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4 Years Old

When life gives you lemons, make this Lemon the sweetest part of your day! 

Lemon is an absolute stunner, isn’t he? His striking appearance is just the beginning of his charm. Not only is he incredibly handsome, but his personality is as kind as can be. 

He is the type of boy who turns heads wherever he goes with his friendly and calm demeanour, embodying your typical greyhound personality!

Since coming into our care, Lemon has seamlessly fit in as if he has always been a part of our family. He is a picture of cleanliness, calmness and impeccable behaviour in his kennel, patiently waiting for his turn without a single complaint. 

Lemon’s beauty isn’t just skin deep, his sweet nature shines through, spreading joy and love wherever he goes. 

This delightful boy is all about showering us humans with affection. Lemons thrives off human interaction giving us the best cuddles at any opportunity he gets. 

His loving and caring nature knows no bounds, making him a true sweetheart with an abundance of love to share with whoever will let him.

Lemon’s personality is perfection, he is everything one could wish for in a forever companion. His chilled-out and charming demeanour creates an instant connection with anyone he meets. 

A mature soul at heart, Lemon enjoys the simpler pleasures in life. He has a relaxed and easy-going vibe that is truly endearing. He still has his mad greyhound zoomies and has an adorable playful side to him that will melt your heart.

Your typical male greyhound, Lemon strikes the perfect balance between affectionate, laid back and incredibly loving. His adorable nature has captured the hearts of everyone around him, making him a favourite among us all. 

Lemon being listed as ‘orange’ may seem like a citrus mix-up after reading all of that. During Lemon’s dog tests, he faced some struggles, not terrible, but his confidence and social skills with other breeds need improvement. With time, training and some positive socialisation, we believe Lemon will be able to pass his dog test and become a well-rounded hound. 

Lemon loves being around people of all sizes and would thrive in a home with older children. He is comfortable around all humans and would enjoy the companionship a family home provides. He would be just as happy in an adult-only home.

His adaptable nature means he will fit seamlessly into any home setting.

Lemon, currently sharing his kennel with Sherbet, is happy to share his space and be in the company of other hounds. He would be happy to live alongside another greyhound in his forever home. Having a calm greyhound to guide him and show him the ropes of home life might be just what he needs, especially around other breeds of dogs. However Lemon is also content being the sole dog in the home. 

He is a loving, adaptable hound waiting for a patient and understanding family to give him the love and guidance he deserves. With a heart as sweet as lemonade how could you resist bringing this beautiful boy home? 

Let lemon be the zestful companion who will fill your days with joy, laughter and a whole lot of love.