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Experience Required Experience Required

We pride ourselves on being a responsible rehoming centre. We put the dogs first by ensuring each one finds their perfect forever home in matching them based on their needs and personality.

Each dog’s behaviour is assessed in order to establish their suitability in socialising with other breeds out and about, but also in regard to in living with other breeds, children and even other species!  To do this we assess each dog with a very small dog breed (AKA the savage Chihuahua), and in very rare instances with a cat if we feel they have the right temperament.  This gives us a good idea of what level of experience the home has to be for that dog.

We provide honest and open descriptions of each dog and ensure all details are given to potential adopters.

The colour chart is a rough guide.  Bear in mind that many of the Yellow, Orange and Red dogs would happily live with children, and the Purple ones have the potential to live with younger that 16+, so make sure to read the blurbs fully.  However, it is important to trust in the staff to successfully match you with your perfect dog, as you may find yourself matched with a different colour level than you expected.

As one of the few rehoming centres that home with children, we take our time to ensure the most suitable match.  While greyhounds make excellent family pets and do very well living with children due to their incredibly passive, laid back and affectionate nature, we will generally list dogs as Blue, and more frequently Purple.
Do not be disheartened by this if you do have younger children, we want to ensure that every greyhound that we rehome...stays in that home!  So we take extra care in choosing which dogs are most suitable to go home with young children so it is all smooth sailing!

But, regardless of the home situation, whether it is adult only, with children or with other dogs, matching with your perfect dog takes time!  Although with new dogs arriving constantly throughout the year your perfect dog may just be around the corner!

Please note that none of the dogs listed on the website are cat-trainable.  Due to the length of the waiting list, we are not accepting any further applications for homes with cats.

For more information, to register interest in adopting, request a copy of the First Steps Guide or to discuss any of the dogs available, please call 01621 788315.

REHOME Experience Required
Maestro Maestro
5 Years Old
Special Bean

Maestro is such a special dog.  We've come to know him very well since his arrival in February last year...yes, that's right, Maestro has been here for well over a year!  The big lump has such an endearing face with those fabulous grey eyebrows and one sticky uppy ear.  It's so hard not to love him!  He is a firm favourite with the staff and volunteers, he gets spoilt absolutely rotten as he has become such a part of the family.

So ridiculously calm in the kennel he barely bats an eyelid at anything.  He is very quiet, clean and patient as he knows and enjoys his routine.  He even house trained himself (in the kennel sense anyway, always waiting to be let out to toliet!)  If he isn't curled up like a prawn in his bed, surrounded by his collection of toys, he's standing at his kennel door watching the world go by as he waits for his walkies or zoomies time in the garden.  He absolutely love a zoomie, he is so playful!  He plays fetch and loves to jump up for cuddles and get all silly with his humans!  It's definitely his favourite time, going out in the garden, burning off some energy and then, once all zoomie'd out, he will plonk down for a good ol' sun bathe or go back to bed for a nap.

He knows the walking route here at the kennels very well and generally walks well on the lead although he can be a bit pulley should something that desperately needs smelling be of interest.  He loves to walk with his nose to the ground, and does tend to zig zag as he goes.  Clearly he thinks he is a bloodhound rather than a sighthound!  But so long as you walk with a good stride it's pretty easy to keep up and maintain a loose lead.

Maestro loves and trusts his routine, he knows what is expected of him and is always happy to quietly wait his turn in feeding, walking and playtime.  He is literally an angel in the kennels and we all love him dearly, he is so content to just do his own thing in absence of his humans. 

Sadly though, Maestro does struggle when anything unexpected happens.  This is a particular worry out on walks.  He can easily get very overwhelmed and panic if other dogs approach him and if he cannot escape, he will jump up, wrap his paws around you and cling on for dear life just so he can feel safe.  Bless him, he is just really anxious.  We have been working with him to overcome this and we have found that he is making slow but steady progress.  He has been able to walk with a small breed for a time but can reach his stress limit quite quickly, so he will need a very slow introduction to life so he doesn't get too stressed.

We can literally picture him being such an amazing addition to a home, just lazing around watching the days go by and playing in the garden.  He would be so happy to just lay on a sofa and never move from it.  But because he is a 'spook' out on walks he is going to need an experienced adult only home that is also physically strong as he is a big strong lad.

He would definitely suit a more rural/small village lifestyle where there is less pressure on walks, as he does excellently here as there are no distruptions on his walks.  Although if someone had a really large secure garden that he could run around to his hearts content or laze about in the sun without any of the stress of going for walks, we're quite sure he would be happy with that too!

REHOME Maestro
Mach Mach
5 Years Old
In Foster

This silly lump of a dog is just such an idiot...and we mean that in the most endearing way, we promise!  He is just a bundle of fun, zoomies and cuddles and after all the excitement napping is very high on his favourite things to do!

Mach is a handsome, confident and gentle lad.  He doesn't jump up and is always very respectful of your space...though if you are giving him fusses he does end up at a 45 degree angle leaning into you for more!  He is just such a total soppy, affectionate, cuddly sweetheart and can always be found snuggling up to whoever he is kennel sharing with!  His greatest love was his elderly kennel mate Bee who went on to find her final forever home, but he has had several great loves since!  Sadly he watched them all go on to find homes while he waits ever patiently behind.  Endlessly overlooked, Mach just lazes about dreaming of the day he gets to be adopted.

He eats like a champion and love his walks.  Reliably clean in the kennel, he has always been quiet and patient.  You would never hear a word out of him!  Mach brought so much laughter to the kennels and it was hardly suprising when he won over one of our volunteers and got taken home on foster.  He absolutely loves leaning into people and getting all the fusses.  As a confident and outgoing hound he is more than happy to demand fusses from anyone he meets.  He does not hesitate at all to walk up to complete strangers and ask for neck scratches or ear rubs.

Mach can live with dog-savvy children, as he loves everyone he meets...and he does love to play but at the same time he can be very lazy!  He would love to live with a lady greyhound but he would be happy living as an only dog, as he hasn't shown any indication of being anxious when left.  One of the main comments from his foster is that he is quite happy to do his own thing, isn't clingy and has no seperation issues but at the same time is endlessly affectionate.

Being in foster has really set Mach up to succeed in his forever home.  He house trained immediately, he doesn't counter surf or get up in your space when you're eating.  He can get up and down stairs and sleeps through the night without issue!  He was clearly very ready to be a house dog!  It's lovely that after nearly a year waiting for his forever home that he is enjoying a break from the kennels!

However, as perfect as he is, he does need an experienced and physically strong home as he is reactive to other breeds.  Walking in an urban environment with other dogs, cats and squirrels is challenging and it will take him some time to overcome this hurdle.  His foster is working with him to desensitise him to day-to-day walking experiences but it is going to be a process that will need to be continued in his forever home.  Whoever is lucky enough to take this gorgeous boy home will need to be prepared to carry on his training and encourage positive socialisation with other dogs.

Like Maestro, Mach has been waiting for his forever home for over a year now...but unlike Maestro, Mach has been lucky enough to find a foster that feels confident in helping him work past his issues toward other breeds....but while going on walks is a bit interesting, in the home, he is a dream.  The photos his foster has sent us confirms what we always believed; that he would take to home life like he had always known it.  He is everything you could want in a dog, very happy go lucky, interactive, playful and affectionate.  He just needs some help on walks!

Remus Remus
4 Years Old
Easy Going
In Foster

Remus is an old soul.  So long as there is a sofa and cuddles involved in his normal day, he is quite happy to just get on with it.  But sadly this gorgeous boy can't catch a break having had two attempts at a forever home which both ended all too soon.  So now he is in foster with two other greyhounds and young children in the hopes that a permenant home will come up eventually!  We have all our fingers crossed that the third time just might be the charm! 

Remus is a total dream and is quite happy to use the ‘I’m sad’ look with those beautiful brown eyes to get what he wants and very much enjoys chin scratches and ear rubs!  He is very affectionate, but also doesn’t seem to be bothered to just chill out on the sofa just knowing you are there.  He is such a have to brace against something to avoid getting knocked over from him leaning into you so hard.  He just about makes it to a 45 degree angle in his pursuit of cuddles.

Having always been clean in his kennel, despite being very kennel stressed, he house trained immediately upon going into the home.  He is definitely a food hound, with eating one of his favourite things to do, second only to cuddling his humans!  You will never have a hard time feeding this one!  That food motivation will lend really well to training as he will definitely focus on and work for treats!

Excellent on the lead, he trots along quite merrily on his walks as if he hasn’t got a care in the world.  He gets along well with all the other greyhounds and has had several kennel mates who who he is always leaning on or otherwise cuddling up to...which they have all tolerated with amazing patience!  One of his foster siblings, Beth, is particularly fussy on who she does and doesn't like and even she has taken to him really well.  But it's often him and Rory that are found cuddling up together!

Remus did relatively well in his small dog test while here at the kennels, he was a bit worried but did accept the little dog after sniffing her all over...However, out in the big wide world with everything else going on, he is very insecure and worried by other breeds.  He isn't keen on the other dogs, particularly smaller, fluffier dogs and dogs off lead!  He can be reactive; being quite bouncy and vocal toward them, so walking at quieter times really benefits him and stops him stressing.  However, with some positive and calm socialisation with other dogs in a controlled manner he will get the hang of it eventually!

We have no doubt that once he finds his forever home that is happy to work with him to overcome his insecurities, he'll turn into the perfect dog.  He'll become one with the sofa and barely move from it (which he doesn't now, except when he casually falls off)!  He is very relaxed and lazy, even though he does love his walks, he is quite happy to just sit around and do nothing.  Although he does like to be with you all the time, so if you move into another room, he's coming with!

Remus is excellent with children.  He loves being fussed over so much, he doesn't care who the fusses come from!  His favourite human is the 9 year old daughter in his foster home, who he is always excited to see.  So he would be quite happy to have a forever home with children as he does enjoy their company.  He would greatly benefit from living with another sighthound, but could do well being an only dog where there is someone around most of the time, as he does struggle being on his own.

Everyone that has met him has absolutely loved him.  There is no question that you'll fall head over heels in love with him!  He really is perfect and on every occasion, Remus settled into home life like he’s always been there and we have no doubt that he'll get it right the third time round!  Nothing really seems to faze him and seems quite happy to just go with the flow of life!

Bryn Bryn
3 Years Old

Bryn is such a happy soul.

Good as gold in the kennel and on walks, Bryn is quiet, clean, patient and has been brilliant with both female and male kennel mates. 

A lady who thoroughly enjoys her food, there is no fussy eating to be found with this one.  She is good on the lead and loves cuddles.  With a cheeky playful side, she has a lovely balance of peacefulness and naughtiness...which any good greyhound should have!

She would quite happily live with children; she isn’t hand shy or worried by loud noises or fast movements.  Really think she may just be a little bit oblivious to life some days!  She is quite happy to just get on with it.

Really, we couldn’t fault her.  She is wonderfully behaved in just about every way, except her excitability over other breeds.

Bryn is going to need a home with some greyhound or large breed experience to be able to teach her how to ‘dog’.  There won’t be any problem in the home, we can see her settling into home life like an absolute boss as she didn’t bat an eyelid in the change of kennels and staff when she arrived in our care.  She just hasn’t quite cracked how to politely talk to other breeds as of yet.

But this will come with time and with some positive reinforcement for good behaviour on walks, she will soon learn that other dogs aren’t something to be worried by and will soon forget she was ever bothered in the first place.

Her behaviour does seem like a mix of excitement and insecurity, as if completely and totally baffled that there is any other dog breed on the planet besides greyhounds...which is all she has ever known!

Bryn is a smart lady.  She will thrive in the right home; we just know it!  She just needs someone to give her a chance!

Adam Adam
3 Years Old

Adam is possibly one of the sweetest little lads we’ve ever come across, with his wonky blue eyebrows!

No bigger than his kennel mate Rosa, he’s a lovely, polite, and well-mannered boy who has not put a paw wrong since he arrived.

Originally taken home by his racing owner, it soon became clear that one of the existing lady greyhounds in the home didn’t like him and so...last one in, first one out.  His owner had to make the difficult decision to bring him in for rehoming.  Absolutely devastated having never had to part with one of his dogs before.

But we assured him that we would do our upmost to find him his perfect home!

Already house trained, good on the lead (if a bit scatty sometimes), Adam is familiar with other breeds and did well in the small dog test.  Very patient and quiet in the kennel, he suffers the indignity of being the hen-pecked husband to Rosa without complaint.  Rosa may be a bit of a diva in who she likes to kennel with, but she actually really loves Adam.  She got all silly and flirty when they first met!

Adam already knows how to snuggle up on the sofa for cuddles and the general meaning of life in a home, having been in one for three months, so will do really well for a first-time dog owner.  He would likely do well in a home with older children as well, as he is very passive and loves cuddles!

Feeding time is definitely his favourite time of the day, he does love his food!  This will lend well to any training you may like to do with him, as he’s a smart boy!

Given everything he’s been through and all the changes in environment, he’s handled it all like a total boss.  He wasn’t fazed at all in coming into our care and took it all in his stride.  So long as he has a sofa, he’s quite happy to just go with the flow!

He was in a home with two other greyhounds, so he hasn’t been an only dog.  But given he’s made no complaint at being alone in the kennel, he will likely do well as an only dog, once settled in, but will need someone around most of the time in the beginning to build his confidence in being left or alternatively he would love to live with another greyhound.

There really is no doubt in our minds that Adam will be snapped up in a heartbeat!

Ziggy Ziggy
2 Years Old
Happy Go Lucky

What is there to say about Ziggy?

Well, first off, he’s an idiot.  A total muppet.  Wouldn’t have two brain cells to rub together if he tried…but god is he cute.  What on earth is that ear doing?

Ziggy is quite short for a male, but we won’t give him a hard time for having little dog syndrome…as he’s not little, he’s just lacking in the leg department.

Born with a stumpy zigzag tail, Ziggy is definitely unique; both in looks and personality!  He really is impossibly handsome, you would be hard pressed not to fall head over heels in love with this boy.

But, he is two years old and still a puppy in some aspects.  He does need training on the lead, as he is strong in wanting to investigate all the things.  Clearly, he didn’t get the memo about being a sighthound and not a bloodhound given the way he has to stick his nose into very bush and rabbit hole.  But we have seen a notable improvement in walking him on a harness.

Ziggy did excellently in his small dog test, we could barely get him to acknowledge the chihuahua and they walked lovely together.  In visiting the vet, he met a wide variety of dogs and saw several more…as it was a very busy day apparently…and not a single care was given!  He even got barked at by an angry Frenchie, he gave it a passing glance!

All-round we couldn’t fault him, apart from being an idiot on the lead.  He is a very good boy, very affectionate and cuddly.  He enjoys his walks and the company of the other greyhounds out and about but is flying solo in his kennel.

More important than anything else on this Earth though, is food.  Ziggy LOVES food and is more than happy to be bribed into doing anything you ask him.  This will lend very well to any training in the home and for reinforcing good behavior on the lead.

Ultimately, Ziggy is still young and like all young dogs he is a sponge waiting to learn what it is he is supposed to do.  So he will become whatever you mold him into, and with a little bit of direction he will quickly get the hang of walking on the lead and go on to make the most amazing companion in the home!

You can’t help but love him, the big tart.  It’s inevitable that the first people to meet him will take him home!

Shaggy Shaggy
4 Years Old
Total Muppet

Are there words to describe this boy?  Probably not.  But let’s give it a go anyway!

Shaggy is not only ridiculously handsome, but he is also quiet, clean, patient and well mannered.  He is always excited to see us in the morning but once he’s been out to the loo and had his breakfast, he is more than ready to go back into his kennel for a good long nap.  He can quite often be found roaching, completely dead to the world around him!

But when he is awake, he is a joy to be around.  He has a wonderful playful side to him and gets the sillies when you go into his kennel with him, but this is quickly abandoned in pursuit of cuddles and to flop across your lap for belly rubs.

Shaggy is good on the lead and enjoys the company of the other greyhounds out and about but is more than happy kennelling on his own.  He’s just chilling, doing his thing!  He hasn’t got a care in the world.

Well behaved in his small dog test, he took very little notice of the other dogs when we went to the vet.

Shaggy absolutely loves his food.  You will literally never have a problem feeding this dog, as eating is definitely high on his daily agenda!  As is the food coma he has after every meal.  This food motivation will really help with any training you want to do in the home, as he will no doubt work for food!  He may come across as a total muppet, but secretly we think he’s quite smart!

Nothing really seems to faze him.  He walked in here like he owned the place and hasn’t really been bothered by anything since.  He will do really well living with children as he enjoys fusses, no matter the source, and is very people motivated.

Overall, he’s quite lazy but outgoing.  We all love him to bits, he has just been a joy to have in the kennels as he’s just got that perfect balance of cuddly couch potato greyhound but also silly, playful, and outgoing greyhound. 

It is impossible not to fall in love with him from the minute you meet him.  He is just a gem, and he is going to make such an amazing companion in the home!

August August
4 Years Old

Just when you didn’t think you could get a more cuddly, idiotic dog than Zuko...the universe just has to prove you wrong.

August, an absolutely beautiful dog, so shiny and handsome...has the wind blowing between his ears without anything to slow it down.

This boy is just a bundle of fun, he is a joy to be around.  He has such an enthusiastic, contagiously happy and affectionate personality, you cannot help but love him.  Even if he is a bit of a dope.

With absolutely no sense of personal space or boundaries, August will jump up for cuddles and insist you are his best friend whether you have known him for three seconds or three years.  He loves everyone without question and really, we’re starting to wonder if he is in fact a Labrador in disguise.

He loves his food, loves his walks and all the other greyhounds.  And is lovely and patiently put up with by his kennel mate Clover, who (if dogs could roll their eyes) would be doing it several times a day at his ridiculous antics.

Not overly tall for a male, he is still a bit of a chunk (and a hunk!) and really needs someone that feels confident in teaching him some manners as he does need a bit of help learning to walk nicely on the lead.  He is so excited to be out and about, he just doesn’t know where to start!  But he did excellently in his small dog test with barely a eyelid batted when presented with a chihuahua, once he sniffed her he lost interest entirely.

With such a happy, gentle (but idiotic), quiet and patient nature, he would do very well living with older children.  But given that he has a habit of jumping up and putting paws on shoulders, he may accidentally knock over little humans.  We aren’t ruling out the possibility of his living with dog-savvy younger children, but they will have to be prepared for the endless loves and cuddles that August will insist upon.

He has kennelled on his own and with Clover without issue.  Clover can sometimes be a bit fussy on who she will share with, so he has got her seal of approval!  He will do well as an only dog or with a lady hound for company. 

We haven’t heard a peep out of him since he arrived, so if you can see past his overwhelming happiness and the sheer volume of love he has to give, this go with the flow lad will do excellently in the home!

Zaria Zaria
17 Months

Zaria is just a delight to be around. 

While most young unraced greyhounds are obnoxious land-sharks that cannot be tamed, but Zaria is a breath of fresh air. 

Excellently behaved on the lead, she’s quiet, patient and well behaved in the kennel who she shares with Dan.  But like all young greyhounds, she has got a lovely playful side to her but not to the point of being annoying!

Just very happy to go with the flow, she can be a little shy on first meeting but is very open to making new friends.  She is a happy, easy going and gentle natured girl who would do well in any home.

Very well behaved in her small dog test, she really wasn’t overly bothered!  Happy that she was indeed a dog after sniffing her all over, she lost interest and walked alongside with no bother. 

A good eater, Zaria will never leave a bowl unfinished, so you don’t need to worry about fussy eating!  She is a curious little lady, and despite being a little shy at first, once she warms up to you, she is just a gem.  Just a happy little lady who would do well living with older dog-savvy children.

It sounds terrible, in comparison to some of the lengths we have written for the other dogs but there is very little to say about Zaria.  She is just perfectly behaved and as a young greyhound, she will thrive and become whatever you want her to be!

**Not available until June**

Davey Davey
3 Years Old

Davey may look like a crazed lunatic in his photo, but he is just a very happy, outgoing, and silly dog that...out of many, many photos...this was the best one we could manage because the idiot just wouldn’t stay still!

Which is ironic seeing as he is actually a very calm, quiet, affectionate lump that doesn’t seem to be fazed by anything!  Walking in here like he owned the place, Davey hasn’t given us a single issue.  He can regularly be found sprawled out on the bed without a care in the world.

Very people motivated, Davey loves everyone he meets.  He doesn’t even stop to think about it, if you are a human, he loves you.  He will do very well living with children and could potentially live with younger children that are familiar with living with dogs.

Kennelling beautifully with Bryn, he’s the perfect gentleman.  Often cuddling or otherwise being adorable, we've never heard one single sound out of him!  Good on the lead, a good eater and very affectionate and cuddly, this boy just goes with the flow and doesn’t really seem to care what’s going on around him so long as he’s getting his quota of cuddles in each day.

Davey does need a little help in socialising with fluffy or smaller dogs, he was very confused in his small dog test and couldn’t understand what on earth the chihuahua was.  He wasn't reactive on the lead when presented with said small dog, just over keen and needed to be directed away.  He was a bit vocal toward smaller dogs when at the vet, but then it was a stressful situation (we shouldn't have told him he was being castrated!).  But he’s not long out of racing, given how exceptionally calm he is shouldn't take him long to calm down outdoors with a little bit of positive socialisation and training.

Really very small for a male, he's about the same size as his bestie Bryn and with his glittery collar, he is regularly mistaken for being a girl!

Davey has got endless potential for life in the home, he really is an absolute delight to be around and has been a joy to care for.  He is so well behaved, and it really won’t take him long to get the hang of smaller dogs.  He just needs a bit of guidance from his loving forever home!

Elsie Elsie
2 Years Old
In Foster

Elsie is such a little sassy sweet heart that wants nothing more than to be loved!

Quiet, calm, patient and well behaved in the kennel.  Elsie is happy to wait her turn, but once you go in with her, she is straight into the play bow and gets the sillies!  Bless her, she loves love.

This young, silly and affectionate lady has almost as few brain cells as the boys!  But in an incredibly endearing way!

Jumping up for cuddles and getting in everyone’s business all the time, she’s just wants to be everyone’s friend both dog and human alike.  She is good on the lead but does like to investigate all the things and gets excited in seeing other dogs as she wants to run and say hi! 

She did excellently in her small dog test.  She did so well with our little chihuahuha that they've even been on trips to the park together where they have walked side by side, going around meeting all the other dogs in the park without issue.  Absolutely no drama at all with other breeds, she polietely greets from the biggest to the smallest without issue.  Sniffing them once and then losing interest, wanting to continue with her walk.

Elsie can get worried but excited by off lead dogs running in the distance because she wants to go play with them and doesn't understand why she has to stay on the lead, but this will settle in time.  Give her a little shush, quiet Elsie, and she looks at you and then quietly sulks...bless her!  

Really, like any adolescent girl, she can be dramatic and sassy, but she is such a joy to be around because she is just so endlessly loving and fun!  Being quite small on the greyhound scale is defintiely a bonus!  Although she's so gentle on the lead, it's not really an issue anyway!

Elsie loves her food and is very food motivated.  She does take direction and is happy to work for treats!  Bribary is the key to all things with greyhounds, we know that for a fact! so she would be quite happy to be bribed into good behavior or take on any training. 

Kenneled with the very handsome Wilbur, the two of them can often be found chilling out together or having a cuddle.  She gets along brilliantly with all the other greyhounds and really enjoys their company.  In saying that, we do believe that Elsie will do well as an only dog with some guidance.  But she would greatly benefit from living with another dog, whether a greyhound or otherwise!

You would be hard pressed not to love her.  She really is a delight!  She has already calmed down a lot in the time she’s been with us, and she will no doubt go on to calm even more once in a home!

She is going to bring endless happiness and laughter to her forever home, we have no doubts at all!  This cheeky little moo is priceless once you get to know her and we will be sad to see her go!

Hetty Hetty
2 Years Old

Covered in white snowflakes, Hetty is as beautiful and unique in looks as she is in personality.

This little diamond has been nothing but a dream since she arrived.  House trained, well behaved, quiet, and calm, she’s not put a foot wrong.

Excellent on the lead, affectionate, a good eater and brilliant with all the other greyhounds there isn’t much to say about this lovely lady!  She is that wonderful balance of calm, confident and easy going, with the silly and playful side that greyhounds love to spontaneously come out with when you least expect it.

Hetty did excellently in her small dog test and gets along wonderfully with all the greyhounds.  She has kennelled well on her own and with a partner and is generally too busy being totally chilled out and laid back to take much notice of what is going on around her!.

Nothing seems to faze Hetty, she doesn’t take a lot of notice of what’s going on around the kennels and is happy to wait until its her turn to go for walks or get fed, unlike certain dogs who I will not mention, Hetty doesn't feel the need to let the whole world know she’s waiting!  She’s just a delight and whoever takes her home is in for a treat!

For a young greyhound, she’s really lovely.  We can’t say it enough how relaxed she is in comparison with some of the 2 year olds we’ve seen through our doors!  She has a lot of patience and isn’t bothered by loud noises or fast movements, so has the potential to live with children.

When thinking about what to write about this little lady, the main word that comes to mind is easy.  Because she is.  She’s just easy.  She will be brilliant for first time dog parents as she is just no bother at all!

Alexis Alexis
17 Months

Anyone that’s been following our website for a while will know we regularly describe young greyhounds as land-sharks…well, Alexis isn’t far from being one!  She’s just at the turning of age where she’s slowly coming out of the super young adolescent madness that greyhound puppies have!

Although still considered a puppy in greyhound terms until she turns 2 years old, Alexis is really starting to mellow out.  So well behaved in the kennel, you’d barely know she was there most of the time! 

Although she gets very excited when it’s time to come out the kennel, once she is out with her humans she settles right down and is quite happy to laze about in their company, being adorably affectionate.  She does sometimes believes herself to be a lap dog but doesn’t appreciate she may be a bit too big for that (even though she’s not big at all!

But no-one seems to be able to get to that stage.  She’s had a couple of viewings but because she comes barrelling out the kennel like a typical super playful puppy, doing zoomies round people’s legs and jumping up for cuddles!  Just so happy to be out, meeting new people and going for walks, it immediately puts people off and they don’t wait to see how calm she gets a few minutes later!  It’s just too hard to believe when seeing the ‘puppy mode’ that she is in fact quite calm, quiet and genuinely peaceful a lot of the time

But, given some time and guidance, Alexis is going to make the most amazing family companion!  She is excellent on the lead and did very well in her small dog test.  She just wants to be friends with everyone she meets, both human and canine alike!

Unraced, Alexis retired very early on in her training as she showed no affinity for the chase.  She just didn’t feel like doing what she was asked, we’re not sure which!

Alexis will do well as an only dog, but would appreciate a companion, visiting dogs or play dates with friends to play and do zoomies with as she is a very sociable lady.  She adores the other greyhounds and does mad zoomies round the garden with them!

She would be happy to live with children that are familiar with living with bouncy, playful dogs, but ideally older children due to her forgetting her size when she gets the zoomies!

Ultimately, she is a young, cheeky, playful, and unraced puppy who is open to learning anything and everything.  She will go on to become whatever you want her to be!

An absolute gem, she is gorgeous and is a firm favourite in the kennels!  We will miss her deeply when she does, she is going to be excellent.  We just know it!!

Wilbur Wilbur
4 Years Old
Easy Going

It’s possibly not the most flattering photo of this handsome lad, but he won’t disappoint when you meet him in real life!

This boy is a total delight; affectionate, calm and an all-round good boy (If a little lacking with brain cells!).

Good on the lead, Wilbur loves his walks and isn’t a bother at all.  Your typical soppy boy, Wilbur wants nothing more than to lean into you and take advantage of all the chin scratches and ear rubs.

Excellent with the other greyhounds, Wilbur loves his kennel mate Hetty and did very well in meeting a small dog.  He is very social with people and loves everyone he meets.  Already becoming a firm favorite, Wilbur has really settled into the routine here and taken it all in his stride with near to no fuss. 

Not fazed by much, he will do excellently with children.  He has the potential to live with younger children, but ideally ones that are familiar with living with dogs before as he does still have a playful side and would feel terrible knocking any little humans over.

Overall, he is a lovely calm and easy-going boy who can be a bit melodramatic and strong willed at times, but then he’s more than happy to be bribed into doing whatever you ask as food it a top priority for him!

It sounds terrible but really there's not a lot to say about Wilbur as he's just quite happily going with the flow and not given us any issue!  He really is no bother and will make such a wonderful companion in the home either as an only dog or with a canine companion!

Alf Alf
3 Years Old

Okay so this is another unflattering photo, but frankly the Muppet wouldn’t stand still!

Alf is as dumb as he is strong.  A total lovable idiot, super cuddly, loving, packed with character but in need of some help in learning how to walk on the lead!

He cracks us up every day with his silly antics, playful and really dumb as a box of rocks personality.  There really is no comparison, he is one of a kind.  He has fabulous prancy feet, he doesn’t walk, he praces!

All round he is an absolute delight, and he is quiet, calm and well behaved in the kennel.  He just gets so excited to be out with his humans and going for walks!  He has to investigate every smell, rabbit hole and bush.  Chances are once he’s out into a home and not cooped up in a kennel, he’ll mellow right out and do really well on the lead. 

Also, in being very food motivated (with eating at the top of every agenda) he will be easily guided and trained into good behavior on the lead using treats and other positive reinforcement.

Very sociable with the other greyhounds, he is in love with his kennel mate Alexis and enjoys the company of the other greyhounds.  Quite happy to kennel on his own, we’re sure he would be happy either as an only dog or with a canine companion to play with!

Although we have listed him as Yellow, this is due to his needing work on the lead.  We feel he would do very well living with children that are used to living with dogs, he loves all humans, big and small!

But despite calming down once he’s had a walk, because he gets overexcited when he comes out the kennel, the numpty ruins first impressions and puts people off.  Particularly with him being a black dog!

It’s always hardest to home dogs that need work on the lead, especially if they’re black, but hopefully someone will be able to see past this total muppets ridiculous first impressions and take him home.  Because he will thrive in a home, there is no question about it!

Baxter Baxter
3 Years Old
Chilled Out

Goodness, how handsome is Baxter with his big fat head?  We’re all in love with this boy and he has fast become the kennel favorite amongst the volunteer walkers for his chilled out, go with the flow attitude.

Good on the lead, house trained, not fussy at all about food and excellent with all the other greyhounds, this happy go lucky and social boy loves everyone he meets without question.

Always wagging, Baxter has no issues and has just gotten on with it since the first day he arrived.  Just hopped up onto the bed and got on with it as if he had always been here.

He is just your typical unintelligent male who can be a bit of a silly boy sometimes…always banging his head or walking into things when he is following the scent of something interesting.  But it’s really quite endearing and adds to his very lovable charms!

If a dog could shrug his shoulders, we could absolutely see Baxter doing it all the time.  You ask if he wants a walk, shrug, if he wants to go in the garden, shrug…he’s just so chilled about everything he makes us laugh.

Like any greyhound he is still perfectly capable of being stubborn or choosing the walking route, or lack of walking in some cases, but that’s just part in parcel in being owned by a greyhound!

If you have been following our website for a while, you’ll know we do often refer to the males as total idiots (because they are), and while he definitely is lacking in brain cells, we think there may be one or two rolling around between his ears!  Which is surprising, but one of them had to have some!  Very gentle natured, Baxter will do very well living with children and could live with younger children that are comfortable around large breeds.

Kenneling with Elsie, Baxter is the perfect gentleman and is quite happy to share his space without question but is equally happy just chilling out on his own.  Having done very well in his small dog test, it’s hard to imagine anything fazing this gorgeous lump of a dog.

Baxter is going to do excellently in the home!  Lolloping around the garden or roaching on the sofa, he’s going to be a dream!

Disney Disney
2 Years Old

This delightful little lady wishing upon a star that her forever home may soon come and fly her away with some pixie dust to a castle fit for a princess.

Affectionate, sweet and very cuddly, this well behaved may not look good in a ball gown or have the singing voice to charm birds and mice to do her bidding, but she has got such an endearing face and fabulous ears.

Quiet and patient in the kennel, Disney is a delight to have here and is always so happy to see you.  Tail always wagging she loves everyone she meets both human and greyhound.  She did so well in meeting a small breed and she is obsessed with her kennel mate Chopper.

Every time you walk past her kennel, she is always cuddled up to him, or otherwise using him as a head or footrest.  She seems to be incapable of holding up her own body weight and is always laying her neck over his back when they are standing waiting for their turn to be fed or walked.  Channelling her inner sleeping beauty, she does look as if she would fall asleep standing up just flopped across Choppers neck some days!

Very affectionate, she loves to lean into you and rub her head up your leg for more fusses.  She is a little needy sometimes, but very sweet.  But if her connection to Chopper is any inclination, as she does very much enjoy his company, Disney is going to need to live with another greyhound or similar sized sighthound/large breed.

Have you got Disney’s Prince Charming just waiting for his Princess to come home and live out their happily ever after?

Tyraxes Tyraxes
4 Years Old

How handsome is this dog?  So distinguished with his fabulous white eyebrows and distinctive multicoloured eyes.

Tyraxes couldn’t be any further than his name’s sake.  He is certainly no House Targaryen dragon, protecting his lair from would-be dragon slayers...he couldn’t protect anything if he tried, he would be so happy to meet the person that (at worst) he would cuddle them to death.

He may be as regal as a dragon, and gloriously good looking, but the reality is that he is a big soppy lump that loves everyone he meets without question.  He will likely do excellently with children, but due to his size it would be beneficial if they had lived with dogs before.

Confident, outgoing and affectionate, he can come across a bit bouncy when you are first getting him out the kennel but he soon settles down and is very calm and well behaved.

You would barely know he was in the kennel in the first place, as he is so quiet and laid back.  He can regularly be found cuddling up to to his kennel mates and doing what greyhounds do best: sleeping.

But as any good dragon would be, Tyraxes is a bit strong on the lead.  But, in saying that he has already shown massive improvement in this department and will go on to settle further with the consistency of a forever family and some positive reinforcement.

Tyraxes eats like it’s going out of fashion, so you will never have to worry about fussy eating, and this food motivation will be really beneficial in any training you will want to do with him.

In a world where you can wish you had a pet unicorn or dragon, this may be the closest you’ll get to fulfilling it!  Having rehomed his brother, Archonei, last year, we know that Tyraxes will go on to thrive in the home just like he did.  He is so ready for his forever home, you won’t be disappointed if you take this boy home!

REHOME Tyraxes
Arwen Arwen
3 Years Old
Easy Going

Named after the elf from Lords Of The Rings, she is as beautiful in person as her photo and name suggests...even if she might need a wide load sticker for her rear end!  Goodness me she is a muscley lady!

Honestly, I’ve been putting off writing Arwen’s blurb for a while now, purely because I can’t think of anything to say!  She is one of those dogs that will never show her true personality in kennels.  She really isn't giving me anything to work with!

She goes through the motions of each day with unending calm, patience and quiet.  She literally runs on autopilot, never questioning, never difficult.  She is just there; she knows what is expected of her and she just does it. 

She is very well behaved; you really wouldn’t know she was there until feeding time...that's the only time you will hear from her!  If she isn’t fed first, you will know about it!  But, in saying that she is still very well mannered about it all, when you do go to give her the food bowl she doesn’t rush at you or jump up for it.  She waits patiently as you put it down.

As she is, in the kennels, there isn’t a lot of emotional depth or character.  She a blank slate waiting for her forever family to take her home and let her thrive, moulding her into a ‘dog’.

She is very gentle natured; we know that much.  There isn’t a bad bone in her body, and although seemingly quite independent and aloof, she does like neck rubs and ear scratches.

She is good on the lead and did pretty well in her dog test, a bit interested and keen, but fine once she had sniffed her.  She will probably need a little guidance in meeting dogs politely, but then they all need to learn ‘doggy etiquette’ when they’re fresh out of kennels!  

Arwen hasn’t given us much to ‘work with’ as it were, for figuring out what would be the best home for her, so we’ve marked her down as a Purple, but there is potential to live with dog savvy children.

Kennelled with Speedy, we’ve not seen any real attachment or fuss toward him, or wanting to cuddle, so will likely do well as an only dog.  She always seems quite content to just sit on the bed and relax when the humans aren’t around.

We are certain that once she gets out of the kennel environment she will flourish, she just needs someone to give her a chance! 

***Not available until early August***

Speedy Speedy
20 Months Old
Very Shy

Not the best photo in the world...but this adorably small boy is, for lack of a better description, a bit of a special case.  Scared of life itself, Speedy is looking for an equally special home that will be quiet, patient, and respectful while he learns the ropes of life and learns to trust in the people around him.

Too scared and nervous to race; he never made it past training as he’s such a spook!  In excellent condition, his trainer has taken such good care of him.  We know how much he loves his dogs, but he knew that it wasn’t fair on Speedy to continue, so brought him to us in the hopes of finding his perfect forever home!

Perfectly calm, well behaved, quiet, and clean in his kennel when the humans aren’t around, if you were to walk past his kennel you wouldn’t think anything was amiss as he sits there lovely and quiet with his little feetsies crossed!  Currently sharing with Arwen, while he is guided by her confidence, he has not shown any real personality or interaction with her or the other greyhounds...but he doesn’t have any confidence in himself when she isn’t there.  So, we know for certain that he needs to live with another dog (or several) to be able to come out of his shell properly and learn how to ‘dog’.

It’s really difficult to get any sort of impression in terms of personality as he’s only ever relaxed when humans aren’t around.  When approached he will freeze and avoid eye contact in the hopes that if he’s not looking at you, you can’t see him.  We’ve not had one single word out of complaint out of him and he is willing to be led to a certain degree...but he is going to take a long time to trust his forever humans.

He does feel more confident out on walks across the fields, the tail does tend to make an appearance.  Being out in the open with things to distract him from his own insecurities really seems to help him.  However, he can pull on the lead to try and get up against walls, hedges, or other boundaries in an attempt to get away from whoever is holding the lead and make himself invisible!

Once he is more confident with you, and with some reassurance, he will walk quietly by your side...he just needs to be spoken to and told everything is okay!  We don’t know what he is like with traffic or busy places but can only assume he will find these overwhelming.

He loves his food but doesn’t tend to eat when unsettled.  It took him a couple days to get the hang of the routine here and settle down enough to eat, but now he’s started he clears the bowl every time!

Speedy did very well in meeting a small dog, although realistically, he gave her a sniff and accepted the whole thing very quickly just so he could get away from the humans.  He saw several other dogs when at the vets including a variety of small fluffy dogs, but he was so worried it’s hard to tell whether he actually registered them!

Bless him, he reminds us so much of Arthur...who some of you will remember!  Who is doing really well, if still a bit of a work in progress?  But he’s really found his feet in his new home and loves his female we know Speedy will come around in time!

Speedy will be a project, but one we know will be worth it.  Watching him grow and turn into a real dog will be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever witness.

In summary, Speedy needs an experienced adult only home with other dogs (preferably other sighthounds) that will give him the space he needs to find his feet in his own time.  

Montana Montana
3 Years Old
Happy Go Lucky

Montana is full of class, with super model legs putting her a bit taller than the average female and being covered in black and gold spots as well as that brindle patch on her head...she definitely draws attention to herself everywhere she goes!

Very happy go lucky, Montana hasn’t given us one bit of bother since arriving.  Nothing seems to faze her, and she took the change of environment, when she came into our care, in her stride and didn’t faulter for a minute.

A big personality, she loves her food, walks and the other greyhounds.  Although she definitely likes having a kennel all to herself so she can sprawl out and take up the whole bed without sharing with some silly boy dog!  We can see her doing excellently as an only dog; she is confident, outgoing, playful but also very affectionate and cuddly. 

Always happy to see us, her tail is always wagging!  Especially if we’re holding a lead or a food bowl...maybe she doesn’t love us at all, she just has accepted us as her servants...who knows.

Montana has loved everyone she’s met and is always head of the pack to race out to meet the volunteer walkers each day...and we didn't didn't think there was a shy bone in her body until she had her first viewing.  She went all shy and reserved when someone wanted to meet her with the potential to adopt her!  Bless her, she really did make us out to be liars! 

Montana did very well in her small dog test.  Given she’s very newly retired from racing, she did excellently!  If I was presented with a chihuahua having never met or seen any dogs before in my life, I’d probably be confused too!
A bit interested at first but once she had sniffed her all over, she was like, oh, you’re a dog, fair enough then...and went about with her day.  Even when being a bit keen to meet her, she was taking direction and listening to her human, so she won’t take long to get the hang of other breeds out in the great wide world!

She can be quite strong on the lead.  However, she walks excellently in a harness and doesn't pull at all.  She will likely do absolutely fine with older children as she is a confident lady, but having a bit of dog experiencel, or willingness to help her get over her pulling on the lead, will be key in taking this lovely lady home!

We couldn’t really fault her, being a bit strong on the lead is hardly the end of the world, and she will bring a lot of happiness to her forever home!  You can see it in her eyes, she's going to be a cracker!!


***Not available until Mid-July***

REHOME Montana
Paige Paige
2 Years Old

Paige is full of life, love, and happiness.

This little moo tricked us!  So calm, well behaved, and quiet, when she had her first viewing, she was so excited to come out her kennel and meet new people that she came barrelling in like a bat out of hell and jumped up at everyone demanding cuddles!

This was right after we had told them what an excellently behaved lady she was!  She definitely turned on the zoomies mode just to make us out to be liars!

But her ridiculous entrance aside, she soon calmed down and acted like your typical, confident, outgoing, sassy female.  Investigating everything and demanding fusses from anyone that happened by. 

Paige is just a delight to be around, and okay so she may ruin first impressions slightly, but this lovely lady has no vices, loves everyone she meets and has a fantastic nature.  We can see her doing very well with children.  Which, having rehomed her sister, Duchess, a few months ago (who was very similar natured), we know how amazingly Paige is going to do in her forever home!

A lovely size, Paige is good on the lead (if occasionally a bit scatty should she smell something interesting) and did excellently in her small dog test.

She loves her food (as all greyhounds do!) and does love to play.  Kennelled with Banger, the two of them knew each other from their racing kennels and in reuniting, they got all silly and bounded around together like long lost friends!  It was very adorable.  Paige definitely loves a zoomie, so would appreciate a home with a garden.

Paige is a confident and outgoing lady so will have no problem being the only dog in the home but would be happy to share with another dog as well.  She gets along with everyone without question!

She is fast becoming a kennel favourite and no, I can’t say the first family to meet her will adopt her after she ruined her first impression...but we have no doubt at all that she is going to be snapped up soon!  She is a fantastic lady and will thrive in a loving forever home!

Velka Velka
2 Years Old

This little madam is such a liar!  She comes across all shy, quiet, and reserved in the kennel but as soon as she is out that kennel she is jumping up for cuddles or collapsing to the floor demanding belly rubs.  She can still be shy, but once she knows you she’s a dream.

Velka wants nothing more than to scooch into your lap and stay there.  Blissfully unaware that she is in fact a greyhound and is not lap dog sized!  She really is a total baby! 

Despite being the picture of innocence, is can be a sassy little moo...but in all the best ways!  She will most definitely be using those sad eyes on her humans at every given opportunity.  Clearly so hard done by!  The weight of the world on her shoulders...the liar!  Whoever takes this lady home is going to have to get used to being a greyhound servant pretty quickly, because this girl is a Queen and she knows it!

But, manipulation aside.  She is affectionate, quiet, and endlessly well behaved, she has been a joy to have here at the Centre.  Never heard one word of complaint, she eats well and walks so gently on the lead you would barely know you were holding one!

With a cheeky playful side now starting to surface, she gets the sillies when she sees us in the morning and has gotten so brave in meeting loads of new people.  Jumping up at literally every human she meets in pursuit of cuddles and then more cuddles!!  We have to warn people to brace themselves when she comes out, although she is hardly going to be sending anyone flying, she’s a twig of a dog and may as well be a whippet!

Excellent in her small dog test.  She loves all the other greyhounds and has kennelled well on her own and with various companions.  We really couldn’t fault her.

Although, in being a little timid at times, and a bit hand shy of fast movements she will do really well in an adult only, or older dog savvy children, home.  The companionship of another greyhound will be really beneficial in giving her confidence out in the great wide world, though we have no doubt that in the house itself she is going to be excellent once settled in!

We’ll miss her greatly when she goes, she’s been a joy!

Charlotte Charlotte
4 Years Old
Happy Go Lucky

Well, you can tell pretty much straight away by looking at her that she is Bastardo’s sister!  Despite being pint sized, this little lady has a huge character packed into every fibre of her being!

Permanently happy, much like her brother, she was a handful when she first arrived!  She has calmed down massively since and is actually really easy going and behaved in the kennel you wouldn’t know she was there a lot of the time. 

Very happy go lucky, Charlotte is hugely people motivated and ridiculously affectionate; jumping up for cuddles and endlessly giving kisses...Madam Licks A Lot is her nickname!  Her tail is a weapon in how fast and furiously it wags as she looks up adoringly at you!  Although her attempts to jump up are a bit pathetic compared to her brother, in that she isn’t very tall, so she barely reaches your chest!

Charlotte has a delightful playful silly side to her, but she is also a total diva.  We have no doubts that she is going to get everything she wants in life by having her humans wrapped around her little paw from day one!

As with any greyhound, she loves her food and will quite happily be bribed into doing whatever you ask her!  She is very good on the lead and greatly enjoys her walks.  She enjoys the company of all the other greyhounds (except her brother!) and has kennelled well on her own and with both male and female companions.

At the moment she is flying solo, as she is in season, and doesn’t seem to be bothered in the slightest.  She sprawls out across the entire bed without a care in the world, only bothering to move if she thinks there may be a human coming toward her kennel to give her attention!  She will do really well as an only dog.

She is a lovely little lady, and she did very well in her small dog test!  Her nature will lend well to living with children, though perhaps older more dog-savvy children that are used to licky jumpy uppys dog!  Especially since her first impression are abysmal as she comes bounding out her kennel all excited to meet new people!

She’s calming down more every day and no doubt, once she discovers the sofa in her forever home...she’ll be an absolute gem!

***Not available until Mid-July***

REHOME Charlotte
Bastardo Bastardo
4 Years Old
Total Idiot

Bastardo (unfortunate name we know!), Bas for short, is a stupidly handsome and affectionate lump who loves full body cuddles and kisses.  He has clearly been exceptionally loved in his racing kennels and is used to a certain level of returned affection by his humans.

When this idiot arrived, he was so amped up and excitable we couldn’t even get his website photo.  He could barely keep his feet on the ground he was so happy, helicopter tail wagging furiously, he just wanted to be jumping up and cuddling every human all the time! 

But despite his boisterous beginning with us, being a total muppet, he is infinitely calmer now.  But...calm or not, he’s still as dumb as a brink!  He is much better at keeping all four feet on the floor these days and is quite happy to greet people in the normal polite way of walking up and leaning into people for attention without the jumping up.

He's really settled into the routine here and is very well behaved in the kennel.  He’s really quite relaxed and laid back a lot of the time, but still does have the excitable playful side too!  But given his steep and speedy trajectory toward totally mellowed out and lazy couch potato, it isn’t going to take him long to settle into his loving forever home.

Good on the lead, he loves his walks.  He would go on forever if you let him, so you need to reign him in before he gets completely knackered out.  He gets on very well with all the other greyhounds and has kennelled well on his own and with a companion.

He would likely do very well as an only dog in the home and would be happy to live with children.  Although they will need to be confident around large dogs that like to lick! 

What really surprised us was that he did exceptionally well in his small dog test.  He was far more interested in the humans than speaking to the little dog.  Totally beneath him, both figuratively and physically! 

So why is he listed as Yellow and not Blue?  Simply because he does need to learn some manners.  A bit of a bull in a China shop when he first comes out his kennel, he isn’t very good at first impressions and not everyone likes a jumpy uppy dog!   While this has settled down significantly, he still has his moments so will need to learn some etiquette. 

He would suit a first-time family absolutely fine, but they will need to be prepared for the chaos that is Bastardo in all his glory, in those initial days...but we know once he is settled in, he is going to be an absolutely cracking family companion.

(Just a note, he’s had that name since he was a puppy!  It’s not our doing!)

REHOME Bastardo
Kenickie Kenickie
2 Years Old
Laid Back

Kenickie has really pulled one over on us!  He was such a pain in the ass when he arrived, we though he was going to be a nightmare to rehome...but what a lovely, quiet, exceptionally well behaved and easy-going lad this boy has turned into now he’s settled down out of racing!

He isn’t particularly big for a male, average at best, but devilishly handsome.  With barely a thumb print of white on his chest, he is a black beauty!  He really is a stunning looking dog!  You wouldn’t even know he was there most of the time.  With his adorable flopped over ear that has no idea what it’s doing, Kenickie is so affectionate, loving, and cuddly but also very chilled and laid back.

He still has the silly playful side to him once you get to know him and does like to jump up for cuddles once he's comfortable with you.  But what a changed dog to the one that arrived in our care a few short weeks ago!  Yes, he is still dumb as a box of rocks, and a total muppet, but in the most adorable and loving of ways.

He walks well on the lead and loves his walks!  We didn’t think he would, but he did really well in his small dog test.  Happy to walk past, he met and sniffed her very politely before losing interest. 

He loves his food, eating like he’ll never see another meal!  There is no doubt that he will work for food, which will be beneficial for any training you may want to do with him.

Kenickie is a very affectionate and cuddly boy, but because he can jump up for cuddles at times, it may be best that he goes into an adult only or one where the children are confident with dogs.  He loves absolutely everyone he meets, there really is nothing shy about him, so there is potential for dog savvy younger children, but they will need to be comfortable around large breeds.

He’s mellowed so much since arriving in our care, to think he is going to chill out even more once he goes into a home.  He’s going to be amazing.  His full personality is yet to develop and he’s going to be a cracker! 

REHOME Kenickie
Magda Magda
7 Years Old

This is going to sound terrible, but there is very little to write about Magda...she’s been nothing but perfectly behaved from the second she arrived.

Excellent on the lead, in her small dog test, with the other greyhounds and endlessly tolerant of her son Kenzo...we really could not fault her.  She has a lovely gentle nature, very peaceful, well behaved and is so very calm.  You literally would not know she was even in the kennels!

An all-round gentle older lady who would do well living in just about any home situation.  As an ex-breeder, she’s been there, done that and is ready for her forever sofa! 

Well behaved when kennelled on her own and with her silly son, she has never protested.  She just rearranges the bedding into a nest and curls up quietly in the corner until it’s her turn for walkies or dinner time.  She will do very well being an only dog, or with another calm dog for company.

She is ready to spend the rest of her days in the slow lane, sprawled out across a sofa, sunbathing in the garden and generally just plodding along enjoying all the finer things in life!

You would not regret taking this little lady home, we promise you that!

Kenzo Kenzo
19 Months Old

How adorable is this boy! 

Such an innocent face, he would quite happily stare lovingly at you all day if you were giving him ear rubs and fusses.

Surprisingly calm, quiet and exceptionally well behaved given his age, Kenzo is a total gem

A failed racer, with no affinity for the chase, Kenzo didn’t even get as far as being registered!  He has a lovely nature about him, definitely a make love not war attitude to life.  Everyone is his friend, no matter who they are or what they are doing.

Always happy to see you, the tail is always wagging furiously in the mornings.  He has the typical young greyhound playfulness in him, but not in that obnoxious wind-up toy way.  More of a respectful playfulness that settles down naturally should you not want to engage in it.

He is endlessly affectionate and effectively believes himself to be a lap dog, although quite a bit too big for that!

Kenzo is unfazed by everything going on around him (typical dumb as a box of rocks male) and will quite happily laze across the bed until it’s his turn for walkies and feeding.  Though when you go to get him out his kennel, the pure joy he shows you is heart-warming.  He really does love every single person he meets!

Very well behaved with other breeds, Kenzo has met a range of small and medium dogs and has been wonderfully behaved in every instance.  He wants to be friends with everyone, both dog and human alike!  He is so gentle on the lead you don't realise you are holding him most of the time as he enjoys his walks around the fields.  Honestly, he is everything you could want in a dog!

He eats very well, no fussy eating to be found, and is so well behaved when kennelled with another greyhound or on his own.  He loves going out on walks with the other hounds, he is a very confident and outgoing lad!

Kenzo is excellently behaved and will do well as an only dog or sharing with others.  He would do well with children of a range of ages, but ideally ones that are familiar with living with dogs due to his playfulness.  He would be happy to live with another dog (greyhound or otherwise) or as an only dog.  We've never heard a word out of him, he is just happy to get on with it!

Whoever takes this boy homes are going to have years of laughter and happiness.  We really could not fault him; he is a delight to be around and is a credit to the breed! 

Vienna Vienna
2 Years Old

This small slip of a lady is just a delight with the most fabulous of ears!

So quiet, patient and relaxed in the kennel you would barely even know she was there.  We’ve never once heard a word out of her, and she has kenneled beautifully on her own and with a range of partners.

A good eater, excellent on the lead and affectionate, Vienna is already house trained and knows the ways of life in the home.  Quite happy to get on with life, she never really seems to be fazed by anything…she’s always just chilling out on the bed waiting for her turn in all things but is quite happy to come up and have a cuddle.

Vienna can seem a bit reserved and aloof on first meeting, but she quickly warms up to people.  Especially if bribed with treats.  She has met and been fussed by children as young as three while out and about without issue, but she would prefer either an adult only home or one with older children as she likes a quiet life.

Vienna has met and walked with our small tester dog (AKA the feisty chihuahua) both before and after her time in a home without issue and met a range of other breeds when taken to the park.  She can be a bit forward and doesn’t quite understand to smell the bottom first when greeting smaller breeds, which can be off putting to other dogs.  But with some training and positive socialization she will soon learn doggy etiquette.

As she does need a little help in learning how to speak nicely to smaller breeds, Vienna does need a home that has some experience with dogs and feels confident in reinforcing good behavior on the lead.  She would also greatly benefit from living with another greyhound to help give her a bit of confidence out and about in the great wide world, which will go on to help with socializing.

Vienna is just an absolute sweetheart and, overall, we couldn’t fault her.  She’s been nothing but perfectly behaved the entire time we’ve known her and we know she will go on to excel in the right home!

Baldrick Baldrick
5 Years Old
Total Muppet

Not going to lie...we’re a little obsessed with Baldrick!

Retired from racing a year ago, his trainer loved him so much he didn’t want to part with he’s spent the last year mooching around as the kennel pet, roaming around, being fussed by everyone and generally being an amazing ambassador for the breed to any visitors.

But, as much as they all loved him, they came to the realisation that they were keeping him for selfish reasons and that he deserved a home.  So, before they could change their mind, I got a text from his trainer asking if we could take him in asap and there he was!

We could see straight away, why they didn’t want to part with him.  Apart from being gloriously handsome, this big boy is an absolute dream in every way.

So laid back and affectionate, he can regularly be found upside down in his kennel without a care in the world.  This is perfectly balanced with a cheeky playful side that if you ask him to, by patting your shoulders, he will jump up and give you cuddles!  He is quite happy to keep his feet on the floor otherwise, so he isn’t a jumpy uppy demanding cuddle monster...he’s quite happy to just lean into you and overall pretend he is a giant lap dog!

Excellent on the lead, you would barely know you are holding him.  Brilliant with the other greyhounds, he is very sociable with all the other dogs and every human he meets without question.  He has very quickly become a favourite amongst the volunteer walkers, and he just plods along, wind whistling between his ears!

Well behaved in the small dog test, he went back and sniffed her a few times just to remind himself that she was, in fact, a dog, then lost interest altogether.  He will likely be very social with other dogs given the chance, out and about, because he thinks everyone is his friend!

Baldrick has an excellent temperament, and we can see him really thriving in a family home.  He would love to have the interaction and play time with children but also the companionship of just everyone settling down for a movie of an evening and him sprawled out across his bed alongside them.  He is so gentle and loving; you would be hard pressed not to fall in love with him as soon as you meet him!

He has never made one single word of complaint through the change of scenery and staff and has kennelled on his own without a peep.  So, he would likely do very well as an only dog.

Somehow, I’ve made it to the end of this without one single Blackadder reference or pun...must be losing my touch...

But to sum up, while his head may be emptier than a eunuch’s underpants; Baldricks cunning plan, a plan so cunning you could brush your teeth with it, is to make you fall in love with him...and as his mother said, with him being a tall, handsome stallion of a will be impossible not to fall for head over heels in love!

REHOME Baldrick
Banger Banger
4 Years Old
Chilled Out (but stupid!)

Banger is as handsome as he is charming.

Excellently behaved in the kennel, you would never have known he was in the kennels.  He’s definitely placed himself amongst the kennel favourites alongside his best friend Paige.  What a pair of angels.  He really is very easy going and laid back!

Having known each other from their racing kennels, it was so much fun to reunite them when they both came into our care.  They got all silly and playful and can generally always be found cuddling up or at least touching paws when sleeping.  It really is adorable!

Good on the lead (if perhaps dumb as a box of rocks), he did very well in his small dog test and greatly enjoys the company of the other greyhounds. 

In typical greyhound fashion, Banger is quite happy to spend the days snoozing away with Paige.  Not really getting up to a great deal.

When the mood does take him to get out of bed, he has such a wonderful cheeky, playful, and affectionate side to him!  He loves to play and do zoomies around the paddock and jumps up for cuddles and kisses.

Banger is definitely a lover of all things food, and scoffs his food down as if that meal will be his last.  He won’t be too difficult to train, he’ll do anything for a treat!

Really, there’s not a lot to be said about this lovely lad.  He’s got a very balanced temperament and is a delight to be around.  He will do well as an only dog, or with a companion, and would quite likely do well with children.

Like Paige, he comes across a bit like an excitable Labrador as he comes barrelling out the kennel.  He is so excited to be out and meeting new people it can put people off.  But give him a couple minutes to get the post-kennel release madness settled down and he’s just a dream.

He’s going to bring a lot of happiness to his forever home, we have no doubt at all!

Bellatrix Bellatrix
5 Years Old

Sweet Bellatrix has to be one of the unluckiest dogs out there!

Returned from her first forever home in 2020 due to a change in circumstances...she’s just been returned from her second forever home for the same thing!  Though to make things worse, she’s been returned with her home-brother Remy.

Living together for 2 years, Bellatrix and Remy were loved deeply but their family just found they couldn’t give them the time they deserved and made the decision to bring them back for rehoming.

Good on the lead, house trained, good with other breeds and young children, Bellatrix is everything you could want in a greyhound.  She is loving, quiet and peaceful, but also very cheeky, sassy, and playful when the mood takes her.  She is always happy to see you, the tail furiously wagging, she is one of the nicest dogs we’ve ever had through our doors.

Both homes have said the same, that you couldn’t fault her.  We are devastated for her, as she just can’t seem to catch a break!  Surely third time will be the charm?  She deserves her true forever sofa at last!

In the first home she was very comfortable as an only dog and was left without issue, but she has since gotten used to having the companionship of Remy.  We believe she would likely do well going into a home as an only dog again, but it would be nice for her to be adopted either with Remy or with another greyhound.

You are probably wondering why we haven’t listed them as a pair?  Although it would be lovely for them to go out together, realistically it is unlikely we’ll find them a home together.  Homing a pair of dogs together is difficult but homing a pair where one of them isn’t good with small breeds is near impossible.

Remy really struggles with smaller dogs and can be vocal and bouncy toward them and although perfect in every other way, he will hold Bellatrix back from finding a forever home for who knows how long!  Davey and Bryn have been stuck here for ages for the same reason, with no one interested in adopting for Bellatrix’s welfare, we are willing to split them up so that she can find her forever home in good time!

Bellatrix cannot be faulted, and she will be a dream to have in the home.  She deserves to be back out on a sofa as soon as possible!

REHOME Bellatrix
Remy Remy
4 Years Old

Darling Remy is just a big doofus.

Although, really, he isn’t big at all!  But he is a muppet, that much we know for sure.

This darling boy has been returned to us with his home-sister Bellatrix after their family had a change of circumstances and didn’t feel were giving the dogs the time they deserved.  Having been in a loving home for two years, Remy is a total dream.

Good on the lead, house trained and a good eater, he has been excellently behaved with young children and loves to play and zoomie.  He is good with most other breeds but doesn’t like little ones.  This is something that will need addressing with some time and positive socialisation, but hopefully doesn’t detract from all the goodness and joy this boy will bring to the home!

He is such a happy go lucky boy, honestly, he is so much fun to be around and loves to play!   He loves to do zoomies around the garden, especially with his sister Bellatrix, they play chase each other until they are all tuckered out and then it’s off to bed to sleep the rest of the day away.

We would love to see Remy back out into a home with Bellatrix, but we aren’t sure whether we will be able to find someone willing to take them both!  So, despite being a difficult decision, we are giving them both the best chance we can of finding a forever home by being open to homing them separately.

We can keep our fingers crossed, but Remy will do just as well as an only dog as he would with Bellatrix by his side.  He is a cracking boy, and is such a big dopey, affectionate, and playful personality.  He will absolutely be able to find his forever home!

He takes everything in his stride (apart from those pesky fluffy handbag dogs), Remy is a dream and deserves another shot at a loving forever home!

Elijah Elijah
2 Years Old
Easy Going

Sweet little Elijah is just a darling.

So gentle natured, quiet and well behaved, everyone that has met him has fallen in love with him.  Although he does have the occasional shy moment, this easy going boy is very affectionate and cuddly when the mood takes him!

Gentle on the lead, he loves his walks but can be a little uncertain of traffic.  A bit of reassurance and he carries on with his day without issue.  Although if the weather is not to his liking, he’s not going anywhere.  He would much rather stay in then go for a walk in the wind or rain!

Overall, Elijah has a wonderful nature but one that we think is best suited to an adult or mature children household.  He has the potential to live with dog savvy children, but as he can be uncertain at times, he will need a little minute to find his feet in the home.

Despite this, we feel he will make an excellent only dog.  Once he’s confident in his new environment, he is very laid back, very easy going and generally such a chilled-out lad you’d barely even know he was there.

We’ve never heard a peep out of him, and he has kennelled excellently on his own and with a companion, so will do well with either situation in the home.

A proper foodie, he loves his dinners but is always happy to quietly wait his turn.  He’s just really never been a bother from the minute he arrived.

Kennelling with Boots (who is very small herself!), we often get people assuming that she is the boy, and he is the girl as he is quite slender and small while she’s short but stocky, making her look the bigger of the pair...he’s probably going to start getting a complex soon, everyone thinking he’s a girl!

But size aside, there is no little dog syndrome in this one.  He is wonderfully behaved and he is going to thrive in the home where he can really let his full personality come out and live life to the fullest!

Boots Boots
3 Years Old

Now this adorably little lady is so excellently behaved in the kennel, you wouldn’t even know she was there.  Small but stocky, Boots is a beautiful lady both inside and out.

Politely waiting her turn in all things, we’ve never heard one sound out of her.  She loves all the other greyhounds and is very gentle with her kennel mate Elijah.

Excellent on the lead, she loves her walks and happily trots along beside you tail swinging around without a care in the world.  Boots has such a wonderful, easy-going, laid-back vibe about her, you’d be hard pressed not to feel relaxed in her company.

She’s very gentle and would no doubt to very well living with children.  We really couldn’t fault her, her behaviour in the kennels and on walks has been perfect. 

Boots can come across slightly aloof on first meeting, as she is just quite happy to get on with her day and go for her walk, regardless of who is holding the lead. But spend a little bit of time with her and you’ll see that she’s very affectionate in her own way.  But that confident and outgoing independence means she will do very well as an only dog, as she’s shown no signs or issue at being on her own.

Boots does need a little bit of help learning doggy etiquette toward smaller breeds, she can be strong and a bit too keen in meeting them.  However, she would still be suitable for a first-time owner, who is willing to put a little training in place.  It shouldn’t take too long for her to get the hang of things, she’s a smart one!

She really is lovely, and she has a way of having everyone fall in love with her effortlessly.  A total delight to be around, we can’t wait to see her out on her forever sofa!

Olivia Olivia
2 Years Old

You know what, this little lady has really surprised us!

When Olivia arrived...what an absolutely moo!  Excitable, sassy, outgoing, jumpy uppy for cuddles, strong on the lead and generally a bit of a pain in the bum (in an endearing way we promise!)

BUT!  What an absolute diamond she has turned into.  Now that she has settled down into her new environment here at the Centre she is like a totally different dog!  She has calmed down immensely and really is very well behaved, easy going, quiet and all round perfect in the kennel.  Don’t hear a peep out of her!

Much improved on the lead, she walks beautifully and did excellently in her small dog test and has also met a small whippet as well.  She was really very gentle and after sniffing little Eva (the savage chihuahua) all over she was quite satisfied to go for a little walk together without any issue.

Very affectionate and cuddly, she does still like to jump up for cuddles when the mood takes her but at 22kg, she is the smallest greyhound we've had in a couple years and it really isn’t that much of an inconvenience to have her jump up...she barely reaches your waist!

A total queen, Oliva definitely still knows it and will have her forever family wrapped around her little finger in no time.  Cuddly, affectionate, and excellent with all the other greyhounds she also loves every human she meets regardless of knowing them for five minutes or five months.  She is such a little sweetheart and really loves her brother Kenickie, who she shares a kennel with, and all round...despite an interesting start...she has really become a favourite amongst staff and volunteers!

Confident and outgoing, she thoroughly enjoys her walks with her little tail swishing away as she goes.  Olivia has a wonderful character and if she continues on this path of mellowing out, as quickly as she has done so far, she is going to be an amazing companion in the home...but she is still young and does love to play!

She is a proper little pocket rocket and will do zoomies given any opportunity to run around on grass!  She really enjoys play time with her humans, so we do believe she has the potential to live with dog savvy children, but perhaps older children due to her jumping up for cuddles and kisses.  But she has got a lovely gentle nature about her, even if she forgets her size sometimes (although realistically she’s tiny for a greyhound!)

We are so pleased with her progress and cannot wait to see how her personality continues to unfold and develop in a loving forever home!

David David
2 Years Old

Well, he may look like he’s about ready to have a stroke, or is high as a kite, in his photo but bless him David is a lovely, sweet natured lad who is so much like Randy we were convinced they were related until we checked their pedigree!

The only difference between them is that David is really kennel stressed, he’s not keen at all...which explains his disastrous and short-lived racing career more explainable!  Named after David Ayling, the Leeds footballer, we can only assume that they were hoping that he would be as athletic and successful as him.  They thought wrong!

This failed racer is a lovely boy.  Once you get him out his kennel, the relief is obvious.  He is calm, gentle and quiet, and just wants to be out with his humans, lazing about getting all the fusses, belly rubs and cuddles. 

David loves his walks and is so gentle on the lead, you would barely know you are holding him and just like Randy he is a small, scrawny looking male that could do with a good feeding! 

He did excellently in his small dog test, he passed it with flying colours with barely an eye batted.  He loves everyone he meets without question and enjoys the company of all the other greyhounds.  He has a lovely nature that will do well with children as well.

He lets us know when he needs to go out to the toilet, which will be very beneficial in-house training, and is very food motivated (food is literally his life!) so will definitely work for treats should you want to put any other training in place with him.

All round, he is a lovely, gentle natured and silly boy that like all male greyhounds, is lacking between the ears.

David does have a playful side to him, which will come out more once in a home where he is free to do zoomies whenever he feels like and the zonk out for a nap!

He is flying solo in his kennel and is very well behaved, but he would likely benefit from living with another hound in the home, for companionship and to show him the ropes of life.  Although we can see him doing well as an only dog too.  He is confident and outgoing, in his own quiet way.

Really, he is going to be a total sweetheart in the home, he wasn’t destined for a life in kennels and racing.  He’s ready to go out into his forever home and lounge across the sofa without a care in the world!

Beijing Beijing
2 Years Old

There isn’t a soul out there that could resist those eyes...bless him, Beijing is an absolutely stunning lad.  Such a beautiful coloured brindle...but those eyes, he will have his forever family wrapped around his little paws in no time at all!

Quiet and well behaved in the kennel, there isn’t a lot to say about this lovely lad.  Home bred, he had never known anything other than his trainer’s kennels and their it was a big shock for him to come into us for rehoming. 
Bless him, he lost all his confidence in coming into the new surroundings and we are very slowly starting to see snippets of the happy, cheeky, and playful young greyhound hiding behind the worry and shyness.

Beijing will need to live with another greyhound, preferably a nice confident lady that will take him under their wing and show him the ropes of life.  Given some time and patience, this little scaredy cat will soon learn to enjoy all the best things in life such as roaching on the sofa and going for long walks in the park.

But because he is so unsure of life, is quite hand shy around his head and neck and worried by fast movements he is going to need an adult only home that will respect his boundaries and reassure him while he learns to trust.

He’s only been with us a short time but already we’ve seen his personality developing.  He’s always excited to see us in the morning and to go for his walks, where he is very good on the lead, and did excellently in his small dog test.

Even though he is unsure, it has never stopped him you won’t ever have to worry about fussy eating!  He is definitely willing to be bribed, but not always by hand...if you put treats down on the floor he will take them no bother.

We can see so much potential in him.  Having rehomed his brother and mother (Moss & Cher) recently, Beijing being very much like his brother, we know that he is going to do excellently once home...he just needs to be given the chance to prove himself.

But given he shies away from new people and gets all worried when approached, he’s not had much joy when getting viewed by potential forever homes.  We know he’s going to do brilliantly, once he is out of the kennel environment getting spoilt rotten.  It will be so rewarding to watch him grow and learn.

He is a very special lad, whoever takes him home will be very lucky indeed! 

REHOME Beijing
Darcie Darcie
2 Years Old
Joyful Spirit

She may look a little concerned in her picture, but this girl is an absolute star!

Honestly, it doesn’t do her justice...she’s got such a happy, adorable face with a long snoot that is just asking to be booped.

Darcie is Chicks sister (who we rehomed a few months ago) and there must be something about this litter because they are so quiet, well behaved, endlessly affectionate and happy with tails that never stop wagging.

We have nick named her ‘our little pony’ as she is just so adorable, all the time!  When you get her out the kennel she is hopping and skipping and trotting along beside you like a proper little dressage horse that is just so excited to be out and spending time with her humans. 

She really is such a happy go lucky little girl.  A real joy to be around!  Just like her sister she is excellent on the lead, brilliant with the other greyhounds, good with other breeds and very good with children.

Her trainer’s three children regularly visit the kennels and go in, fussing and playing with the dogs so she is familiar in how to act around them.

Darcie greets everyone as if she’s always known them and her happiness is contagious.  She would be happy to live as an only dog or with another canine companion, either greyhound or otherwise. 

The only thing we can possibly think of that could even vaguely be considered a negative and pull her away from the status of being perfect (in literally every way), is she is a bit of a fussy eater!  But that’s hardly a negative, in theory that should bode quite well in regard to counter surfing or raiding the dinner table!

We have every confidence that she will take to home life like an absolute dream just like her sister did, nothing seems to faze her and she is so accepting of new people that she will settle in no problem at all!

Titan & Rolo Titan & Rolo
3 & 4 Years Old
Happy Go Lucky
We do like to make life hard for ourselves...trying to home a pair of black dogs together, we could only be so lucky! Although, we can’t help but try!

These two absolute beauties are inseparable. They have always been together, throughout their racing careers and now their retirement. If retiring and coming in for rehoming at the same time doesn’t just shout that the universe wants them kept together, I don’t know what will!
While we had contemplated rehoming them individually...we can’t bare to split them up! They absolutely adore each other, and Titan definitely takes the lead from Rolo in all things. He can be a bit quieter and shier when he is on his own. He really isn't much of a 'titan' really, he's just a big softie!

But regardless of this, if we are being need these dogs in your life! They are just so happy, affectionate, laid back and well behaved with the perfect balance of a cheeky, silly, and playfulness that is just irresistible!

So quiet in the kennel, you would never know they were there. They are exceptionally well behaved, very laid back and easy going. There has never been one word of complaint out of either of them and nothing really seems to faze them. They complement each other’s personalities perfectly.

Titan is a handsome lump of a dog. He is just so scrumptious; you just want to bundle him up and cuddle him to bits. What a fantastic lad! Rolo as well is just such a happy go lucky lady and definitely the leader of the two. Her beautiful grey eyebrows and cheeky face. God, we love them both so much!
They are endlessly patient at feeding and walkies time, just happy to wait their turn! When you do go to get them out the kennel, the level of happiness and joy you are showered with is contagious and no matter how bad a mood you in. are, they are there ready to cheer you up!
They aren’t obnoxious in their affections, they don’t jump up, but do the cute little bunny hops on the spot until you fuss them. They are then quite happy to lean in and demand all the ear rubs and chin scratches you can manage!

But should you be otherwise occupied, they are more than content to just relax, sprawl out in bed together and snooze the day away when you aren’t around. They both have a wonderful nature about them.

Excellent on the lead, you would barely know you were holding them. They were also both very good in their small dog test. Titan was particularly well behaved; Rolo was interested but with curiosity and not malice. After they both sniffed the little dog from head to tail, they were quite satisfied and moved on with their day.

These two will do excellently living with older children due to their size. There is potential for dog savvy younger children, so we’ll review every application fairly.

We know it’s hard enough to home a single black dog and basically impossible to home two black dogs together...but it will absolutely be worth it to see these two out in a home together!

We know it can be a lot to take two greyhounds’ home at the same time, but whoever takes these beauties home will not regret it! They are 100% ready for their forever sofa, hopefully one comes along soon!
REHOME Titan & Rolo
Mary Mary
3 Years Old

New Arrival!

Details Coming Soon...


***Not available until end-July***

Nathan & Tufty Nathan & Tufty
3 Years Old
Bonded Siblings

New Arrival!

Further Details Coming Soon...

REHOME Nathan & Tufty
Rowan Rowan
7 Years Old
Chilled Out

Coming Soon...

Dolly Dolly
9 Years Old

Coming Soon...

Big Mac Big Mac
3 Years Old

We've been told he also responds to the name 'Sex Bomb'... 🤔😂

Cannot wait to meet this dog... 😂

Coming Soon...

Hoppy Hoppy
5 Years Old

Coming Soon...

Valentine Valentine
2 Years Old

Coming Soon...

REHOME Valentine
William William
4 Years Old

Coming Soon...

REHOME William
Harry Harry
4 Years Old

Coming Soon...

Megan Megan
3 Years Old

Coming Soon...

Hera Hera
2 Years Old

Coming Soon...

Trio Trio
2 Years Old

Coming Soon...

Hudson Hudson
2 Years Old

Coming Soon...

Bert Bert
3 Years Old

Coming Soon...

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