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Meet The Team

Steve, Sandra & Dean Steve, Sandra & Dean

Owner and Trustee Steve established the kennels with Sandra (his long suffering wife) and their son Dean in the late 90's. When the site was first purchased Steve stayed on site, with Dean 24/7 sleeping in the kennels with the dogs or in the van on site. Over the years they have worked tirelessly to make the site 'Clarks Farm', fighting many barriers and planning regulations along the way. 

While Sandra was solely responsible for getting the family involved in greyhounds, after purchasing Steves first greyhound in the early 90's, Dean becme a trainer himself with many successess.

it was through sheer grit and determination, that Steve and Sandra succeeded in making the Centre what it is today, with constant development ongoing to better the dogs care.  While Steve took a front seat in the rehoming of the greyhounds, Sandra provided the ongoing support and advice, with bucket loads of canine knowledge and experience behind her, ensuring the greyhounds welfare both in kennels and in their forever homes.

Although Steve and Sandra have taken a step back in regard to the day to day running of the Centre, they do make an appearance from time to time. Dean is with us now on a more regular basis and has over 30 years greyhound experience, he is always readily available to assist with any injuiries or concerns that you may have.

It is always a pleasure to see them on site, inevitably regular visitors will recognise Steve long before they see him, due to his always shouting (due to his deafness) and moaning about all the important things that we have no control on, but we love him for what he has achieved and the number of hounds we have rehomed inbetween.

Clarks Farm wouldn't be the same without them!

Chia Chia

Kennel manager Chia originally joined us in 2021 as kennel staff but ended up taking a break for a year to work at a sanctuary. Let’s just say it didn’t take her long to find her way back to the greyhounds as she re-joined us towards the end of 2023. 

We are so grateful she found her way back to us! 

Chia’s wealth of experience, having worked at various kennels, including a busy boarding kennel and a sanctuary for dogs with behavioural issues. Her knowledge and expertise with different breeds and environments make her a valuable asset to our team. 

Chia’s knowledge of dogs is extremely impressive. Whether you need advice on behaviour or general dog knowledge, she’s always ready to lend a helping hand. She is always there to support our owners old and new in any way she can.

Her dedication to finding the perfect homes for our greyhounds is unwavering and she works tirelessly to ensure their well-being is the best it can be!

The greyhounds absolutely adore Chia, and their reaction when she returned was palpable. She has made such a positive impact on the lives here at Clarks Farm. 

Her love for dogs doesn’t just stop at the greyhounds. She is a proud spaniel mum to Bumble and Blossom. 

She also has a deep passion for dog training, even preparing Bumble to compete in competitive agility. I have no doubt we will see them both shining on the big screen one day. She has also worked hard on training Blossom to become the best dog-tester dog and has done an exceptional job!

Chia’s passion for animals extends beyond dogs. Throughout her life, she owned and rescued a wide range of animals from bunnies to ducks to cats and beyond. Her dedication to animal welfare is truly remarkable. 

Having Chia on board has transformed Clarks Farm. She’s a team player who always puts the welfare of our greyhounds first.

Her dedication and compassion are unmatched, and we are incredibly lucky to have her by our side as we continue to grow and build Clarks Farm.

Without her, we would be lost!

Aimee Aimee

Kennel dog trainer Aimee (DTC-CDT) joined our team in 2020 after coming to adopt her third greyhound. She started as a volunteer and quickly fell in love with the greyhounds which ended in her spending most days here. Her dedication ended up with her becoming a permanent member of the team!

Not only is Aimee a proud greyhound mum to Tilly, Bonnie and Draco, but she is also a foster mum to the hard-to-home greyhounds at the kennels. She has fostered a total of 8 greyhounds and has even fostered a very special Spanish greyhound who had epilepsy. 

Her dedication to fostering helps our red dogs prepare for their forever homes and overcome any behavioural challenges they may face.

Her commitment and passion for the greyhounds does not stop there. She worked tirelessly to gain the qualifications needed to become a certified dog trainer and reactivity specialist whilst still working at Clarks Farm taking amazing care of the greyhounds each day. 

Aimee’s knowledge and expertise in greyhounds and their behaviours are unparalleled as she understands that they require a unique and sensitive approach.

Greyhounds hold a special place in Aimee’s heart as she’s had them in her life since a child. Her soul dog, Flossie, made a lasting impact on her life and she dedicates herself to the greyhounds every day in her honour. Her heart dog, Maestro, sparked her interest in helping dogs that face behavioural challenges. Every dog she helps through her training is dedicated to his memory.

Aimee is also in charge of running all our social media accounts. She takes care of our TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. She also makes sure our website showcases the dogs beautifully with their photos and descriptions!

Aimee’s special talent will always lie with our most nervous and shut-down dogs. She is understanding and compassionate, helping them trust and see life isn’t scary. She works hard to ensure the greyhounds are always happy and getting the care and attention they need. 

She also takes time to make sure the humans are happy too offering advice and plenty of support for anyone who needs it.

Aimee’s passion and dedication to the greyhounds shines through in everything she does. The greyhounds adore her, and she adores them back. She really couldn’t imagine a life without greyhounds!

The staff and dogs would be lost without her!

Hope Hope

Kennel Hand Hope joined the team at the end of 2022 and we’re wondering how we ever got on without her!

Hope had previously volunteered with us while she was a student at Writtle University, studing toward her Level 3 Animal Management qualification.  She chose to complete her work experience hours with us and she was as exceptional then as she is now.  Would it have been that we had position available at the time, we would have kept her!

But, it wasn’t meant to be and when a job came available at a busy local boarding kennels we recommended that they hire her...and sure enough she got the job!  As if it was even a question!
Her time there gave her a huge amount of additional experience with a variety of breeds, both big and small, well behaved and not so behaved!  But despite loving the dogs she was working with, she knew she wanted to have a career in rescue and when a Kennel Hand position came up here, she was hot on it!

We welcomed her back without question, and have never regretted it.  While Hope would much rather hang out back with the hounds than be up front doing customer service...we don't blame her!  No offence, but we'd chose dogs over humans any day!  But as a result, many of our regular visitors may not have met her yet, and it may be a while before they do, as she is quiet and her singular focus is ensuring that the dogs get everything they need, and more, each day.  She just gets in and gets the job done!

Hope is very dedicated to the dogs, she always makes sure that they get everything they need.  Whether it’s their daily enrichment or making sure they all get out for walks, it is often the case that we’ll go round to check in or make sure somethings done, and she’s already done it!  She is committed, organised and incredible caring...the dogs have never known it so good!

No job is too big, Hope cracks on without complaint and has an amazing work ethic for such a young woman!  Caring deeply for all the dogs in our care, she seems to have a theme in having the naughtiest dogs amongst her favourites!  She loves a sassy moo!  Goodness knows the dogs are always thrilled whenever they see her!

With several pet rats, who she adores, and a beautiful rescue staffy of her own at home, she knows what it is to give extra care to the dogs with special needs!  Within weeks of working with us, she had her family converted to the joy that are greyhounds.  They've been to walk the dogs for us several times and her aunt even adopted the beautiful Olive who is doing magnificently!  Hope get's daily picture updates of the lucky hound! 

It doesn't matter how behind we are, somehow Hope always manages to pull it all together to finish on time.

As with the others, we are grateful every day to have Hope as part of our team!

Julie Julie

Our wonderful part time Kennel Hand, Julie, officially joined the team in 2023, after volunteering with us for over a year where she made herself an indispensable part of the team!

Having spent many years as the sub-editor for a newspaper, she returned to the position after taking a career break to have her children and support them through years of competitive swimming.  However, Julie always wanted to work with animals but had never been brave enough to take the plunge...because let’s face it, we definitely don’t do it for the money!

Wanting to make a change, and finally in a position to follow her dream, she came to volunteer in the hopes of getting some experience under her belt for animal job applications in future...except she never left!  It happens a lot.  Clearly there is something about this place!

We welcomed Julie onto the team and never looked back.  She is an absolute super star and no matter how stressful or chaotic the day is she always manages to get everything done and done well!  Honestly, I’m not sure the kitchen has ever been as clean as it is now.

The number of times I’ve walked in on her standing on the kitchen counters, cleaning the walls...well, let’s just say she’s dedicated to each and every task!  But not only that, she’s excellent with the dogs and is very empathetic, compassionate, and guiding for them.

Whether It’s cracking out the dog walking or poo picking the paddocks, Julie never complains and is happy to just get on and get it done. 

You can definitely tell she’s someone that has run a household, because there is never any mess left in her wake.  Everything is spotless wherever she goes!

Though while we won’t hold it against her, she is secretly a cat person!  She has a lot of dogs in her life, and obviously dearly loves the greyhounds (because how could you not) but she does have 3 cats of her own at home.  Though that’s pretty tame for her, at one point she had 7!

It’s a good thing that greyhounds are basically cats in dog form, sleeping all day and being demanding and melodramatic when they are awake!

So, while we’re unlikely to convert her into having dogs at home, we love Julie to bits and are so grateful that she joined the team!

Emma Emma

Meet Emma one of our remarkable kennel hands here at Clarks Farm!

Emma started as a volunteer here at the kennels, but Emma quickly became an invaluable asset to the team and most importantly to the greyhounds themselves.

Her passion and dedication shone through, and it was clear she was meant to be a part of Clarks Farm.

Not only is Emma a hard-working staff member here, but she’s also a proud greyhound mum. She currently has the beautiful Bella and the ever-so-handsome Alfie, both of whom were adopted from Clarks Farm.

It’s clear Emma practices what she preaches, giving these incredible dogs the love and care they deserve.

One thing you will notice about Emma is her deep affection for the black greyhounds. She goes above and beyond to spread the word about how amazing they are, serving as a true black greyhound advocate. 

Her passion is contagious, and she is always ready to educate people on the joys of adopting greyhounds and why they make such amazing companions.

Emma’s love for the greyhounds is evident in everything she does. She’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and tackle any task thrown at her. 

Emma’s commitment is so unwavering that you will most likely catch her at the centre on her days off, lending a helping hand or simply giving the dogs some extra love! 

Emma’s journey with Greyhounds and Clarks Farm started years ago as she has always adopted greyhounds from us.

Having greyhounds in her life for so many years ignited a deep passion for the breed and a desire to be involved in their welfare. That’s what led her to become a dedicated volunteer, so she could make a difference and help more greyhounds into their forever homes.

Her infectious enthusiasm, hard work and love for the dogs is a true blessing. We are incredibly lucky to have her as part of our team!

Demi Demi

Our weekend kennel hand, Demi started as a student volunteer, but her dedication and hard work quickly made her an invaluable asset to the team. We just had to make sure she stayed with us!

She is currently in her second year at Writtle College studying a Level 3 in animal management. Demi is incredibly hard-working both in her college studies and her work at Clarks Farm.

Demi’s passion for animals, in particular dogs, has been with her since a young age. Her soul dog, Bruno who was a beautiful boxer, left paw prints on her heart and since his passing Demi has poured all her love into caring for our beloved greyhounds. 

Polite, sweet and oh-so passionate about dogs, Demi’s enthusiasm sets her apart from the others. She’s always eager to learn and tackle any task or job thrown her way!

With a kind and sensitive approach, she ensures all the greyhounds receive the love and care they need and more. 

Demi’s dedication knows no bounds, she often comes in on her days off and during the holidays to lend an extra hand and to give the dogs some extra attention. 

The dogs absolutely adore her. Whenever she is around they know they are in for some amazing cuddles and even more playtime than usual!

Her infectious enthusiasm is truly a treasure, making her a real asset to our team. We can’t express how lucky we are to have Demi as a member here at Clarks Farm. 

She’s a real gem, always going above and beyond to ensure the best care for our greyhounds. Her passion and dedication shines through in everything she does. 

We don’t know what we would do without her!

Josh Josh

Our weekend kennel hand Josh started as a volunteer and quickly ended up earning a permanent place as part of our team here at Clarks Farm!

He has such a special connection with the greyhounds from growing up with them from such a young age. His first greyhound, Flossie, holds a special place in his heart and she started his love for the breed.

Being Aimee’s brother means that he is a proud owner of three greyhounds, Tilly, Bonnie and Draco. Whilst also being a proud foster dad to the harder-to-home greyhounds here at the kennels.

Josh is currently at FITC football academy, playing football each day and pursuing his NCFE diploma in sports and physical activity. 

Josh is also eager to expand his animal-related knowledge. He is looking to do some animal-related courses so he can provide the best care possible for our beloved greyhounds.

Josh knows greyhounds well and knows exactly what they need to thrive. He does prefer to be around the back putting all his efforts into the dogs and their care! But who can blame him the greyhounds are the best!

With a kind and empathetic approach, Josh works wonders with even the most nervous and unsure greyhounds. He works extra hard to gain their friendship and trust, and his efforts are always successful. The dogs just adore him!

Josh is enthusiastic and always eager to learn and take on any tasks or jobs that come his way. He’s grown so much in confidence since he first started, and it’s been a joy to witness. 

Weekends are a busy time for us, but Josh always manages to get everything done on time no matter how hectic things are. 

The dogs look forward to seeing Josh each weekend as they know when he is around, they will receive extra love and cuddles. His gentle nature and kind heart wins all greyhounds over, they all absolutely adore him!

We truly don’t know what we would do without him! 

Erin Erin

Erin, our weekend kennel hand, joined us at the beginning of 2024, and her presence has truly made a positive impact on our hounds.

Currently pursuing a Level 3 extended diploma in animal management at Writtle, Erin's commitment shines through in everything she does. Not only is she dedicated to the care of the greyhounds, but she also excels in her studies, already passing her first exam with flying colours.

Friendly, approachable, and deeply passionate about the greyhounds, Erin is a valuable asset to our team. Her willingness to tackle any task and get stuck in is exceptional. 

Whether it's ensuring the dogs receive the care they need, maintaining the centre's tidiness, or helping with improvements, Erin approaches each responsibility with remarkable efficiency and care.

Erin's love for the greyhounds, especially the big, affectionate boys, is evident in her calm, empathetic, and caring approach. 

She helps keep a calming environment for the dogs, making them feel comfortable and loved in her presence. Her unwavering commitment to the well-being of the animals reflects her genuine passion for animal care, a quality that is truly amazing at her age.

The dogs always look forward to Erin working each week, knowing they will be showered with extra love and attention. 

Erin's dedication to ensuring each dog receives the care and affection they deserve is truly heartwarming. Despite weekends being busy, Erin's hardworking nature and dedication shine through in every task that gets thrown at her! 

We are lucky to have Erin as a part of our team. Her commitment, passion, and genuine care for the animals makes her an invaluable member of our team! 

Blossom & Bumble Blossom & Bumble

Meet our incredible dog testing spaniels Blossom and Bumble!

These two superhero spaniels play a vital role in helping us assess our greyhounds whilst they are in our care. They are dedicated to their roles so much that they deserve their special section!

Blossom, the brave spaniel, had a tough start in life. She was rescued by our amazing kennel manager, Chia, after spending the early weeks of her life locked up in a shed. But blossom has truly blossomed in Chia’s care!

This wonderful pup has turned her difficult past into a driving force to help our greyhounds with their socialisation. Blossom is incredibly friendly and aware, making her the perfect tester dog for our greyhounds.

It’s so heart-warming to see how Blossom’s challenging journey has led her to become a guiding light for others.

Bumble is the brainy sister who prefers to let Blossom take the lead in the dog testing. But don’t be fooled Bumble is a superstar in her own right!

Bumble’s speciality lies in proofing our greyhounds and ensuring the ones who pass their dog tests can meet or even live with other breeds. 

This smart girl is currently attending agility classes, dreaming of one day showing off her talents at the prestigious Crufts dog show! We have no doubt Bumble will be on the big screens soon, with all the greyhounds and staff cheering her on!

Together Blossom and Bumble are an invaluable asset to our team. They are adored and cherished by all the staff here at Clarks Farm. 

We are forever grateful to have these two incredible spaniels by our side, we love them so much!!

Peter Peter

Peter, our dedicated Writtle van driver, plays a vital role in our team, ensuring the well-being of our greyhounds and the humans at Clark's Farm. 

With his background as a bus driver and now retired, Peter generously uses his skills to transport our beloved greyhounds to and from Writtle College and University, where they contribute to student's learning experiences and enjoy a day filled with care and attention outside the kennels. 

His commitment to safely transporting the dogs to and from Writtle each day is truly invaluable.

Beyond his role as a driver, Peter goes above and beyond by collecting donations, picking up essential supplies for the dogs, and even taking care of the human team members with sweet treats and lunches. 

His thoughtfulness and kindness extend not only to the greyhounds but also to everyone at Clark's Farm. Peter's long-standing presence at the farm has made him an indispensable part of our team, and his loyalty, kindness, and compassionate nature are truly unmatched.

Peter's unwavering dedication and genuine care make him a cherished member of our team, and we are incredibly grateful for all that he does for the greyhounds and everyone at Clark's Farm.

Toni Toni

Toni is a fully qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist and Hydrotherapist and the owner of Level Up Physiotherapy!  She has come on board to provide her amazing services to greyhounds and beyond, based here at Clarks Farm!

Having always been drawn to animals since she was little, she reached for and achieved her dream of working with them, graduating with an Integrated Masters in Veterinary Physiotherapy and Level 4 Canine Hydrotherapy from Writtle University College.

During her studies at Writtle, she learnt her skills on greyhounds that were supplied by Clarks Farm, including many beautiful and loved souls such as Maestro, Mario, Roger and Evie who all greatly benefited from their attendance.  Having developed her skill base on greyhounds, she is an invaluable addition to the team as she has a deeper understanding of their unique anatomy and physiology.

She believes in Physiotherapy for it’s holistic approach to each individual’s care.  It restores motion and movement, relieves pain and tension, improved strength and encourages the healing process and cellular health.

Having worked within the veterinary field as well, she has a deep understanding of the different aspects of animal welfare.  Having loved studying, she is always aiming to expand her knowledge to further her career to ensure she stays up to date with the industry, to ensure she is able to provide an exceptional level of care to her patients.

The proud mum of a sweet elderly Jack Russell and a Blue Tongue Skink, we are very excited to have her on board here at Clarks Farm...not only for all the beautiful hounds we rehome but for all the other canines out there that can benefit from her services including: physio, hydro, electrotherapies (including Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and Ultrasound), Low Level Laser Therapy, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) and Cold and Heat Therapy 

How exciting is that!

Our Volunteers Our Volunteers

Volunteers have been a massive part of Clarks Farm since it’s foundation over 20 years ago.

Whether they are helping walk dogs, cleaning out kennels, gardening, general maintenance or just picking up donations from around the area, all of our volunteers are an invaluable help.  We wouldn’t be able function without them!

With upward of 40 dogs to take care of on a daily basis, having those extra pairs of hands is essential and we are so grateful to everyone that gives up some of their time each week to come down and get stuck in...some of which have been coming for years and years!

We are also privileged to be supported by local colleges and universities.  We provide placements to animal management, canine care, vet nursing and other students to gain experience during the school semesters.  It’s brilliant to be able to help shape the future of animal care!

Our volunteer’s dedication to Clarks Farm and the dogs knows no bounds and we are eternally grateful!

If you would like to join the team and help us out, give us a call on 01621 788315!