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We pride ourselves on being a responsible rehoming centre. We put the dogs first by ensuring each one finds their perfect forever home in matching them based on their needs and personality.

Each dog’s behaviour is assessed in order to establish their suitability in socialising with other breeds out and about, but also in regard to in living with other breeds, children and even other species!  To do this we assess each dog with a very small dog breed (AKA the savage Chihuahua), and in very rare instances with a cat if we feel they have the right temperament.  This gives us a good idea of what level of experience the home has to be for that dog.

We provide honest and open descriptions of each dog and ensure all details are given to potential adopters.

The colour chart is a rough guide.  Bear in mind that many of the Yellow, Orange and Red dogs would happily live with children, and the Purple ones have the potential to live with younger that 16, and Pink dogs have the potential to be only dogs, so make sure to read the blurbs fully.  However, it is important to trust in the staff to successfully match you with your perfect dog, as you may find yourself matched with a different colour level than you expected.

As one of the few rehoming centres that home with children, we take our time to ensure the most suitable match.  While greyhounds make excellent family pets and do very well living with children due to their incredibly passive, laid back and affectionate nature, we will generally list dogs as Blue, and more frequently Purple.
Do not be disheartened by this if you do have younger children, we want to ensure that every greyhound that we rehome...stays in that home!  So we take extra care in choosing which dogs are most suitable to go home with young children so it is all smooth sailing!

But, regardless of the home situation, whether it is adult only, with children, with other dogs or even with cats, matching with your perfect dog takes time!  Although with new dogs arriving constantly throughout the year your perfect dog may just be around the corner!

For more information, to register interest in adopting, request a copy of the First Steps Guide or to discuss any of the dogs available, please call 01621 788315.

REHOME Experience Required
Buck Buck
5 Years Old

Buck may often look as if he has the weight of the world on his shoulders, but this cheeky, easy going, soppy, cuddly lump is a happy go lucky lad who has everyone falling in love with him...yet not enough to take him home!  As our longest-standing resident male, we've come to know him very well indeed and he's a much loved addition to the kennels.  Although we want nothing more than for him to get his loving forever home!

Anything you could possibly want in a greyhound; you will find in Buck.  He is calm, laid back, easy going, confident and affectionate.  He spends the majority of his day flat out on his back asleep and doesn’t have a care in the world so long as he’s fed, has his naps and his walks.

A total love, we couldn’t fault him at all.  He is just adorable and whoever takes this boy on will be wrapped around his little finger in no time at all!  I mean really, look at that perfect ‘I’m so sad’ face, who wouldn’t cave in?

So chilled out in the kennel, unless you went and checked, you wouldn’t know he was there.  He is so content to just laze around.  Sharing a kennel with Raya at the moment, he has been a regular solo flyer and isn't bothered in the slightest.  He is perfectly content in his own company but is equally happy sharing with a nice lady friend, he wouldn't bat an eyelid at being the only dog in the home because he's just such a go with the flow kinda guy!

A big lover of food, you will never have any fussy eating with this lad.  He eats anything offered to him without question, including all his vegetables!  Not certain he’s ever turned his nose up at anything!  His food motivation is really beneficial for training and this handsome lump is already house trained, crate trained and familiar with clicker training.  He's absolutely fine sleeping through the night while the humans are upstairs and is pretty cruisey about being left...although if you're about, he is going to be 100% snuggling up on the sofa with you!

Always quiet and patient, he’s happy to wait his turn.  Buck loves it when it’s his turn for play time!  He loves a run around the paddock or time in the play pens with various enrichment.  He’s a big fan of puzzle feeders or Kongs full of peanut butter! 

Bless him he is also very gentle with his toys; he never shreds or defluffs them.  His favourite was a little polar bear toy that he always just carried around everywhere and curled up to sleep with...or should the mood take him he would chuck is around and chase it!  But he never harmed it, although his kennel neighbour Finn somehow got a hold of it...and polar bear was no more!

Buck really is a happy go lucky, confident and outgoing lad who just goes with the flow but is still just such a soppy lump.  He loves attention and would absolutely love to live as part of a family.  He would have no problem living with older children who will play around in the garden with him when he's in the mood.  But generally, he'll probably be too busy napping to get any real interaction going, so probably best he doesn't live with kids that want a 'dog' after initial hellos and happy waggy tail when meeting kids, he is almost completely indifferent to them!  A heard of elephants could trample past him and he probably wouldn't notice though, so this is of no surprise!

Overall, he just loves everyone and has met a multitude of children here at the centre without issue, including kids as young as 3, although he would prefer not to live with any actual little ones.  While greyhounds are excellent with children, Buck definitely bonds much better with adults.  He is a very social boy and has made a big impression on all our volunteers, and in all our Meet The Breed appointments, for his calm and endearing nature. 
He always has people laughing when he comes into the office and throws himself into the dog bed, chucking the caterpillar toy around and usually half falling out the bed and settling down to nap!  If that isn't a perfect example of a greyhound, I don't know what is!

While he is a bit strong on the lead at times, he is otherwise very well behaved on his walks...and he really does love his walks!  He would be more than happy to go on great long walks or adventures with his forever family, if only on the weekends!  He just goes with the flow and is happy with whatever routine takes place in his forever home, he doesn’t mind!

It is a shame that he’s so perfect in just about every way, as he should have been snapped up in a heartbeat...But sadly he is yet to 100% pass his dog test.  And we all know that no one wants to take on a dog that needs a bit of training...

In his assessments so far, he has made massive progress and he has now been able to get in close quarters to the chihuahua and (rudely) sniff her.  But while he was still a bit keen in directly interacting with the chihuahua, he didn't feel the need to fixate or otherwise be difficult.  He came away from her lovely and was able to walk back and forth past her, even when she was moving around!

We can't really explain how amazingly he has done, as he was really very prey driven when he first arrived.  He is doing so well and we now feel that we are in a position to have downgraded him to Yellow from Orange.

He will still need training and reinforcement in socialising with other dogs out in his forever home, but he understands that walking past polietely involves lots of praise and treats, so while he can still fixate at times, he is getting the hang of it quite quickly and will do really well once in his forever home.  He's had some further experience in other breeds out and about in the real world and while he does statue himself in response to seeing all dogs, not just small ones, he has managed to meet a small whippet without issue...but then they are sighthounds so not a fair test!  Generally, he still needs quite a bit of work in fully grasping what other dogs are and that they mean no harm!  But he has taken to clicker training really well, in response to seeing other dogs, so that will help his forever family take him further.

Being a foodie, and a lover of any fuss and a ‘good boy’, he is directable and will be trainable using positive reinforcement and food rewards.  A harness can help direct him when he is fixated, but so far, he’s not felt the need to remove his feet from the floor in any of his he’s pretty much there!  But he is going to take some time to understand what other breeds are.  Thankfully he isn't reactive, but if some small off lead dog was to run up into his space, he may become so! 

He isn't specifically other breed 'friendly' yet, but is able to walk past without issue.  We will continue to work with him, but some of them just cannot get past this step while in the kennel hopefully someone takes a chance on this beautiful, snuggly, and laid-back lad as he will slot into any home without question!

He will be such a wonderful companion in the home, and will 100% take up most of the sofa when you cuddle up to watch a film of the evening...but is that such a bad thing?

Raya Raya
4 Years Old
Ray of sunshine

Don’t write this darling girl off because we’ve listed her as Orange because she is actually the sweetest, quietest, and probably best-behaved little lady we have in the kennels!

With a lovely balance of sass and sillies that just seem to be the tip of her personality, at a couple months in now, we’re really starting to see the real Raya!  She’s so much fun to be around as she does her mad zoomies round the grass pen and throws a ball around, but also in that she spends literally every other minute of the day flat on her back with her legs in the air!

The unrivalled Queen of Roaching, Raya is a total angel.  Raya is quiet, patient, unquestionably clean in the kennel and all round very peaceful, we really couldn’t fault Raya’s behaviour indoors.

While she is trusting, gentle natured, bubbly, affectionate and at times a proper silly puppy, she can come across a little bit aloof with new people.  She’s a bit cat like really, just very unoffensive, happy to do her own thing and entertain herself when the humans aren’t around...primarily by napping...but also so pleased when you do happen to be there.  But not in an invasive way, just quite content in the knowledge you’re around but doesn’t feel the need to be in your lap, unless you want her there!

Raya really hasn’t been a bother at all since she arrived.  She walked in here like she’d always known it and gotten on with it from day one.  She’s just there, doing her thing.  She’s so well behaved in the kennel she doesn’t really stand out!  You’d barely even know she was there the majority of the time!  Not when you’ve got big boisterous loud ‘me me me’ personalities in the other kennels drawing your attention all the time!

Raya is just not one of those dogs to be standing eagerly waiting at the kennel door, she is quite happy to watch the world go by until it’s her turn for walkies or feeding time!  Even after all the time she’s been with us, this hasn’t changed, she’s quite happy to just laze around.  Though while that was the defining characteristic for Raya initially, her personality really has unfolded and she’s just such a happy go lucky, outgoing, and playful hound...while also being super lazy!

With a lovely nature about her, she’s really no bother.  A bit stubborn at times, but she is a lady greyhound after all!  She gets on really well with all the other greyhounds and loves a good potter around off lead in the grass paddock with all her friends! 

Currently kennelling with the big idiot, Buck, we haven’t had a peep out of her the entire time she’s been with us.  She looks like a total midget next to him but don’t be fools by her ‘oh I’m so hard done by’ face and innocent personality, while perfectly behaved in the kennels...this madam needs some work out and about.

It is definitely a case of butter wouldn’t melt with this one.  You wouldn’t have thought that such a lovely little thing would be such a steam train, but Raya definitely likes going for her walks! 

Much improved from when she arrived, with the help of a harness, Raya walks much more nicely and under control but goodness me if she wants to go somewhere you are going with her...and she’s only tiny!

Her strength is primarily in response to her prey drive...for all her positives, her perfect personality, wonderful behaviour indoors and just generally being such a good girl in every way...she failed her little dog test really badly and subsequently has been quite badly reactive to larger breeds including a spaniel and setter.  Cats and wildlife on walks as well, or off lead dogs in the distance, they really rile her up.  She can be vocal when particularly riled up.

Thankfully in being small, she’s easily controlled and directed, but unless you’re confident in handling a dog strong on the lead (because she’s not really strong by our standards, but she is strong to normal people!) she will feel like a bit of a handful!

Since her rather disastrous first dog test not long after she arrived, we have re-tested her and it was much improved when the little dog stood still, but if the little dog started to move around or get at all close to her, she was going for it.  So still needs quite a bit of work!

But just in the fact that she is reactive, it’s unlikely that anyone will adopt her.  Especially since she’s black!  She’s going to end up being with us for quite some’s sad to say, but we all know it’s true!

We’re hopeful that given all her other positives and everything she brings to the table that someone will overlook this minor point and be prepared to put the work in and help her overcome her desire to eat other dogs!

As we’ve said many times before, a lot of these dogs naturally overcome this just in leaving the kennel environment.  They can’t let go of that race mindset until they get out into homes where there is so many new things to learn, see and experience that other dogs are of little concern. 

Raya is by no mean difficult, she isn’t a total train wreck like some of the dogs we’ve seen in the past...she will do well, she just needs to be given a chance!

While having previous dog experience would be highly beneficial, we don’t believe Raya to be so driven that she would be unsuitable for a first-time dog owner who is willing to put the work in, with our guidance.  Although being prepared to take her to classes would be beneficial.

We don’t believe Raya would like to live with children, but she would be fine with teenagers or in an adult only home.

She would be fine to be an only hound, she has no qualms on being on her own, but living with a calm and well socialised sighthound that can show her the ropes and how to speak to other dogs politely would be very beneficial and really jump start her understanding of other breeds out in the great wide world.

We’ll keep working with her in the interim...but somehow, I think we’re going to be getting to know Raya very well over the course of the year because no one wants dogs like her.

Rogue Rogue
5 Years Old
Cuddle Monster
In Foster

This absolutely gorgeous lump is a total cuddle monster and such a good boy, but he wasn’t made for kennels.  When he first came to us, he was stressed beyond comprehension and refused to eat for a long time...we had no choice but to seek emergency foster for him.

And what a change.  Going from acting like he was so institutionalised to the racing industry that leaving it sent him into a complete spiral, to immediately roaching on the sofa without a care in the was a complete 180 on day one.  This dog was born to be a pet.

In foster with another male greyhound and two young children, one of which has complicated special needs, Rogue made himself right at home and was eating that very afternoon!

Definitely a sofa surfer, he spends the majority of his life on it!  While he will occasionally venture into the garden and have a sunbathe, it is generally short lived as he returns to his comfort zone.

He has little interest in toys and while he may briefly play with a squeaky one, he’s really not that fussed, he would rather be sleeping, or cuddling!

House trained from day dot, and happy being left for a few hours with his foster brother Sabba, Rogue has taken to home life like a total boss and loves to snuggle up on the sofa with his favourite humans or should they not be available for a cuddle he’ll lay on his foster brother instead.  The big tart.

He’s can still be a bit fussy about eating at times, he’s not much of a morning dog so tends to eat smaller meals of a morning.  But his foster mum is very much pandering to his needs to ensure he eats, and his breakfast is always served ‘in bed’, AKA the sofa, and that works for him.  But he eats his dinner like a normal dog no problem and has no qualm in accepting treats!

When Rogue is awake, it’s generally asking for attention or fusses, and while he can be left (where he sleeps the entire time) when the humans do come back it’s just all so exciting and he can jump up for cuddles or take peoples hands to pull them into the house where they belong!  Though he has got a lot better on this front!

He’s just an idiot really.  He gives big, adorable toothy smiles, which is very cute indeed, even if it is a submissive behaviour!  But he’s just an all-round good boy indoors.  He’s very passive, affectionate, and settled into the routine.

While he was with us in kennels, he was very reactive when assessed with other breeds, but having been in foster for a few months now...what a turnaround!

On walks, he is gentle as anything, LOVES going out for long walks and adventures, seeing and sniffing all the things...but god help you if he sees a cat or a squirrel.  He is getting better in this regard but it’s still a case of hold on tight...but seeing other dogs, he doesn’t care anymore!  He’s done better than we could have dreamed and we’re so grateful to his foster mum for all her hard work!

He can still be over excited in response to off lead dogs, but this is much less common, and he has had a several major breakthroughs!

It started when his foster had her mums Labrador over to visit and after Rogue’s initial excitement in the garden he got bored and went back to the sofa to cuddle with grandad!

This interaction then led to a successful introduction with an unknown Labrador on a walk just a couple of days later!  This was huge and showed that his reactivity was just excitement, and a total lack of socialisation and understanding how to ‘dog’.   This has further been enforced by going for lose lead walks with his foster mums’ brothers’ new puppy!  The puppy has also had a doggy date sleep over where Rogue was unperturbed, and wasn’t even muzzled.  He just got on with it. 

As a result, he is now able to walk past a range of breed sizes without reaction. 

While not quite at the meeting stage with really small fluffy dogs, he is miles better!  He’s been out on adventures to the beach several times and tipped his toes in the ocean, gone on trips to busy human crowded places and taken everything in his stride.

But while he has made great strides, he would definitely benefit from ongoing socialisation just to take him that last stretch and ensure he has completely overcome any remaining hesitations...though by the time we find him a home, he’ll probably have achieved this anyway!

As we already know, Rogue is brilliant with children, and very respectful of those with additional needs, so he would be more than suitable to live with children of any age in his forever home!

Rogue has turned out to be a lot more adaptable and suitable to home life than we ever expected but he is largely dependent on the presence of the other greyhound in the home.  He is more than happy for the humans to go out, he couldn’t care less, but should the dog go out without him, he has a meltdown.   Which became apparent in the other dog going out to the vet for various visits.

So as much as we had previously hoped he would further adapt and go on to do well as an only dog...he is definitely going to need another dog for companionship and guidance.  He isn’t nervous at all, or a generally worried dog, but he does love to snuggle up with his companion and take his lead out in the great wide world.

He is an amazing dog and will continue to thrive in his forever home with the companionship of an easy-going sighthound or large breed companion.  He just needs a family that is prepared to put in that little extra effort in with other breeds should he take a step backward in changing environment...but that aside, he brings so much to the table.

All he wants is to chill out and roach on the sofa, have cuddles on demand and otherwise laze about.  He is not a hardship to have around and yeah, he may be a bit of a picky eater at times...but he’s an absolute gem.

Go on, take a chance on him.  How could you say no to that face?

Pinky Pinky
4 Years Old

What even is this ridiculous little creature?

Pinky is a tiny greyhound...but build like a tank!  Shes like a proper little bulldog in body but with a silly little pin head!  Bless her, she’s so adorable but she definitely doesn’t have that ‘greyhound’ shape!

If we didn’t have her pedigree information or see her spend 90% of her day horizontal, we wouldn’t believe she was a greyhound!

This funny, silly, sassy, proud, playful and outgoing hound brightens the darkest of days.  She is just so happy all the time, is so affectionate and is such a balanced hound. 

Equal parts lazy and playful, Pinky loves having a zoomie and play around the grass paddock, going for walks and spending time outdoors going on adventures...but is also perfectly happy to snooze most of the day away.

Her and her kennel mate Nadal are so well behaved, you will rarely hear a peep out of her as she is usually horizontal, legs in the air and tongue lolling out.  Not necessarily on the bed though, she does have a habit of laying on the floor...the weirdo.

Excellent on the lead, if a bit excitable when first released from the kennel, Pinky has never given us cause for concern on walks as she loves being out and about with her humans and greyhound friends.

She’s a proper funny little thing, like I don’t know how else to describe her, she’s really something.  You can’t help but absolutely love her, she’s such a happy bean.  When she smooshes herself into you for cuddles and looks up at you with those beautiful eyes, there is no way you can say no to her.

We have no doubt she would do excellently living with children of any age, with her fun, interactive nature, she would thoroughly enjoy having kids to play with in the garden.  But she’s also quite unflappable, nothing really seems to faze her.  She seems to be oblivious to loud noise and other disturbances and is quite happy to get on with life regardless of what is going on around her.

Her trainer has three young kids and another on the way, so she has already spent a great deal of time around children as they all help in the kennels...well, as far as young kids can help!  But the dogs out of those kennels are pretty much always excellent with kids having already been desensitised to them!

She would be more than happy to be the only dog in the home, to be the centre of attention, or live with an equally happy to lucky greyhound.  She’s cruisey, she doesn’t really care.  She would fit pretty much any home situation!

The only catch with Pinky is she is unaccepting of other breeds if they get too close.  She was not reactive in her chihuahua test, but she was interested.  If we were to get closer, she would have gone for her and having already witnessed her go for three other dogs, a lurcher, a three-legged Romanian rescue (both her size) and a is fair to say that she is 100% an Orange, if not a borderline Red dog. 

If she was reactive and throwing herself around on the lead, we would have definitely listed her as Red but thankfully she is able to walk past other dogs but if they come too close, she will warn them off or take things further if they continue toward her. 

Whether she is guarding her humans, or Nadal, we aren’t 100% sure as it isn’t a prey drive or anxiety response.  She could just be a bit of a cow!

But not really, because there is no such thing as a bad dog.  There is always a reason for a dogs behaviour, we just haven’t ascertained the root of her problem yet.

But regardless of what her issue is with other dogs, whoever takes Pinky on will receive so much joy, happiness, companionship, and laughter.  She is such a joy to spend time with...but her forever family will have to be willing to put the work in to help her overcome her issues toward other breeds...or live in the somewhere where they’re unlikely to come across dogs or able to enjoy walks without societal pressures.  The latter is probably quite unlikely!

Her saving grace is she is not reactive.  So there is hope that someone may adopt her, but we won't hold our breath!  People don't tend to want dogs that need training, no matter how adorable they are!

We live in hope that we can find her a great home...or at least have a foster come available soon for her to jump start her training!

Alan Alan
3 Years Old

While none of us can take his name seriously and all collectively shout it like a demented prairie dog every time we refer to him, Alan is an absolute gent and we’re all totally in love with him!

Really, just look at that handsome face!  Those ears!  He is a super model, and such a proud, wonderful, even natured hound who is so representative of the breed.  Everyone that meets Alan falls in love with him for he is very charming!

A very people motivated, affectionate and outgoing gent, Alan has been exceptionally behaved since his arrival!  He is patient, empathetic and very affectionate.  He is more than happy to sit back and relax while he waits his turn for walkies, play time or feeding...though when it is his turn, he is out of that bed like a shot and is trying to cram his way through the kennel door before you’ve barely opened it!

So, while he is truly a BFG, he does still sometimes forget his size and turns into a bit of a lumbering idiot when he gets excited!  But then what greyhound doesn’t?

Poliet with his food, but always happy to clear his bowl, there is absolutely no fussy eating to be found with this boy.  He is also very well mannered on his walks, good on the lead and happy to trot along without a care!

Excellent with his kennel mate Micha, who is at least half his size, Alan is all round very even natured and well mannered.  He is just really chilled out, easy going and content to go with the flow.  He never causes an issue or makes a sound of complaint.  He has been social with all the other hounds on walks and overall, hasn’t been a bother to have here at all!

He is a confident, easy going but outgoing hound who would be more than suitable to be the only dog in the home.  He isn’t dependant on the other dogs, but like any greyhound, he would be happy to share with another sighthound in the home!

Alan has also been excellently behaved and respectful around children of a range of ages, he just wants to be everyones friend and is so tolerant.  After initial introductions (which can be a bit like OMG FRIEND and licking any little ones in the face) he will quite happily stand proudly while being stroked and otherwise manhandled.  He loves to be stroked; he doesn’t care who is doing it.

We have no qualms with Alan going into a home with kids, he’s got an excellent nature and one that cannot be faulted in regard to humans!  He is very adaptable and unflappable; he takes everything in his stride and doesn’t really ever seem to be overly bothered by anything going on around him be it other dogs kicking off or unexpected loud noises and bangs from a dropped food bowl. 

Sometimes I wonder if there is much going on behind those eyes as he’s just so unbothered!  Though secretly I think Alan may be quite smart and knows there is no use getting all worked up over things...being horizontal is far more important!

But being a the perfect BFG aside, he is a BBB...a big black boy!  He’s a big ol’ lump of a dog.  Not massive, but a fair size for a male greyhound which in itself will put people off adopting him no matter how brilliant his nature is!

Add in the fact he has come off the track with a severely broken hock, that has enough metal work thrown in it to rival a car, that will forever have him walking with a limp...the odds of being chosen are even lower!

Then just to top it off...he is vocally and physically reactive to other breeds.  And there you have it, the icing on the cake, this boy will be here for the rest of his life!

Hopefully one of our fosters comes available soon to take him on and start working him past this reactivity but being in foster isn’t going to change his colour, gender, or injury!

Alan really is a fantastic dog, a true gentleman and everything you could want in a greyhound...indoors anyway!  He will spend all day roaching on the sofa, sunbathing in the garden or otherwise enjoying his human’s company while snuggling up for Netflix and chill (not in that way, get your head out the gutter!)

While Alan can’t go on great long walks and adventures because of his injury, he will still enjoy life to the fullest with the more typical infamous two 20-minute walks...maybe down to the local café or the local pub for a sneaky sausage and fuss from all the humans!

We really do wish Alan all the happiness in the world and know that one day he will find his forever home...but for now we will thoroughly enjoy his company because he is an absolute gem and we’re all besotted with him.  As are all our volunteers and visitors!

One day someone will be able to see just how much they need Alan and his Eiffel tower ears in their lives!

Merida Merida
4 Years Old
Micro Hound

While Merida may be small to the point of being false advertising, being tiny doesn’t mean she’s some innocent little wall flower.  This little lass is bursting with character and not that indifferent to her impetuous but courageous (and also short) namesake!

While she isn’t causing chaos across the Scottish Highlands having unleashed a beastly curse upon her mother, this little hound has already made a big impression on us all.

Apart from her compact appearance, she’s very characterful but maybe a little bit sad?  Merida came to us from a complicated kennel situation where the dogs weren’t getting quite what they needed, causing unnecessary stress on them all.  As a result of the crowding in the kennels, Merida has developed a habit of sleeping tucked right up against the kennel door despite having a very comfy bed available to her...but she has demonstrated an adversity to sharing a kennel with another hound.

In having made her displeasure of sharing abundantly clear, in demonstrating a lot of stress, digging at her water bowl, barking, and carrying on, we put her on her own...and she’s been peaceful and perfectly behaved ever since!

So, it’s probably fair to say she’s more than happy to be the only dog in the home!

This independent, one-man band of a dog has (now she’s settled into solo living) turned out to be a really lovely, affectionate, easy going and laid-back lady who enjoys a play, but would rather be napping.

Not one to cause a fuss, Merida is clean, quiet, patient and all round very behaved in the kennel.  But she is a real water baby!  When she gets over-excited, she digs all the water out of her water bowl and then carries the empty bowl around!

When she gets back from walks (where she’s excellent on the lead btw), as she comes past my office door, she has to stop and stand her front paws in the raised water bowls.  Every single time.  You can’t rush her either, she will get down in her own time!

The girls have given her a paddling pool out in the paddocks and thrown treats in for her to hunt for, and she had no hesitation.  Face all the way in, she was straight in there!

It’s not often you get a greyhound that is so comfortable with water...chances are on hot days, she’ll bodily lay in the paddling pool, but we haven’t gotten that far since she’s only just been spayed!

Though, not being funny, but she’s literally just had all her insides pulled out, parts removed and then everything put back in...and what’s she doing when she gets back to the kennel?  Roaching.  Not a care in the world.  She walked off that surgery as if it was opposed to the boy that was neutered the same day who was acting like the world was ending!

Very good in her small dog test, Merida was a bit interested but not with any intent.  Once she’d sniffed the chihuahua all over, she lost interest all together and wanted to get on with her walk.  She has met a small whippet here at the Centre and several other breeds at the vet, and the only one of interest was a spicy pug that wanted to start things!  She was easy to control in the moment, she only took a step toward it, and a firm no and a short lead had her settled back down...then once the pug was taken a few metres away she settled right down!

Merida is a brave, outstanding, and confident female who seems to be taking everything in her stride.  She is silly and confident, happy in her own company and an all round perfectly behaved little lady.

She is affectionate, but also happy to do her own thing.  Probably the best description of her would be that she is cat-like.  But there is no doubt that we’ve only seen the tip of her personality so far and we’ll start seeing more and more of it come out with time.

Merida will truly thrive in the home.  She is so ready to leave kennel life behind her...after preforming nearly 100 races and having come off the track nearly a year ago, she is long overdue for her forever home.

This darling micro hound is looking for a home where she can be the only dog, where she can take over the sofa, sunbath in the garden and just live life to the fullest, the way she wants to, and not just be a number in the crowd.

Though for all her quirks and independence, she wants to be the centre of attention, that is, when the mood takes her of course!   Things may have not been 100% for her last months before coming to us, but it’s time for her to start over and go on to live her best life!

As mentioned, she would like to be the only hound and given her previous experience with crowding, we believe she would be best suited to an adult only home as children can often lack spatial awareness when it comes to dogs! 
She’s never shown one iota of issue with humans, no issues with men, or anyone she has met so far.  There isn’t a bad bone in her body!  Realistically, she probably could live with dog-savvy older kids or teenagers, but somethings telling me she would prefer an adult only home.  Visiting kids would be fine though, they get given back!

She’s a really sweet little thing.  We all really like her and can’t wait to see how her personality really develops but it does seem as if she has a little baggage on board which she is overcoming...but she’s getting on really well and is going to be great in the home!

We know we’re going to get a lot of interest due to her tiny size, but whoever takes her on better have laminate floors because this water baby gonna make a mess!

Britney Britney
2 Years Old

Okay so the photo isn’t great.  Well, no, it’s awful, straight up terrible...but getting this muppet to pose for a photo was a lot harder than you can even imagine and unfortunately the best of a bad bunch was this scary possessed-like stare that looks like something out of a horror movie...darken out the back ground and yeah. You get the idea.

So yeah.  Not a flattering photo, which is a shame because she’s actually really gorgeous in person, a really nice smaller size and streamlined, not bulky at all, but some dogs just aren’t good at having their photos taken!

The main problem we had is that Britney is a young and busy dog, her arse is always swinging as hard as it possibly can with the sheer force of her tail wagging and she’s just into everything and saying hi to everyone and generally just everyone but nowhere.

Britney is basically a cocker spaniel.  She has a drive about her, an energy and endlessly outgoing nature that is rarely seen in greyhounds.  She wants to be outside all the time, great long walks, adventures, running around, doing something, using her brain...she’s a busy dog that requires a lot more exercise than what a greyhound typically needs.

She would be a great for anyone looking for a jogging or cani-cross companion, or someone that really enjoys long walks, hikes, and adventures!  Or both! 

Bless her, don’t get me wrong, she may look like shes on drugs in her picture, but Britney is just an endlessly happy, outgoing, confident, social, open book of a dog who loves everyone she meets, both dog and human alike!  She thinks that everyone is her best friend!

Britney was adopted for a few brief months and while loved, it wasn’t the right environment for her.  While she settled well, was house trained and good with other breeds out and about, it just transpired that she needed a lot more exercise and outdoor time than they could accommodate.

She was living with a young teen, and while good with her, she was a bit too boisterous in her play and in jumping up for cuddles, so it would be preferential that she lives in a mature teenager home or adult only.

While in the home, she was the only dog, and was unbothered about it but given her playful and energetic temperament, she would probably do really well having someone to play with in the home.  Whether a greyhound or another dog of similar play style, it doesn’t matter, but it would be really beneficial if they were quite chilled out and while they will give her that interaction, they’ll also be able to advise her on when enough is enough.

She has always been consistently excellent with the other greyhounds, both now and when she was with us originally, and in being back with us she was initially kennelled with Frosty.

Bear in mind that Frosty is the polar opposite to her in temperament and it did have a really good calming influence on her, she was happy to just laze about in the bed until it was her turn for things and really did take his lead in how to just chill out and be mellow, no use getting worked up about things!  But now he’s been adopted, and she’s back flying solo temporarily and is mostly okay about it!  But is getting a little jealous when the other dogs are going for walks and she’s not going with them!

Apart from this, she is very well behaved in kennel.  She is clean, quiet and a good eater. 

And boy, does she love her food!  Britney is very motivated by treats, and from all accounts, is quite clever!  So, she would respond well and likely really benefit from mental stimulation in addition to her physical exercise.  Positive reinforcement training using treats would be really good in challenging her to use her brain, which will in turn help settle her exuberance.

While we don’t want to mask her personality in obedience, basic training, puzzle feeders and other enrichment can really help settle the brighter greyhounds and help on days where you aren’t able to give them as much exercise.

We all really love Britney, but she’s not getting what she needs here.  We were so thrilled when she got adopted the first time around because we really didn’t think anyone would want her because shes so ‘much’, especially in the kennel environment.  We can only live in hope that someone will come along wanting a dog like her!

Thankfully she comes with the benefit of being house trained and already familiar with domestic life...even if she did spend most of her time in the garden!  She does really love being outdoors, no matter the weather!

Frankly, she’s the anti-greyhound!  It happens from time to time, and if we didn’t have their pedigree information you wouldn’t believe they were greyhounds, you’d think they were lurchers with a working breed mixed in there...but nope, just a very enthusiastic greyhound that was actually born with a brain cell!

Britney is a lovely dog, very people motivated and endlessly happy.  She is going to make the most amazing companion in the right home, but she needs someone to take a chance on her and guide her in the beginning.  It’ll be worth it in the end, even if she does rake you a few times with her nails as she jumps up for cuddles and excitement!

REHOME Britney
Bronte Bronte
3 Years Old
In Foster

This darling girl is looking for a very special home indeed.

When she arrived with us originally, she was a nervous little bean but it sure didn’t take long to see the happy, sassy, playful and fun side of this delightful little lady.  She took to the new environment and routine really well and after the first few days, with the help of her companion Bossy, she really started to come out of her shell and thrive.

Every day they would go into the grass paddock and bomb around doing zoomies together and then come back into kennel and have a game of bitey face, closely followed by Bossy grooming Bronte’s ears and the inevitable nap...they were so in love that we couldn’t bear to split them up and were so grateful when we had this lovely couple express interest in adopting a pair.

Though despite Bronte’s progress and sass in the kennel environment, she would always revert back to the shy and worried soul in meeting new people...but we had seen such amazing developments with her we had confidence that with Bossy’s help, she could overcome anything.

Unfortunately, we were wrong, she needed a more experienced home.  Bronte did not adapt to home life and found the transition incredibly distressing.  Bossy, who settled in like a dream, started getting frustrated with her and Bronte would spend her time hiding down the back of the sofa or in the corner of the kitchen.

Not wanting to do her more of a disservice, and as first time dog parents, they made the very difficult decision to return Bronte to our care...

And the cheeky mare had the audacity to walk back into the kennels and be a happy, waggy and silly lump once again!  Clearly, she’s very happy and content in the kennel environment...but it would have been nice if she had showed a little upset at being brought back!  The poor family were so upset about it all!

Bless her, I suppose it’s a good thing that she’s done so well returning.  It would have been so much worse if she had been distressed at the change.

But this absolute sweetheart who is thriving, and so angelic, happy go lucky, playful, as well as being ever so well behaved, is not what people see...and it is clearly going to take quite a bit longer to settle into home life than anticipated.

Kennelling with the Fletcher, she gets the sillies in the morning when we come in and is so happy to be taken out to the paddocks to go toilet and have a play.  She eats well, has never made a sound of complaint, walks well on the lead and was so exceptionally good in her small dog test and subsequent meetings with other small breeds...including the tiniest fluffy white chihuahua you will ever see!

She would probably be cat-trainable...if we had a cat to test her with!  She is so disinterested in other breeds and wildlife and is so gentle on the lead...apart from being incredibly worried by traffic and people!  Really, she does have to be walked on a harness, but not because she ever pulls, just to stop her backing out of her collar when she gets spooked!

We know for certain that Bronte does need to live with another dog to guide her and is suitable to live with either male or female, of any breed.  But it would probably be beneficial to live with another sighthound that will show her the way.

She is a real darling, and we have seen her come on in leaps and bounds.  She is an amazing dog and in the right environment she is going to thrive, just as she has here.

Given her comfort in the kennels, and in her squishing herself into small spaces in the previous home, she would probably benefit from a crate in her next home.  Not to shut the door, just so she has a nice little contained safe space where she can feel comfortable as she settles in.

Due to her skittishness, she wouldn’t be suitable to live with children but respectful visiting children would likely be okay so long as she has ample opportunity to remove herself from the situation if she’s worried.

We’re hopeful that someone will take a chance on this sweet natured little hound.  She a very pure soul, just very under socialised with the great wide world and needs someone to take it step by step with her to show her that life is full of joy and new things.  She is a smart and curious hound once you get to know her; she will get there. 

Though we really should get a new picture, that one is not at all flattering!  She is a very dainty little lady, we promise!

Enya Enya
3 Years Old
Cuddle Monster
In Foster

Enya is a dainty little lady who has a lot of love and affection to give.

Being a small blue brindle girl she won’t stick around for long. Her colouring is so unique she is just stunning. Enya is in foster with staff member Aimee, so she is living alongside four other greyhounds. 

We took Enya in after seeing her advertised online. We are unsure of all of Enya’s history, but we do know she lived alongside a newborn baby and a five-year-old. In saying this I do believe Enya will be much more suited to an adult-only home or one with mature children as she likes to have all the attention on her! She has met an eight-year-old child who she really took to so there is potential to be around kids but having a nice chilled-out lifestyle may fit Enya that little bit more. 

Enya is clean in the house and has been toilet-trained since day one! She will even paw at the back door to ask to go out, she’s such a good girl.

Enya loves her food and will polish off every meal or treat given to her. She will often share food with her foster siblings with no issue and is more than happy to wait her turn when it comes to food. She is just so good-natured. Being food motivated you could definitely do training with Enya as long as treats are involved! 

Enya is super gentle on the lead you barely feel as if you are holding her. She may be a little stronger when she sees a squirrel but what greyhound doesn’t have interest in squirrels! She is extremely social when out on walks and will happily say hello to all dogs and their humans no matter the shape or size.

Enya would be suitable to live with other breeds of dogs as long as correct introductions were made before she goes home. Enya will do well in a home with other greyhounds as she is used to living alongside 4 others in her foster home. 

Enya absolutely loves her toys and playing. Her favourite toy is her pink elephant which you will always find close to her. I think the pink elephant may have to go home with Enya as she loves it so much!

Enya loves to play with the humans in the house too pawing at our legs and jumping around like a lunatic. She will have her mad five minutes and then revert back to her normal lazy self, stretched out on the chair fast asleep. 

Enya just loves attention and is the most affectionate girl. Even if you are giving the other dogs attention she will find a way to squeeze her little body in to get in on the cuddle action. She loves to be close to the humans and other dogs in the home and she just wants to cuddle all day every day.

Enya is also the most chilled-out dog, I barely notice I have her half the time due to her being so well-behaved. She has slotted into home life amazingly and just loves to be loved and a part of everything. 

Whoever ends up adopting Enya is going to be so lucky as she is the most exceptional, sweet-natured girl who will love you unconditionally!

Doug Doug
4 Years Old

Just look how handsome this boy is! His striking appearance means he is going to turn heads wherever he goes. 

When it comes to personality Doug is such a gem. He can be such a silly and playful boy when he wants to be, he is just so fun to be around. Whether he's in the playpens or the grass paddock he is always up for a good play with the humans.

It did take Doug a little bit more time to show his playful side as when he first came to us he was shy and a bit more reserved. Nonetheless, he will give you so much love and affection once he warms up to you. 

If you are considering adopting Doug you should be ready for endless love and laughter. As I mentioned above it took Doug a while to really come out of himself and show us the silly little Doug that we all now know and love! It really is amazing to watch the dogs grow whilst in our care.

Doug will have us all laughing when he is being all playful and silly he really brightens up even the dullest days. 

Doug loves his greyhound companions and has had many female kennel mates since coming to us. He is currently kennelled alone and is doing well as an only dog. We do believe that Doug would do well as an only dog but would also be happy to have a greyhound companion. He does enjoy being around the other greyhounds and is a social boy. 

Doug has a great appetite, definitely no fussy eating where he is concerned! He loves every meal we put in front of him and will happily have any treats or enrichment that is on offer throughout the day. His love for food will mean that he will be able to be trained if food is the reward on offer!

During his little dog test with the spaniel, Doug was quite fixated and really struggled to work out that it was in fact a dog. This does mean that Doug will require additional training when it comes to understanding that dogs come in all shapes and sizes. With the right home, patience, consistency and positive reinforcement this boy will most definitely be able to redirect his focus and overcome his confusion on other breeds.

Doug walks exceptionally well when in his harness. Due to his low confidence at times, it will be beneficial for Doug to continue wearing his harness when he does go home for that extra sense of security. Doug does really enjoy his walks especially when he gets to sniff all the exciting smells!

In terms of the correct living environment, Doug will most definitely thrive in a quieter setting. He will prefer a lifestyle that isn’t too chaotic or busy. This does mean we do believe that Doug will not do well with young children in the home. He will do much better in an adult-only home or one with teenagers. 

Overall Doug is truly remarkable! His handsome face, silly nature and endless love make him the most incredible companion. With the correct training and environment that suits his special little personality, Doug will flourish. 

How could you say no to that handsome little face? 

Verity Verity
3 Years Old

Oh my god, this girl is adorable. She has the most stunning appearance with her beautiful brindle pattern. 

She also has the most fabulous floppy ears that have a mind of their own. Her ears are constantly going every which way which just adds to her undeniable beauty. 

Verity is an absolute gem when it comes to behaviour in the kennels, you never hear a peep out of her. She is calm and a true pleasure to look after. Verity's well-behaved nature is a testament to her gentle and sweet personality. 

Verity loves the other greyhounds but there is a special place reserved in her heart for our lovely Dante. They were kennelled together in their racing kennels and have formed an exceptional bond.

Not only is Verity friendly, happy and sociable but she is also clean, patient and calm in her kennel. Her easy-going nature makes her an absolute joy of a dog. 

After coming to us, we noticed that she had some discomfort with her broken hock. We immediately got her seen by the vets and they decided to go ahead with surgery to remove the plates in her leg. Verity has taken it like a right champ!

Verity was in another kennel while recovering from her surgery but is now back in our care. She is still recovering but is almost back to feeling 100%. 

Due to Verity's injury, she will not be able to go on long walks or have long weekend adventures. Instead, she will need smaller and gentle walks each day. It's super important for whoever adopts Verity to understand her injury and stick to those short and gentle walks. 

Verity will make the most amazing companion and will happily curl up with her forever humans for some quality cuddle time! 

When Verity first came into our care she had a bit of trouble passing her little dog test, which will believe was related to the pain in her leg. But since being back with us verity has done amazingly in the dog test. During her test, she walked past the spaniel barely even noticing her. She also sniffed the dog very politely and walked with her without a care in the world. 

Verity will happily live alongside another greyhound as long as they are not too bouncy due to her injury. Verity will also be more than happy being the only dog in the home. She is currently kennelled alone and is showing no signs of distress or being unhappy in her own company.

While Verity may not do well with young children, she could happily live alongside older children who are dog-savvy. 

She’s super sweet and kind-hearted and she will make an amazing addition to any house. Her loving and chilled-out personality is exactly what you would expect from a typical greyhound. 

The love and joy verity will bring to your life is immeasurable. Adopting this gorgeous girl will be a decision you will never regret. 

Salsa Salsa
2 Years Old
Super Chill

Salsa may be a spicy sauce, but this gorgeous girl is the perfect blend of sweetness and sass!

Salsa is the embodiment of a well-behaved and sweet girl. She is such an affectionate girl who absolutely loves everyone she meets. She has such a calming presence about her. You can often find her in the kennels snoozing the day away with her legs up in the air.

Salsa's super chill personality shines through making her an absolute joy to be around. Her affectionate nature is also enough the brighten even the darkest of days. This girl gives the most amazing cuddles! 

She is very social with all the other greyhounds and gets on well with them all. She has got on with every greyhound she has been paired with and just loves to have a friend to snuggle up with. 

She has such a silly and playful side that adds to her already loveable personality. Whether she is doing zoomies in the grass paddocks or playing with the toys in the playpens she sure knows how to keep us entertained!  

Salsa has had the opportunity to meet some young and quite nervous children during her time here at the kennels, and she handled these situations like a pro. She respected the children's feelings and patiently stood there waiting for the children to approach her. She is really in touch with humans and their emotions. 

Salsa is so well-behaved and chilled out that she is our go-to dog when it comes to our meet-the-breed appointments. She is the perfect example of your typical greyhound. When people meet her they instantly see what an amazing breed greyhound are!

Salsa was a superstar when it came to her dog test. She passed with flying colours showing little to no interest in the spaniel. She could walk alongside with a nice loose lead and could even sniff the spaniel very politely. 

Salsa is able to live with children of most ages. Due to her being so calm and chilled out it does make her the ideal family dog. With the correct introductions, salsa will happily live alongside other breeds. Salsa can also live with other greyhounds as she loves a good snuggle but is also happy being the only dog in the home.

We absolutely adore Salsa here at the kennels and know the perfect family is ready to give her all the love she deserves! 

Marvin Marvin
2 Years Old
Laid Back

Marvin is a real head-turner! He is the most gorgeous shade of blue and is just stunning to look at.

Marvin is a pleasure to look after. He is really people-motivated and just loves to be loved! He will soak up any human love that is on offer and he enjoys every minute of it. He is just the sweetest boy ever. 

When it comes to food time Marvin is one of our more vocal dogs letting us know he would like his food now! Once Marvin has had his food he soon settles back down to that super chilled-out boy.

He gets on very well with the other greyhounds here at the kennels and he’s had the pleasure of being kennelled with quite a few female greyhounds since being in our care. He does love the other greyhound so he would happily live alongside them, but he also would be fine being the only dog in the home soaking up all the human attention. 

Marvin is truly a lovely, chilled-out boy who would bring so much love and joy into your life. He's got an exceptional temperament as well as an amazing personality. He would make a wonderful addition to any household.

He is a real charmer and will quickly win over your heart as soon as you meet him! You honestly can’t help but fall deeply in love with this boy. 

The only thing holding Marvin back is that he can't pass his dog test while in our care. We just really hope this will not deter people as he has been working hard in order to overcome his confusion when it comes to the spaniels. 

He has shown some improvement in a couple of his dog tests, so we know he has the potential to be comfortable with other breeds eventually. All Marvin needs is some positive reinforcement and socialisation to get those confidence levels up. 

If you do consider adopting Marvin the team here at the centre will be there to support you every step of the way. Our goal is to ensure Marvin finds a loving and understanding forever home where he can thrive and improve with other breeds daily. 

Marvin would be a great fit for a home with older, dog-savvy children. His gentle and calm nature makes him a wonderful companion for kids who will respect his space when he does get overwhelmed. He would also be perfectly content in an adult-only home where he can receive all the love and attention!

Adopting Marvin means gaining an exceptional companion who will bring endless joy into your life. He is waiting for the perfect forever home to call his own!

So won't you take a chance on our sweet boy?

Eeyore Eeyore
4 Years Old
Cuddle Monster

Eeyore is quite the opposite of his namesake in Winnie the Pooh. While the original Eeyore is a little gloomy our Eeyore is all about spreading happiness. You will not find any rain clouds following this Eeyore around only sunshine and smiles!

Prepare yourself for the ultimate cuddle monster. If there was an award for the biggest cuddle monster Eeyore would take the medal each and every time. If he could be permanently attached to us all day he would, just so he could give us snuggles.

Eeyore love for people is so sweet to see. Human companionship is one of the best things to Eeyore. He really is people-motivated. 

He is currently kennelled with Pinky who can be a tough nut to crack at times. We really didn’t think Pinky would love another dog as much as she loved Nadal, but Eeyore has easily won her over with his charms and amazing cuddles! 

Eeyore is one of our go-to dogs when it comes to our meet-the-breed appointments due to his kind and gentle nature. He makes a lasting impression on everyone who meets him and represents the greyhounds amazingly. 

Sometimes when Eeyore does want a bit of extra attention or fuss, he is not afraid to use his voice and let us know exactly what he is after! This just adds to his one-of-a-kind character.

Eeyore did amazingly in his dog test. When faced with the excitable spaniel he remained super calm and unfazed. He was able to walk past and with the spaniel with no reaction, he wasn’t bothered by her at all. 

He would do well in a home with children, having interacted with quite a few of them here at the centre, he has shown nothing but calmness when in their presence. 

Eeyore would happily be the only dog in the home as he loves to soak up all the attention. While Eeyore will be fine in being the only dog in the home he would also happily live alongside another dog or two. He always gets on so well with his kennel mates and the other hounds, so we know sharing is not an issue with Eeyore.

Eeyore also walks amazingly on the lead. He rarely ever pulls and is happy to just walk by your side enjoying the human attention.

So if you are ready to dive into a world of non-stop cuddles and kisses then Eeyore is the dog for you! There will never be a dull moment with this incredible boy. We have no doubt that Eeyore will steal your heart as soon as you meet him.

We can't fault him at all, whoever has the pleasure to take this boy home will not regret it!

Fizzy Fizzy
4 Years Old


This gorgeous girl has all the right ingredients to make your heart bubble with joy. Get ready to be swept off your feet by this fizzy-tacular girl!  

From the moment Fizzy entered the kennels she has been an absolute dream. I mean, seriously, this girl is pure perfection! She’s been so well behaved it's like she’s been in our routine forever.

Fizzy also has the most amazing, calming and kind nature that just radiates from her. When you are around Fizzy you just feel instantly at ease. Her incredible nature just makes for the most exceptional lifelong companion.

As much as we wanted Fizzy to find her forever home right away, she has got to wait until the new year. She came into season shortly after coming into our care, so she is patiently waiting to be spayed before heading off to her forever family!

Fizzy is a right superstar when it comes to her behaviour in the kennel environment. She is calm, clean and extremely well-behaved. You can also count on her to patiently wait her turn for feeding and walking time. 

When it comes to walking on the lead she is a true pro! Every walk with Fizzy is a delightful experience as she is so gentle. She just enjoys being with the humans and exploring the world around her. 

In her small dog test, Fizzy couldn’t resist trying to do zoomies and play with the spaniel which made us all chuckle as it was so funny and cute! She definitely has such a fun and playful nature about her adding to that exceptional personality.  

Fizzy is not phased at all by other breeds of dogs. She is a social butterfly who can happily coexist with all breeds of dogs with correct introductions. 

Fizzy is content in her own company and does have independence so she would be fine as the only dog in the home. She also deeply loves her fellow greyhound companions and would happily live with them in the home. 

She is very adaptable and will make a perfect fit for most living environments!

Fizzy’s placid and gentle nature really shines through which will make her a fantastic companion for children of most ages. She has had the pleasure of meeting quite a few children in our ‘meet the breed’ appointments and has always been comfortable and at ease in their presence. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to welcome this amazing girl into your home. I know she will bring so much love and joy to your life.

So what are you waiting for? Start your fizzy-tastic adventure today!

Lenny Lenny
3 Years Old

This boy has an incredible personality and enough love to make your entire heart melt!

Lenny has become quite the favourite with the staff here at the centre. When he first arrived he was a little more reserved but as he settled into the new environment and routine his true personality emerged and we all absolutely adore it!

He is a loving and kind boy who just can’t get enough of the love and attention on offer each day. In addition to this Lenny gives some of the best cuddles ever! 

Not only is Lenny a sweetheart in terms of personality but he's also a stunner in appearance. He certainly turns heads with how gorgeous he is. Lenny is on the bigger side but don’t let this put you off him as he is the gentlest giant. Being bigger only means more to cuddle which I think is a pretty good thing!

Initially, Lenny had trouble passing his little dog test. But in his last two tests, he has absolutely aced it! It's incredible to see how far he has come; we are so proud of him. When he approached the spaniel he remained calm and was able to sniff her with ease. Once he sniffs he becomes completely uninterested and walks alongside her with impeccable manners.

Lenny is quite an independent boy. He would be perfectly content as the only dog in the home. However, he currently shares a kennel with Fizzy and they get along well. So if you have a nice calm female greyhound Lenny would happily live alongside them. 

We believe Lenny would not be the best fit to live in a home with children. He does prefer having his own space and a more chilled-out lifestyle. He would do best in an adult-only home or one with teenagers. 

Lenny is such a typical greyhound as he is the biggest couch potato. He is super relaxed and content in his kennel; we know this will continue within the home!

Once Lenny opens up to you he is a bundle of happiness, confidence and love. The joy he will bring into your life is simply unmatched. He is a fantastic dog with so much love to give and we can’t wait to see him in his forever home, enjoying his own forever sofa.

The love he gives is truly unmatched and Lenny will be a best friend for life. He is waiting patiently for that special someone who will appreciate his unique charm and give him so much love. 

Lenny is a remarkable boy who has made incredible progress and is ready to find his forever home. With his chilled-out personality and loving nature, he will be the perfect companion for sofa snuggles. 

Once you meet Lenny you'll be smitten by his charm, and you won't be able to resist giving him a loving forever home! 

Dumpling Dumpling
2 Years Old

This girl is an absolute joy to be around, always radiating with energy and happiness!

Dumpling has such a puppy-like nature due to her being on the younger side, she is definitely more active than the older greyhounds. Once Dumpling has been fed and had her walk she soon settles down and becomes that typical, laid-back greyhound.

One of the best things about Dumpling is what a sweetheart she is and that she has a heart as big as can be. She will shower you with endless love and affection making you feel like the luckiest person in the world. 

She will bring so much joy and laughter into your life. Her personality is unmatched, and I guarantee she’ll have you grinning from ear to ear until your cheeks hurt!

Dumpling is currently sharing a kennel with Doug, and they can be quite the mischievous duo at times! I’m not 100% sure who initiates the mischief, but it does make us laugh. Dumpling does really enjoy being kennelled with Doug so would love to live alongside another greyhound so she has a playmate. 

During her little dog test, Dumpling did show uncertainty. She hasn’t had a solid pass yet, but it is not a terrible fail. It does seem like she gets a little overwhelmed and can’t decide whether to play with the spaniel or be a little scared of it.

We are working on building up her confidence in her dog tests and with some time and patience I'm confident Dumpling will pass. She is young so we have plenty of time to expose her to positive experiences so she can become a well-rounded girl. 

When it comes to travelling in the van, Dumpling gets a tad stressed. It’s nothing too serious and will be something that will get better over time. But she has struggled on the longer journeys again I think she just gets a little overwhelmed. 

Due to Dumpling being that bit more playful and high energy a home with young children won't be her best fit. However, she will do fine with older children who are dog-savvy or in an adult-only home. 

I know her getting overwhelmed with certain situations may put some of you off, but it all is what makes her special and everyone has their own quirks. Once you meet Dumpling and give her a chance you will see how amazing she actually is!

Dumpling is like a burst of sunshine on a gloomy day always ready to put the brightest smile on your face. She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet with such a kind and happy heart.

I just know Dumpling's perfect match is out there, someone who will love her sunny personality and embrace her little quirks. She will make an incredible companion who will fill your days with fun, love and laughter. 

Don’t miss out on the chance to bring Dumpling into your life!

REHOME Dumpling
Gracie Gracie
3 Years Old
Sweetie pie

This girl is truly special. Get ready to fall head over heels for her!

I have to admit I do have a soft spot for this girl she just has something about her that has really captured my heart. Gracie is beautiful inside and out. Just look at that gorgeous, powdered face. Her looks are just the beginning of what makes her such an incredible girl. 

She has the sweetest personality that instantly melts your heart. She’s the kind of dog who can turn the hardest of the days into a breeze, bringing a sense of calmness and ease wherever she is. 

She is super chilled out and relaxed in the kennels. She is such a pleasure to take care of each day. She has also got such a cheeky and playful side to her. If you adopt Gracie get ready for some fun-filled moments with her and endless laughter when she is around. She is an exceptional dog who would make a best friend for life. 

She is currently kennelled with Bondi whom she has become the best of friends, they instantly clicked. Gracie gets along with all her kennel mates, she has shared with both males and females. No matter the gender Gracie will happily live alongside other greyhounds in the home. 

When it comes to Gracie's dog tests she does struggle. She tends to fixate on the spaniel and becomes a bit frozen. There is a lot of potential in Gracie when it comes to little dogs and with the correct training and support Gracie will improve and thrive.

We are here to help whoever decides to take Gracie on, ensuring she will thrive in her forever home. It will just take that extra bit of patience and guidance to help her overcome her challenges. 

Gracie does have a love for the rabbit holes out on her daily walks! She can't resist sticking her nose down them, there is something very intriguing about those little holes. She’s a funny girl when she wants to be.

Gracie has shown great potential when she had a trip down to the park. She managed to walk past some other breeds of dogs at a distance with not much of a reaction. This has shown us how much progress she can make with little dogs as time goes on. 

Gracie was struggling on the lead with being calm but with the aid of a harness, her walking has improved greatly. She has become much calmer on the lead and taking her for walks is an absolute pleasure.

We just can't help but adore Gracie and we know once she overcomes her difficulties with passing her dog test, she's going to be an absolutely amazing dog.

We understand that it may take a little longer to find Gracie her perfect match. Gracie is not difficult in any other way. She is so well-behaved and lovely, it's just her prey drive holding her back. 

I will be very jealous of whoever gets to keep this gorgeous girl in their life as she is so special and kind-hearted. She will brighten each day and fill your heart with endless amounts of love.

Trust me Gracie is a real gem!

Logan Logan
3 Years Old
Chilled Out

What a sweet little angel this boy is.

Logan may be a little shy at first, but once he opens up, you'll see what an incredible dog he is. When Logan gives you his love and affection it makes you feel so special. His kind soul shines through in everything he does. 

In the kennels, Logan is an absolute gem. He is calm, content and keeps his kennel clean. He also adores all his kennel mates he has had and takes confidence from them.

To help Logan thrive in a home with a confident female greyhound would be perfect. The hope is they can guide Logan and show him the ropes of the world, providing support and reassurance if needed.

Logan is not terrified of people or life he is just a little bit more unsure and appreciates having someone by his side. 

He also did amazing in his dog tests. He doesn’t show any interest in the spaniels and just goes about his day. He just doesn’t have any reaction to other dogs most of the time unless they are other greyhounds. But greyhounds always love other greyhounds.

When it comes to walking on the lead, Logan is a superstar. He is super gentle and calm, it makes you feel as if you are hardly holding him at all on his walks!

Due to Logan being a little bit more unsure of life, a busy home with younger children might not be the best fit for him. He would much prefer a quiet life in an adult-only home where he can feel safe and secure. 

We had Logan go on trial with one of our dog walkers which gave us a good idea of his needs, this is where we decided he would do best with another greyhound in the home. He does really enjoy home life and is perfectly content.

We know he has so much love to give in his forever home. It has been such a pleasure watching him grow in confidence and build relationships with everyone here at the kennels. We know he will form an amazing connection with his forever family.

Logan is waiting for that special someone who can give him the care and guidance he needs to thrive. Logan is truly a one-of-a-kind sweetheart.

Logan is ready to bring joy and endless amounts of love into his forever home. So what are you waiting for, register your interest in our sweet boy. 

Cindy Cindy
2 Years Old

Just like Cindy Lou Who, this Cindy has a heart full of love and a personality that can even melt the Grinch’s heart!

This girl is one of the funniest dogs we have in the kennels currently. When you enter her kennel, she greets you with the most enthusiastic silly bums and zoomies you will have ever seen!

She is a little ball of energy that just can’t be contained. Her playful nature is infectious, and you can’t help but smile and laugh when she gets all silly and playful.

Cindy is a tiny blue girl with the most mesmerizing eyes you’ll ever see. Her floppy little ears too, are just so adorable and add to her charm. I mean look at her picture she is stunning and a real head-turner!

Apart from being a silly and playful girl, Cindy is incredibly kind-hearted and has a wonder laid-back side to her too. When she’s not too busy entertaining us all with her playful antics, she loves nothing more than snuggling up with us humans. Cindy is a massive sweetie pie who craves love and affection. 

Cindy is a social butterfly who gets along amazingly with all the other greyhounds. She has been paired up with both male and female greyhounds, and she’s never had any issues with either. Her friendly and easy-going nature makes her a favourite among the greyhounds.

She would love to have another greyhound as a companion, but she is also perfectly content being the only dog in a loving home. All she wants is to be surrounded by love and in return, she will shower you with endless affection. 

Because Cindy can be a bundle of energy and excitement we do believe she is not the best fit for young children. She is just that little bit too bouncy, but she would thrive with older children and teenagers who are dog-savvy.

As you have seen Cindy is a red dog, her struggle with other breeds is the only thing holding her back. During her dog test, she can become fixated and stressed by the spaniel. We are working hard to help her overcome this confusion and stress with other breeds. 

Cindy has so much potential, with some patience and positive training she will soon learn that other breeds are dogs too. It would be beneficial if Cindy had a calm greyhound friend to show her the ropes and help her feel comfortable with other breeds.

Cindy’s personality is incredible. She’s a good girl through and through, and it's so easy to fall deeply in love with her. Her traits make her an exceptional companion and she will fill your life with so much happiness and love.

We hope Cindy finds her forever home soon as we know she was meant for the cosy comforts of home life. We adore her so much and can’t wait to see her get her happy ending.

Let's find Cindy the loving home she deserves. How could you resist her gorgeous face?

Twiglet Twiglet
3 Years Old

Where do I even start with Twiglet? This handsome, silly greyhound is an absolute love. He is like a big goofy pup always finding ways to make us laugh.

Life is one big adventure for Twiglet he finds everything so exciting and fun. He is such a social butterfly. He adores being around us humans and the other greyhounds, he thrives on the love and attention he gets from us all.

His face is so squishy and adorable. It's so hard to resist giving him a stroke and a little kiss each time you walk past him. He’s just so loveable and we can’t all help but adore him.

He brings a great deal of light and happiness into the kennels. Even on the tough days, his presence makes all the difference. He has an infectious energy that just makes you smile whenever you are around him. 

His cuddles are out of this world too. He snuggles right into you wanting to be as close as possible at all times. And when there is no human to snuggle with, he and Connie will curl up together as happy as can be. Their bond is truly something special. 

Due to Twiglet being a very social boy, he would be more than happy to live with another greyhound or two in the home. Having a playmate would be a dream come true for him as he loves a good play session. He will also do well as an only dog, we have never noticed him struggle when kennelled alone so he is quite adaptable.

Twiglet's bouncy and energetic nature does mean he may not be the best fit for younger children. However, he would thrive in a home with teenagers and adults who can match that playful energy he has. 

When Twiglet first came to us he struggled to remain calm when on the lead. to help him, we switched him onto a harness which has made a world of difference. His walking continues to improve each day. He still is a bit pully when he is first on the walk, but he soon settles down.

Unfortunately, Twiglet does struggle during his dog test here at the kennels. He can become fixated and finds it difficult to break his focus away. We do believe some of this stems from confusion as he’s not sure what the spaniel is yet.  We are committed to working with him and providing the best care possible to help him overcome these challenges to find his forever home.

Twiglet will require someone confident in training and experienced in handling dogs who need that extra support. We know that the right person is out there for this handsome boy, someone who can provide structure, patience and love for Twiglet to thrive.

If you are looking for a dog to bring endless happiness and laughter into your life Twiglet is the dog for you!

Twiglet will make the most incredible companion. So won't you take a chance on our sweet boy? We promise you won't regret it!

REHOME Twiglet
Connie Connie
5 Years Old

Connie is the sweetest greyhound you will ever meet. Not only is she stunning but her personality is equally beautiful.

She has got the most adorable and loveable soul that will melt your heart. Since she first arrived, we have witnessed Connie come out of her shell and blossom into the most incredible and sweet girl.

Connie is the perfect balance of affection and playfulness and just a touch of sass. She’s always happy and calm in the kennels, not easily phased by anything. 

Ever since she was paired up with Twiglet her playful side has come out for us to see. It’s such a joy seeing them cuddled up together looking so incredibly cute. Their love for each other is extraordinary and they make a great pair.

While Connie would be content as the only dog in the home, she also gets along well with the male greyhounds. She’s independent and isn’t fazed if kennelled alone but also enjoys the companionship of having a kennel mate. She will be fine in either environment. 

We do believe Connie would thrive in a home without young children. She is looking for a quieter, adult-only environment to relax and enjoy all the love and attention from her forever humans.

Connie is not just a pretty face; she is also incredibly well-behaved. She’s a gem in the kennel and we do not doubt that she will thrive in any loving home. She also walks amazingly on the lead. She's a dream to walk and rarely ever pulls.

In her dog test, Connie was eager to meet the spaniel and once she sniffed her she was like “Oh you are a dog!” She didn’t have a care in the world after this and walked with the spaniel with amazing manners. All her dog tests have gone amazingly well, she’s completely unfazed with the other dogs.

Connie is a true sweetheart who gets along with everyone. She’s won the hearts of all the staff, students and volunteers at the kennels. She’s just an all-around well-behaved girl who knows how to spread love and joy wherever she goes.

If you take Connie home be ready for an incredible companion. She will shower you with love, affection and laughter. Her kind and gentle nature makes her the perfect chilled-out and happy greyhound. 

You won't be able to resist her charms once you meet her, she will fit into any home with ease. 

We can't wait for Connie to find her forever home. She's going to be such a good girl and bring so much joy into her new family's life.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring this incredible and sweet girl into your life!

Clementine Clementine
3 Years Old

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

REHOME Clementine
Trick Trick
5 Years Old

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

Frank Frank
6 Years Old

New Arrival!

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Ally Ally
7 Years Old
Easy going

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

Jim Jim
5 Years Old
Soppy Boy

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

Edith Edith
4 Years Old
Special Girl

New Arrival!

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Blossom Blossom
4 Years Old

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

REHOME Blossom
Bondi Bondi
5 Years Old
Good as gold

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

Quaver Quaver
3 Years Old
Happy Go Lucky

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

Keone Keone
3 Years Old
Sweet natured

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...

Wren Wren
5 Years Old
Kind hearted

New Arrival!

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Edna Edna
Amazing girl

New Arrival!

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Tora Tora

New Arrival!

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