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4 Years Old

Amerah can only be described as a bit of a diva.  Or maybe a bit cat like?  Amerah is a very warm and affectionate hound who does everything in her own time and terms.  She will have happily have a cuddle, have a play and a zoomie in the garden and then go to bed.  She would do very well in a quiet mature household where she can come and go for fusses as she pleases and be content knowing if she wants some quiet time she can take herself off to bed.

She ideally needs an active and experienced owner as although she is an angel most of the time, for such a dainty little hound, she can be really quite strong on the lead.  She will need someone to take her out nice long walks to shed off that extra energy she has while continuing her training to walk calmly on the lead.

She is such an amazing dainty girl who is bursting with character and will bring a lot of joy to the right home.

*For more details about Amerah please ring 01621 788315*

3 Years Old

If you are looking for your Prince Charming to bring you your happily ever after look no further for Prince has arrived!

This handsome boy is so very affectionate and gentle on the lead.

You won't need a fairy god mother or a glass slipper with this one, it is impossible not to love him!

He would be a wonderful addition to a mature household as an only dog.  Although he loves the company of the other dogs he is quite independant and would prefer not to share his forever humans or their affection with another hound!  Should you want to meet him your carriage awaits to take you upon your quest to find your one true love!

For more information about Prince please ring 01621 788315

4 Years Old

Georgia is a lovely girl who just takes everything in her stride.

Confident, outgoing and affectionate.  She loves her food and the company of the other greyhounds.

She absolutely loves going out on walks and although she is generally very good on the lead she can be quite strong should the mood take her.  This is mainly down to excitement and settles once shes out.  She would love an active family who will take her out on lots of adventures as she loves being out and about.

She loves a zoomie around the garden and has a cheeky little playful side in there once you get to know her.  She would be a wonderful addition to any home and will bring so much happiness and laughs to her forever family.

2 Years Old

This girl is just a dream.  What a character!  Velvet is just a joy to care for.  Although she can be initially a bit shy of meeting new people once she knows you she is a totally different dog.

She loves her walks and is very good on the lead, loves her food and is very playful and fast.  Watching her do zoomies in the garden will make you dizzy!

Generally she is very calm and happy with the odd cheeky moment.  We really couldn't fault her.  

She absolutely adores the other greyhounds and loves her friend Turkey.  She can often be seen using him as a pillow!  

She will be a wonderful addition to a quiet family household where she can come out of her shell at her own pace.  She loves to play with Turkey so much it would be wonderful to see her homed with another dog to show her the ropes.  She really is a wonderful girl.

3 Years Old

What a character this girl is!

One minute shes bursting with energy and the next shes dead to the world in bed with her head under a blanket!  She is just so full of joy.

A really gorgeous hound Bianca is great on the lead, absolutely loves her walks and gets along well with all her greyhound friends.  She can often be seen curled up with her friend Ash and is always excited to go out with the others.

She is a very outgoing and confident girl who loves zoomnies.  Treats, cuddles and ear rubs are the way to her heart.  

Bianca would make a wonderful addition to any home with her friendly playful nature.  She takes everything in her stride and can be a bit cheeky at times.  She really is a wonderful girl.

4 Years Old
Easy Going

Diva by name but not by nature (okay maybe a little bit!).  This lovely girl is a calm easy going and affectionate.

She gets along with all the other greyhounds, is good on the lead and well mannered.

Diva is no Beyonce or J Lo so she doesn’t need all the most expensive or fanciest of things (although she wouldn‘t say no to them!). All she wants in life is a warm bed, company, cuddles and food!

She will be a wonderful addition to any home but wouldn’t mind a greyhound friend!  Will you be the one to give her a forever home? 

4 Years Old

This is one handsome hound!  Calm, easy going and gentle in life and on the lead. Nothing really seems to faze him as he takes everything in his stride.

He loves his walks and his food.  Doesnt even complain when Diva hogs most of the bed!  

Alex would do well in any home especially if he gets taken out for plenty of adventures...but he is also quite happy to laze about and sleep most of the day too.  Typical greyhound really!

Couldn’t fault this beautiful boy.  Full of good vibes, it‘ll be love at first sight for whoever comes to see him! 

8 Years Old

Rainey is such a gentle soul.  Quiet, calm and a little bit shy...this handsome man is looking for a warm and comfy sofa to spend the rest of his retirement on.  He is very laid back once he is settled in.  He can just be a bit shy to start.

Good on the lead and friendly to all the other greyhounds he is fast becoming a favourite with staff.  Just look at those adorable little grey eyebrows.  He has so much character and soul in those eyes and that beautiful face! 

Rainey would suit a peaceful mature household to enjoy a couple of gentle walks and laze the days away.  He is a bit shy of new people but warms up quickly and enjoys a fuss but is also just happy to lay in bed safe in the knowledge that you are nearby. 

Could you be the one to give this handsome man his forever home? 

For more details about Rainey please call 01621 788315

3 Years Old
Laid Back

Details Coming Soon...

3 Years Old

Details Coming Soon...

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