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None take your fancy? None take your fancy?

We don't always have time to put new dogs on the website so if none of the dogs listed take your fancy just give us a call on 01621 788315 to discuss any we have available and to register your interest. 

Although with new dogs arriving constantly throughout the year your forever hound may just not be here yet.  If you give us a ring we can take down your details whereafter you will be placed on our waiting list. 

If you have specific requirements such as wanting a greyhound to be companions with pets already in the home, or children, please let us know and we will make sure to match you with your perfect dog.

Please note we are no longer accepting applications for homes with cats.

REHOME None take your fancy?
Dog Of The Week: Daisy Dog Of The Week: Daisy
18 Months

Daisy is just an adorable dainty whirlwind of puppy love who has had near to no interest!  How could anyone say no to that face?? 

Having rehomed both her brothers and her sister, we can't think of any other way to describe the whole litter as a bunch of idiots! Which we esure you we mean in the most endearing of ways!  We can say with confidence that they haven't got a brain cell between them and that is what makes them the most gorgeous, affectionate and soppy dogs we've had in the kennels for a while.

Just like her siblings; Daisy is bouncy, playful, affectionate and scatty as anything.  It is impossible not to love her as soon as you meet her and she melts into your hands for a fuss or rolls over for belly rubs.  This cheeky little moo is going to be so much fun to have around in the home!  Her siblings have all calmed down and settled into home life really well so we have no doubt that she will follow suit.

The only catch is, being a puppy (at least in greyhound terms) is she needs a bit of work on the lead.  She can be a bit bouncy and excitable, so needs to be walked on a harness.  The whole litter were useless on the lead to start with, but she has the advantage of being on the smaller side meaning she is a whole lot easier to navigate when she gets the sillys (which she seems to be a permenant state on walks!).  Her brothers, one of which was substantially larger than her, was an absolute nightmare to walk.  But they all got there in the end.

We are doing our best to show her the the do's and don't's of walking but this will need to be continued once into the home.

Due to her silly nature on the lead, Daisy ideally needs a home that is experienced with greyhounds or large breeds, and is capable of putting the proper training and boundries in place so to improve her walking on the lead and also to make sure her adorable (yet slightly naughty) puppy habits don't go onto adult life.  Being a bit bouncy in play, she would do best in a home without young children, but could potentially live with dog savvy older children. 

You can tell just by the photo what a cheeky one she is going to be when she goes into a home.  She may be a handful to start, while she learns home life.  But being young, she will pick it up quickly enough and hopefully go on to be a wonderful companion!

REHOME Dog Of The Week: Daisy
Zoe Zoe
3 Years Old
Gentle Natured

Sweet little ZoZo is an all round amazing girl, if a little timid at times.

Zoe settled into life here very quickly and has been good as gold both being kenneled with other dogs and on her own, and we do see little glimpses of a little sassy personality hiding in there at times just waiting to come out in the right home.  She is a darling little girl, and will quite happily walk up to anyone to ask for a cuddle but she can be a bit stubborn at times when out for a walk if she doesn't want to go a certain direction!  Typical hound!

Overall she is quiet, a good eater, gentle on the lead and not really a bother at all.  But being a little timid at times, she would do best in an adult only home where she can go about her day on her own terms.  She could benefit from living with another hound, but it isn't vital.  She would be quite happy being the centre of attention in her forever home! 

You can't tell from the picture but shes got little snowflakes down her back which are super cute.  Not a bad word that could be said about her, she's just a little sweetheart, not a bad bone in her body!

DeeDee DeeDee
4 Years Old

The best way to describe DeeDee is that she is a strong independant woman!  You can tell that she may have been a little bit spoilt as shes a little bit of a diva, who loves having a kennel all to herself, sprawling out to take up the entire bed!  She has shared kennels with a quiet boy, but she much prefers being an only dog!

Seriously though, shes lovely!  Good on the lead, a good eater, and not really all that bothered by much she is ready to find her forever home.  A little bit cat like at times, she is a lovely affectionate dog, but likes to come and ask for attention when it suits her and not the other way around.  So, she will ideally need a easy going home, but could potentially live with older dog-savvy children that will respect her space if she needs it, as she does love her naps!  You'll need one of those hotel 'do not disturb' signs over her bed!

She can be a little bit strong out the gate on walks, but this quickly settles down within the first couple of minutes.  She's just excited to be out and about!  After that she walks along like a dream and isn't any bother at all.  Nothing really seems to faze her as she is a happy outgoing hound.

Really there isn't much to be said about DeeDee, she really is an all round amazing dog with the typical greyhound temperment...perhaps with a little bit of extra diva in there.  She will make such a wonderful addition to her forever home, promise!

Anarchy Anarchy
3 Years Old
Happy Go Lucky

We honestly have no idea why Anarchy hasn't been snapped up yet!  Reserved on and off, he just can't seem to find that lucky family to take him home!   He is such a happy, affectionate and easy going hound (Although he looks a bit worried in his picture!)

This handsome lad has been such a gem since he arrived and so cuddly!  Any oppurtunity for a cuddle, he's in there!  He just loves to be the centre of attention, one big cuddle monster!

His name definitely doesn't shine through in his personality.  He is a dream on the lead and although he can get a little excitable at dinner time, he is one of the most easy going boys in the kennels at the moment.  The most anarchy this boy could raise is well...nothing!  Because he's a total star!

Generally very laid back, he has a nice playful side to him when the mood takes him!  He does enjoy a zoomie around the garden and very quickly wears himself out and he has to go back to bed!  He can be a bit strong toward other breeds as he is excited to say hello but once's he's said hello he looses interest!  Overall he is a very easy going lad who doesn't get fazed by much.  Really, he will make such a wonderful addition to the home.  It just doesn't make any sense that, after 2 months of being here, he hasn't found his forever home!  It's madness!

Although suited to most homes, being a larger boy who can be bouncy around food, he would do best in a more mature home, although he could live with children over 10 and confident around big dogs. 

REHOME Anarchy
Sunny Sunny
3 Years Old

Gorgeous Sunny just cannot catch a break...

This absolutely stunning example of a greyhound is a big happy, bouncy and super cuddly boy who has sadly been returned to the kennels.

Sunny was in a very loving home for some time when it became clear something wasn't quite right and through no fault of his own he was returned to us for rehoming.  We soon figured out that the issues he was having was as a result of an injury to his neck and, after some rest, he was back to his usual self and he went out to what could only be described as the perfect home for him.  Experienced in sighthounds and with lovely playful lady sighthound for company, it sounded like a dream come true!

So you can imagine our shock and broken hearts when he was returned barely a week later.  The feedback we got didn't sound anything like the Sunny we knew and loved, he had been reacting to other dogs and even being defensive around new people!  Now, this is the cuddliest dog on the planet and loves everyone he meets, there is not a bad bone in his body, so we were really taken aback by this development and knew something wasn't right.

In further investigation, despite thinking his neck injury was healed, it had infact gotten worse and his behaviour was as a result of being in a lot of pain!  Especially when out on walks, as the exercise was aggravating the injury.

So back on rest he went and we had a canine chiropracter in to see him.  He identified the issue and set it right!  We saw an immediate difference.  Now, he is back to being the happiest dog in the world with his best friend Zoe, and is desperate to find his forever home.  He is excellent on the lead, eats like a champion and is a happy and playful boy who likes to jump up and have a full body cuddle from everyone he meets! 

Because he can be a bouncy uppy and also likes his own space when he's in his bed, he will need an adult only and sighthound experienced home.  He would appreciate a sighthound companion to play with but would be able to be an only dog if someone is around most of the time.

We are so hopeful that third times the charm.  It wasn't his fault that it didn't work in his previous homes, had his owners and ourselves known about the extent of his neck issues it could have been a much happier ending!  Can we find him that perfect forever home one last time?  We sure hope so.  He will bring so much joy to whoever is lucky enough to take him home.

Zazu Zazu
3 Years Old
Gentle Hearted

Zazu is a gorgeous little lad who has such a gentle old soul for his age.

With his fabulous ears he is a handsome looking boy but it's his personality that shines once you get to know him.  But it can take him a little bit to warm up to new people.  

He can be a bit skittish and hand shy, and a little unsure of loud noises, but once he gets to know you he's an absolute sweetheart.  Give this, he is going to need a nice quiet adult only home who will give him a little bit of patience as he gets the hang of life.  It shouldn't take him very long at all, he is quite a happy and outgoing hound once he gets his bearings.  He would benefit from living with another greyhound or similar sized sighthound/large breed to show him the way, as well as to have a play with should the mood take him!

He is a licker though...but thats his only flaw!  You stand or sit anywhere near him and he'll creep up and start licking your hands or if given half a chance, your face!  We think it's adorable, as it's just his way of showing his love for you, although we know if isn't for everyone!

He is such a gentle waggy boy.  He can be a little bit strong out the gate on the lead as he is a bit unsure and doesn't know what to do or what to smell first, but he does settle after a little while to walk nicely.  Although he can be a bit unsure of heavy traffic, but he'll come to understand that traffic means him no harm once he settles into the home.

Bee Bee
11 Years Old
Golden Oldie

After 7 loving years in a home, the beautiful Bee has very sadly been returned to our care for rehoming as her dad has been taken into care.  It was a very difficult decision for the family as Bee and her dad had such an amazing relationship.  We heard how she would lay with him when he fell and couldn't get up, until help arrived, on more than one occasion...she was so loyal and loving to him. 

But unfortunatly the situation was no longer feasible and in going into care, he is no longer in a position to care for her.  It is amazing how well she has coped with the change back to being in kennels.  We find her roaching most of the time, tongue lolling out the side, an absolute picture of contentment.  It's been a blessing how well she has handled it as after so many years with her owner, we were concerned she may have pinned.   Just goes to show how easy going and adaptible she is, she really is a trooper.

Unfortunately due to her owners mobility issues in the last couple of years Bee was overdue a check up at the vets and since arriving in our care she has had a full dental with 14 teeth out, is on medication for arthritis in her back legs and is needing another surgery in September, so to give her plenty of time to recover from the previous anaesthetic.

As such she isn't going to be available for adoption until the end of September, but we are currently accepting applications of interest so to have a home lined up and ready for when she is back to full health.

Already house trained, she is easy on the lead but can only go for short walks due to her arthritis, and generally eats pretty well (depending on her mood) she is a lovely lady and will make a wonderful addition to the home.  Do you have space in your heart and home for this golden oldie? 

Dobby Dobby
4 Years Old

Dobby is such a lovely lady and we are so saddened to be seeing her return to the kennels after a perfect year in a loving home. 

Her parents recently welcomed a new baby into the home and sadly Dobby has become quite distressed through the distruption to her routine.  They've made the incredibly difficult decision, for Dobby's happiness, to bring her back to us to find her a nice quiet adult only home.  They have loved her so much and we can appreciate how difficult this choice has been for them so want to do our absolute best to find her the perfect home.  Her owners have filled us in on all her habits and routine to pass onto her next home...but in a nutshell, she sounds like the perfect dog!

Very affectionate, Dobby enjoys cuddles and fussing and loves to play with her toys and do zoomies in the garden.  Apparently the long snake toys are her favourite!  She is house trained and reliable in her routine.  Some people say dogs can't tell the flow of time but she knows when her breakfast and dinner are, and would appreciate being kept on the same routine in the new home.

Although she won't need a sock to gain her freedom, Dobby loves everyone and will happily greet visitors politely, but is also respectful if visitors space if aren't that into dogs!  She is good on the lead and enjoys her walks, she will happily go for an hour or more but generally is taken out for 20-30 minutes each time or she would keep going forever.

Dobby does not enjoy being left, but can be left for short periods for things like shopping, but she will demand cuddles as soon as your back to make up for your absence.  Ideally, she needs a home where someone is around most of the time and is willing to work with her to be more confident being left.

She travels well and happily jumps into the car, but has never figured out how to do stairs.  She doesn't like them at all and is quite happy to sleep downstairs on the sofa at night.

She is good with other dogs out and about but can get a bit annoyed at ones that are too over the top excitable or bouncy...but then, can we blame her?  

All found Dobby is an amazing lady.  She was amazing with us here in the kennels the first time and will no doubt be amazing again this time as she is such a good girl.  All she wants is a nice, quiet and peaceful retirement.  Dobby is returning to kennels in the coming days so we are currently accepting applications of interest, but she will not be ready for adoption until she has had a little time to decompress.  To register your interest please call 01621 788315

Scion Scion
3 Years Old

So we are a little bit in love with Scion.  He just wants to be the centre of attention, all the time, having cuddles.  He just wants to have at least one part of him in physical contact with you, be it only a paw on your lap.  

Good on the lead, he leans against you as you walk along, he really is stupidly adorable.  He just loves everyone he meets.  Outgoing and confident he will literally just walk up to anyone and ask for a fuss!  With a cheeky playful side, he does enjoy a good play around the garden and then back to sleep he goes!  Unless it's feeding time that is, we reckon he enjoys food even more than he enjoys cuddles (if that is possible)!  You will never have any problem feeding this boy, he will eat whatever is placed in front of him!

Not particularly big for a male, he's mostly leg!  He is a very handsome boy as well with his distinguished grey bits coming through.  But don't let that fool you, he's not long turned 3 years old! 

Scion really is an absolute darling and we can see him settling into home life really well.  He may need a little bit of time to gain his confidence being left, being so human motivated, he'll be your little shadow.  Ideally he is going to need a home where there is someone around most of the time at least initially, such as working from home, to get him settled in.   He is just such a good boy, no doubt he'll get a hang of things in no time.  That is if he gets out of your lap long enough to learn things!

Scion would suit just about any home that is looking for a bit of a silly dufus of a dog that just wanted endless cuddles.  He could live with children, although ideally over 10 years and preferably dog savvy as he likes to play and can forget his size.

Anya Anya
2 Years Old

This lovely little lady is so sweet and gentle.  She is such a tiny little noodle of a greyhound we couldn't find a collar to fit her dainty neck!  

What a total sweetheart she is though.  Bless her she hasn't been here very long but she is settling in well.  She is quite shy, and can be skittish if approached too quickly.  Anya is going to need a nice quiet adult only home in order to come out of her shell, although we are sure there is a cheeky little personality in there somewhere!

She loves all the other greyhounds and is taking a lot of confidence from her kennel mate Jerry.  She follows his lead on whether or not she wants to approach or leave her kennel.  So it is clear that in the home, she is going to need to live with another greyhound or dog to show her the ropes.

We couldn't fault her, she has been nothing but an angel since she arrived but she is going to need a special home where she will be given all the time and patience she needs in order to shine!

Fenrir Fenrir
3 Years Old
So Chill

This boy...honestly, we're in love!  

Fenrir hasn't been with us very long but what a total dream!  Apart from being devilishly handsome, he is the definition of chill.  From the minute he arrived he has just gotten on with it, taking it all in his stride and not fazed by anything!

He is good on the lead, a good eater, we haven't heard a word out of him and he's cuddly to boot!  What else could you possibly want in a dog?  He is so relaxed we could see him settling into home life like a total boss!  We don't see him being here very long at all as the first people to meet him will adopt him for sure!

He is a big lump of a dog but you would never know he was in the kennels.  So patient, he quietly waits his turn in all things.  He is possibly the easiest dog in the kennels at the moment and we're obsessed!  Fenrir would be a wonderful addition to just about any home although we would prefer a home without young children.  He would be happiest to be an only dog and doesn't seem to mind being left to his own devices at all, if anything he seems perfectly relaxed just doing his own thing!  All round, he is just about perfect!

Honestly, what are you waiting for?  Dogs like him don't come around very often!  He won't hang around for long!

Vinny Vinny
3 Years Old

This boy is just everything.  He is such a good boy, it is literally impossible not to love him as soon as you meet him!  

Vinny is just bundle of fun.  He comes bounding out his kennel to see people, all excited and tail wagging.  He loves everyone he meets and after the initial new-person excitment he settles down and demands cuddles.  He must be fussed by each person present before he can be happy! 

Gentle as anything on the lead, he thoroughly enjoys his walks around the fields or in peaceful woods and parks, but can be unsure of busy streets.  He may not have two brain cells to rub together most days but he is definitely food motivated, so can be rewarded (bribed) into addressing his uncertainties.  This really helps since he can do the frozen hound trick very well should he not want to go a certain direction! 

Also, being a proper food hound, he will eat anything put down in front of him so you will never have a problem feeding him. Possibly might the odd counter surfing steal if given half a chance though...but can we really blame him?  You would if you were a dog, let's be honest!  Human food is way more exciting than dog food most days.

Already house trained; Vinny loves to play in the garden and gets along well with other breeds, he is also quite happy being left.  All round he is just an amazing dog with such a loving heart.  He is as happy to laze around as he is to do zoomies in the garden, so you're typical greyhound really! 

Vinny likes his routine so is looking for a nice quiet adult only home where he will have the stable structured day to day lifestyle he prefers.

You really couldn't go wrong with this one, he's a cracker of a dog.  Just that perfect balance of lazy, playful and affectionate.  Just look at that face and tell us you don't want to take him home! 

Pascal Pascal
4 Years Old

New arrival Pascal is such a handsome lad.  What on Earth is that ear doing?  We are still getting to know him but so far he seems like a very well natured gentleman who doesn't seem overly fazed by much.  He's taking everything in his stride, is eating well and seems pretty good on the lead!  Hopefully this trend continues as we get to know him better, but only gotten good vibes so far! 

Further details coming soon...

Kobe Kobe
3 Years Old
Happy Go Lucky

Kobe is another new arrival and so far seems to very much be in puppy mode!  His tail is an absolute weapon with how fast and hard it's wagging!  It literally hasn't stopped since he arrived and when he finished play bowing and doing zoomies long enough to get a lead on him, he walked pretty well! 

We may not have known him long but we can see this one being a cheeky little rascal who is going to bring a lot of joy and laughter to his forever home!

Further details coming soon...

Ansel Ansel
3 Years Old

Ansel, in the short time he's been here, has just been a joy.  What a happy happy boy!  The tail hasn't stopped wagging, he's gentle on the lead and is eating like a champ.  He doesn't seem fazed in the slightest and seems very gentle.  Although when the lead comes out for walkies he starts getting the sillys and starts play bowing all excited to go out. 
Already a little bit in love with this boy.  He just seems very gentle hearted but with a great deal of happiness and playfulness to boot!

Further details coming soon...

Mila Mila
2 Years Old

New arrival Mila is a little bit unsure at the moment, we've seen moments of a confident and playful hound but it's hiding away behind an unsettled little lady who is wondering where she is! 
Anarchy is being the perfect kennel mate in showing her the ropes but she definitely takes confidence in the company of other dogs.  Hopefully she comes out of her shell soon, but we're just giving her her space at the moment.  It is quite likely she is going to need to go into a home with another greyhound to help her find her way. 

Further details coming soon...