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None take your fancy? None take your fancy?

We don't always have time to put new dogs on the website so if none of the dogs listed take your fancy just give us a call on 01621 788315 to discuss any we have available. 

Although with new dogs arriving constantly throughout the year your forever hound may just not be here yet.  If you give us a ring we can take down your details whereafter you will be placed on our waiting list. 

If you have specific requirements such as wanting a greyhound to be companions with pets already in the home, or children, please let us know and we will make sure to match you with your perfect dog.

Please note we are no longer accepting applications for homes with cats.

REHOME None take your fancy?
Dog Of The Week: Lottie Dog Of The Week: Lottie
3 Years Old

Dog of the week for the third time, Lottie still hasn't found her forever home!!  How is it we haven't found this happy and loving hound a home?  Apart from being awful at first impressions, there is nothing wrong with this girl!

Bursting at the seams with character, if you took this girl home your life would never be boring.  Lottie recently turned 3 years old but comes across as a very over the top and bouncy dog...and nothing like what people expect greyhounds to be!  This is mainly due to her anxiety and stressing in the kennel environment.  This exacerbates the bounciness, which, when she comes out to meet people generally means all her first impressions are abysmal!  She just doesn't know how else to release her anxious energy from being in kennels.  But really she just needs a family who will look past her dramatic first impressions as she is just such a wonderful, loving hound!

We understand it is hard to see past the apparent craziness when you first meet her but she really isn't like that in a home!  She recently had a little break from the kennels when she went out into a home for a long weekend which gave us a much better idea of what she is like.  The results?  She was a perfect angel!  She quickly settled in and made herself at home like she had always been there.  Unlike here in the kennel environment, she calmed right down and enjoyed her walkies, which shows that she just likes to pull and carry on when she is here because she loves to embarrass us and make us out like we are liars!  
Although we always knew she was a clever girl, she really proved how smart she was by figuring out how to open the stairgate and also doors straight away!  So, it is safe to say she will need a very secure home with a family that will not be outsmarted by her!

She is such a sweet girl and we all love her to pieces!  When she gets excited her whole face chatters, it’s the cutest thing!  She looks just like those classic wind-up chattering teeth toys!  She also quite likes paddling her feet in water after a walk which we find so endearing.

It’s hard to get any work done when Lottie is around because she is just so cute, she’ll stand there forever getting a fuss.  When we’ve had her in the office with us, she has just been a gem and laid down next to the desk.   She is so affectionate, and we are all desperate for her to find someone that will love her for all her quirks and silliness. Whoever gives this girl a home is going to have years of fun and lots of “Oh Lottie” when she does adorable or silly things!

Lottie would do best going into a home that already has a greyhound or similar sized sighthound/large breed dog for company and to play with.  Although she can be a bit of a bossy boots at times, she does best with dogs that are quite chilled out and will give her space when she wants it. 

Before applying, please consider that although she is beautiful, Lottie will need a family willing to put the work in and set clear boundaries as she is settling in. She will absolutely take advantage if you let her as she is very smart!

But even with that in mind, once she is settled in she is going to make the most amazing companion. You will not be disappointed!  If you come down and meet her and can handle her in this environment when shes being all bouncy and crazy, you will absolutely be able to handle her at home when shes all calm and serene!

REHOME Dog Of The Week: Lottie
Donnie & Queenie Donnie & Queenie
7 and 6 Years Old
Aren't these two just such a beautiful pair?
Donnie and Queenie have found themselves back in our care through no fault of their own. A change in circumstances meant their owner had to make the incredibly difficult decision to return them to us so that we could find them their new forever home.
They are an amazing pair of dogs. Donnie (right) is a big handsome lad at 7 years old. He is the typical lazy greyhound who doesn't seem to be fazed by anything and will lay down at any given opportunity. Although in saying that he does have a cheeky playful side to him and enjoys a zoomie in the garden before going back to bed. When he's enjoying himself and doesn't want to come in he'll wait until you are just about to get to him and then play bow and zoom away! He may not show it on first impressions, but he is definitely quite cheeky!
Queenie (left) is a beautiful 6 year old girl who is the more cuddly of the pair. She likes to ask everyone she meets for cuddles and will quite happily be fussed all day if you are willing to oblige her. She loves to have a play and a zoomie in the garden.
They are both very good on the lead and enjoy their walks. They are both house trained, okay with other dog breeds and children. Having been in the home environment for so long they are very settled and have a firm understanding of normal day to day life!  They are not stressed being back here in kennels as they have come to stay for several holidays when their humans were away, so are quite content. However, we would love to see them back out into a loving forever home as soon as possible so they can go back to lounging around being the centre of attention!
Donnie and Queenie need to go to a home that’s had greyhounds before or who has really thought about having a pair.
We have had a lot of interest in them, and they have been reserved on and off, and although each person to have met them has totally fallen in love with them they have not considered the space and time that is required in having two. After several applicants changing their minds to only having one dog, we are really starting to feel sorry for Donnie and Queenie!
They are literally the easiest dogs on the lead although when they see a squirrel running, like any dog, they do get excited!  
We are really hopeful that someone out there would love to give this beautiful pair a loving forever home!
REHOME Donnie & Queenie
Millie & Fea Millie & Fea
9 & 10 Years Old

These two beautiful golden oldies were sadly returned to us through no fault of their own as their owner got taken into care. 

Fea (black) is the older of the two but age is but a number!  This girl is still full of life, enjoys her walks and a small zoom and play in the garden before going back to bed.  She has such a wonderful nature about her, if a bit cheeky!  Fea has had a full dental done since arriving back in our care, with extractions, so theres not a lot of teeth left in there!  She does struggle to pick up food so will need a little extra care in that department so to make sure Millie doesn't run in and eat it out from under her (which the little cheeky mare will happily do should you turn your back!).  While in for her dental she had a blood test and was given a clean bill of health with nothing concerning being found.  

Although she loves her walks, she doesn't need great long ones as although in good health, she's still getting on in years and can get tired easily.

Millie (white and black) is a darling soul.  Hard of hearing and a little bit of cloudiness in her eyes (although she can see totally fine when foods involved!) she is your typical greyhound, happy for the company, a little play and then back to bed!  She enjoys her walks but can't go very far as like Fea she gets a bit tired.

Millie is due to have a full dental carried out as well but it was postponed as she has been a little under the weather since coming into us and we are awaiting blood test results for her, just to rule everything out.  

We are currently accepting applications of interest for Millie and Fea, who must be homed together as they are very bonded, but they will not be available to take home until they have finished all their veterinary treatment.

If you are interested in adopting these beautiful ladies, please ring us on 01621 788315 to register your interest and to get further details.

REHOME Millie & Fea
Leah Leah
2 Years Old
Gentle Natured

Leah is such a lovely gentle natured girl.  

A little on the shy side and being a small girl she can be unsure of strangers, particularly if they approach too quickly or are quite tall.  Although a very loving and playful girl once she gets to know you, it can take her some time to warm up to new people so she may not show her true personality straight off the bat.  We promise that once you get to know her she is a wonderful, loving and affectionate hound and will make a wonderful addition to the home, but will need a little extra support when out in the great wide world as it will likely be quite overwhelming for her! 

However, being a real foodie, she should be able to have her confidence reinforced with treats as she will eat anything put in front of her!

Now she's been with us a for a couple of weeks, she gets very excited when she see's us!  Particularly when she sees a lead as she loves going on walks with her greyhound friends.  She is excellent on the lead and really is no bother at all.

As she can be shy she would really benefit from living with a more confident and outgoing greyhound or similar sized sighthound/large breed to show her the ropes of life and have a play with.  Being young she does love having a zoom and a play with her kennel mate in the garden.  Although having a dog already in the home to support her isn't a mandatory requirement for adoption, but only if potential adopters are willing to put the time in to support her as she learns it's not scary out in the big wide world!

Even with this in mind, we don't see this girl being here very long at all as she is a real darling dainty hound who just wants to be loved!

Richie Richie
2 Years Old
Laid Back

This big handsome lad is brilliant.  He has a wonderful gentle nature about him and is very laid back and affectionate here, in and out of the kennel.  He loves his walks and his food, enjoys a zoomie in the garden and really can't be faulted!

Richie can be a little bit strong on the lead when meeting other dogs as he is excited to say hellp but he does walk perfectly on a harness otherwise, happily trotting along beside us!

He absolutely loves his food and so should want to work for treats in regard to training and settling into life in a home.  

We can just see him making such an amazing home hound, enjoying all the creature comforts!  He just deserves it!  Once he figures out what a sofa is, that'll be him set for life!

Libby Libby
4 Years Old

Liberty, Libby for short, is such a princess.  But in all the best ways!

She has been reserved on and off where people have changed their minds or having a change of circumstances, despite absolutely falling in love with her!

She can be a little bit of a diva at times but really is an amazing hound.  Always happy and wagging, outgoing and confident in herself, she loves going for walks and, of course, napping!  Always looking very regal with her crossed paws on her bed or sitting like a real dog (although never on command!) she is ready for her forever sofa where she will be the centre of attention.

When she has been viewed by potential adopters she has just been perfect, very forthcoming and affectionate, gentle on the lead and then after a cuddle in the meet and greet she lays down to sleep at their feet!  Couldn't really ask for better!  

She can be a bit take it and leave it with food sometimes, but eats well when the mood takes her, so nothing to worry about!

Libby is so ready to be a home dog, living a life of luxury!  Will you be the one to treat her like the princess she knows she is?

Rory Rory
3 Years Old

How adorable is Rory?  This sweet little boy is so very shy at first, but, given some time and patience he is an adorable and so gentle with a little hidden playful side in there!  He as been with us for a few weeks now and is so excited to see us in the mornings and to go out with his greyhound friends for a potter around.  But even though much happier being around us he can still feel cornered and unsure if approached too quickly.  Although he hasn't had any viewings yet, it is quite likely he won't be very good at first impressions due to his shyness but he really does want to be included, even if he doesn't show it!

As he is a bit nervous, Rory would be best suited to a mature quiet home (no children) with a more confident greyhound or similar sized sighthound/large breed dog to show him the ropes and that life out in the great wide world isn't scary!  He has very much been guided by his kennel mates during his stay here and we have seen a big improvement in his behaviour when kenneled with a confident and approachable hound.

He really wants to come out of himself and trust people, but he just feels a bit crowded and overwhelmed to begin with.  If you feel like you have the right home for him and can give him all the time, patience and love that he needs, please give us a call!

Squid Squid
3 Years Old
Total Gentleman

There is only one way to describe this dog and that is he is just a big dope.  So soppy, all he wants is attention, treats and walkies with his humans.  

He is very easy pleased and is just happy to be included, knowing that you are around should he need more cuddles!  He would literally be content to be cuddled all day long.

Squid is impossible not to love with his big bright eyes staring up at you, he knows exactly how to get what he wants!  One look and you will do whatever he asks.

Good on the lead, he can have the occasional strong moment if something catches his interest, but generally just an all round good boy.  

He loves his food more than anything and will quite happily be bribed.  Even being a massive foodie he is very gentle when he takes his treats, he is just a good boy!

We are all besotted with his lad and doubt he will be here very long at all!  The first family to meet him will definitely be taking him home for sure!

Wizard Wizard
2 Years Old
Total Sweetheart

Wizard may not have gone to Hogwarts, or have any real magic spells up his sleeves...but he will definitely cast a spell on you with those gorgeous 'adopt me' eyes!

This handsome boy is just perfect.  He is so easy going and nothing ever seems to faze him.  Happy to simply be in your company, go for walks, or curl up for a nap.  There is not a bad word that could be said about this one!  Although he can definitely demonstate a superb magic act when it's feeding time, it's there one second and gone the next!  Blink and you'd miss it!

He absolutely loves to be fussed and will absolutely steal your heart.  He will be gone before you know it as he will make a wonderful companion in his to be forever home!

Shelly Shelly
2 Years Old
Sweet Natured

This young lady is such a darling.  Happy, tail wagging and affectionate she is the kind of dog you can imagine always finding the silver lining in any situation with her outgoing nature.

She hasn't been a bother at all since arriving in our care, she is an absolute gem!  While she is perfect in just about every way, she has shown some signs of struggling when alone in the kennel so would ideally benefit from living with another hound.

She enjoys her walks and her food and definitely has a cheeky side to her!  All round, she is an amazing dog and is so excited to find her forever home one day!

Violet Violet
3 Years Old
Happy go lucky

Violet is just such a happy, loving lady who just wants to be the centre of attention and get all the fusses!

She does the most adorable happy tappy feet when you go to get her out her kennel as she is so excited to see you and to go for walkies with her friends.  There isn't a bad word that could be said about her as she has just been a joy to care for since the minute she arrived.

She is a total foodie and will quite happily eat anything offered to her but is oh so gentle in taking treats from the hand.  Good on the lead she likes to occasionally stop from investigating all the smells to ask for a cuddle.

Violet will definitely fit into any family home and will make the most loving companion.  A little bit of a playful side she likes a potter around the garden too but really is just happy to relax knowing your nearby.

Valentina Valentina
3 Years Old

Valentina, Violet's sister, is literally so adorable.

It must run in the family as she also does the adorable happy tappy feet when she is excited to see you and is ever so sweet.  

She can be a little bit shy at times if approached too quickly but once she gets to know you is an amazing hound!  Very loving and playful, she really is sweet.  She sometimes has to be bribed with belly rubs to come out of her kennel if she doesn't feel like getting out of bed!

Valentina would benefit from living with another greyhound or similar sized sighthound/large breed dog to help with her confidence when out and about but could be an only dog in the home if given a little bit of time and patience to take everything in in her own time.  

She is very affectionate once she gets to know you and will make such a fantastic addition to the home once settled in!  Ideally a home without young children due to her being a bit shy but could live with older children if dog savvy and respectful of her space.

All round she is an amazing hound once she gets to know you but doesn't do first impressions very well!

REHOME Valentina
Oaky Oaky
3 Years Old
Gentle Natured

Could this girl get any smaller?  At only 21kg we are starting to wonder if we have had a whippet sneak into the kennels! 

Oaky may be tiny but she is mighty with a happy affectionate and outgoing personality.  She loves her walks and is very gentle on the lead and really enjoys the company of all her greyhound friends.  She will make such a wonderful companion with her gentle nature, there is no doubt about it!

She isn't a massive foodie, but that's okay!  She can be bribed with ear rubs and fusses!

We aren't expecting Oaky to be with us very long, she will fit into any home (both in size and personality!) and will be a fantastic addition to any family.

Echo Echo
3 Years Old

This boy is just perfect.  With the most gentle and sweet nature, you cannot help but fall in love with him as soon as you meet him.  Just one look with those 'adopt me' eyes and you'll be taking him home.

Very gentle and responsive on the lead, he loves his walks and all his greyhound friends.  Nothing seems to faze him.  He takes everything in his stride and is just happy to be in your company.

Confident and outgoing, he'll happily walk up to you and ask for a fusses!  He does really love an ear rub.  Although he loves food even more, not sure he even tastes it when you put his bowl down but even being such a foodie, he is so gentle when taking treats from the hand.

Echo is one of those dogs that will walk into home life like a total boss and would fit into any household.  He will be snapped up in a heartbeat by the first people to meet him for sure!  

Ella Ella
3 Years Old

Details Coming Soon...

Lewis Lewis
2 Years Old

Details Coming Soon...

Minnie Minnie
2 Years Old

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Foxie Foxie
4 Years Old

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Rocket Rocket
4 Years Old

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