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Dogs for Rehoming

None take your fancy? None take your fancy?

We don't always have time to put new dogs on the website so if none of the dogs listed take your fancy just give us a call on 01621 788315 to discuss any we have available. 

Although with new dogs arriving constantly throughout the year your forever hound may just not be here yet.  If you give us a ring we can take down your details whereafter you will be placed on our waiting list. 

If you have specific requirements such as wanting a greyhound to be companions with pets already in the home, or children, please let us know and we will make sure to match you with your perfect dog.

REHOME None take your fancy?
3 Years Old

Sweet little Princess Kate.  Quiet and reserved in the kennels she can be very shy in meeting new people and going out into the big wide world.  

She is good on the lead when we walk her with the other greyhounds but she will back away if approached too quickly by people she doesn't know.  She may come across a bit aloof (like the Princess she is) but she is simply very shy and needs to trust you before showing you her full personality.  Really she is just a bit precious!  She has been viewed a couple times by potential adopters but sadly she let herself down by being totally unwilling to go anywhere near them!  Kate is going to need an understanding home that can look past first impressions as it's taken two weeks for her to be comfortable with us approaching her here at the kennels.  We are starting to see more of her character and she is a cheeky little girl who has a playful side waiting for the right moment to come out! 

Kate would really benefit from a patient mature household that will respect her while she learns who you are and that you are the bringer of good things like food and walkies.  To help this process she will need to live with a confident greyhound to show her the ropes.  She takes a lot of confidence from the other greyhounds here at the kennels so this would really benefit her in the home.

Due to her beautiful face and that she is just such a diddy girl we have had quite a few enquiries about her from people who are looking for, or need, a more confident greyhound.  So please don't be taken in by her looks as she will need an experienced owner who will be able to work with her to bring up her self-confidence.

3 Years Old

Beth is a fabulous little 3 year old lady who went out on foster for a week to see how she did in a home as she was so nervous in kennels. Much to our surprise she did so well and is a sassy little superstar! She needs a really special home where she has a calm greyhound(s) for company to give her confidence and she needs an experienced owner that can show her the way.

She is clearly a dog not built for the kennel environment and will thrive in her forever home with a cosy warm bed to call home.  She has some anxieties to work on and overcome particularly going through doors or gates which can be an issue if people are standing too close to the threshold making her feel crowded.  She can also be a little nervous with people making sudden moves towards her on walks.  

Even with all that she is just a sassy little monster who loves to play and do zoomies.  Her best friend in the kennels Sunny really brought out her playful side.  While in foster it was soon identified that she likes to steal the occasional item and collect them in bed...On one occasion she ran off with a bra!  She is quite intelligent and is always keeping an eye on everything going on.  In foster she house trained very easily with no accidents and mastered stairs.

Beth has a lot of love to give in the right home.  She will need some patience but her character will soon come out.  Beths ideal home will be one with no young children, as she doesn’t like sudden loud movements and she needs someone who is patient but firm to continue with her training

3 Years Old
Gentle Natured

This lovely gentle natured boy is just looking for some love and attention.

He is quite shy but willing at first but you'll no doubt see his full character pretty quickly.  There is a playful side in there just waiting to come out in the right home which he has started to show us here at the kennels!  He loves a zoomie!

Rex takes a lot of confidence from his kennel mate Reva who is a lovely little outgoing girl.  Reva and Rex were already close friends when they arrived, having kenneled together during their racing career.  Being a bit on the shy side Rex really benefitted from having Reva there to help settle in and find his feet here with us at the kennels.  He does struggle being left alone and will make quite bit of noise to remind you of that so he will need to live with another dog in the home to keep him company when the humans aren't around.

In the kennel he loves to snuggle up with Reva and is generally very gentle, calm and good natured.  He is very gentle on the lead and enjoys his walks and definitely enjoys his food.  You will never have any problems with him being a fussy eater!  He is just an all round well mannered boy who doesn't tend to jump up but will still demand a fussing if you dare stop.  There is a playful side in there that is waiting for come out in the right home as he does love a zoomie in the garden when the mood takes him!

Rex is a darling boy who may take a little bit of time to find his feet but he will make a wonderful companion in the right home.  We promise once he settles in and you see his full character come out you will wonder how you ever lived without him!

3 Years Old

Reva is such a lovely little lady. A nice balance of playful and good natured like any greyhound she still has the occasional crazy moments and zoomies!  

Confident and outgoing she is generally very good on the lead but can be a bit scatty when shes excited.

Reva can let herself down a bit by coming across very excitable in the kennel environment and can jump up for a cuddle but really all she wants is to be the centre of attention, have a warm bed and a fully belly.  She can be a really cheeky girl sometimes, and a bit of a bossy boots...she is normally pretty quiet in the kennel but is quite happy to remind you when it's feeding time!  

She will make such a wonderful addition to any home as she loves her humans, her walks and loves food even more.  Ever patient with her kennel mate Rex we are sure she would live very well with another dog but would be content to be an only dog in the right home. 

We are sure she will slot into home life like a total pro!

2 Years Old
Gentle Natured

This boy is just such a sweetheart.  He's so quiet and affectionate he's been a wonderful addition here at Clarks Farm.  He is just not a bother at all.  Just look into that beautiful face!  He has such gorgeous eyes!  How could you ever say no to him?

He has a little bit of a shy side to him and can be quite unsure in meeting new people.  Although he won't back away from a fuss he will look to us for reassurance that he is safe.  It is quickly forgotten after a couple of days once he knows you are the bringer of good things (aka when bribary is involved and a good fussing is promised!)  He loves zoomies and a play in the garden but does do the 'frozen hound' on walks if he doesn't want to go or is uncertain.

Billy just wants to live life in the slow lane and would benefit from the company of another dog and tends not to do the ‘frozen hound’ moments with another dog for reassurance. However he equally could be an only dog in the right home and some patience while he finds his way.  Well mannered and a good eater we really couldn't fault him in that regard!  Billy is good with the other greyhounds and so very gentle with a smaller dog when he met it he will make a wonderful addition to the family.

We had so much interest in Billy when we first put him on the website but his shyness let him down!  If you can see past first impressions and see what an amazing hound he is you'll have a wonderful companion once he trusts you.

2 Years Old

Oh Lottie, what are we going to do with you?  She is an absolute cracking dog who is bursting at the seems with character your life would never be boring.   This happy, bouncy girl is still very much in puppy mode even though she turns 3 next month!

Lottie was sadly returned to us at the kennels after being adopted last month.  They were absolutely devastated to bring her back but they had found that once she had settled into their home she wasn't getting along with their little dog.  She was perfect in every other way and great with other dogs outside of the house, she just didn't want to live with the little one!

Already house trained and good on the lead (although sometimes a bit scatty) Lottie needs an adult only household or one with older teenage children that will respect her boundries.  Lottie has shown signs of struggling when alone in the kennel and with her energetic and playful nature she would do best to live with another sighthound or large breed dog to keep her company and zoom around the garden with!  Unfortunately she won't be able to live with medium-small dogs as she can be a bit of a bossy boots (as we have found out)!

When it comes to feeding she is definitely not a fussy hound and will eat anything put in front of her!  So you won't have any problems there!  

Lottie really is a fantastic dog.  She loves to greet people by jumping up and putting her paws on your shoulders for a full body hug and greatly enjoys walkies, adventures and play time with her humans.  She is endlessly affectionate and she even sits like a real dog!  Once shes all tuckered out she will take herself off to bed and have a roach.

We understand shes a very beautiful dog but she needs a specific home environment so please take this into consideration before applying.  We promise whoever takes her home won't be disapointed.  She will make a wonderful companion.