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Experience Required Experience Required

We pride ourselves on being a responsible rehoming centre.  We put the dogs first by ensuring each one finds their perfect forever home in matching them based on their needs and personality. 

Each dog’s behaviour is assessed in order to establish their suitability in socialising with other breeds out and about, but also in regard to in living with other breeds, children and even other species such as cats!  To do this we assess each dog with a very small dog breed, and in some instances with a cat, which gives us a good idea of what level of experience the home has to be.

We provide honest and open descriptions of each dog and ensure all details are given to potential adopters.

The colour chart is a rough guide.  Some of the yellow, orange and red dogs could live with children for instance, so make sure to read the blurbs fully.  However, it is important to trust in the staff to successfully match you with your perfect dog, as you may find yourself matched with a different colour level than you expected.  Matching with your perfect dog can take some time, but with new dogs arriving constantly throughout the year your perfect dog may just be around the corner!

For more information, to register interest in adopting or to discuss any of the dogs available, please call 01621 788315.

REHOME Experience Required
Hope & Magic Hope & Magic
3 Years Old
Sweet Hearted Sisters

Hope and Magic are just the sweetest little girls.

They are both so unbelievably dainty for greyhounds but have such wonderful personalities. Both endlessly affectionate, they haven’t quite figured out that (although little) they are still a bit big to be lap dogs! Although they want nothing more than to just sprawl across your lap and demand fusses or jump up for cuddles on demand!

They love everyone they meet and although they can come across a little shy at first, it doesn’t take them very long to warm up to people and ask for cuddles.
Magic is definitely the more outgoing of the pair, at least at first. Hope is a bit more reserved to start with, but when they are comfortable around you, they are both quirky, fun, cheeky little monkeys who will bring so much joy and happiness to their forever home.

But even though they love to be centre of attention, when the attention is available, they are also quite happy to just chill out and nap a lot of the day away. They are quiet and with each other for company, they don’t seem to mind being left to their own devices.

They enjoy a potter around the garden and love their walks. Magic is a little bit strong on the lead but this will soon settle with time and a bit of guidance.
Both of them did excellently in meeting a small breed of dog and seem very open to socializing with other breeds. Even though they can be a bit jumpy uppy for cuddles, they are incredibly gentle and sweet natured.

Excellent eaters, you won’t have any problem feeding them. They are also quite happy to eat side by side, there is no issues such as food possessiveness/guarding…once they have both finished eating they then play musical bowls just to make sure every last bit is licked up!
They share the bed and can often be found sprawled out around each other, we have never heard a word of complaint out of them or growling between them over the bed.

They really have been nothing but perfect since the moment they arrived. Apart from being a little bit shy in the beginning, they don’t seem to be fazed by much and we would love to see them go into a home together.

They could potentially live with older dog savvy children, but as they don’t appreciate what personal space is and can be jumpy uppy for cuddles, they may not be suitable for children that aren’t familiar with large breeds.

Whatever home they find…So long as they have a lap each to lay across, they will be just fine!

REHOME Hope & Magic
Maestro Maestro
5 Years Old
Special Bean

Maestro is such a special dog.  We've come to know him very well since his arrival in February, the big lump has just got such an endearing face with those fabulous grey eyebrows and one sticky uppy ear.  It's so hard not to love him!

So ridiculously calm in the kennel he barely bats an eyelid at anything.  He is very quiet and patient in the kennel as he he knows and enjoys his routine.  When we take him out to the garden he does absolutely love a zoomie and to let out some energy, he loves to play!  Then, once all zoomie'd out, he is back to bed for a nap.

He knows the walking route here at the kennels very well and generally walks well on the lead although he can be a bit pulley should something that desperately needs smelling be of interest.  He loves to walk with his nose to the ground, he does tend to zig zag as he does this.  Clearly he thinks he is a bloodhound rather than a sighthound!  But so long as you walk with a good stride it's pretty easy to keep up. 

Sadly though, Maestro does struggle when anything unexpexted happens out on walks.  He can easily get very overwhelmed and panic if other dogs approach him and if he cannot escape, he will jump up, wrap his paws around you and cling on for dear life just so he can feel safe.  Bless him, he is justreally anxious.  We have been working with him to overcome this and we have found that he is making slow but steady progress.  He has been able to walk with a small breed for a time but can reach his limit quite quickly, so he will need a very slow introduction to life so he doesnt' get too stressed.

We can literally picture him being such an amazing addition to a home, just lazing around watching the days go by and playing in the garden.  He would be so happy to just lay on a sofa and never move from it.  But because he is a 'spook' out on walks he is going to need an experienced adult only home that is also physically strong as he is a big strong lad.

He would definitely suit a more rural/small village lifestyle where there is less pressure on walks.  Although if someone had a really large secure garden that he could run around to his hearts content or laze about in the sun without any of the stress of going for walks, we're quite sure he would be happy with that too!

REHOME Maestro
Scion Scion
3 Years Old

So we are a little bit in love with Scion.  He just wants to be the centre of attention, all the time, having cuddles.  He just wants to have at least one part of him in physical contact with you, be it only a paw on your lap.  

Good on the lead, he leans against you as you walk along, he really is stupidly adorable.  He just loves everyone he meets.  Outgoing and confident he will literally just walk up to anyone and ask for a fuss!  With a cheeky playful side, he does enjoy a good play around the garden and then back to sleep he goes!  Unless it's feeding time that is, we reckon he enjoys food even more than he enjoys cuddles (if that is possible)!  You will never have any problem feeding this boy, he will eat whatever is placed in front of him!

Not particularly big for a male, he's mostly leg!  He is a very handsome boy as well with his distinguished grey bits coming through.  But don't let that fool you, he's not long turned 3 years old! 

Scion really is an absolute darling and we can see him settling into home life really well.  He may need a little bit of time to gain his confidence being left, being so human motivated, he'll be your little shadow.  Ideally he is going to need a home where there is someone around most of the time at least initially, such as working from home, to get him settled in.   He would reallly benefit from living with a lovely lady greyhound or similar sized medium/large breed for company, but could be an only dog in the right home.  He is just such a good boy, no doubt he'll get a hang of things in no time.  That is if he gets out of your lap long enough to learn things! 

Scion did excellently in meeting two small breeds, as he was more interested in speaking to the human attached to the small dogs!  Scion would suit just about any home that is looking for a bit of a silly dufus of a dog that just wanted endless cuddles.  He could live with children, although ideally over 10 years and preferably dog savvy as he likes to play and can forget his size.

Daphne Daphne
4 Years Old

Lady Daphne, a curious, outgoing and happy hound who has been here for two months and hasn't had any joy in finding her forever home!
She’s nice and small, she absolutely loves her walks, loves food even more but also really appreciates just being in your company for a cuddle or a belly rub. Quite easy pleased really! In the kennels she really isn’t a bother, she settled into life here very easily and will likely do so in a home as well.
She can be a bit cheeky and independent at times, but that’s just adds to her charm.

Daphne walks very well on the lead and enjoys the company of the other greyhounds but is sometimes a little reactive to other breeds. We’ve taken her to our local park to assess her behaviour and her reactions are by no means unmanageable. She can be a little pully and does bark at times, but she does take direction, and treats, so can be redirected to walk on with a little guidance quite easily.
She has met a very small dog and walked with it here at the kennels without issue. So it may be that she is overwhelmed out in the great wide world and needs a gentle introduction to life with gradual and positive socialisations with other dogs while she learns the ropes.

But, unfortunately, due to needing an experienced home and being a black dog with a grey face means we are really struggling to find her a home!

Ideally, Daphne would like to live with a nice not overly intelligent male greyhound or similar sized large breed. Although she would do very well as an only dog in the right home.

Daphne has been out on a home trial and was found to love children, so would be more than happy to live with dog savvy children. She got along with the existing greyhound in the home and house trained straight away. There isn’t a bad bone in her body, and she loves all the attention so we know she will make a wonderful companion in the home!

As she needs a bit of help socialising, she will need a home confident in positively reinforcing good behaviour on the lead and socialisation with other breeds. She is a little gem; she just needs a little extra help getting the hang of life.

Jerry Jerry
4 Years Old
Chilled Out

How adorable is Jerry? If you aren't besotted with him just on account of those little teefies...well, there is just no hope!  Not going to lie, we do love an overbite!  It is just too cute.

But we digress...Jerry...what a man.  Not overly big for a male, he has quite a slight frame and doesn't stand particularly taller than a lot of the females.  He is an absolute dream to have in the kennels as he is so easy going and relaxed, at least until feeding time where he turns into a bit of a kangaroo!  He loves his food more than anything! 

This boy's tail never stops wagging and he is quite happy to roll over for belly rubs from anyone that offers them!  Overall, he is just perfect.  He is excellent with the other greyhounds, walks like a gem, has absolutely no problem in eating anything placed in front of him and generally can be found cuddling whoever he is kennel sharing with which is just adorable.  He regularly uses his kennel mate as a pillow or a foot rest!

It would be lovely to see him in a home with a female greyhound for company but he is more than happy to be an only dog.  Very affectionate and patient, loves everyone he meets, so would be able to live with children who are used to being around large breeds.

Jerry has been with us for a little while now as he struggles with other breeds of dog.  He gets very overwhelmed as he just does not understand what on earth they are and how he is supposed to talk to them!  He is reactive on the lead but we have done everything here at the kennels to improve this but we strongly feel that once into a home, with some guidance, he will settle down and go onto be such an amazing pet.

We absolutely love Jerry to bits, but he has watched far too many of his friends go on to get adopted while he stays behind in the kennels.  Yes, he needs an experienced home but surely it is his turn now, can you give this goofy smiling boy a home?

Ryan Ryan
4 Years Old

Ryan is just an embarrassingly tiny excuse for a male greyhound! You could literally just pick him up and put him in your pocket!

Endlessly affectionate, Ryan loves everyone he meets. He just loves to be surrounded by people and included in all things. If you sit in his kennel he has to be in physical contact with you in some fashion even if it is just a paw on the your leg! He just wants all the fusses! He truly believes he’s destined to be a lap dog!

As much as we love him, Ryan has been here for nearly 7 months now and he is a total stress head in the kennel! So we are desperate to get him out into a home where he will finally be able to relax in the company of a loving forever family!

This little sweetheart is looking for a home as an only dog where someone is around most of the time initially (for instance where someone is working from home) so that he can settle into life in a home and build up some self-confidence in being left alone.
He does settle very well in the kennel when we aren't around, so with a little bit of time to settle in, he will be just fine.

You’re probably wondering why he’s still here after 7 months? Well he has only just become available for adoption recently as we have been working on his behaviour around very small dogs.
He has made a huge amount of progress with this during his time here and will now quite happily walk past them (even happier to if treats are involved) but he doesn't like them in his personal space just yet.

However, given he is constantly in a state of stress being in kennels, we don't feel like we can achieve much more with him in this environment. He is just not calm enough to take in further training.
Once in a home though, and finally relaxed, with some time and guidance we do truly believe he will get over this last hurdle and be quite happy to ignore small dogs.

He just needs a patient and understanding home to support him while he learns the ropes! For this reason he does need a home that is experienced with dogs.  Ryan could also live with dog savvy children.  

The thing is he is such an amazing, happy and affectionate dog. He just lacks confidence in certain aspects! He will make such a wonderful companion in the right home, if only he learns he is too big to be a lap

Ansel Ansel
3 Years Old

Ansel, in the short time he's been here, has just been a joy.  What a happy, easy going and affectionate boy!  The tail never really stops wagging, he's gentle on the lead and eats anything put in front of him.  

Nothing seems to faze him, he just takes everything in his stride.  He has been nothing but a joy since the minute he arrives as he has just got a very gentle and calm personality!  But, in saying that, he definitely has a cheeky playful side when the mood takes him.  When the lead comes out for walkies he starts getting the sillys and goes into play bows, all excited to go out. 

We are a little bit in love with this boy.  He just seems so gentle hearted but with a great deal of happiness and playfulness to boot!  The perfect balance really!  

Ansel would likely do well in most homes, he was so gentle in meeting a small dog he won't be a bother.  He gets along very well with the other greyhounds but is equally happy to chill out on his own.  He loves a fuss and isn't too over the top when he plays so could live with dog-savvy children.

We know we keep saying it, but all round he is just perfect.  Just one of the many wonderful natured dogs we have in at the moment who will get snapped up in a heartbeat by the first family to meet him!

Mach Mach
5 Years Old

This silly lump of a dog is just such an idiot...and we mean that in the most endearing way, we promise!  He is just a bundle of fun, zoomies and cuddles and more zoomies then crash out for a nap.

Mach is a big handsome lad and in all his excitment, he still manages to stay gentle.  He doesn't jump up at people (although he can turn into a kangaroo when the lead comes out) and he is just such a sweetheart to his elderly kennel mate Bee who he loves to snuggle up with at night.

He eats like a champion and love love loves his walks.  He gets so excited when it's time for walkies he starts bouncing around like a little loon as if to say 'hurry up!'

He is really very clean in his kennel and overall is very quiet and patient, rarely hear a word out of him!  We've had the odd play bark out of him but overall he's a very good boy!

Mach has brought so much laughter to the kennels since he arrived and oh boy does he love a cuddle.  He absolutely loves leaning into people and getting all the fusses.  As a confident and outgoing hound he is more than happy to demand fusses from anyone he meets.  Bless him he is just so much fun!

As he can be bouncy he won't be able to live with small children, but could live with older children that are familiar around large breeds.  Mach would be happy living as an only dog, he hasn't shown any indication of being anxious when left.

Hoever, Mach does need an experienced and physically strong home as he is reactive to medium - small breeds.  We do feel like this will improve once he is out of the kennel environment and he is getting regular positive socialisations with other dogs.  He just needs to learn some doggy ettiquite!

In the home, he is going to be an dream.  We can literally picture him being the perfect dog at home.  He is everything you could want in a dog, very happy go lucky, interactive, playful and affectionate.  He just needs some help on walks!

Whiskey Whiskey
3 Years Old
Easy Going

This boy is just perfect in everyway.  Quiet, affectionate, calm and very easy going...he's even a dream on the lead.  He would rather walk beside you and lean into your leg than bother sniffing around.

He eats really well and is very clean in his kennel.  There is very little to be said about him other than the fact that he will be snapped up in a heartbeat by the first people that view him just because he is just so well behaved!  You could not ask for a better dog.

In time we can see a cheeky little playful side coming out but even that will probably be really well mannered.  He doesn't jump up and was so excellently behaved in meeting a small dog, it's a wonder how he ever raced as he clearly isn't interested!

With his laid back attitude, Whisky would do well in just about any home and although he may have a permenantly worried expression, he is very cute.  He won't be here for long at all!

REHOME Whiskey
Dorian Dorian
4 Years Old

Dorian, an absolute gem of a dog hasn’t had any applications at all! It's crazy!

Bless him, Dorian is such a gentle and affectionate soul. He may look like a little old man but at only he’s still very much young at heart.

Dorian definitely has that typical greyhound temperament. Very easy going, quiet, affectionate and relaxed. He loves anyone that will stop to fuss him and his tail is always wagging when he’s getting cuddles.

Very gentle on the lead, he loves his walks and did very well in meeting a small dog. There was some initial interest but upon smelling her he got bored and carried on with his walk.

Dorian has settled in very well here at the kennels and is quite happy to pass the time napping, sunbathing, and chewing on a bone. He doesn’t seem overly bothered by much! He doesn’t really bat an eyelid at being left on his own but is also quite happy to share with a calm lady greyhound.

But, we have found that he chews things when he’s stressed! 🙈
Although it didn’t take us long to figure this out and in moving him into a smaller, quieter kennel block, he settled right down and when provided a bone to gnaw on, all negative chewing behaviours stopped.
The reduced activity and noise from the other dogs made a big difference and once in a quiet home, we can really see him thriving!

For this reason he would best suit a nice easy going quiet adult only home where he can just laze around and do what he does best…which is not a lot!
He just wants to live life in the slow(est) lane…that’s all!

Sadly though, being a black grey faced boy we’ve not had any enquiries about him. He has been nothing but a total sweetheart since he arrived and we can’t wait to see him snapped up.

Look at that beautiful face! You absolutely need him in your life!

Mars Mars
3 Years Old
Gentle natured

Oh sweet little Mars Bar…isn’t he just the cutest?

This soppy little boy is smaller than some of the girls we have in at the minute, but although small in stature he has the biggest heart and just loves everyone he meets.

More often than not we have to bribe him out of his kennel with belly rubs. As soon as you walk in to get him, he gets all excited, goes into zoomie bum mode and then flops over and demands belly rubs. The belly rubs must be provided, or you have no hope of getting him out of his kennel!

Bless his little socks he is just too adorable and just a bundle of fun! He really is so affectionate. We’d spend all day just sitting fussing him if we didn’t have all the other dogs to look after! He loves playtime in the garden and loves his walks even more.

The only thing keeping him here is that he is strong on the lead. Despite being tiny, he is very strong when he wants to go somewhere…and once released from his kennel, he is GOING! He is so happy to be out, smelling all the things, saying hi to all the people and making new friends that he just drags you along for the ride.

Now this isn’t the end of the world. He is young and he can be taught. We are walking him on a harness and have seen some improvement already. He did excellently in meeting a very small dog and walked very well next to her, so there are no concerns there. He just needs a little lead training!

Ideally, he would like to live with another dog for company but could be an only dog where someone is around most of the time (at least initially), such as working from home, to settle him in and build his confidence in being left. He has not shown any specific signs of having separation issues, he naps most of the day and isn’t destructive at all…but he seems far more settled in having a companion. Frankly, he just enjoys having a play mate and someone to snuggle up with at night!

If you can see past his strength on the lead, you will see that he is going to make the most amazing dog in the home, we promise!

Pixie Pixie
3 Years Old
Easy going

Isn’t Pixie such a beautiful little lady?

Such a sweetheart in the kennels, Pixie has been a dream to look after from the minute she arrived. She walked in like she had always been here and didn’t bat an eyelid at anything. Sharing a kennel with Jerry, she’s been the perfect companion and doesn’t mind being used as a pillow or a footrest (as Jerry has absolutely no idea about personal space!).

Really you couldn’t say a bad word about her. She is gentle on the lead, affectionate and so very easy going. Nothing really seems to faze her at all. She would be quite happy to live with dog-savvy children and could easily live as an only dog. She will make a wonderful companion in the home.

Pixie enjoys a good potter around the garden and does very much enjoy going on adventures. The only thing she needs a little bit of help with is socializing with small breeds of dog, she hasn’t quite gotten over that hurdle. 

She is not dog reaction and will quite happily walk past small dogs or parallel to them but needs a little help in meeting them. However, this will come with time, but it is something that can only be achieved out in a loving forever home.

Because she needs a little extra help in socializing, she ideally needs a home that has some dog experience and is confident in positively rewarding good behavior.

She hasn’t got far to go though and we are here to help you through it!

Kadie Kadie
3 Years Old

We’re a little bit in love with Kadie.

This sweet natured little lady is just that perfect balance of calm and playful. She can be excitable when she first comes out the kennel to meet new people, but that swiftly settles down as she gets all the fusses! She just loves everyone she meets! She does need to be reminded at times that she’s too big to be a lap dog, even if she is very small for a greyhound!

Kadie has met children and been very good with them but can be a little jumpy and playful. Although she is very dainty, any children in the home will need to be comfortable around dogs as she can be a whirlwind in the garden when she’s happy and doing zoomies!

Good on the lead, she did very well in meeting a small dog and is an angel with her kennel mate Kobe. From the minute she arrived, she hasn’t been a bother at all. She’s also very clean in her kennel which will hopefully translate to a speedy and successful house training!

Kadie would do well in just about any home at all and would be a safe bet for first time dog owners as she would be content as an only dog.

She may look rather worried in her photo but she’s full of life and infectious happiness. She will bring endless joy to her forever home; we have no doubt at all!

Gary Gary
2 Years Old
Dream Boat

Can we all just take a moment to stop and appreciate how adorable Gary is?

This embarrassingly dainty boy has been confused for being a girl on more than one occasion since his arrival here at the kennels…probably in the fact that he stands at the same height or shorter than most of the ladies we have in, and his light frame doesn’t help his case either!

Bless him, he is just too adorable, and we are a little bit obsessed. Calm, quiet, affectionate and a dream on the lead…what more could you possibly ask for?

He did very well in meeting and walking with a small dog and has been nothing but a dream since his arrival. He walked in like he’d always been here and hasn’t been fazed by anything.

No trouble to feed, he eats anything placed in front of him and is ever so gentle with his kennel mate Nellie who is a little bit shy.

Honestly, he could walk into any home without any problem at all; kids, other dogs, or the only dog, he isn’t bothered! He would also be excellent as for a first-time dog owner.

There isn’t a doubt in our minds that the first people to meet him will adopt him! He’s just perfect.

Chick Chick
2 Years Old
Happy go lucky

Little Chick is such a sweetheart!

Unlike a lot of young greyhounds, Chick is not a handful! In fact, she is really gentle and chilled out. Tail always wagging, she is just happy to go with the flow.

Not at all fazed by other breeds, she walks well on the lead and gets along brilliantly with the other greyhounds.

She loves children…well really, she loves everyone she meets, but she is very gentle with children!

Yes, she has a little cheeky playful side to her and loves the odd zoomie…but overall, she is quite happy to just laze around and can regularly be found in her kennel upside down, paws in the air, all spread out without a care in the world.

We have barely heard a word out of her since she arrived, she has just settled in beautifully. Except when she had the cone of shame on after her spay…she definitely wasn’t thrilled about that! But who can blame her!

Nothing much seems to faze her and her outgoing, happy go lucky attitude will serve her very well in life!

Honestly, she is everything you could want in a dog, and she will go on to be such an amazing pet.

Bless her little socks, she is just perfect!

Ivy Ivy
3 Years Old

Ivy is an awfully dainty lady for the size of her heart and personality!

This sassy little lady comes across all quiet and shy on first meeting, but it doesn’t take her long to turn into a total cuddle bug. She loves all the fuss and very much enjoys being the centre of attention.

Unfortunately, she is a bit of a stress head in the kennel just like her brother Scion, but once she’s out and about with her humans she just melts into this wonderful, calm, cheeky little lady. Although she occasionally needs reminding that, although little, she is too big to be a lap dog! She does occasionally like to jump up for a cuddle but she’s so little it’s a bit of a wasted effort, you still have to get down to her level.

She loves a play around in the garden and a general poodle around. She is generally very good on the lead and did well in meeting a small breed of dog, although there was some initial excitement she soon settled down. There is not a bad bone in her body, she is just a very happy little lady!

Ivy will make such a loving companion in the home. Being so human motivated she would be happy to live with older dog savvy children that she can play with and get all the fusses from.

Look at that beautiful little face, she will be snapped up without a doubt. She does likes to use the ‘adopt me’ eyes on people!

Dottie Dottie
2 Years Old

Sweet little Dottie is very small indeed and bless her she is terribly shy when meeting new people.

It’s taken her a few days to really open up to us here at the kennels but we are now starting to see the real Dottie. She is very gentle natured and we haven’t heard a word out of her. Bless her she does always look a little bit worried about life but she wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Once you have her trust, she will be a loyal companion but it will take a little minute for her to be truly comfortable with you.

She does enjoy a fuss once settled but she is very much guided by the confidence of her kennel mate Gibson which shows us that it is really important for her to go into a home with another greyhound. She isn’t fussy if it’s a lady or a gent, but she will need the guidance of another Grey to find her way in the great wide world.

Dottie really is a little sweetheart, she just takes a little minute to adjust to new things!

Jasper Jasper
2 Years Old

We are OBSESSED with Jasper, absolutely obsessed.

Look at that giant gorgeous head, honestly this boy is just a mammoth. He is the biggest greyhound in the kennels and probably one of the biggest we have had through our doors but what an absolute dream of a dog, he is the gentlest boy you will ever meet!

Too big and slow to make it round the track, Jasper retired before ever making it to the races and was sent to auction!
Thankfully, one of the greyhound trainers from Crayford Stadium (who we rehome for) spotted him at the auction and knew straight away that he had an uncertain future. They bid for and won Jasper for the sole purpose of bringing him straight to us to find him a loving forever home! We are so very grateful for what they did to ensure Jasper could have the best possible life and we are in love with him and his big ol’ noggin!

An absolute angel on the lead, you would hardly know you are holding a lead. Really, he is incredibly lazy and is quite happy to plod along beside you…he enjoys his walks but why exert more energy than is strictly necessary?

He eats well and gets along excellently with the other greyhounds. He didn’t bat an eyelid at meeting a very small breed would be able to live in just about any home!

Currently sharing a kennel with Mia, who looks like a whippet in comparison to him, it is not unusual to find them cuddled up spooning or otherwise being adorable!  It would be lovely for him to have a greyhound companion in the home but equally he will make a wondeful only dog as he hasn't made any complaint when left on his own.

However, in saying that, he can sometimes be a little bit hand shy in meeting new people so if there are children in the home, he would best suit older dog savvy children.

Jasper has only just turned 2 years old but he is an old soul at heart. He just wants a nice comfy life in a home with a sofa! Whoever takes this gentle giant home will be so lucky to have him…he is just a delight.

You sit in his kennel with him, and he just very quietly walks up and places his head on your shoulder, leaning in for a cuddle and an ear rub. You could not ask for a better dog.

Reckon there is going to be a fight over who gets to take this boy home for sure!

Gibson Gibson
3 Years Old

Gibson is such an easy going and happy chap. He just goes with the flow, doesn’t really seem overly bothered by anything going on around him! Just quietly watches the world go by.

He’s so well behaved it’s taken us a little bit of time to figure out what to write about him! There just didn’t really seem like there was much to say! As soon as he arrived, he walked in like he’d always been here and hasn’t been one little bit of a bother.

Good on the lead, a good eater, he gets along with all the other greyhounds and has met a small breed of dog. In meeting the little dog, he was totally fine with it…until it jumped up and hit him in the face. Which is fair. We probably wouldn’t like being hit in the face by a tiny dog either! He walked along side her quite confidently and didn’t take much notice after that.

We haven’t had a word of complaint out of him. He has had the seal of approval from Daisy, his kennel mate (who is quite specific on who she likes to share her kennel with!) and they’ve gotten along brilliantly.

He is very gentle and affectionate; he doesn’t jump up or carry on. He has met children and is quite happy to just stand and be fussed or walk up and put his head in your lap should he want attention.

Honestly, he has just been a bit of a dark horse in the kennels because you forget he’s there sometimes as he’s just so quiet and chill!

Gibson would be quite happy to be an only dog in the home, he'll just get on with it! 

He won’t have any bother finding a home at all. He’s a total gem!

Winnie Winnie
2 Years Old

Honestly, how adorable is Winnie with her perfect eyeliner and long straight cat tails that most makeup artists would envy? They really make her light-colored eyes pop, it feels as if she is looking into your soul with her ‘adopt me’ expression.

What a beautiful looking dog she is, a very pale fawn she is quite striking when you see her in person, then with the little floppy ears…oh, my heart! Can you tell we are a little bit in love with her?

Winnie is a darling and gentle girl, but she is very shy. It can take her a little while to warm to people and generally just looks a little bit lost and unsure until you earn her trust. Once she is comfortable with you, she is a very sweet and affectionate lady who is a dream on the lead and excellent with all the other greyhounds.

Bless her she was a little bit unsure if she was allowed to say hello to the small breed of dog she met, think she was a little bit scared of her! But she soon realized it’s okay to say hello and they walked very nicely together.

At the moment, Winnie isn’t really sure how to ‘dog’. But that will come with time. She takes a lot of confidence from the other greyhound, so she needs an adult only home where there is already a settled and outgoing greyhound to show her the ropes.

Even being nervous, it doesn’t stop her from having an appetite! She does love her food and is quite clean in her kennel.

Fabulously good looks aside, she does need a special home. So please consider this before applying!

Mia Mia
2 Years Old

Mia is a fabulous little lady with a big heart and spirit. She is a fabulous sleek black beauty of a greyhound and is covered in tiny white snow flakes, she really is quite beautiful!

Retired from racing early due to a broken hock, her racing owner thought the best option for her recovery was to take her home while she was in her cast so she could relax and heal.

So, for 6 weeks, Mia has enjoyed the luxury of home life, is house trained, is good with children and has already started socializing well with other breeds of dog. Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep her long term and so she has retired into our care to find her a loving forever home.

As she has already started to learn the ropes of being in a home, Mia would make a fantastic addition to a family who are first time dog owners.
She has a lovely cheeky playful side to her and is ever so curious of things. Being young, she does have a little bit of extra energy and loves going for walks, although she can be a bit strong on the lead. This will settle with time and a bit of guidance; she is just loves to be out and about, checking all the wee-mail and seeing all her friends!

Being quite confident and outgoing, she will adapt into a new home very well. She wants nothing more than a nice comfy bed, food (she loves food!) and cuddles on demand! She is very affectionate with us in the kennels, and she will bring a lot of joy and happiness to her forever family.

Mia does come out of the kennel like a little pocket rocket, which can be off putting, as she comes across as a bit of a live wire! But she is just excited to be out, we are hoping that a family can see past this initial burst of activity and see the fabulous little lady that’s just desperate to be the centre of attention in a loving forever home!

When we walk past her kennel she can often be found cuddled up with her kennel mate Jasper. They look so at peace. Once comfortable in a home she will mellow right out and go on to be a wonderful companion!

Biscuit Biscuit
3 Years Old
Gentle Natured

How fabulous are Biscuits ears? Just look at them! Not sure he even knows what they are doing half the time!

Biscuit is a lovely lad who has taken a few days to really settle in properly with us. He is a very gentle natured and easy-going lad who loves a cuddle. He will quite happily ask most people for a fuss; he is definitely not shy of people although he does take a minute to properly warm up to new people. But his need for attention wins over any uncertainties he has.

We are still getting to know this beautiful boy and his quirks, but so far, we have noticed he can be a little bit hand shy if approached to quickly and is uncertain of loud or sudden noises and…bless him he’s scared of water! Poor boy. Although it’s not uncommon for some of them to walk round puddles, the divas!

He really is such a sweetheart when sitting in his kennel with him. In giving him the option to approach, he always chooses to come over and lean in for a cuddle and ear rubs!

Bless him he is an absolute sweetheart, but first impressions are that he is going to need a nice quiet adult only home where he can laze around and enjoy life in the slow lane. He would appreciate living with a calm, confident female greyhound, or similar sized large breed to show him the ropes. Although we don’t see him having any issue being an only dog in the right home.

He eats anything placed in front of him, there are definitely no concerns there! He very much enjoys his walks although he is quite strong on the lead, but this is already settling so it is likely just linked to being anxious of his new environment.

He has met and walked with a small breed of dog without issue. He smelled her and then didn’t really know what to do! He just looked at us like; ‘it’s a dog, so what?’

It would be wonderful to see him out into a home soon. He is a lovely boy!

REHOME Biscuit
Po Po
4 Years Old

Po, and his adorable floppy ear, are just the sweetest.

Not very big for a male, Po is a very gentle chilled out soul who has very sadly been returned to the kennels through no fault of his own. He has had a very loved and spoilt year in a home, but his mum has had an unfortunate change of circumstances meaning she had to make the difficult decision to bring him back to find a new forever home.

Already house trained, excellent on the lead and very gentle and affectionate, he has grown so much being with his mum. When he originally left us last year, he was a very very shy boy who didn’t know how to dog. But that is not the dog we see today, he is much more confident and outgoing, and although he can still have the odd nervous moment, he is just a little love.

Po loves being around people and will always cuddle on the couch. Although hand shy at times if approached too quickly, he is endlessly affectionate once you have his trust. He can be nervous around men he doesn’t know but if given a gentle and patient approach he will grow to love them and seek them out for cuddles when they visit.

He is quite happy being left on his own while his humans are at work but he does very much enjoy the company of humans and other dogs. His mum told us that he is not destructive but does have a particular love of leather items such as shoes, collars and lead which have been chewed in the past!

He does not counter surf or hoard things, and apparently, he doesn’t even beg for his dinner! Didn’t know there were such well-mannered greyhounds out there!

Although he is very excited by squirrels and cats, he doesn’t have a strong prey drive, and walks excellently on the lead. He loves walking in the forest and parks, and will walk on pavements, but can do the ‘frozen hound’ if spooked. This usually requires a little bit of coaxing, but he is very food motivated and a little bit of chicken will be your saviour.

He generally ignores other dogs on walks, he’s a bit of a dog snob, and has no issue with little dogs. While with his mum he would go to day care twice a week so is very well socialised with other dogs.

He’s a lazy greyhound, and loves a long snooze in the morning, especially in bed. Trying to get him out for a morning walk can be a bit of a task and prefers an afternoon walk.

Po has so much more growing to do and in the right home he will continue to thrive. He could potentially live with older dog-savvy children and could be an only dog again, although would like a dog friend in the home if one happened to be there!

He is an amazing dog and we are eager to see him back out into a home soon!

Ares Ares
3 Years Old
Total Dream

Ares, although ironically named after the god of war, brings nothing but peace, love and good vibes.

This big boy is just the most loving and gentle chap. Super friendly toward everyone he meets, both children and adults alike. All he wants in life is to be by your side, or even better, in direct physical contact with you. Even if it is just a paw!

Ares is excellent with other breeds; he doesn’t really take any notice of other dogs…he’s a bit of a dog snob really! Other greyhounds though, he loves them! Always happy to say hello to fellow sighthounds!

He walks so gently on the lead you will barely even know you are holding him as he plods along beside you. He is already house trained, can get up and down stairs and travels well in the car.

You will never have any problem feeding this one, he will eat anything placed in front of him!

The ideal home for Ares is one where someone is home with him all the time. Or if out, or at work, are able to take him with them as he struggles with separation anxiety. This is still the case even if he has another dog with him, as he bonds so strongly to his people. He LOVES his humans.

Given the option he would quite happily sit and be cuddled all day, but that isn’t practical, so he will settle for laying at your feet.

Ares is a stunning looking dog and is such a gentle giant. He is very well loved here, and we would love to see him out in a loving home again soon.

He would suit just about any household, so long as he isn’t left!

Ellie Ellie
2 Years Old

Coming Soon...

Lily Lily
3 Years Old

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Ricky Ricky
4 Years Old

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Toblerone Toblerone
2 Years Old

Coming Soon...

REHOME Toblerone
Barney Barney
3 Years Old

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Max Max
3 Years Old

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