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Dogs for Rehoming

Experience Required Experience Required

We pride ourselves on being a responsible rehoming centre. We put the dogs first by ensuring each one finds their perfect forever home in matching them based on their needs and personality.

Each dog’s behaviour is assessed in order to establish their suitability in socialising with other breeds out and about, but also in regard to in living with other breeds, children and even other species!  To do this we assess each dog with a very small dog breed (AKA the savage Chihuahua), and in very rare instances with a cat if we feel they have the right temperament.  This gives us a good idea of what level of experience the home has to be for that dog.

We provide honest and open descriptions of each dog and ensure all details are given to potential adopters.

The colour chart is a rough guide.  Bear in mind that many of the Yellow, Orange and Red dogs would happily live with children, and the Purple ones have the potential to live with younger that 16, and Pink dogs have the potential to be only dogs, so make sure to read the blurbs fully.  However, it is important to trust in the staff to successfully match you with your perfect dog, as you may find yourself matched with a different colour level than you expected.

As one of the few rehoming centres that home with children, we take our time to ensure the most suitable match.  While greyhounds make excellent family pets and do very well living with children due to their incredibly passive, laid back and affectionate nature, we will generally list dogs as Blue, and more frequently Purple.
Do not be disheartened by this if you do have younger children, we want to ensure that every greyhound that we rehome...stays in that home!  So we take extra care in choosing which dogs are most suitable to go home with young children so it is all smooth sailing!

But, regardless of the home situation, whether it is adult only, with children, with other dogs or even with cats, matching with your perfect dog takes time!  Although with new dogs arriving constantly throughout the year your perfect dog may just be around the corner!

For more information, to register interest in adopting, request a copy of the First Steps Guide or to discuss any of the dogs available, please call 01621 788315.

REHOME Experience Required
Maestro Maestro
5 Years Old
Special Bean

Maestro is such a special dog.  We've come to know him very well since his arrival in February last year...yes, that's right, Maestro has been here for well over a year!  The big lump has such an endearing face with those fabulous grey eyebrows and one sticky uppy ear.  It's so hard not to love him!  He is a firm favourite with the staff and volunteers, he gets spoilt absolutely rotten as he has become such a part of the family.

So ridiculously calm in the kennel he barely bats an eyelid at anything.  He is very quiet, clean and patient as he knows and enjoys his routine.  He even house trained himself (in the kennel sense anyway!)  If he isn't curled up like a prawn in his bed, surrounded by his collection of toys, he's standing at his kennel door watching the world go by as he waits for his walkies or zoomies time in the garden.  He absolutely love a zoomie, he is so playful!  He plays fetch and loves to jump up for cuddles and get all silly with his humans!  It's definitely his favourite time, going out in the garden, burning off some energy and then, once all zoomie'd out, he will plonk down for a good ol' sun bathe or go back to bed for a nap.

He knows the walking route here at the kennels very well and generally walks well on the lead but he can be a pulley should something that desperately needs smelling be of interest.  He loves to walk with his nose to the ground, and does tend to zig zag as he goes.  Clearly he thinks he is a bloodhound rather than a sighthound!  But so long as you walk with a good fast stride it's pretty easy to keep up and maintain a loose lead.  Though don't try to turn back or go a different way, he will not go.  He must go the way he knows!
We have taken him out to local rental dog fields and he has such an amazing time.  He goes running off and as soon as he realises he can't see us he comes racing back and smooshes himself straight into you for cuddles.  Bless him, he's such a good dog!

Maestro loves and trusts his routine, he knows what is expected of him and is always happy to quietly wait his turn in feeding, walking and playtime.  He is literally an angel in the kennels and we all love him dearly, he is so content to just do his own thing in absence of his humans.  He loves the company of the other greyhounds on walks, but will not share a kennel with one.  He does prefer his space and would like to be the only dog in the home.

Sadly though, Maestro does struggle with the unexpected.  This is a particular worry for him out on walks.  He can easily get very overwhelmed, panic and reactive if other dogs approach him or if they get too close...and by close we don't mean very close at all!  He has made great strides with this, in the kennel he is quite happy to speak to other breeds without issue through the bars.  Even the smallest and fluffiest ones, while he is in his kennel, he isn't fazed in the slightest as that is his safe space and he's comfortable...but out on walks with dogs he doesn't know, he can be worried, strong and vocal toward them.  He prefers they keep their distance.

Bless him, he is just really anxious.  We have been working with him to overcome this and we have found that he is making slow but steady progress but he can reach his stress limit quite quickly, so he will need a very slow introduction to life so he doesn't get too stressed.

We can literally picture him being such an amazing addition to a home, just lazing around watching the days go by and playing in the garden.  He would be so happy to just lay on a sofa and never move from it.  But because he is a 'spook' out on walks he is going to need an experienced adult only home that is also physically strong as he is a big strong lad.

He would definitely suit a more rural/small village lifestyle where there is less pressure on walks, as he does excellently here as there are no distruptions on his walks.  Although if someone had a really large secure garden that he could run around to his hearts content or laze about in the sun without any of the stress of going for walks, we're quite sure he would be happy with that too!

REHOME Maestro
Jenson Jenson
4 Years Old

How handsome is Jenson?  Fabulous grey eyebrows, looking so distinguished!  House trained, an amazing family companion and very affectionate, this beautiful lad has sadly been returned to us.

He had been absolutely perfect until that last day when he got a bit grump at his mum...this was very out of character and unexpected for him, but as their first dog they felt they didn’t have the confidence to move forward with him.

In getting him back, we felt his issue was pain related and so he saw the vet, chiropractor and we spoke to a nutritionist due to an ongoing upset belly.  The results came back that he had pinched a nerve in his back and had developed food sensitives in the transition into the home...and in addressing these issues we have seen the return of the happy, laid back and affectionate boy we know and love!  Having always been a dream with us here at the kennels we knew there wasn't a bad bone in his body and the feedback from the family was that he perfect in the home until that last day where his pain got the better of him.

House trained, good on the lead (most of the time!), an excellent eater and very people motivated, Jenson is a lazy, easy-going dog who is happy to go literally nothing or have a play and zoomie around the garden.  He’s that perfect balance of super laid back but characterful...and goodness me is he cuddly!

Excellent in his small dog test before he left our care and in returning to us, he was completely oblivious and walked lovely with the chihuahua.  We have taken him to our local park three times now where he has met, stood besides, and walked past every breed you can imagine from little terriers to great big shepherds.  He met the smallest chihuahua when he was at the vet who was barely bigger than his foot and he was so gentle with it!
Although, while happy to walk past, ignore or interact with most dogs, there are some he doesn’t like such as black labs, cockapoos or other overly bouncy energetic and in your face dogs that don’t respect his space!

He is the most amazing dog, and the family did believe him to be perfect in the home...these things just can’t be what are we looking for in his second chance at a forever home?

While he was living with young children in the previous home, we believe he would be best suited to an adult only home or one with mature teenagers.  It would be beneficial if the family have previous experience with owning dogs, preferably greyhounds.

Jenson is more than happy to be the only dog in the home as he is quite happy to entertain himself and snooze the days away, but he would be equally happy to share with another dog. 

Due to his food sensitivities, Jenson does need to be raw fed.  If you be interested in rehoming him, it should be taken into consideration as you will need to have adequate freezer space and consider the extra expense of a balanced, complete raw diet. 

Experience in feeding raw previously is not essential as the lovely ladies at All Raw Maldon, who have been supporting Jenson’s recovery, are always happy to help with any queries on how best to raw feed successfully!

Bryn Bryn
3 Years Old
In Foster

Bryn is such a happy soul and a total cuddle monster!

Good as gold in the kennel and on walks, Bryn is dainty lady who is quiet, clean, patient and has been brilliant with both female and male kennel mates.  Already house trained, Bryn is a superstar at home life, isn't fazed by anything (except dogs barking on the tv!), loves a sofa and sunbathing in the garden.  

A lady who thoroughly enjoys her food, there is no fussy eating to be found with this one.  She is good on the lead and loves cuddles.  With a cheeky playful side, she has a lovely balance of peacefulness and naughtiness...which any good greyhound should have!

She would quite happily live with children; she isn’t hand shy or worried by loud noises or fast movements.  Really think she may just be a little bit oblivious to life some days!  She is quite happy to just get on with it.

Really, we couldn’t fault her.  She is wonderfully behaved in just about every way!  When she first arrived, she was quite excitable and reactive toward other breeds but since going into foster with three very calm greyhounds, she has taken guidance from them and has come a long way!  No longer reactive to other breeds, she is improving every day and well on her way to getting that typical greyhound god complex that they often seem to have toward other dogs!  She still has a little ways to go to really have doggy ettiqutte down to a fine art, but we have no doubt that she'll crack it in no time...she's definitely well on her way!

Bryn does believe herself to be a big lap dog and if no human laps are available she will cuddle up to whichever greyhound looks like a comfortable pillow!

Bryn does need to live with another greyhound (or two) and have a family where someone is around most of the time during the early settling in stage to get her settled, comfortable and used to being left in the new enviroment.  She may need to continue her training in doggy ettiqutte, but we can see her time in foster really paying off so this shouldn't (in theory) be an issue for her forever home!

Having been with us for 6 months now, we really can't believe she hasn't been snapped up.  She is such a happy little soul.  She will thrive in her forever home; we just know it!  She just needs someone to give her a chance!

William William
4 Years Old
Happy Go Lucky

While Harry is leading the happiest dog in the kennels competition, William is definitely coming up a close second...but beating him by miles in being the cuddliest!

This boy is such a cuddle monster, a real happy go lucky, easy going lad who doesn’t seem to really bat an eyelid at anything! 

Not one word of complaint, excellently behaved on the lead, really good in his dog test and just so quiet, patient and well behaved in the kennel!

Quite short for a male, he’s a stocky lad and definitely looks like his sister and seems incapable of having a halfway decent photo taken.  So, it doesn’t do him justice, but we promise you he super handsome in person!

Tail always wagging, William likes to greet all his favourite people with a paws on shoulders, full body cuddle.  He has become a fast favourite amongst the volunteer walkers and all of us here, he is just has such a go with the flow kind of attitude to life.

William doesn’t really seem to get fazed by anything, he hasn’t met a human he doesn’t like, including children, and is very well behaved at walkies and feeding times...even if his demands for cuddles and kisses slow us down a bit!

He gets on excellently with the other greyhounds on his walks and enjoys their company, but he is very content as an only dog.  He prefers to kennel alone, sprawl out on the bed and have it all to himself, so will do really well as the only dog in the home where he can have his humans all to himself!

He settles really well when we aren’t around so we can see him really thriving in the home!  Though the welcome you’ll get each time you return will forever put you in a good mood.  His happiness is contagious, and he has just got so much love to give, it never ends.

William is definitely the kind of dog who is confident and outgoing, loves going out for his walks and adventures but after all the excitement is content to just cuddle on the sofa with you and watch Netflix...he’s has a beautifully balanced temperament and will do well with children.

We’ll be sad to see him go, he’s been a joy to have here!

REHOME William
Harry Harry
4 Years Old

At this point, it’s becoming a bit of a competition to see who the happiest, most silly and cuddly boy in the kennels is!  It’s a tough call, but Harry might just be the winner!

Harry is an unreasonably and contagiously happy individual.  There probably isn’t a single brain cell rattling around that big skull of his but goodness, is he fun to be around!  Even if he does randomly run into things and seemingly has zero spacial awareness!

He loves everyone he meets without question, loves cuddles and is just a soppy, lolloping idiot.  Which in our opinion, is the best kind of greyhound!  

Really good on the lead, Harry loves his walks and his food.  There is never any food left in his bowl and he always eats his vegetables!  Once he knows you have treats though, that's the end of it, he'll never leave you alone!  He is very food motivated but this will hopefully translate into being a great tool for any training you might want to do with him!

Reliably clean in the kennel, he gets along excellently with all the other greyhounds and enjoys the company of his kennel mate Finch.  Although he doesn’t bat an eyelid when on his own, he’s quite happy just chilling out until it’s his turn to go for walkies or feeding time...but when he sees you coming toward his kennel, he’s up and ready, so excited to see you!

Harry did excellently in his small dog test, he really was quite disinterested.  He is just so people motivated he really isn’t that bothered about speaking to the other dogs beyond the initial ‘oh hi dog!’.  He just wants to be fussed by everyone! 

He can be a bit excitable coming out of his kennel, as he’s so excited to meet you, but this soon settles down and we know that this will settle further in the home.  His playfulness and his being really interactive and affectionate mean he will likely do excellently with children.  There is not a bad bone in his body and would be happy to be the only dog in the home or sharing with a canine companion.  Any children he lives with will need to feel confident around larger breeds, which although he is not big by male standards, he does like to jump up for cuddles and give people kisses!  But it's only because he's got so much love to give!

Just look at that face, he has got so much character.  We’re all obsessed with him, he’s such a good boy!  He is such a good boy, and you cannot help but love him, he really is going to be a fantastic family companion!

Big Mac Big Mac
3 Years Old

If you can say no to that face, you can’t have a greyhound.  Look at him!  He is so gorgeous.  A lolloping, silly, affectionate, and timid boy, but gorgeous all the same.

Otherwise known as Sex Bomb, and yes he does respond to it, this big hunk is not ‘tall’ but he is a chunky monkey and one you can’t help fall in love with.

A kennel favourite at his racing kennels, he has definitely become a favourite here as well.  He is just so precious.  He is very quiet and well behaved in the kennel, you wouldn’t even know he was there.  He just does as he is told without objection.

So chilled out in his kennel, Big Mac gets along well with all the other greyhounds and is very respectful of his kennel mate, Nessie, who he takes a lot of confidence from.  Bless him when he first arrived he was a timid thing and could be a little bit shy and worried at times, but was a total sweetie once you knew him and had earned his trust...But now...what a total charmer, he has turned into the typical lolloping, affectionate and cuddly lump that you expect from the males and although he can still get a little worried and skittish at times he has grown so much and he gives the best cuddles!  He really is so affectionate, cuddly and loving once he is settled and knows you!  He just needs a little patience.

Generally, very good on the lead, he can be a bit strong out the gate but he soon settles down.  He does definitely prefer women, but with a name like Sex Bomb, maybe he is channelling his inner Tom Jones.

Ordinarily this is where I would write some funny pun or play on the song lyrics...but has anyone ever actually gone and read the lyrics?  I’m just going to leave it this time!

Big Mac would prefer an adult only home but could live with older dog savvy children that will be respectful of his space while he learns the ropes of life.  He does have a little bit of a lacking in self-confidence when he is first settling into new environments but we've seen such a transformation while he's been with us and we are all in love with him!  Big Mac would likely benefit from living with another dog, but it is not essential, and although very good in his small dog test, he he were to live with another dog he would be best suited to living with another sighthound.

If you were to meet him, you cannot help but fall in love with him and his big nose and sad 'adopt me' eyes and we know he is going to make such a wonderful companion in the home once he is settled in.  He is a total sweetheart.  We love him to bits and know whoever takes him home will have a wonderful journey getting to know him and watching him grow into a proper dog!

Finch Finch
2 Years Old

Finch is such a quiet little slip of a girl.  You would never even know she was there!

Happy to just get on with things, she’s taken everything in her stride from the minute she arrived with not one sound of complaint.

Her behaviour has been pretty much perfect from the minute she walked in.  House trained, good on the lead, a good eater and very well behaved with her kennel mate Harry, there isn’t a lot to say about this lovely girl!  She is always so happy to see us in the morning and will get the sillies and helicopter tail.  But even when excited to see us, she is still respectful and calm in her affections.

She really hasn’t put a foot wrong, and we have no concerns.  Happy on her walks, she enjoys the company of the other greyhounds as she trots along but we do think she will do well as an only dog.  Although now sharing with the lovely lad, she had always previously been sharing with Montana...and the two of them were very cute together!  They could often be found cuddling or with Montana using her as a pillow!  Really, Finch doesn't mind who she's sharing with, she gets on with everyone!

When Finch first arrived she was a little bit quiet and shy but what a wonderful, sassy, cheeky and playful lady she's turned out to be.  She will walk into home life like she's always been here, we have no doubt at all!

She is just a really happy, easy going and calm yet playful girl that seems very versatile in that she will likely do well in just about any home and would be happy to live with children.

Finch was a little bit interested in her small dog test, but has met a variety of breeds since without issue.  She will need a little bit of guidance in doggy etiquette, as they all do, but this won’t take long, there isn’t a bad bone in her body.

A really lovely little lady, the first people to meet her will fall head over heels in love.

Buttons Buttons
2 Years Old
In Foster
This little lady really is amazing, she is very quiet, calm, and chilled out she is your real typical greyhound personality indoors...for the most part anyway!

Buttons is so your typical young, happy, playful and silly greyhound. She loves everyone she meets! Literally everyone is her best friend and when you are going into see her, she gets the sillies and does zoomies around the bed and jumps up for cuddles. She’s got such a lovely nature and gives off such good vibes.

Her silly happy side is well balanced with her normally laid-back mentality, but you can tell she’s still young! Thankfully though, she isn’t wind-up toy obnoxious with her playfulness! Buttons is quite happy to do her zoomies and then go back to being a lazy cuddle monster. We can absolutely see her being one of those dogs that snuggles up on the sofa of an evening to watch films with her forever humans.

Very friendly and a lovely natured dog, Buttons will do well living with children and would be happy as an only dog. She’s confident enough in herself to just get on with things, she didn’t bat an eyelid in coming to the Centre and settled in immediately. Reliably clean in the kennel as well, she will most likely take to the house training very naturally.

Having had a variety of kennel mates during her time here, she’s gotten along with every greyhound she’s met. Her efforts to instigate play haven’t always been responded to but she understands and is always respectful, if the other dog doesn’t want to play, she will settle down.

Indoors, we could not fault her, she is everything you could possibly want in a greyhound! But out and about, she needs a little bit of guidance. She can be quite unpredictably strong on her walks, the little bulldozer, and likes to be in front. But while she may be strong on her walks one day, the next day she may be a total angel. So, she just needs some help on being consistent on the lead.

During her time with us, we have seen a lot of improvement in this department through the assistance of a harness and for us, she generally walks very well...but if she thinks she can get away with it, she will pull!

She can be strong in seeing other breeds, particularly small ones running, but we have again seen signs of improvement. With some positive socialisation and training she will soon become desensitised to seeing other dogs out and about and lose interest.

Buttons is going to need an experienced home that is confident in working her past this behaviour and in learning doggy etiquette. But for all the joy, laughter and cuddles you will get, the effort you put in will be worth it. Buttons will thrive once out of the kennel environment, and we have no doubt she will take to home life like a total boss!

She really is as cute as a button! You won't regret taking her home!
REHOME Buttons
Cal Cal
2 Years Old
In Foster

How can we describe this boy...a ridiculous, affectionate, muppet dog is probably the most accurate?

Cal is a darling smaller boy who has never been able to show his true self in the kennel environment despite being an amazing, affectionate, playful, and happy go lucky boy.  While generally relaxed in kennels most of the time, in the kennel Cal was very easily frustrated and would become kennel reactive if there was a lot of activity going on or other dogs were going for walks (and he wasn’t) as he was constantly feeling as if he was missing out!  So, he would just casually scream the place down and if you didn’t know better, you would think we had a husky in the kennel, and not a greyhound!  They definitely sound the same!
But this behaviour meant that he was constantly being overlooked because as soon as his kennel door opened, he would fly out like a bat out of hell, knocking down anyone in his path, to burst out, see whats going on and make a dash for the gates to go for a walk.  Least to say it wasn’t a good look on him.

So, we put him out into foster...and he settled in immediately as if he had always been there, house trained from day one and was roaching almost straight away.  We know that, in reality, Cal had all the potential in the world to be the perfect house dog, but it is very hard to explain that when he’s flailing around on the lead screaming because the other dogs are going out the gate for walkies first!
It didn’t help that he was also immensely powerful, excitable, and reactive on the lead...always having to be in front, and then still pulling anyway!

In the home he is perfect, he is happy, laid back but playful, and completely carefree.  No more screaming, no more carrying on.  He goes with the flow of the routine and is really easy going, super cuddly and affectionate.  He loves to play, with tug of war with his humans high on his list of to-dos, but generally he just spends most of his time fast asleep, roaching up against the wall on the hard floor...snubbing all the beds and other areas of comfort!  He used to do this in the kennel, though we never could figure out why!

Very calm, chilled out and well behaved in the home he is both affectionate and independent with no issues in being left.  He loves humans of all sizes and has been perfectly behaved with very young children from 2 years upward and is always endlessly happy to see you when you come downstairs in the morning.  Also, while in the foster he has experienced a 21st birthday party where there was a house full of people and spent the entire thing snoozing in the sun or asking for cuddles from the visitors.

He is gentle taking food, doesn’t counter surf or scoff and eats alongside the other greyhounds in the home without any sign of food aggression.  While he does get excited when the treats come out, he takes them gently from the hand.

The foster are still working on his lead training but he is much improved, walking relaxed and without tension on the lead.  He does still have the occasional moment of strength in passing places of previous excitement (he has a good memory!) or if he sees a cat, but overall he is well on his way to being the perfect house guest!

Cal has proven what we are always saying, that the dogs behaviour in the kennel is not reflective of how they will be in the home.  Take a chance on the ones that are a bit harder to home, they’ve been waiting so much longer to find their forever home!

Cal is going to need a home where they are happy to continue with his training, which is going very well indeed, and are happy in socialising him positively out in the great wide world.  He can live with children, as an only dog or with a greyhound companion either male or female as he is in foster with both.

He would be more than happy to go for longer walks and adventures, and have play time in the garden, but is equally happy to just snooze the day away!  He is everything you could want, and more, from a greyhound...he just needs a little helping hand in some areas!

Maple Maple
21 Months

Maple may look like the picture of absolute innocence, but don’t be fooled.  This young lady is everything you would expect from an unraced greyhound in that she only has two modes: playful, excitable, endlessly affectionate, outgoing and curious of everything...but then also amazingly peaceful, calm and well behaved at times as well!

She is dead cute though, just look at that face!  Only a dainty lady, she’s going to be snapped up in a heartbeat...even though she does make a bit of an entrance when coming out the kennel! 

So full of happiness, love and life, Maple wants to say hello to everyone and get fusses from everyone.  She soon wears herself out and it’s time for a a typical puppy!

Excellent on the lead, she’s got a very gentle personality (although hard to believe sometimes!) and is actually really behaved in the kennel.  You never hear a peep out of her! 

Sharing a kennel with her brother Falcon, they are very sweet together and have been a joy to have here.  Even with the naughtiness!  Sitting in their kennel with them will have you in stitches as they are just so excited to have your company and they both try to turn into lap dogs and then the sillies start and then someone’s pulling your hair tie out and the other is leaning on you so hard you can’t stay upright...

At her age, Maple is just full of curiosity about everything and wants to be involved in everything, she will take to home life like an absolute boss as she’s young and her brain is a sponge!  Ready and waiting to take in what life is like outside of kennels.  She did excellently in her small dog test, playful and curious, no malice at all!

Although she can be a bit silly and bouncy at times, Maple would still likely do very well living with children as she is very human motivated.  But it would be beneficial if the children were familiar or comfortable around large breeds...even if she isn’t really all that big!

She really is a sweetheart.  In every sense!  So very affectionate and loving, she is just a little gem and we’re all besotted with her!

She will absolutely be using that face and those ridiculously adorable, hard done by eyes to get everything she wants in life and her forever humans will be powerless to her charms!

Falcon Falcon
21 Months
Happy Go Lucky

We’ve not done very well with the pictures recently, but I promise Falcon doesn’t typically look this concerned!

This happy go lucky, cuddly, lovely, and lolloping idiot is very much like his sister Maple.  So wonderfully behaved in the kennel and an absolute love but still your typical young, silly, playful and adorably affectionate lad.

Good on the lead, Falcon loves his walks!  He would be more than happy to go on adventures with his family, play in the garden or just cuddle up on the sofa.  Both food and human motivated, it isn’t difficult to get his attention and reward him!  If you have treats, you’ll be his best friend.

Although in saying that, he thinks everyone is his best friend anyway!  He loves everyone he meets without question and just wants to be cuddled!  He loves cuddles and fusses and is a big sucker for an ear rub!

Quite small for a male, he doesn’t stand that much taller than his sister and he too never raced and did very well in his dog test.  A bit excited by the whole affair but only in a curious and playful way, he was fascinated by the little dog but after sniffing her all over he very quickly lost interest.

Overall, he has a fantastic nature, and we can picture him really thriving in the home.  He would do so well living with children, but best ones that are comfortable around dogs as he is likely to lick them in the face!

Having retired before even starting, he’s ready to take on the world...and by take on the world I mean doing zoomies around the garden, sunbathing, taking up the entire sofa and generally just being the lovable idiot that he is!

We cannot wait to see this boy out into his forever home.  He’s such a character and one that will grow into an even more perfect boy than he already is in the right home!

Hudson Hudson
2 Years Old
Easy Going

The super handsome Hudson is just such a happy chappy!

So calm, easy going and quiet in the kennel, you would barely know he was there except for his standing eagerly at the kennel door, tail wagging furiously!

This boy is just such a go with the flow kinda guy, he walked in her like he owned the place and went into kennel with Zulu without barely batting an eyelid.  He has been such a calming influence on her as well which has been wonderful to see. 

He really can’t be faulted.  It helps that he is absolutely gorgeous as well!

Good on the lead, excellent with all the other greyhounds and a good eater there isn’t much that Hudson isn’t good at!  He is happy in his own company so would be more than happy to be the only dog in the home and with his relaxed and very passive nature we could see him doing really well with children.

Once he’s had his food and his walkies, he’s happy to just crash out in the bed and snooze away...much like any good greyhound!  But he does love his walkies and while more than content with two reasonable walks a day he would be more than happy to longer walks or adventures with his family.

While we haven’t yet seen the full extent of his character, as he seems generally quite oblivious to life, we know that once he gets home, he is going to make an amazing family companion.  He just gives off such good vibes. 

So friendly, people motivated and affectionate, he loves a good lean up against people when getting fussed.  Clearly, he is incapable of holding up his own body weight when the ear rubs are going on!  He loves everyone he meets without question and the tail never really seems to stop wagging!

Having rehomed his brother not that long ago, we know he’s going to do excellently!  The only kink in this otherwise picture of perfection is that he is a little worried by small breeds but so was his brother while he was in kennels, and he has since gone on to have many a mixed breed friend!

Sometimes they just cannot get the hang of them while they are in this environment.  It won’t take him long to figure it out though, we think he may actually have more than one brain cell!

Rio Rio
2 Years Old

It is of no surprise that we were receiving phone calls about Rio before we even wrote this!  You don’t come across blue and white dogs very often and this little man is very handsome indeed...and with the perfect personality to go with it, we don’t see this lad hanging around!

Roaching from the minute he walked into the kennel, this boy is insanely laid back for his age.  He has just the right balance of being ridiculously silly, playful, cuddly and idiotic while being so very calm, chilled out and horizontal for most of the day!

Good on the lead, this quiet, easy going and affectionate lad has been a dream since the minute he arrived and loves his walks.  He is fast becoming a favourite with the volunteers!  He would be more than happy to go on adventures with his forever family and have lovely trips out exploring new places!

Rio has kennelled perfectly on his own and with a partner.  He was kennelled with Styles, a young and silly lady, who he was very patient and laid back with.  When she’s got all excited to see the humans she would end up jumping all over him, he just laid there.  Nothing will make this dog move from his position of comfort! 

Excellently behaved, he is equally happy when kennelled on his own and doesn’t really bat an eyelid at much or really get fazed by anything!  Although we can see his full personality and a hidden cheekiness coming out once he gets into his forever home and has a garden all to himself to do zoomies in and throw toys around!

Very good in his small dog test, he sniffed her and lost interest.  He really didn’t care!  So it won’t take him long to get the hang of socialising with other breeds out and about so would be an excellent beginner dog for first-time dog parents.

With his easy-going nature he will do very well living with children, as he doesn’t take much notice of what’s going on around him.  But he is human motivated and tactile, he loves a good fuss and cuddle!  He has every potential to live with younger children.

All round, we could not fault this boy and he will make a wonderful family companion...and while I could keep going, we all know he’ll be reserved the day this write up goes best get your applications in quick!

Magnus Magnus
3 Years Old

There is only one way to describe this lump and that is that he is a total lolloping idiotic goofball!

Look at that face.  In all seriousness, I fell in love with him the minute I saw him!  Not only does he just have the cheekiest, silliest and most ridiculously enthusiastic personality, he just always looks like he’s up to mischief!

Least to say we had A LOT of phone calls about Magnus just based on his picture alone!  But I am writing this now, in the hopes that the right family will read this and register their interest based on his personality and not his looks!

Although we are all obsessed with this boy, he is a total goof.  If we didn’t know he was 3 years old we would have said he was a puppy going by his behaviour in the kennel!  5 minutes of sillies and oh look he’s passed out asleep!  Then rinse and repeat!

In all seriousness, he is an absolute gem.  Could not fault him in any way, except maybe for how he comes barrelling out the kennel in his excitement to see you but that soon settles down once he is out. 

He is actually quite a calm, laid back and silly dog once the post-kennel release madness is out the way.  He spends a lot of his day sleeping in all sorts of silly arrangements that could never be considered comfortable and when he is awake the tail is always wagging.

Magnus is generally very good on the lead but is very curious of things so has his moments where he may be a bit stronger to investigate something, but he did very well in his small dog test.  He loves everyone without question and is such a cuddle monster when you go in with him, but it often triggers the sillies and then zoomies start...he really is such a characterful dog.

We love him to bits and know he is going to do so well in the home.  He would do excellently with older children as he is a very affectionate and good-natured dog, there is potential for younger dog-savvy children, but they would need to be comfortable around goofball dogs that don’t understand their size!

However, in saying that, he’s actually quite a small boy.  Not tiny, but smaller than usual...another arrow in his quiver!  Who doesn’t like a super cute, smiley, unintelligent idiot boy that is also dinky?

Least to say I’d be surprised if he wasn’t reserved by the time I finished writing this!

Nessie Nessie
3 Years Old

So, Nessie may look really unnecessarily concerned in her picture but it’s a con to make you fall in love with her...not that she needs to con you when she is literally perfect in every way!

This adorable, quiet, easy going and amazingly happy little girl is a joy to be around!  Excellently behaved in the kennel, she has been nothing but perfect from the minute she arrived, and this will no doubt continue on into her forever home.

Good on the lead, excellent in her small dog test, a good eater and so very cuddly with all humans, she has made such an impression on everyone that’s met her including children of a range of ages and special needs. 

She is very affectionate and does adorable little bunny hops on her front feet while leaning into you to get you to give her more attention if you ever dare stop stroking her.  If you let her, she is more than happy to jump up and give you kisses but she doesn’t force this on people and is generally very respectful in her affections!

Here at the Centre, nothing seems to faze her, and she has been a gem from the minute she walked in.  She kennels beautifully on her own and with a partner, there isn’t much that seems to bother her. 

In a recent outing to a pub’s ‘dog day’ event, Nessie was a fantastic ambassador dog for Clarks Farm and socialised very politely with a range of breeds and people.  She wasn’t at all concerned by the off-lead sausage dog, in a Hawaiian t-shirt, running around like a loony with a young boy or by the jumpy uppy Frenchie that was walking around with it’s human. 

The only thing that seemed to slightly unsettle her while out at the event, was the very loud revving cars, being driven by people that got their drivers licences in cereal boxes.  Although, in fairness, most humans don’t like the obnoxious noise those large exhaust cars give out so it’s of no surprise that she didn’t like them!

Overall, for her first outing from the kennels, and into a very busy environment, she handled it like a total boss and given how quickly she settled in here at the Centre, we have no doubt at all that she will take to home life as if she has always been there.

Nessie is a very happy, patient, and gentle natured lady who will do excellently with children in the home and once settled, her full personality will unfold, and she’ll be doing zoomies, playing and roaching on the sofa in no time

She has got such a positive energy and contagious happiness.  We will be really sad to see her go, whoever is lucky enough to take this lady home will not regret it.  They will be very lucky indeed!

Everest Everest
3 Years Old
Easy Going

I can’t speak on behalf of the rest of the staff, but I love this dog so much!  What a hunk!  40kg of lovable, squishable, cuddly, and silly greyhound...who is ridiculously calm and laid back, I’m obsessed.  I swear the bigger the greyhound, the lazier they get!  It’s as if it’s an effort for them to move their bodies!

With such an endearingly kind face and such a gentle nature, Everest is no mountain to climb and conquer...he’s just a big softie looking for somewhere to lay his head and do literally nothing, every day!

With his placid, laid-back attitude he would do very well living with children and would be more than happy to be the only dog in the home.  He is currently flying solo in his kennel, and he is very content with his own company, where he can sprawl out across the whole bed!

He is just completely unfazed by the change of environment; Everest has never made a sound of complaint and has been excellently behaved since the minute he arrived.  He never causes a fuss and just so casually waits for it to be his turn for walkies, feeding time and attention, you’ll be lucky to see him standing up most days.  He’s generally roaching up against the kennel wall, but he gets so happy to see us in the mornings, his tails always going and he’s just a bit of a lolloping, happy go lucky, lump!

In saying that, he does enjoy his walks and it’s the only time you’ll ever see him take interest in anything but even then, it’s limited!   He just plods along, forward facing, getting his steps in!  Each walk we’re starting to see a little bit more character, but really, he’s hardly a chore to take out. 

He does check in with you while you walk but when he feels any tension on the lead he waits until you overtake him and then he starts plodding again...bless him he’s such a good boy!

And while Everest does seem oblivious to life 99% of the time, he is a big lad he has the potential to be strong on the lead if he wanted to be!  Realistically, if he got it in his head that he wanted to go sniff’re going with him regardless. 

This was evident in his small dog test, which had unclear results!  It was neither a pass or a fail.  Initially he was very interested by the little chihuahua but regardless of this he was still directable, and easily maintained, happy to walk by.  Although he did have his interest piqued when the dog was moving suddenly or quickly.

Once he had a good sniff of her, he relaxed significantly and we spent a good little while together walking up and down the lane and doing check ins to remind him that she was, in fact, a dog.  He did let her sniff his bum but was a bit worried about it!  He had proper side eye, watching her sniff him as if he was wondering whether she was going to nip his bits!

It didn’t help that we had fighting pigeons and a pheasant jump out while we were doing all this!

He doesn’t have the body language of an anxious dog; he was more curious than anything else, but as he does seem to get very interested in small dogs running (and wildlife apparently) he is ideally going to need a home with some experience with dogs, preferably greyhounds, but he would still be suitable for a first timer that has the willingness to work with him to settle and socialise with smaller breeds moving forward.

He is so perfect in every other way and walking him around the fields here where we don’t see any other dogs is so peaceful and such a joy.  Now he's been here for a little minute we're starting to see that he's just a bit dopey puppy that has a cheeky playful side to him...he just wants to be loved!

Yes, he will need a little bit more work getting the hang of walking in busier doggy places in the beginning but he’s still young and such a gem...he’s going to relax even more when he gets in the home and turn into the sofa dog he’s destined to be!

We’re really hopeful that he doesn’t just get ‘stuck’ waiting in the kennels...waiting for a forever home that will never come simply because he is a big black boy (BBB).  He is gorgeous and he is such a good boy, but the BBBs are always the last to be adopted...especially when they take it that little step further in being 40+kg!  Everyone wants the perfect greyhound temperament but in a whippet sized body...not knowing that the biggest greyhounds are definitely the best!

REHOME Everest
Ezra Ezra
3 Years Old

If you are looking for a stupidly happy, hugely social, cuddly and outgoing hound?  Then look no further, your search is over!

Not only is Ezra drop dead gorgeous he is everything you could want in a hound and more!

The perfect balance of quiet, laid back, patient and lazy...but also unreasonably affectionate, cheeky, outgoing, and loving.  He gets along with everyone and when he is upright (which in the kennel is quite infrequent) the tail never stops wagging.

He loves everyone he meets and has no issues with approaching complete strangers and asking for a fuss.  He is a total tart and in representing Clarks Farm at a pub ‘dog day’ event, he was the perfect ambassador, cuddling up to every human he could get close to (both adults and children) and politely asking for treats.  Not at all subtle, whenever someone stopped fussing him, he would then rub his head and body up against them like a cat and present his rear end for bum scratches!

Honestly, he is a complete and total idiot...but a super soppy, affectionate, and cuddly lad.  Oh, we are completely besotted with him!  As is just about every person that attended the event!

Ezra was excellent in his small dog test at the kennels and also socialised well with a Frenchie and whippet cross that was also at the pub.  He was interested in an off-lead sausage dog, but not with malice. He was just desperate to say hello, but the darn thing kept running off!  When he did finally have the opportunity to say hello it barked in his face and legged it...poor Ezra just looked confused!

If his outing proved anything, it’s that he is a hugely social dog that would be more than happy to live with children.  He is completely unfazed by things going on around him and wasn’t at all bothered by traffic, sirens or giant chavvy backfiring exhausts so would be fine to live in larger towns or busier places like London.

He loves his walks and would love to go on adventures or long walks with his family...or just go down the pub so he can make even more friends! 

At this point you are probably wondering why he is listed as Yellow...and it is purely because he can be strong on the lead.  Not world endingly strong, he is already settling down on the lead, he just needs a bit of guidance.  It shouldn’t take long and hopefully won’t deter people from all the possibilities that come from having this amazing and soppy lump in their lives!

He would be more than suitable for first time dog owners and would be more than happy to live with other breeds of dog, other sighthounds or as an only dog.  He walked in here without one word of complaint and seems to have a very adaptable and easy-going personality.

Once he gets home, he will no doubt grow a bit more of a cheeky and playful personality but that’ll just add to his charm...but realistically we would be surprised if he actually bothered to get off the sofa most days!

Ezra will thrive in the home, there is no question at all.  He is going to make a fantastic family companion!

Zulu Zulu
3 Years Old
Shut Down...

This absolutely gorgeous little sweetheart is in desperate need of some love!

Zulu is a quiet, gentle natured and calm lady who has been unable to truly come out of herself in the kennel. 

Originally, we thought she was just a lazy moo but we've come to realise she's just not taking to the new environment very well and is, ultimately, quite unhappy!  While we’ve seen little snippets of personality, bless her little socks, she is just really shut down and will barely come out of the kennel to go to the toilet, let alone go for a walk.

Having been with us for a little minute now, she’s gotten the hang of the routine and will (reasonably) go along with the standard day of going out into the paddocks, feeding times and what have you, but we have not as of yet convinced her to go for a walk.

She gets about 10 meters up the drive way and puts on the brakes!

Whether very overwhelmed or just under socialised with the great outdoors, Zulu is going to need a quiet, patient, and caring home that will give her the time and space she needs to come out of herself, find her feet and become the dog we know she can be.

Sometimes she will have a moment of getting all silly or wanting to play, but then catch herself as if she’s not allowed and goes back to being all shy and quiet again.

We love her to bits and feel awful that we have not yet convinced her that she is safe, welcome, and allowed to be happy here.  She does love a cuddle, but only once she knows you.  She's a bit uncertain of new people, but it doesn't take her long to accept them!

Zulu will ideally need an adult only home but could live with mature, quiet and respectful children that will understand to give her space as she learns life in the great wide world as a retired lady of leisure.

Excellently behaved with all the other greyhounds and completely unfazed in her small dog test, she will benefit from living with another dog (greyhound or otherwise) to show her the ropes and guide her through all the life lessons she will encounter.

We know that she is bursting with potential, it’s just going to take her a little minute to find her way in the world.  Hopefully someone will take this beautiful lady home and give her the life she deserves soon, because she's wasted in kennels...she doesn't yet know how to live life to the fullest!

Lenny Lenny
18 Months Old


Not even two years old and this poor sweet boy has already had two homes!  Given up by his first family who didn’t have time for him...not that this had anything to do with it being post-lockdown at all...he has very sadly been returned a second time after the family had a relationship breakdown and neither partner was in a position to take the dog.

His dad had hoped to board him until he found accommodation that allowed dogs, but as a dog who gets immensely kennel stressed, he made the difficult decision to give him up for rehoming.

Having only been back in kennels for a few days...least to say none of the dogs, or us, have had any peace and quiet.  He is screaming the house down!

As the result of an accidental litter, he is an unregistered greyhound who has never entered the racing industry at all.  He has never had to come to terms with kennel life, and has only ever known a life of luxury, and it shows!

Least to say he cannot stay in kennels any longer than absolutely necessary as he is very distressed and if he stays here much longer it will greatly impact on his welfare.

Having been raised around young children and going into a second home with children of a range of ages, Lenny is very comfortable and confident around them.  In his first home he was sharing with a whippet but was the only dog in the second, so he is happy with either avenue.

As a very happy, young, enthusiastic, and playful dog it would be nice for him to have an outgoing family that will take him on long walks and adventures to get that puppy energy out, so he just flakes out and naps when home! 

Good with the other greyhounds and other breeds, he can sometimes be a typical overexcited puppy when interacting with other dogs, but he is still young and learning doggy etiquette...he soon settles down!  He’s just a bit of a lolloping idiot that doesn’t really understand when too much is too much!  He would likely benefit from having a canine companion for doing zoomies and playtime, but it isn’t essential as he has been happy as an only dog for several months now.

House trained and crate trained, he loves his food (not that he’s eating in kennels) but is food motivated ordinarily so takes to training well. 

He is very affectionate and cuddly!  He loves everyone he meets without question and is more than happy to demand fusses.  He can be vocal at times when he wants something or in play, but again, he’s young!  In not being raised in the racing industry, he hasn’t had the same boundaries and upbringing with the other greyhounds to teach him!  This will be easily discouraged with some training.

Due to his inability to cope with the kennel environment, whoever adopts him should take into consideration that alternative arrangements will need to be made should you ever go on holiday such as home boarding!

Lenny will be, as always, a fantastic family companion and although he may not be able to show his true self in kennels he desperately needs to go to his forever home!

Hopefully third times the charm for this beautiful lad!

Bagel Bagel
22 Months Old

We often say in choosing a greyhound that the males are the soppy, affectionate, not very intelligent lumps that are just happy to be included...well Bagel definitely fits this category!

While we are not entirely sure if there is anything going on in his brain other than circus music on loop, this adorable, endlessly affectionate, playful, lolloping idiot is just too gorgeous for words.

Always at the front, waiting at the door for the humans to arrive, Bagel is a very friendly, outgoing and cuddly lump that loves everyone he meets without question.  He is quite happy to go round a group of people getting fusses and cuddles from everyone, repeatedly, as he just cannot get enough!

Such a happy pup, Bagel is a joy to have here at the Centre.  Like his sister he is quiet and well behaved in the kennel (until you go in with them, then all hell breaks lose as the competition for cuddles begins), they never cause a fuss.  He is just always happy, tail always wagging, perfectly content with the routine.

It’s like they’ve always been here.  Neither Bagel or his sisters batted an eyelid at the change of scenery!  Bagel particularly has just gotten on with it from day one, but this is probably in the fact that he doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together.

Very affectionate, silly and playful, Bagel gets along with all the other greyhounds and enjoys the company of his sister Butter, who he shares a kennel with.

At feeding times, despite having a bowl each, they always end up sharing one and then play musical bowls until nothings left. 

As is typical of young unraced greyhounds, Bagel is a bit of a bull in a China shop with no concept of his size or strength.  Very excited to investigate everything and say hello to everyone, he is strong on the lead when out on walks.

He did well in his small dog test but he was excitable.  He just wanted to play more than anything else, so he will need to learn some doggy etiquette!  But this didn’t help given he is a strong lad.  He does benefit from wearing a harness, but he will need guidance in how to relax on walks.

It will settle with time, he’s young (and stupid), but look at that could you not love him?  It’s not his fault, he’s probably gotten away with murder his whole life!  We do love a daft, soppy boy though, they definitely are the best greyhounds!

It won’t take long for this lump to find the sofa and mellow out completely but as a young and energetic boy he would love a family that will take him on adventures, long walks and play with him in the garden.  He would be more than happy to live with older children, but they will need to confident around big playful dogs.

Bagel would be quite happy to be an only dog, he is confident, outgoing and also quite easy going once he’s got some of his energy out.  But he would also be happy with a canine companion (such as his sister Butter) to play and do zoomies with!  Although he did well in his small dog test, if he is to share with another breed in the home, it will need to be a medium – large breed that will match his play style.

We can see Bagel lolloping around the garden chasing a ball, sunbathing, roaching on the sofa having belly rubs...he is going to make such a wonderful companion in the home once he settles in.

If you can look past the initial excitable impressions, he is going to be excellent!  We just know it!

Butter Butter
22 Months Old

When I was told that we were getting a litter of unraced pups in, I was both excited but dreading it!  Puppy greyhounds are little terrors!  But when Butter and her siblings arrived, we all melted.  They are just so darn cute!

This lovely lady is just a delight, she is mildly overshadowed by her brother Bagel who she shares a kennel with, but she still holds her own!

Very affectionate, playful, silly but also very sweet hearted, Butter literally wouldn’t melt.  The picture of innocence with her unique markings, she is going to be a cheeky one when she gets out into her forever home.

We have no doubt at all that she is going to use that adorable face of hers and hypnotic eyes to manipulate her family into giving her everything she wants, and more!  She is a lot of fun to be around and is your typical, fun loving, easy going, confident, young greyhound who is ready to experience the world for the first time.

It’s hardly surprising they are such happy pups!  As a home bred litter to a trainer who regularly goes around the auctions buying dogs purely for the purpose of getting them into rehoming centres to find their forever homes...they’ve been a bit spoilt!  We’ve seen the puppy photos...they were definitely spoilt!

Quiet and well behaved in the kennel, Butter is more than confident and outgoing enough to be an only dog, but couldn’t mind sharing with a companion.  Or should you be crazy enough to want to take on two of these little monsters, she would be more than happy to be adopted with her brother!  Her and Bagel are two peas in a pod, having never been apart.  They do make a very striking pair!

Although she did well in hersmall dog test, if she is to share with another breed in the home, it will need to be a medium – large breed that will match her play style.

She did very well in her small dog test, a bit excitable but then she’s still young.  She settled once she had sniffed her and then pretty much lost interest.  Like all the greyhounds, she will need socialising out in the great wide world, but she’s had a pretty good first encounter!

Butter would likely do very well living with children, but potentially older children that don’t mind endlessly happy dogs that like to lick them in the face!

As with all young, unraced greyhound puppies...she does need a bit of work on the lead!  She does benefit from wearing a harness, but she can be strong in her excitement to see, smell and investigate all the things!  It’s just all too interesting as she still has numerous ‘firsts’ to experience.

It won’t take her long to settle, with a bit of guidance from her forever family.  With the extra energy of being a young dog she will thoroughly enjoy playtime in the garden, adventures and longer walks once she’s got the hang of life out in the big wide world.

Butter is an absolute delight and we’ve very much enjoyed having her here, we can’t wait to see her get adopted!

Nani Nani
23 Months Old

Sweet, quiet, and gentle Nani is so well behaved and patient in the kennel you wouldn’t even realise she’s there...except for the sad ‘adopt me’ eyes staring at you from the kennel door!

This little lady is such a sweetheart, very gentle natured she can come across as a bit shy on first meeting, but she quickly warms up and very quietly asks for fusses by putting her head into your lap.

Gentle on the lead, very good in her small dog test and all round just a very peaceful and laid back, yet sensitive, little lady, Nani will do well in just about any home as she is just very passive and placid.

We have seen little snippets of the happy, playful and silliness that all greyhounds have in them, but it’s still mostly hidden away in the kennels, and will no doubt come out in full once she is in her forever home.

If perfection was a dog, it would be Nani.  She is a true sweetheart who loves love.  She is very affectionate and enjoys a fuss and cuddle but is unobtrusive in her pursuit of them.  There hasn’t been a human she hasn’t liked yet and is happy to have fusses from them all.

Nani gets along with all the other greyhounds and has never had a word of complaint for any of her kennel mates.  Good on her walks, she loves walking shoulder to shoulder with the other hounds.    

While Nani would benefit from living with a canine companion, she would do well as an only dog in a quiet, easy-going household that will give her a little space to find her feet.  We are quite confident that Nani would do excellently with children of a range of ages due to her gentle nature, but ideally quieter children that will respect her space as she learns the ropes of life in the great wide world!  Nani was so very well behaved in her small dog test that she would be more than happy to live with other breeds of dog.

She will be a lovely combination of peaceful and playful once she gets out into her forever home and discovers all the finer things in life such as sofas and her own private garden to do zoomies in!  For this little lady is still very young and is just waiting for that opportunity to thrive and grow into the dog we know is in there!

If it wasn’t for the fact she came into season, and now has to wait to get spayed, Nani would have been in and out of here in a heartbeat...but we have no doubt that someone will fall in love with her and be more than happy to wait until she’s ready to go home in October!


**Not available until mid-October**

Fairy Fairy
2 Years Old
Easy Going

Sometimes it can really catches you off guard when you get a young dog in that is as quiet, patient and excellently behaved as Fairy.

It’s hard to remember she’s even in the kennel, she’s just so easy to have here.  She acts so mature for her age, although we have seen the occasional sign of the adorable puppy sillies!

She is an absolute sweetheart and little to boot!  She is very loving and gentle natured, having gotten along brilliantly with both male and female kennel mates and all the other greyhounds on walks.

There isn’t much to say about little Fairy, she is like a little blank slate just waiting to go out into her forever home to show the true depth of her personality and sassy, quirky character!  We know it’s in there somewhere, she’s just too well behaved in the kennels! 

While she can be strong on the lead this is improved with the help of a harness and some clear boundaries when setting out.  She soon settles down; but this aside, Fairy was pretty good in her small dog test; she was quite curious and interested but fine once she had sniffed her.

Fairy has a really good nature, she’s very placid and affectionate which will lend well to living with children of a variety of ages.  She does love a fuss; she isn’t bothered on who that fuss comes from!  She would most likely do very well as an only dog, she doesn't seem particularly bothered when she has a friend or not!

We really couldn’t fault her, she’s just so easy going and doesn’t really seem to be fazed by anything!

She will make a wonderful addition to just about any family!

Niven Niven
2 Years Old

Could this boy be any cuter? 

Yes, he is doing his best sad seal impression in the photo, but this happy go lucky, bubbly, outgoing and cuddly lad is such a joy to be around.

Remarkably well behaved for his age, Niven is as gorgeous in appearance as he is in personality.  We could not fault him in any way!

Excellently behaved since the minute he arrived, he has never made a sound and is quite happy to wait his turn in all things...though when it is his turn his happiness is contagious and there is no way you could ever be in a bad mood with this adorable lump in your life.

Tail always wagging, Niven is your typical soppy, not very intelligent, young greyhound who wants nothing more than to snooze the day away, have some zoomies in the garden, eat and have cuddles on demand.

He is very affectionate; he gets the sillies in the morning when he see’s you and is just so happy all the time!  He has been so well behaved, he walks lovely on the lead if a bit curious of life, eats well, gets along really well with all the greyhounds, and was excellently behaved in his small dog test.

Niven has been perfectly behaved both kennelling on his own and with a partner so would be more than happy with either situation in the home.  So disinterested in his small dog test, he would quite likely do well living with other smaller dog breeds.

Overall, Niven just wants to be friends with everyone but is not obnoxious in his pursuit for affection however if you want to instigate play, he will be more than happy to oblige!  For he is still a young boy and is very outgoing and confident...but in saying that he is still a greyhound so it wouldn’t take much to knacker him out and he’s back off to bed for the afternoon!

Niven’s gentle, placid and happy nature will lend really well to living with children as he is very human motivated.

He is just such a lovely boy, and it is so uplifting to spend time with him...if ever you are feeling sad you only have to go and sit in his kennel with him and that’ll be you in a good mood for the rest of the day!

We’ll be sad to see this gorgeous boy go but we’ll be so happy for whoever is lucky enough to have him in their family.  He’s going to be brilliant, we just know it!

Cassius Cassius
4 Years Old

Not going to lie, we’re all a little bit obsessed with this boy.

Legs for days, fantastic ears and a super smiley ace...Cassius is a greyhound supermodel in the making.

Cassius walked in here like he owned the place, not one single care given he got on with the routine immediately, ate well from day one, didn’t bat an eyelid in his small dog test, walks well on the lead and is super affectionate and silly but also very placid, laid back and quiet.

He has literally been a dream since the minute he arrived and there is no way in this world that anyone could say no to that face.  He has such an amazing personality, he only gives off good vibes and is so excellently behaved in his kennel you wouldn’t know he’s there.

He has not made one noise of complaint, gets along excellently with the other greyhounds and as mentioned, was excellent in his small dog test.  Cassius definitely has that ‘god among men’ attitude to small dogs and had absolutely no interest in speaking to it at all.  There was a courteous sniff and then completely ignored her.

Cassius is more than happy to spend his days snoozing away, quite happy in his own company in the kennel, but when out of the kennel is a bundle of fun.  He has loved everyone he’s met so far without question and does the rounds to get a fuss out of every single one.

He doesn’t jump up for cuddles, although we imagine if you wanted to, he wouldn’t take much encouragement.  He does the little bunny hops on his front feet and bumps into you for fusses and rubs up against you like a cat to get bum rubs.

It’s amazing how much of an impression he has made in only being with us for a short time.  He is a total gem and would be more than happy to live with children due to his super laid back and passive attitude.  He would be happy as an only dog but wouldn’t mind sharing either...he’s so go with the flow he could quite literally walk into any home and be perfectly content.

He won’t be hanging around for long, that much is clear!  Whoever takes him home will be very lucky indeed!

REHOME Cassius
Phoenix Phoenix
4 Years Old

It will be an absolute miracle if I don’t take this girl home myself!

Phoenix is perfect in every way that matters, she is that perfect balance of quiet, excellently behaved and laid back but also silly, playful, and interactive.  She is very affectionate but yet so peaceful!  You wouldn’t believe she was 4 if you spent any time with her, she acts like a much younger dog (even though 4 is still very young!)

Brilliant in her small dog test, she has since spent a lot of time with our tester dog (AKA the savage chihuahua) and gotten along excellently on walks and (mostly) in play.  Although it’s still early days since she retired racing for her to understand how to play politely with a barking and spinning chihuahua who acts like a menace to society!

Clean indoors, Phoenix is very gentle on the lead and is excellently behaved with all the other greyhounds.  She has kennelled well on her own and with a partner and is more than happy to wait her turn in all things.  Most mornings when we come in, she’s not out of bed yet and is quite happy to just continue laying there until it’s time to go out to the toilet and be served her breakfast!

A really dainty lady, she is particularly small and if you were to see her in real life you would think her a lurcher and not a greyhound at all with her unique markings!  It’s not very often you see a fawn dog with a black tail, saluki like facial markings and snowflakes across their back...she really is very beautiful, inside, and out!

We could not fault Phoenix in any way at all, she is literally perfection in a dog, and she will be snapped up in a heartbeat! 

While she can appear ever so slightly shy in meeting new people for the first time, it’s all a front and she soon warms up and asks for cuddles.  She is very affectionate, placid but also very interactive so would likely do well with older children.  She would love to do zoomies and play in the garden with children, she turns into a big puppy when she plays.

I will definitely be gutted to see her go; I have grown very attached to her in the short time she has been here.  Whoever adopts this delightful little lady will have years of happiness and laughter.  She is gorgeous and a true representative for everything that is good about the greyhound breed!

REHOME Phoenix
Brazil Brazil
4 Years Old

Coming Soon...

Bondi Bondi
4 Years Old

Coming Soon...

Mayo Mayo
3 Years Old

Coming Soon...

Cookie Cookie
3 Years Old

Coming Soon...

Hiccup Hiccup
3 Years Old

Coming Soon...

Druid Druid
3 Years Old

Coming Soon...

Shrek & Fiona Shrek & Fiona
3 Years Old
Bonded Siblings

Coming Soon...

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