gives off good vibes.

Noah has the potential to live with older dog-savvy children, but an adult only home is preferred as he can be a bit bouncy when excited and likes to give everyone kisses!

To say we’re all a little bit in love with him would be an understatement.  Whoever takes his boy home will be very lucky indeed!

Deely Deely
3 Years Old

Honestly, this girl is too adorable.

Such a sweetheart, she has been an absolute angel since she arrived.  Not heard a peep out of her!

Excellent on the lead, she eats well, gets along brilliantly with the other greyhounds and is adorably patient and sweet with her kennel mate Noah (who is a bit of a doofus).  You can often find them cuddling up, fast asleep.

Even at the most exciting part of the day such as walkies time or feeding time, Deely is ever quiet and patient and waits her turn without complaint.

She is a gentle soul who loves a fuss and cuddle but seems to be quite happy to do her own thing when the humans aren’t around.  Once in a home we can really see her thriving, with a happy and playful side of things coming out! 

Deely did very well in meeting a small breed, not overly bothered at all, if a bit confused initially.  They walked nicely together until little dog decided to put on the brakes and demand to be taken back to bed!

Overall, you couldn’t say a bad word about her.  She has that lovely, typical greyhound temperament; calm, easy going, little bit of a playfulness hiding underneath waiting to come out, but really just happy to get on with the day with several naps. 

See will settle into any home without a problem, and although it would be lovely to see her and Noah go off to a home together, we are quite certain she will do well as an only dog in the home.

Deely has the potential to live with older dog-savvy children, but an adult only home is preferred.

She will be impossible to say no to once you meet her.  She’s everything you could want in a greyhound!

Taylor Taylor
3 Years Old

After Tonks and Lola, we really didn’t think there could be a dog more ridiculously happy…but Taylor has trumped them all!

This lady is just unreasonably happy…ALL THE TIME.  Her tail is an absolute weapon, she is always smiling and is always so happy to see us!

She doesn’t walk…she prances.  We aren’t kidding.  Every step is a skip, hop, bounce or pretty little prance as she is just so happy to be out with her humans.  You watch her skipping down the road and she looks as if she was taught how to walk by a dressage horse.  It’s too adorable for words.

Excellent on the lead she will walk along quite merrily but will regularly ‘check in’ by looking up to make sure you are still with her.  She gives such strong eye contact, and you can see all the love in her.  Everyone is her best friend, whether you’ve known her for 30 seconds or a year, she will love you!

Excellent with all the other greyhounds, she’s been a wonderful confidence boost for her kennel mate Whiskey.  She did pretty well in meeting a small breed although she was very excited by the whole thing, so will need a little bit of guidance in learning doggy etiquette and how to greet other dogs politely.   

Taylor is just a joy.  Always bouncing up to give you kisses and doing zoomies around the garden, she has no idea what personal space is.  She is going to be so much fun to have around, what an absolute gem!

Taylor has kennelled well on her own and with her partner, Whiskey, without complaint.  So would likely do well as an only dog or sharing, she really wouldn’t mind.  Though she would likely benefit from a partner for play time!

As Taylor can be bouncy (and has no concept of personal space) she is ideally looking for an adult only home.  There is potential to live with older dog-savvy children, but they will need to have experience living with large breeds or bouncy dogs and feel confident around her.  If they aren’t confident and squeal or flail it is likely to make her more excited and then chaos would ensue!

Whoever takes Taylor home will have years of happiness and laughter, we have no doubt.  The silly little sausage that she is!


**Please note that Taylor is not available for adoption until March**

Kevin Kevin
2 Years Old
Doofus Dog

There really is no other way to describe this boy then ‘doofus dog’.  Kevin is such a muppet, we are all honestly obsessed with him!

This big lovable lump doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together but that just makes him all the more adorable.  We are all totally obsessed with him!

It doesn’t surprise us at all that he retired from racing after only 6 races.  It would be amazing to know if he actually knew which direction to run in.

At only 2 years old, Kevin is your typical young male.  Cuddly, laid back and generally all round very easy going but with that little cheeky playful side everyone knows and loves.  He loves to be the centre of attention and can, at times be very stubborn.

Kevin’s favourite thing to do, when he isn’t ready to go back in his kennel, is to let you lead him all the way to the door to lull you into a false sense of security…then just as you are about to put him in, he will sit his big brindle butt on the ground (like a real dog) and stick his tongue out at you as if to say ‘nah nah fooled you!’  And there is no way in t his world that you will move him! 

It typically takes two people to get Kevin in his kennel, one holding the lead and one pushing his bum.  Thereafter he demands to be rewarded with belly rubs for the good behaviour of going into his kennel...This having been his plan all along!

He has to much personality.  We don’t blame him in the least that he doesn’t want to go in his kennel.  He wants to be out playing with us humans and going for long walks…he loves his walks!

Eating is high on his list of favourite things to do.  He is very talented and can clear a bowl in a blink!

He did excellently in his small dog test.  He really surprised us!  He just looked at her, gave her a quick sniff and then looked at us like ‘yeah…it’s a tiny dog…and?’.  Clearly no interest in her whatsoever!  He gets along well with the other greyhounds on walks but can be a bit too playful for some of them…but then, he’s barely out of puppyhood!

In his kennel he is well behaved and after a walk and eating he is quite happy to snooze and laze about…which he loves doing even more if you are in there with him so he can rest his head on your lap and demand belly rubs with the paw of more.

Kevin is a happy, outgoing, and silly dog and will likely do very well living with dog-savvy children who are confident living with a large breed (as he has no concept of personal space!).  He won’t mind being the only dog in the home.

You would be hard pressed to say no to this silly lump when he looks up at you with those big ‘adopt me’ eyes of his!

Zuko Zuko
2 Years Old
Cuddle Monster

Zuko…oh my word, this boy is SUCH A CUDDLEMONSTER!!

So ridiculously affectionate, it’s hard to describe.  He has no manners and jumps up every person he meets, puts his paws on shoulders for full body cuddles and gives people kisses all over.

Zuko just loves everyone!  Everyone is his best friend whether he’s known them for 30 seconds or a year.  Confident, outgoing and happy go lucky, Zuko is just an adorable lump of puppy love!

He loves his walks, is gentle on the lead and gets along very well with the other greyhounds.  He has kennelled well on his own so will likely do very well as an only dog in the home but is currently sharing with little shy girl Sylvie who he is very good to…most of the time!  He does like to sprawl out across the ENTIRE bed!  Honestly, he’s such a bed hog!

A good eater, there will never be a nose turned up at any meal.  He is definitely not fussy in that department and he is quiet and well behaved in the kennel. 

He did very well in meeting a small dog although he did get a bit excited and playful once he had sniffed her from head to tail, so will need a little bit of help learning some doggy etiquette as he definitely forgot his size and nearly smooshed her by accident!  He didn’t mean any harm, he’s just a bit of a muppet.  A loveable muppet…but still a muppet!

Really, he’s just wonderful and has brought a lot of laughter to the Centre with his cuddly antics.

But therein lies the problem, why has such a perfect boy not been snapped up?  Because of the cuddles!  Now, we don’t mind this in the slightest, we think it is adorable and endearing, and he makes us laugh so much…but dogs jumping up for cuddles can be a little bit off-putting for some people and it means he’s being overlooked!  He isn’t going to knock anyone over with these antics as he isn’t even that big for a male, he barely stands taller than the females, but unfortunately not everyone likes full body hugs and doggy kisses!

With all behaviours, this can be addressed, and he will be able to be trained not to jump up all the time if that is what his new family wants and is willing to put the time in.  But he loves it!  It makes him happy!  So, hopefully we can find him a family that doesn’t mind cuddle time!  Are you that person?  Will you take this cuddle monster home?

Paul & Senna Paul & Senna
3 & 2 Years Old

Aren’t these two just two of the most beautiful dogs you’ve ever seen?  What a striking pair they make! 

Paul (fawn) and Senna (brindle) have been together most of their lives having been kennel mates in the racing kennels.  Sharing an amazing bond, their trainer made sure to retire them at the same time so that they could come into us together and remain together when they go out into their forever home.

Such wonderful, quiet, gentle, affectionate dogs, these two are so calm and well behaved in the kennels you would barely know they were there!  We haven’t heard a word of complaint out of them, and they have been perfect from the minute they arrived.

They only give off good vibes and although Paul is a bit shy and worried by life, he has Senna to show him the way as she is a confident, happy, and outgoing lady!  Although he is more reserved, once he knows you, he is very relaxed, laid back and tail wagging.  He does love a fuss and his food, so can be bribed into loving you!

Senna on the other hand needs no such bribery!  She will be your best friend from the minute she meets you.  Her tail never stops wagging and she is quite happy to shower you in kisses, lollop around and get belly rubs!

Excellent eaters, there’s no question of fussy eating, they are both excellent on the lead, love all the other greyhounds and, obviously, each other.  Whenever you walk past their kennel they are always in some form of contact, even if it is just a paw.  They both did really well in meeting a small dog, Paul was more alert and wary but then he’s just generally wary of new things!

As Paul is a little bit shy, they are ideally looking for an adult only home.  Which just adds to the difficulty as finding homes for pairs is hard enough!  But we don’t want to split them up!  They belong together and they will make their forever family very happy!

*Please note that Paul & Senna aren't available to adopt until April*

REHOME Paul & Senna
Sylvie Sylvie
22 Months Old

Well, she may look a little bit worried in her picture, but Sylvie is a darling little girl!

Shy at first, it doesn’t take her very long to warm up to you and ask for fusses.  She has such a wonderful, quiet, and gentle nature about her but hiding underneath is a puppy just waiting for the opportunity to come up and do zoomies and roll around for belly rubs!

She may not show you this side straight away, as she can be quite reserved until she trusts you, but she is honestly such a little gem.  We all love her!  She’s been nothing but perfect since the minute she arrived both kennelled on her own and with her kennel mate Zuko.

Sylvie loves to eat, cuddle and play; she walks so peacefully on the lead you’ll barely know you are holding her, and she did very well in gently meeting a small dog.

In the greyhound world, greyhounds are still considered puppies until they are 2 years old…and usually, greyhound puppies are velociraptor land sharks!  But not Sylvie, she’s such a little sweetie!!

As she is shy, Sylvie would like an adult only home.

It sounds mean but there’s very little to say about Sylvie as she is just a lovely little lady who, if you can see past her initial shyness, will go on to be such a wonderful companion!

Nidge Nidge
8 Years Old

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

Martini Martini
2 Years Old
Easy Going

If you have been following our website for a while…you’ll remember the monster siblings Bruno, Bullet, Lily, and Daisy!  What a rowdy bunch of cuddle monsters, none of which knew how to walk on the lead…what a pain it was to find people crazy enough to adopt that group of muppets…

But I’m getting off topic…Martini is from the same litter, but we literally can’t believe it!  This lovely little lady is honestly so different from her siblings it’s unreal! 

Calm, easy going and good on the lead, she would much rather roll over for belly rubs then cause a barney!  We have no doubt at all that she has the mad playfulness of her litter mates in her somewhere, but just much more subdued!

Martini loves her food and gets along brilliantly with the other greyhounds.  Kennelled with Wotsit, the two girls get along really well and can often be found cuddling.  But she has equally been quite content to kennel on her own, so would do well in either situation in the home.

With her gentle nature, we are confident that she will do well living with older children but has the potential to live with younger children who are dog savvy and lived with large breeds before.  She did very well in meeting a small breed, a little bit playful but overall she did excellently!

Every time you go into her kennel, she rolls over for belly rubs to distract you from getting her out of bed…then you forget what you went in there for!  Her tail is always quietly wagging away. We all love her!

She really is an absolute delight and we’ve loved having her here with us and have no doubt at all that the first family to meet her will snap her up!

REHOME Martini
Wotsit Wotsit
21 Months

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

Lucy Lucy
5 Years Old
Happy Go Lucky

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

Goose Goose
3 Years Old

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

Norman Norman
2 Years Old

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

Clover Clover
3 Years Old

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

*Not available until April*

Cactus Cactus
3 Years Old
Super Cuddly

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

Lana Lana
2 Years Old
Puppy Love

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

Pru Pru
4 Years Old
Happy Go Lucky

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

Sparrow Sparrow
2 Years Old
Easy Going

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

REHOME Sparrow
Thea Thea
2 Years Old

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

Mum Mum
6 Years Old
Total Dream

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

Chubby Chubby
4 Years Old
Easy Going

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

Forest Forest
3 Years Old
Muppet Dog

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

Harry Potter Harry Potter
2 Years Old

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

REHOME Harry Potter
Vienna Vienna
2 Years Old

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

Flamingo Flamingo
2 Years Old

Coming Soon...

REHOME Flamingo
Rosa Rosa
2 Years Old

Coming Soon...

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