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3 Years Old


This darling girl is looking for a very special home indeed.

When she arrived with us originally, she was a nervous little bean but it sure didn’t take long to see the happy, sassy, playful and fun side of this delightful little lady.  She took to the new environment and routine really well and after the first few days, with the help of her companion Bossy, she really started to come out of her shell and thrive.

Every day they would go into the grass paddock and bomb around doing zoomies together and then come back into kennel and have a game of bitey face, closely followed by Bossy grooming Bronte’s ears and the inevitable nap...they were so in love that we couldn’t bear to split them up and were so grateful when we had this lovely couple express interest in adopting a pair.

Though despite Bronte’s progress and sass in the kennel environment, she would always revert back to the shy and worried soul in meeting new people...but we had seen such amazing developments with her we had confidence that with Bossy’s help, she could overcome anything.

Unfortunately, we were wrong, she needed a more experienced home.  Bronte did not adapt to home life and found the transition incredibly distressing.  Bossy, who settled in like a dream, started getting frustrated with her and Bronte would spend her time hiding down the back of the sofa or in the corner of the kitchen.

Not wanting to do her more of a disservice, and as first time dog parents, they made the very difficult decision to return Bronte to our care...

And the cheeky mare had the audacity to walk back into the kennels and be a happy, waggy and silly lump once again!  Clearly, she’s very happy and content in the kennel environment...but it would have been nice if she had showed a little upset at being brought back!  The poor family were so upset about it all!

Bless her, I suppose it’s a good thing that she’s done so well returning.  It would have been so much worse if she had been distressed at the change.

But this absolute sweetheart who is thriving, and so angelic, happy go lucky, playful, as well as being ever so well behaved, is not what people see...and it is clearly going to take quite a bit longer to settle into home life than anticipated.

Kennelling with the Fletcher, she gets the sillies in the morning when we come in and is so happy to be taken out to the paddocks to go toilet and have a play.  She eats well, has never made a sound of complaint, walks well on the lead and was so exceptionally good in her small dog test and subsequent meetings with other small breeds...including the tiniest fluffy white chihuahua you will ever see!

She would probably be cat-trainable...if we had a cat to test her with!  She is so disinterested in other breeds and wildlife and is so gentle on the lead...apart from being incredibly worried by traffic and people!  Really, she does have to be walked on a harness, but not because she ever pulls, just to stop her backing out of her collar when she gets spooked!

We know for certain that Bronte does need to live with another dog to guide her and is suitable to live with either male or female, of any breed.  But it would probably be beneficial to live with another sighthound that will show her the way.

She is a real darling, and we have seen her come on in leaps and bounds.  She is an amazing dog and in the right environment she is going to thrive, just as she has here.

Given her comfort in the kennels, and in her squishing herself into small spaces in the previous home, she would probably benefit from a crate in her next home.  Not to shut the door, just so she has a nice little contained safe space where she can feel comfortable as she settles in.

Due to her skittishness, she wouldn’t be suitable to live with children but respectful visiting children would likely be okay so long as she has ample opportunity to remove herself from the situation if she’s worried.

We’re hopeful that someone will take a chance on this sweet natured little hound.  She a very pure soul, just very under socialised with the great wide world and needs someone to take it step by step with her to show her that life is full of joy and new things.  She is a smart and curious hound once you get to know her; she will get there. 

Though we really should get a new picture, that one is not at all flattering!  She is a very dainty little lady, we promise!