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Experience Required Experience Required

We pride ourselves on being a responsible rehoming centre.  We put the dogs first by ensuring each one finds their perfect forever home in matching them based on their needs and personality. 

Each dog’s behaviour is assessed in order to establish their suitability in socialising with other breeds out and about, but also in regard to in living with other breeds, children and even other species such as cats!  To do this we assess each dog with a very small dog breed, and in some instances with a cat, which gives us a good idea of what level of experience the home has to be.

We provide honest and open descriptions of each dog and ensure all details are given to potential adopters.

The colour chart is a rough guide.  Some of the yellow, orange and red dogs could live with children for instance, so make sure to read the blurbs fully.  However, it is important to trust in the staff to successfully match you with your perfect dog, as you may find yourself matched with a different colour level than you expected.  Matching with your perfect dog can take some time, but with new dogs arriving constantly throughout the year your perfect dog may just be around the corner!

For more information, to register interest in adopting or to discuss any of the dogs available, please call 01621 788315.

REHOME Experience Required
Maestro Maestro
5 Years Old
Special Bean

Maestro is such a special dog.  We've come to know him very well since his arrival in February, the big lump has just got such an endearing face with those fabulous grey eyebrows and one sticky uppy ear.  It's so hard not to love him!

So ridiculously calm in the kennel he barely bats an eyelid at anything.  He is very quiet and patient in the kennel as he he knows and enjoys his routine.  When we take him out to the garden he does absolutely love a zoomie and to let out some energy, he loves to play!  Then, once all zoomie'd out, he is back to bed for a nap.

He knows the walking route here at the kennels very well and generally walks well on the lead although he can be a bit pulley should something that desperately needs smelling be of interest.  He loves to walk with his nose to the ground, he does tend to zig zag as he does this.  Clearly he thinks he is a bloodhound rather than a sighthound!  But so long as you walk with a good stride it's pretty easy to keep up. 

Sadly though, Maestro does struggle when anything unexpexted happens out on walks.  He can easily get very overwhelmed and panic if other dogs approach him and if he cannot escape, he will jump up, wrap his paws around you and cling on for dear life just so he can feel safe.  Bless him, he is justreally anxious.  We have been working with him to overcome this and we have found that he is making slow but steady progress.  He has been able to walk with a small breed for a time but can reach his limit quite quickly, so he will need a very slow introduction to life so he doesnt' get too stressed.

We can literally picture him being such an amazing addition to a home, just lazing around watching the days go by and playing in the garden.  He would be so happy to just lay on a sofa and never move from it.  But because he is a 'spook' out on walks he is going to need an experienced adult only home that is also physically strong as he is a big strong lad.

He would definitely suit a more rural/small village lifestyle where there is less pressure on walks.  Although if someone had a really large secure garden that he could run around to his hearts content or laze about in the sun without any of the stress of going for walks, we're quite sure he would be happy with that too!

REHOME Maestro
Jerry Jerry
4 Years Old
Chilled Out

How adorable is Jerry? If you aren't besotted with him just on account of those little teefies...well, there is just no hope!  Not going to lie, we do love an overbite!  It is just too cute.

But we digress...Jerry...what a man.  Not overly big for a male, he has quite a slight frame and doesn't stand particularly taller than a lot of the females.  He is an absolute dream to have in the kennels as he is so easy going and relaxed, at least until feeding time where he turns into a bit of a kangaroo!  He loves his food more than anything! 

This boy's tail never stops wagging and he is quite happy to roll over for belly rubs from anyone that offers them!  Overall, he is just perfect.  He is excellent with the other greyhounds, walks like a gem, has absolutely no problem in eating anything placed in front of him and generally can be found cuddling whoever he is kennel sharing with which is just adorable.  He regularly uses his kennel mate as a pillow or a foot rest!

It would be lovely to see him in a home with a female greyhound for company but he is more than happy to be an only dog.  Very affectionate and patient, loves everyone he meets, so would be able to live with children who are used to being around large breeds.

Jerry has been with us for a little while now as he struggles with other breeds of dog.  He gets very overwhelmed as he just does not understand what on earth they are and how he is supposed to talk to them!  He is reactive on the lead but we have done everything here at the kennels to improve this but we strongly feel that once into a home, with some guidance, he will settle down and go onto be such an amazing pet.

We absolutely love Jerry to bits, but he has watched far too many of his friends go on to get adopted while he stays behind in the kennels.  Yes, he needs an experienced home but surely it is his turn now, can you give this goofy smiling boy a home?

Mach Mach
5 Years Old

This silly lump of a dog is just such an idiot...and we mean that in the most endearing way, we promise!  He is just a bundle of fun, zoomies and cuddles and more zoomies then crash out for a nap.

Mach is a big handsome lad and in all his excitment, he still manages to stay gentle.  He doesn't jump up at people (although he can turn into a kangaroo when the lead comes out) and he is just such a sweetheart to his elderly kennel mate Bee who he loves to snuggle up with at night.

He eats like a champion and love love loves his walks.  He gets so excited when it's time for walkies he starts bouncing around like a little loon as if to say 'hurry up!'

He is really very clean in his kennel and overall is very quiet and patient, rarely hear a word out of him!  We've had the odd play bark out of him but overall he's a very good boy!

Mach has brought so much laughter to the kennels since he arrived and oh boy does he love a cuddle.  He absolutely loves leaning into people and getting all the fusses.  As a confident and outgoing hound he is more than happy to demand fusses from anyone he meets.  Bless him he is just so much fun!

As he can be bouncy he won't be able to live with small children, but could live with older children that are familiar around large breeds.  Mach would be happy living as an only dog, he hasn't shown any indication of being anxious when left.

Hoever, Mach does need an experienced and physically strong home as he is reactive to medium - small breeds.  We do feel like this will improve once he is out of the kennel environment and he is getting regular positive socialisations with other dogs.  He just needs to learn some doggy ettiquite!

In the home, he is going to be an dream.  We can literally picture him being the perfect dog at home.  He is everything you could want in a dog, very happy go lucky, interactive, playful and affectionate.  He just needs some help on walks!

Jasper Jasper
2 Years Old

We are OBSESSED with Jasper, absolutely obsessed.

Look at that giant gorgeous head, honestly this boy is just a mammoth. He is the biggest greyhound in the kennels and probably one of the biggest we have had through our doors but what an absolute dream of a dog, he is the gentlest boy you will ever meet!

Too big and slow to make it round the track, Jasper retired before ever making it to the races and was sent to auction!
Thankfully, one of the greyhound trainers from Crayford Stadium (who we rehome for) spotted him at the auction and knew straight away that he had an uncertain future. They bid for and won Jasper for the sole purpose of bringing him straight to us to find him a loving forever home! We are so very grateful for what they did to ensure Jasper could have the best possible life and we are in love with him and his big ol’ noggin!

An absolute angel on the lead, you would hardly know you are holding a lead. Really, he is incredibly lazy and is quite happy to plod along beside you…he enjoys his walks but why exert more energy than is strictly necessary?

He eats well and gets along excellently with the other greyhounds. He didn’t bat an eyelid at meeting a very small breed, and has been to the park and said hello to a variety of small and medium dogs as well. 

Currently sharing a kennel with Panda, who looks tiny in comparison to him, it is not unusual to find them cuddled up or otherwise being adorable!  It would be lovely for him to have a greyhound companion in the home but equally he will make a wondeful only dog as he hasn't made any complaint when left on his own.

However, in saying that, he can sometimes be a little bit hand shy in meeting new people so if there are children in the home, he would best suit older dog savvy children.

Jasper has only just turned 2 years old but he is an old soul at heart. He just wants a nice comfy life in a home with a sofa! Whoever takes this gentle giant home will be so lucky to have him…he is just a delight.

You sit in his kennel with him, and he just very quietly walks up and places his head on your shoulder, leaning in for a cuddle and an ear rub. You could not ask for a better dog.

Reckon there is going to be a fight over who gets to take this boy home for sure!

Toblerone Toblerone
2 Years Old

Toblerone (Toby for short) is your typical, happy, outgoing, and silly lump of an unraced young greyhound. What he lacks in brain cells is made up for, with interest, by his cuddly and playful personality!

Only small for a male greyhound, Toby is just an absolute sweetheart, and you couldn’t fault him. He is just adorable, but still very young at heart. He LOVES going for walks, but is so excited to be out seeing all the sights and smelling all the things he can be strong on the lead.

But, he is young and he will learn with a bit of guidance and patience from his loving forever home. He did well in meeting a small dog although was initially very confused that a dog could be that small. After sniffing her from head to toe he decided she was alright!

Toby would benefit from living with another sighthound or similar sized dog for company and to do ridiculous zoomies and play time with.  However, he could be an only dog in the right home.

He can be a little bit bouncy and silly at times but could live with older dog-savvy children that are confident around large breeds.  Though like any greyhound once he's had his walk and his zoomies in the garden, he's quite happy to cuddle up with you on the sofa or have a good long nap.

Overall, he is a lovable idiot (which we mean in the best way!). He will bring oodles of laughs and so much joy to a home.

He may be a bit lively on the lead, but who cares, you can't help but love him!  Although in saying that, he just doesn't seem to be having any luck in finding his forever home!  He hasn't had one single viewing yet...surely there is someone out there that won't overlook him, he's a total gem!

REHOME Toblerone
Gibson Gibson
3 Years Old

Gibson is such an easy going and happy chap. He just goes with the flow and doesn’t really seem overly bothered by anything going on around him! He is quite happy to laze about and watch the world go by.

He is so well behaved in the kennel; you barely know he is there most days! He walked in as if he had always been here and hasn’t been a bother at all. He has kenneled excellently on his own and also with a lady friend so would do well as an only dog or in sharing with another.

Good on the lead, he gets along excellently with the other greyhounds and eats like food is going out of fashion…there will be no fussy eating with this one!
We haven’t had a word of complaint out of him the whole time he has been here. Currently kenneled with Becky, he’s been an absolute gem and she has given her seal of approval as he is the perfect gentleman.

Gibson has met and loved children, so would do very well living with kids of any age. He will, without prompt, walk straight up to people and children alike, put his head in their lap and ask for a fuss.

When he’s not asking for cuddles, he’s sleeping…it’s really that simple!
Gibson did well in meeting a small breed but does need a little bit of help in socializing with other dogs. He just needs a little bit of help learning doggy etiquette, which shouldn’t take long at all as he is at a solid starting point. He would benefit from having a confident family that has some experience in having a dog but he is such a good boy and so food motivated that he would likely do very well as a first-time dog in the right home.

All round Gibson is a lovely lad who is more than happy to use the ‘sad eyes’ look to get everything he wants in life. He is a total gem and has been a dream to look after.

Panda Panda
3 Years Old

Panda is such a beautiful lady, even if she does always look a little bit worried!

This happy, easy-going lass will make such a wonderful addition to just about any home. She can be ever so slightly shy at first, but it doesn’t take her very long at all to warm up to new people and ask for all the fusses!

In the kennels she is calm, quiet and you would barely know she was there…this chilled out routine has been encouraged by her kennel mate Jasper who barely finds the effort to get out of bed most days!

She can be a little bit lively on the lead, should the mood take her, but is generally well behaved and she did well in meeting a small breed of dog.

An excellent eater, there is no problems with fussiness, and she really is just an all-round delight. There isn’t a bad word to say about her. She walked in and got on with it from the minute she arrived and will no doubt do the same in a home.

Panda would likely do very well as an only dog but wouldn’t say no to sharing with another dog in the home. Ideally, Panda would best suit an adult only home or one with mature children.

Panda has one of those faces that just looks right into your soul and she will use those eyes to get everything she wants in life. If you want a dog that you can 100% dote on and give the world to, it is definitely Panda!

Josie Josie
2 Years Old

Well first off…those ears! We’re going to have to rename her Anubis!

Yes, Josie looks like she means business in this photo, but this girl is anything but serious! Playful, outgoing, and just straight up silly sometimes this little lady is just so much fun to be around!

Happy go lucky and confident, she loves to play, zoomie, have cuddles, nap and eat!  Just your typical greyhound mentality really!  

She loves her walks so much, although she can be a bit lively on the lead.  The ears more than make up for it though, they are up, down, up again and everywhere in between the whole time you are out…not really sure she knows what they are doing most of the time. They have a mind of their own!

Josie loves her food, a lot! Blink and you’ll miss it, she will never turn her nose up at a meal.  Even after she was spayed, with the dreaded cone of shame, it didn’t slow her down. She just bossed it; nothing really seems to faze her.

She has kenneled well on her own, so would likely do well as an only dog in the home or would quite happily share with another.  She settles well when we aren’t around and is quiet and calm in the kennel…until a lead comes out for walkies time, then the sillies start! 

This girl is a lot of fun with a bit of a cheeky personality that just adds to her charm. 

Also, those ears…you need them in your life. They deserve their own Instagram!

Cindy Cindy
3 Years Old

We all adore little Cindy...but this quiet, dreadfully shy, and tiny excuse for a greyhound hasn't had any luck in finding a home!  Which, in fairness, isn't a huge suprise as she never does show her true self on meeting new people and can be very stubborn about going for walks if the weather is not exactly to her liking.  

But believe us when we say, once you earn her trust she has a wonderful nature, if a bit stubborn at times, and will really thrive in a home.

Bring such a tiny and quiet little thing in the kennels, it's hard to remember she's there as you can't even see her behind her kennel mate Dnata...and he's not even big himself!  She's basically a whippet when standing next to him!  Cindy has been nothing but perfect from the minute she arrived, she has a lovely personality and can even be a bit of a sasspot when she wants to be! 

We love little Cindy to bits and she has really come out of herself with us now.  She does still have some anxieties but given a little bit of time you won’t regret taking her home and into your life and heart.

Cindy needs an adult only home who will look past her initial scaredy cat exterior and see the fantastic character that lies underneath. She will need to live with another more confident and settled dog to show her the ropes and to show her everything is okay while she takes it all in.

She is excellent on the lead but can do the frozen hound. We have found that this is generally when it’s really windy or the weather is otherwise not to her liking, and she wants to go back to bed.  She does love her bed and would much prefer to nap than walk most days, which I think a lot of us can relate to! 

Cindy will bring a lot of happiness to her forever home, as watching her come out of her shell and grow is so rewarding!

Pixie Pixie
3 Years Old

Isn’t Pixie such a beautiful little lady?

Such a sweetheart in the kennels, Pixie has been a dream to look after from the minute she arrived. Walking in like she had always been here, she didn’t bat an eyelid at anything.

Sharing a kennel with Jerry, she has been the perfect companion and doesn’t mind being used as a pillow or a foot-rest (as Jerry has absolutely no idea about personal space).

Already house trained, Pixie travels well in the car, can do stairs and loves the sofa.  Really you couldn’t say a bad word about her. She is affectionate, genreally good on the lead (but does like to investigate things), is easy going and comfortable in her routine.

She is good with children and is clean in the kennel. Pixie enjoys a good potter around the garden and does very much enjoy going on walks. She also loves her food; you will never have a problem feeding her!

The only thing she needs a little bit of help with is socializing with small dog breeds. She will quite happily walk past them, with them or stand near them without a bother. She just doesn’t want them in her personal space just yet. This is something that will come with time. She has already shown improvement but getting over this last hurdle is something that can only be achieved out in a loving forever home.

Pixie ideally needs a home that has some dog experience and is confident in positively socialising her with other breeds, but given as she hasn't gotten too far to go, it shouldn't be too difficult and we are here to help you with any training questions you may have!

All round she is a wonderful little lady and would do quite well living with another sighthound to show her the ropes.

J-Lo & Dua Lipa J-Lo & Dua Lipa
4 & 2 Years Old

These two musical ladies share an amazing bond.  But, given their unique needs, we understand that finding a home for them together will be challenging, though we are going to give it a go anyway!

Dua Lipa is a shy little lass but adores people and loves fusses and takes a lot of confidence from having J-Lo with her.  J-Lo, in contrast, is much more confident and outgoing. But they both loves going for walks and are both very gentle on the lead.  But more than anything they both crave human attention!  They want all the cuddles, all the time!  

They both eat well and are quiet, clean, and patient in the kennel and don’t mind being left when together!  They also both did excellently in meeting a small breed.

However, it’s taken a bit of a journey to get to this point…

When J-Lo arrived, we could see straight away that she had serious kennel related anxieties.  Unfortunately, with no foster home available, a consultation was made with the vet.  In J-Los’ best interest the decision was made to put her on medication as a short-term solution to help her settle.

We tried several kennel mates with both J-Lo and Dua Lipa but they gave all of them the cold shoulder.  So, we thought we could try them together, since neither of them had any desire to have male company, and by some miracle they got along like a house on fire! 

The pair of them are now glued to each other, they are always touching in some fashion and if one moves, the other one goes with her.  This has been so successful; we’ve managed to take J-Lo off her medication.

Dua has been a positive and calming influence on J-Lo in the kennel, helping her settle when the humans aren’t around.  

We know it is a big ask for someone to take on these two girls together, but they really do enrich each other’s lives.  The way they are bonding is having a major positive impact on their individual insecurities.

We are hopeful that someone can see past their respective insecurities and focus on their love for each other and potential in a loving forever home.

REHOME J-Lo & Dua Lipa
Dnata Dnata
2 Years Old
Happy Go Lucky

Adorable floppy ears and sad ‘adopt me’ eyes…you would be hard pressed not to be attracted to his boy!

A little bit on the shy side, Dnata is a lovely natured and cuddly boy with a little cheeky playful side that is just waiting to show itself in the right home. He loves his food and loves his walks, both of which he gets all silly and excited about!

Outgoing on walks, he is strong on the lead as he investigates all the sights and smells, but this will calm in time and a bit of guidance. He’s just excited to be out and about, spending time with his humans.

He did well in meeting a small breed but was quite strong initially in his excitement to investigate what he must have thought was the weirdest looking greyhound he had ever seen. Once he was satisfied that it was indeed a dog, he was much calmer and walked nicely with her…as nicely as he can manage while pulling on the lead that is.

Overall, you couldn’t fault him. He has a gentle and shy nature about him but that doesn’t stop him doing the zoomies should the mood take him. As he can be a bit shy and unsure of certain situations, he would be best suited to a nice, quiet, and easy going adult only home.

Once he discovers the sofa and that life is definitely best enjoyed in the slow lane, he will settle right in and really thrive.

Those eyes just look straight into your soul and he will absolutely take advantage and use them to get whatever he wants out of you! So if you don’t mind being wrapped around your dogs paw, this is the dog for you!

Dad Dad
4 Years Old

From the minute Dad walked in, nothing has fazed him. He found the bed and sprawled out without a care in the world. He eats well, he’s an absolute diamond on the lead and doesn’t really seem to be fazed by anything.

Quiet and clean in his kennel, he has given us nothing but good vibes! Although it is slightly weird about saying ‘Dad, come here’ and ‘dinner time Dad!’ when speaking to a dog…but it’s also more than a little funny and we’re thoroughly enjoying having him in the kennels!

No dad-bods to be found here, Dad is a devilishly handsome lad who loves a cuddle and a good fussing (…that sounds weirder then it’s meant to, but you know what I mean!)

So far, Dad has given us no concerns and nothing but positive signs that he would settle into home life without a hitch.  Not one word of complaint out of him following his castration and the dreaded cone of shame, quite literally nothing seems to faze this boy at all.  He is just a dream to look after. 

We could barely get him to notice the small dog when walked together and he seems quite at home with his own company, so would likely do very well as an only dog…He’s going to be adopted in a heartbeat, without a doubt!

Ty Ty
2 Years Old
Happy Go Lucky

As is typical of a young male greyhound, Ty is a bit of a muppet…but we love him because of it! The less brain cells the better in our opinion!

Ty is an easy going and happy lad who wants cuddles whenever possible.  Now settled into the routine here at the kennels he is just such a well behaved boy, very calm, clean and quiet in his kennel.  He patiently waits his turn and settles well when we aren't around.  Although he does like to let you know when you've taken a bit too long to give him his morning cuddles!

He is a generally very good on the lead but can have the odd strong moment, but he is improving with this every day and will go on to be perfect on the lead with a little more guidance.

He did excellently in the small dog test and has gone on to meet several other dogs of varying sizes and fluffiness at the vets and was the bestest boy!  He didn’t really seem to understand what he was supposed to be doing, he just sniffed them then looked at us as if to ask what 'what do I do next?' …we took a tally off the brain cell count for that one, it’s not looking good!

He is a lovely looking boy and has a very kind face. So far it is very hard not to love him as the tail never stops wagging!  He's going to do excellently in the home.  There's not a bad bone in his body and not a bad word to say about him! 

He he is confident and outgoing toward meeting people, and loves everyone he meets.  He is gentle in his affection so will do well with children of any age.  

Give him a bit of time to settle in and you'll have a total gem of a companion! 

Burger Burger
3 Years Old

Burger is a lovely dainty little lady who is a bit shy but will do anything for cuddles!

She may always look a little bit worried, but Burger is a very well behaved and gentle natured girl. She has been no bother at all in the kennel, she enjoys her walks and is very gentle on the lead and isn’t fussy at all with her food. She gets along very well with the other greyhounds and didn’t bat an eyelid at meeting a small dog.

You’d hardly even know she was here most days as she just gets on with it, but she does like to let you know when she needs the toilet, but this clean nature in the kennel will lend well to house training in her forever home.

Burger would like a nice quiet and easy going home, ideally where someone is around most of the time in the beginning to get her settled in. She loves love. She would be quite happy to just lounge around all day getting fusses or laying by your feet while you work from home. She doesn’t want for much and being little, she won’t take up much space!

Although she is likely best suited to an adult only home, there is potential to live with mature children. But as she can be hand shy of fast movements, any children will need to respect her space while she settles in.

Burger would benefit from living with a nice chilled out male dog, but it isn’t mandatory. We have rehomed two of her siblings already of a similar nature and one is living her best life as an only dog and the other in a pack of four! So, we know for sure that Burger will do excellently in a home!

The only thing to note about this otherwise perfect little lady is that she has a nail condition that means she will need dietary supplements moving forward, as well as regular trimmings to keep them short. We can provide full details and costings involved in the supplements, but it really isn’t very much at all, and she eats them without problem when hidden in her food.

We hope that this doesn’t put you off from taking her home, as she is a lovely little lady! She will thrive in a home surrounded by a loving forever family.

Pepper Pepper
17 Months Old
Easy Going

Sweet little Pepper is quite unusual for a 17-month-old Greyhound…in that she isn’t a velociraptor!

This lovely little girl is a shy at first but is honestly such a sweetheart. Very gentle, quiet, and good natured she is patient in her kennel and excellent on the lead. She did brilliantly in meeting a small dog breed, in that she really didn’t care, and gets along very well with all the other greyhounds!

Although just like all other greyhounds, she loves cuddles and fusses, and once she knows you, she is more than happy to ask for all the attention! She has been nothing but perfect since she arrived.

Being a bit on the shier side, Pepper ideally needs a quiet and easy going adult only home or one with mature children that will respect her space. She is a little hand shy of fast movements and worried by things like brooms but appears to be a kennel related anxiety and it will settle once in a loving forever home.  She would benefit from living with another dog but could be an only dog in the right home.

Even when she was unsure at first, it didn’t stop her eating! Not at all fussy, you won’t have any problems feeding her! Now that is typical of a young greyhound!

Pepper is definitely the calm one when compared to her sister Becky! Happy and quiet when left, she doesn’t seem to mind her own company and isn’t vocally demanding of attention in the kennel…although now that she’s gaining confidence and trusts us, she is more than happy to give us the ‘sad eyes’ to get what she wants! She has kenneled well on her own and with a male companion, so would likely do well in either situation in the home.

We can really picture Pepper thriving in a loving forever home where she will continue to grow in confidence and burst into the zoomies now and again round the garden!

Reckon there are going to be arguments over who gets to take home this tiny beauty.

Becky Becky
17 Months Old

Becky is just an adorable little bundle of love, cuddles and fun.

Quietly confident, Becky is still a little unsure of new people at first, but that’s uncertainty is quickly forgotten in pursuit of fusses!

Becky is playful, outgoing and a bit more excitable than her sister, but thankfully not in the obnoxious way that most young greyhounds (AKA landsharks) display!

Excellent on the lead, Becky just plods along beside you and did excellently in meeting a small breed as well as a spontaneous off lead Labrador and cocker spaniel that came out of nowhere. Completely oblivious on both counts.

Very sociable with the other greyhounds she would greatly benefit from living with another dog (or two) to play with when the humans aren’t around. She would most likely do very well as an only dog, but we believe she would be happiest in having a companion.

Not fussy with her food at all and is quiet and well behaved in her kennel, if a bit demanding of attention!

Like her sister, she also has some some hand-shyness with fast movements and is worried by things like brooms. But this appears to be a kennel related anxiety and will settle once in a loving forever home. But for this reason, she would best suit an adult only home or one where the children are mature and respectful of her space.

Young and impressionable, Becky will be everything you raise her to be. She is going to be wonderful in a home, although if you work from home, good luck getting anything done with this one around! She is very convincing when she wants cuddles and she will wheedle her way into whatever you are doing!

Bless her, she is a total sweetheart and won’t hang around long at all!

Lola Lola
3 Years Old

Lovely Lola is just a delight to have around.

Tail always wagging, she is one of the happiest little ladies in the kennels. Very affectionate, cuddly, and playful, she loves all the fusses and just wants to be included in everything.

Lola walks beautifully on the lead, quite happy to just trot along beside you. She loves all the other greyhounds, and seems to be quite taken with Moxie, always choosing to walk with her out and about!

What Lola loves more than anything is eating, she is definitely not a fussy eater. Anything placed in front of her will be gone before you can blink. Bless her, she really loves her food!

A sassy little monkey sometimes, she will bring so much joy to her forever home with her zoomies and quirkiness, but also just by snuggling up for a nap on the sofa with her humans.

She did very well in meeting a small breed. Although she was a bit strong in her desire to go and say hello and sniff her from head to tail, she was completely baffled that a dog could be so small. But after the initial excitement they walked nicely together.

Really Lola hasn’t been a bother at all since she arrived and is generally quite clean in her kennel.

There is no question that Lola is going to be adopted by the first family to meet her.

Duchess Duchess
2 Years Old
Easy Going

Duchess is literally so perfect, it’s hard to find anything to write about her!
A lovely dainty lady, she is the picture of elegance as she trots along peacefully on the lead.

Excellent with all the other greyhounds, she is a calm guiding soul for her kennel mate Moose who is a little uncertain of things at first. She didn’t bat an eyelid in meeting a small dog, and really just seemed quite oblivious to her.

She eats everything offered to her without question, she is clean, quiet and patient in her kennel.

There is not one bad word to say about her as she has been nothing but perfect since the moment she arrived.

Honestly, she’ll be adopted in a heartbeat!

REHOME Duchess
Dennis Dennis
3 Years Old

We love Dennis! This boy is anything but a menace, he is the sweetest little boy and has fabulous ears!

Ever so slightly shy, Dennis is a quiet old soul in a young body. Happy to be included, even when he is unsure, he will still approach new people to ask for a fuss and an ear rub…especially if treats are involved.

Very gentle natured, Dennis is particularly small for a boy in that he stands barely an inch higher than his kennel mate Jasmine. He is very good on the lead and was very well behaved in meeting a small dog, he didn’t really seem to care. In a recent outing with some of the other dogs, when a hare ran across the field he was the only one not getting all silly and excited…he just looked at the others and then at the humans like please make them stop so we can get on with our walk! Honestly, he is such a good boy.

Quiet and patient in his kennel, you wouldn’t even know he was there most of the time. He just lazes about until it’s his turn.
Although what it really comes down to is those big beautiful brown eyes that he will absolutely use to manipulate you into giving him everything he wants. He definitely knows how to do the ‘adopt me’ eyes and this will no doubt result in him being adopted very quickly!

Jasmine Jasmine
3 Years Old

Jasmine may have a beautiful face, soul piercing eyes and a heart of gold…but she’s well cheeky!

An absolute dream in the kennel, she is quiet, patient and really relaxed. Unlike the other dogs jumping at the doors all excited to see us in the morning, Jasmine is quite happy to just lay about until it’s her turn!

Excellent with the other greyhounds, she has been very well behaved when kenneled on her own and wonderfully kind to her kennel mate Dennis, so would be quite content with being an only dog or sharing with another greyhound. She’s adaptable like that!

Very affectionate and cuddly with her humans, she is outgoing, confident and loves everyone she meets…particularly if they give her fusses or treats! Honestly, she is an absolute sweetheart and we haven’t heard a word out of her since she arrived.

She walked in here like she owned the place and hasn’t been a bother since the minute she arrived. She eats like a champ and absolutely loves her walks, she will make such an amazing companion in the home, where she will no doubt settle in like a total dream! She would be more than happy to live with children, as she doesn’t seem to be fazed by anything around her, she just takes it all in her stride

Of course, such a perfect dog will have a catch! Jasmine has no concept of how to walk nicely on the lead! Honestly wouldn’t expect such a tiny lady to be so powerful and she needs to be walked on a harness to stop her hurting herself in her excitement to be out seeing and smelling all the things!
Due to her excitement and strength on the lead, as well as her eagerness toward other breeds, she does need an experienced home and one that is physically strong that can guide her into good behavior on the lead and in learning some doggy etiquette.

Jasmine is beautiful and we love her to bits, given a chance she will be an absolute delight to have at home! She just needs someone to look past her cheeky behavior on the lead!

REHOME Jasmine
Moxie Moxie
4 Years Old

Sweet little Moxie is such a lovely, gentle natured lady.

With a glittering racing career under her belt, Moxie is finally getting her turn to find her forever sofa!

Quiet, patient and endlessly affectionate, Moxie loves her walks (assuming it isn’t raining!) and is very gentle on the lead. She eats anything put in front of her without question and is more than happy to just snuggle up for cuddles if you sit down in her kennel with her.

She is so cute, her racing trainer found it hard to let her do because he loved her so much and you can really tell she has been doted on. She really is such a dear little thing.

Content in her own company, Moxie would do absolutely fine as an only dog as she doesn’t bat an eyelid at being left on her own in the kennel. However, she has would be equally happy to share with another dog.
She enjoys the company of the other greyhounds on her walks and when pottering around the garden and did excellently in meeting a small dog where she took no notice at all!

Moxie has done her fair share of running around and is now ready for a nice quiet life in the slow lane. She would best suit an adult only home where she can snooze the days away, although she would be fine with visiting children, as she loves everyone.

No one will be able to look into her darling face and say no to her, that’s for sure! The first people to meet her will adopt her!

Badger Badger
3 Years Old
Happy Go Lucky

Badger is just the cutest. He has such a kind, gentle face and nature.

A bit of an old soul in a young body, Badger hasn’t been even one bit of a bother since he arrived in our care. Calm, quiet and clean in his kennel, he has been good as gold. He has kenneled beautifully on his own without complaint, so wouldn’t be bothered being the only dog in the home.

Such a good-looking boy, Badger eats like a champ, walks well on the lead and hasn’t really given us anything to worry about at all. He did very well in meeting a small dog, although initially interested, he soon lost interested once he realized she was just a tiny dog! They then walked very politely together without an issue.

Really, Badger would do well in just about any home. He is calm, cuddly and will be happy to just laze about and do nothing all day or curl up beside you for all the fusses. He would be more than happy to live with children as he loves getting all the attention.

There is no question that Badger will thrive in his forever home as he just has that typical greyhound temperament of being a nice lazy boy but that is also confident and outgoing, loving his walks!

Badger loves everyone he meets, and will no doubt melt the heart of the first family he meets. He won’t be here long at all!

Moose Moose
2 Years Old

Poor Moose does always look a little bit worried, but he is such a beautiful boy. We are so in love with him.

This boy is ever so gentle, wonderful on the lead and so quiet in the kennel it is hard to remember he is there most days.

He has kenneled very well on his own but has really benefited and thrived since being introduced to Duchess as a kennel mate, which says a lot about what he really needs in his forever home! As he is a little bit shy of new people and situations, he will definitely need the guiding paw of a canine companion (or two!) in the home.

Although shy, he is willing, and very much enjoys his walks, the company the humans he knows and the other greyhounds. He did very well in meeting and walking with a small dog, so there’s no worries there!
He eats excellently and is generally very much a ‘laze about’ kind of dog. He doesn’t want for much, he’s quite happy to just do his own thing and come and ask for fusses when he wants them.

He is a lovely natured dog, so gentle and quiet. He hasn’t been a bother in the slightest since he arrived, and no doubt will be the same when in his forever home.

Moose will need an adult only home as he can be a bit hand shy of fast movements, but we can really see him thriving in a loving forever home where he can find his feet in his own time. It would be wonderful to see him happy…and not looking like a deer (or rather a Moose) in headlights!

Izzy Izzy
4 Years Old

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