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Dogs for Rehoming

None take your fancy? None take your fancy?

We don't always have time to put new dogs on the website so if none of the dogs listed take your fancy just give us a call on 01621 788315 to discuss any we have available. 

Although with new dogs arriving constantly throughout the year your forever hound may just not be here yet.  If you give us a ring we can take down your details whereafter you will be placed on our waiting list. 

If you have specific requirements such as wanting a greyhound to be companions with pets already in the home, or children, please let us know and we will make sure to match you with your perfect dog.

REHOME None take your fancy?
Dog of the Week: Donnie & Queenie Dog of the Week: Donnie & Queenie
7 and 6 Years Old
Aren't these two just such a beautiful pair?
Donnie and Queenie have found themselves back in our care through no fault of their own. A change in circumstances meant their owner had to make the incredibly difficult decision to return them to us so that we could find them their new forever home.
They are an amazing pair of dogs. Donnie (right) is a big handsome lad at 7 years old. He is the typical lazy greyhound who doesn't seem to be fazed by anything and will lay down at any given opportunity. Although in saying that he does have a cheeky playful side to him and enjoys a zoomie in the garden before going back to bed. When he's enjoying himself and doesn't want to come in he'll wait until you are just about to get to him and then play bow and zoom away! He may not show it on first impressions, but he is definitely quite cheeky!
Queenie (left) is a beautiful 6 year old girl who is the more cuddly of the pair. She likes to ask everyone she meets for cuddles and will quite happily be fussed all day if you are willing to oblige her. She loves to have a play and a zoomie in the garden.
They are both very good on the lead and enjoy their walks. They are both house trained, okay with other dog breeds and children. Having been in the home environment for so long they are very settled and have a firm understanding of normal day to day life!  They are not stressed being back here in kennels as they have come to stay for several holidays when their humans were away, so are quite content. However, we would love to see them back out into a loving forever home as soon as possible so they can go back to lounging around being the centre of attention!
Donnie and Queenie need to go to a home that’s had greyhounds before or who has really thought about having a pair.
We have had a lot of interest in them, and they have been reserved on and off, and although each person to have met them has totally fallen in love with them they have not considered the space and time that is required in having two. After several applicants changing their minds to only having one dog, we are really starting to feel sorry for Donnie and Queenie!
They are literally the easiest dogs on the lead although when they see a squirrel running, like any dog, they do get excited!  
We are really hopeful that someone out there would love to give this beautiful pair a loving forever home!
REHOME Dog of the Week: Donnie & Queenie
Will & Grace Will & Grace
2 Years Old
Happy Go Lucky

We would like to introduce you to two of the happiest dogs you’ll ever meet!  Will and Grace are a young, happy, bouncy sibling pair who are looking for a loving forever home together having never been apart.  

They have only just turned two years old and never raced, having shown no affinity for the chase! 

They are so good together, Grace has incredible patience for her brother who is just a big dope with a constant happy helicopter tail!  Although she is definitely the the smarter of the pair because he is just a soppy lump!  They are both very loving and affectionate and believe they need to be the centre of attention!  They absolutely love cuddles and ear rubs.  

They have met a very small dog and were excellently behaved.  They have also met children, which after their initial excitement, were very gentle around them.  They can sometimes forget their size when they go into puppy mode!

They both love their food and their walkies.  Will can be a bit strong on the lead to begin with but soon settles down once out and about.

The pair of them are such a joy to have in the kennels and are always so excited to see us.  They will bring such happiness and laughter to their forever home with their antics. 

We are expecting a high number of applications for these two and as adorable as they are, they are a lifelong commitment.  They are young and still in puppy mode so will need patience and guidance as they learn home life.  Please consider this before applying, but if you think you could be the one to give these two their forever home; please register your interest.

REHOME Will & Grace
Millie & Fea Millie & Fea
9 & 10 Years Old

Golden Oldies.  Returned through no fault of their own as owner going into care.  Need to be homed together. 

Details Coming Soon...

REHOME Millie & Fea
Lottie Lottie
3 Years Old

We are just so confused as to why Lottie still has not found her forever home. It just does not make sense. After yet another reservation falling through, we are starting to lose hope! Yes, she is rather more excitable than the average greyhound, but she is the most amazing dog!

House trained and good on the lead (although sometimes a bit scatty) Lottie needs an experienced mature household (18+ only) as she regularly forgets her size! She loves to greet people by jumping up and putting her paws on shoulders for a full body hug and greatly enjoys walkies, loves other dogs, adventures and play time with her humans.

Here are just a few reasons why you should adopt her:

- Very affectionate
- Loves to play
- Bundles of energy and loves her walks
- Loves her food
- House Trained
- Even sits like a real dog! (Not on command 🤣)

This is what she needs:

- An experienced home as she can be strong at times
- A greyhound or large breed companion
- No children in the home (18+ only)
- Someone who will put the work in
- No cats/small dogs/small animals
- A forever home!

Lottie is bursting at the seams with character, if you took this girl home your life would never be boring. Despite turning three last month she is still in puppy mode which is in part due to stressing in the kennel environment. This exacerbates her bouncy nature when she comes out to meet people! This generally means her first impressions are abysmal! She just needs a family who will look past her over the top first impressions as she is just such a wonderful, loving hound!

As she really struggles with kennel life and with her energetic and playful nature, she needs to live with a laid back male sighthound or similar large dog breed to keep her company and zoom around the garden with! Unfortunately, she will not be able to live with medium to small sized dogs as she can be a bit of a big bossy boots!

Before applying, please consider that although she is beautiful, Lottie will need a family willing to put the work in and set clear boundaries as she is settling in. She will absolutely take advantage if you let her as she is very smart!

But even with that in mind, once she is settled in she is going to make the most amazing companion. You will not be disappointed!

Joey Joey
3 Years Old

Details Coming Soon...