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None take your fancy? None take your fancy?

We don't always have time to put new dogs on the website so if none of the dogs listed take your fancy just give us a call on 01621 788315 to discuss any we have available. 

Although with new dogs arriving constantly throughout the year your forever hound may just not be here yet.  If you give us a ring we can take down your details whereafter you will be placed on our waiting list. 

If you have specific requirements such as wanting a greyhound to be companions with pets already in the home, or children, please let us know and we will make sure to match you with your perfect dog.

Please note we are no longer accepting applications for homes with cats.

REHOME None take your fancy?
Dog of the Week: Millie & Fea Dog of the Week: Millie & Fea
9 & 10 Years Old
Millie and Fea have been with us for just over two months now. They were sadly returned to us through no fault of their own as their owner went into care.
At 9 and 10 years old, these golden oldies are just a pair of absolute darlings. But, arriving back at the kennels after several years in the home, it became evident that they needed a bit of a tune up at the vets!
Fea had a full dental done and some blood tests, giving her the all clear. Millie was due her dental at the same time but wasn't feeling too well, she had blood tests that came back inconclusive and we were unsure on what to do next.  The vet suggested it may just be kennel depression and fortunately our wonderful fosters Polly and Pete were able to take them home for a week to see if Millie perked up.
Sure enough, she changed completely! She has now also had her dental done and is doing so well!
Now, knowing how happy, affectionate and all round wonderful they are in the home, we are now actively looking for a loving home for them to live out the rest of their retirement. 
These two lovely ladies need to stay together as they really love eachother, they are fine with other breeds out and about but cannot live with cats.
Ideally we are looking for a nice quiet home where they can spend their days napping and relaxing, enjoying cuddles on the sofa.
Although they are senior dogs they have oodles of love yet to give and they are both very affectionate. They would rather very short walks each day, Millie is quite happy for a quick 10 minutes and then back to bed.
If you feel like you have the perfect home for these two gorgeous ladies, please register your interest by ringing the centre on 01621 788315.
REHOME Dog of the Week: Millie & Fea
Lottie Lottie
3 Years Old
Just Brilliant!

Lottie still hasn't found her forever home!!  It has been 5 months!  How is it we haven't found this happy and loving hound a home?

Yes, we know she can be a lot when she first meets people, but she really isn't like that in a home.  She recently had a little break from the kennels when she went out into a home for a long weekend which gave us a much better idea of what she is like.  The results?  She was a perfect angel!  She quickly settled in and made herself at home like she had always been there. She calmed right down and enjoyed her walkies.

She is such a sweet girl and we all love her to pieces!  When she gets excited her whole face chatters, it’s the cutest thing!  She looks just like those classic wind-up chattering teeth toys!  She also quite likes paddling her feet in water after a walk which we find so cute.

Lottie needs a home that already has a greyhound or similar sized sighthound/large breed dog for company and to play with. She does best with dogs that are quite chilled out.

She isn't able to live with young children as she is bouncy, but children over 16 that are dog savvy would be fine.

Before applying, please consider that although she is beautiful, Lottie will need a family willing to put the work in and set clear boundaries as she is very clever.

She is just a gorgeous girl! She just gets excited for when it is time for walkies, but really can we blame her?

Bullet Bullet
18 Months

So we are a little bit in love with Bullet.  Not going to lie, he's a bit of an idiot, but in all the best ways.

Typical of his age he's a bit of a whirlwind and is scatty as anything on the lead as he is easily distracted and only really wants to go one speed, and that's his speed not yours!

Apart from being a bull in a china shop, he is an absolutely beautiful and charming young lad who just wants some love and affection.  Overall he is actually very calm and relaxed in the kennel, he is quiet and patiently waits his turn.  He can be a bit hand shy at times if approached too quickly by strangers but once he knows you he's doing play bows and happy tappy feet when you enter his kennel.  Once you sit in there with him he just melts into your hands and rolls over for belly rubs.  He is just so affectionate.  

During his stay with us so far he has been kenneled both on his own and with a partner, he is excellent.  He hasn't shown any signs of stressing when alone and will just sit with his little paws crossed until it is his turn again!

We soon found out why he was called Bullet though, his first visit out into the garden was just an incredible display of zoomies.  This boy just loves life so much!  He really does make us laugh when we are cleaning as he tries to chase and bow at the broom as it goes past his door!  He really will bring so much joy and laughter to his forever home.

But, as a young greyhound he is going to need an home that is capable of putting the proper boundaries and training in place so these naughty (yet adorable) habits of his don't extend onto adult life.

He may be a handful to start with but he will make such an amazing companion as he matures and settles into home life!

Lewis Lewis
2 Years Old
Big Dope

The only way to describe this big boy is that he is just a dope who does not understand his size.

Although he has the most wonderful nature about him he is still young and can be a bit bouncy and excitable at times.  Especially when the lead comes out for walkies!  He loves his walkies!  He can be a bit strong out the gate as hes so keen to see the sights, but once he is outside he settles right down and walks nicely with you and is very lead responsive.

It is a real shame at this point, Lewis has been viewed several times now and everytime he makes a wonderful impression and the families say how much they love him and how affectionate and fun he is...but then choose a different dog!  We are really starting to feel sorry for him as he is a magnificant hound!

You will never have any problems feeding him as he will eat anything presented to him and if he isn't the first in the kennels to be fed he does like to sing to let you know of his dissatisfaction in the catering service!  He really does need to work on his vocals though, he doesn't really hold a candle in comparison to his name sake!

With the racing name 'Capaldi' it was inevitable that he was going to be called Lewis...but although he doesn't have the voice of the famous ginger Scot, this big black lump of a dog definitely has the same likability.  He has a beautiful face and charming personality...Even if he does sometimes forget what personal space is!

Lewis would greatly benefit from having another greyhound or similiar sized sighthound/large breed in the home already for company but could be an only dog in the right home where someone is around most of the time and willing to put a little bit of work in to get him comfortable being left. 

He will be an absolute gem once in a home where he is the centre of attention and doesn't have to wait his turn to get his dinner!

Foxie Foxie
4 Years Old

A strapping big lad...but a bit of a drama queen this one!  Always expecting our full attention, he doesn't care that we have quite a few other dogs to see to each day, he believes he should be the centre of our universe! that such a bad thing?  Foxie is just so ready to be a lazy house dog where he gets everything he could ever want in life; a sofa all to himself, cuddles whenever he asks, food without waiting his turn...he wants it all!

He will have his forever family wrapped around his big paws instantly as he has got the 'puppy dog eyes' down to a fine art!  

Foxie loves his walks.  Initially when he arrived into our care he was a bit of a nightmare on the lead, but this was just uncertainty from the change of environment and he soon settled down to become a dream to walk...most of the time!  Being a big boy, he will need a confident owner who can handle him as although he is really gentle natured he can be strong in approaching other dogs to say hello due to excitement.  He just needs someone who will teach him a little bit of doggy etiquette as he goes a little bit head first into them and other dogs don't really appreciate that!

He is very charming and has his playful quirky moments.  He really is an amazing hound, just need a little bit of guidance!

Arthur Arthur
2 Years Old
Very Shy

Arthur is a darling gentle boy who is dreadfully shy.

He has sadly been returned to us after being in a home for a number of weeks as he was not coping with the change of environment as well as was expected.  He spent the entire time in the conservatory and garden, afraid to venture into the house itself.

Arthur originally came into us in February and struggled to find an experienced home that would be willing and able to help him adapt to home life.  During his time with us we saw a massive improvement in his behaviour.  Initially so timid and scared, he was very shut down, a literal statue, who was scared to be approached and in the months we had him he turned into a happy waggy boy who was excited to see us in the morning and go into the garden for a potter around...although even then it was still on his terms!  He would still have occasional nervous moments throughout the day.
It was one of the biggest joys for us seeing him happy doing zoomies and play bows but it was a long journey to get to that point.  Even more of a journey for him to do it with both Kat and Hannah present, as previously he would feel crowded and shy away if they were both there.  Even now, despite being more comfortable with us, he still doesn't cope well with anyone new coming into his space at all and will sometimes not eat if he knows someone new is in the kennels.

Arthur has never mastered going for walks.  The outdoor world is just too overwhelming for him.  He is very slow to accept and adapt to any changes in his day to day routine and environment.  It is likely he may never cope going out on walks due to the ever changing environment, traffic and people.

We know from experience that he is absolutely abysmal at first...second...third and well every impression thereafter until he knows and trusts you. This process can take several weeks, as it took months for him to trust us in the kennel environment.  So any prospective adopters will need to understand that he is going to be a long-term project!

Arthur is now once again looking for a loving forever home that will give him all the time and patience he requires to become the happy hound we know is hiding in there!  He will need an appropriately experienced adult only home with a confident greyhound (or two!) already in the home to show him the ropes.

To register interest in Arthur please ring us in the office directly 01621 788315.

Rory Rory
3 Years Old

How adorable is Rory?  This sweet little three-year-old boy is so very shy at first but given some time and patience he is such a sweet and gentle hound (he also has a hidden playful side in there!)

He has been with us for a few weeks now and although initially quite unsure of us, he now gets so excited to see us in the mornings because he knows it’s time to go out, play and potter about with his greyhound friends.  Even though much happier being around us he can still feel cornered and unsure if approached too quickly.  But he is getting a little braver every day!

The sad thing is in all the time he’s been here he has watched many of his friends go off to their forever homes while not having one single application of interest himself!  How is this even possible?                                                                                                           

As he is a bit nervous, Rory would be best suited to an experienced, mature and quiet home (no children) with a more confident greyhound or similar sized sighthound/large breed dog to show him the ropes and that life out in the great wide world isn't scary!  He has very much been guided by his kennel mates during his stay here and we have seen a big improvement in his behaviour when kennelled with a confident and approachable hound.  He doesn't outwardly enjoy affection and will just either stand awkwardly and scared if someone he doesn't know touches him or given the chance he will run away.  It will be really important for anyone interested in adopting Rory to be confident in their understanding of dog body language so to respect his boundries as he learns to trust.

He does enjoy his walks with the other greyhounds, although a bit wary at times, he takes confidence from the dogs he is with.  It is really beautiful to see his tail out and wagging when he goes in the garden for a play and zoomie (even if he won’t always do it when you’re watching!)

He really wants to come out of himself and trust people, but he just feels a bit crowded and overwhelmed to begin with.  We know he will be terrible at first impressions when he does eventually have a family come to meet him but although he does not outwardly show it at first, he really does want to be included!  If you feel like you can see his potential and can look past first impressions to give him all the time, patience, and love that he needs, please give us a call 

Dylan Dylan
3 Years Old

Little bit obsessed with his boy!  This big hunky hound is a beautiful example of a greyhound and with those eyes...he will be difficult to say no to!

Dylan has not been with us very long but the day he arrived he came in tail wagging and happy to be here.  He has been no bother from that moment!  Quiet and patient in his kennel, he loves his walks, eats whatever is placed in front of him and gets along excellently with all the other greyhounds.

His size may put some people off, but we promise you that he is a very gentle giant.  So gentle on the lead you hardly even know you're walking him!

Nothing much seems to faze him.  He is just happy to be included and loves a fuss.  So far he hasn't given us anything to say a bad word about, he is an all round lovely boy and will be snapped up in a heart beat for sure!

Mojo Mojo
3 Years Old

Walking this dog is the closest any of us get to finding our mojo most days at the moment!  

But what great mojo to find!  Mojo is just a gem.  Gentle on the lead, a good eater and good with all the other greyhounds there really isn't anything to be said about him!

He is very affectionate in the kennel and likes to make it known when he wants attention!  He definitely isn't impressed unless he is the centre of attention so he is definitely ready to go into a home to be showered with love!

He can be a little bit nervous of meeting other breeds and so would do best going into an experienced mature home that is confident in their ability to help him with any insecurities he may have in socialising out and about...his confidence will improve with time once he is settled into home life, but in the beginning, being such a food hound he we are sure he will be more than happy to be bribed and supported using treats!

Don't let this put you off, he really is such an amazing hound and so cuddly!  He will just need a little bit of help in the beginning!

Vinny Vinny
2 Years Old

Look into those eyes and tell us you don't want to take him home, we dare you!

Vinny is just a little (well actually a big) angel who hasn't been the slightest bit of a bother since he arrived at the kennels just recently.  He is a dog that definitely gives you good vibes straight off the bat and doesn't seem to be fazed by much.

He is very gentle on the lead out on walks as he prefers to walk beside you (literally leaning on you at times!) as he is just happy to be in your company.  He is very affectionate and loves a good fuss.  

Good with the other greyhounds and a proper food hound, you won't have any trouble with this one.  We can just see him slotting into home life like he has always been there, he is very relaxed and just has such a wonderful nature about him.

Vinny would be happy living in just about any home so long as he is loved!  He'll take it all in his stride and no doubt bring you years of happiness!

Millie Millie
3 Years Old

Lovely little Millie is looking for a special home.  Both shy and excitable, she is a bit of a whirlwind depending on the situation!  She was sadly returned to us due to becoming increasingly stressed in the home.

She is already house trained but can be anxious when left on her own so needs a home where at least one person is around most of the time, or is confident in their ability work with her to feel safe being left.  Additionally, it needs to be a home either with only adults or children over 16 and with another greyhound or similar sized sighthound/large breed for company.

In the kennels, Millie is just a bundle of fun, confident and outgoing.  Always so happy to see us, jumping up for cuddles, doing zoomies and eating like a champ.  Once she is settled into a routine she is a happy and confident hound.  However, making the transition into the home, Millie became quite anxious and got overwhelmed from too many new situations too quickly which set her back, and she struggled with her stress levels ever since.

Millie gets on excellently with the other greyhounds and loves going on walks with them, she is generally very good on the lead but can zig zag a little bit if there is something particularly worth smelling!  But then what dog doesn't?  She is good in meeting other dogs out and about but does get a bit put out if another dog doesn't want to say hello to her!

All round, Millie is an amazing girl who will make a wonderful companion in the right home.  She will just need a little bit of help in the beginning.