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3 Years Old

While none of us can take his name seriously and all collectively shout it like a demented prairie dog every time we refer to him, Alan is an absolute gent and we’re all totally in love with him!

Really, just look at that handsome face!  Those ears!  He is a super model, and such a proud, wonderful, even natured hound who is so representative of the breed.  Everyone that meets Alan falls in love with him for he is very charming!

A very people motivated, affectionate and outgoing gent, Alan has been exceptionally behaved since his arrival!  He is patient, empathetic and very affectionate.  He is more than happy to sit back and relax while he waits his turn for walkies, play time or feeding...though when it is his turn, he is out of that bed like a shot and is trying to cram his way through the kennel door before you’ve barely opened it!

So, while he is truly a BFG, he does still sometimes forget his size and turns into a bit of a lumbering idiot when he gets excited!  But then what greyhound doesn’t?

Poliet with his food, but always happy to clear his bowl, there is absolutely no fussy eating to be found with this boy.  He is also very well mannered on his walks, good on the lead and happy to trot along without a care!

Excellent with his kennel mate Micha, who is at least half his size, Alan is all round very even natured and well mannered.  He is just really chilled out, easy going and content to go with the flow.  He never causes an issue or makes a sound of complaint.  He has been social with all the other hounds on walks and overall, hasn’t been a bother to have here at all!

He is a confident, easy going but outgoing hound who would be more than suitable to be the only dog in the home.  He isn’t dependant on the other dogs, but like any greyhound, he would be happy to share with another sighthound in the home!

Alan has also been excellently behaved and respectful around children of a range of ages, he just wants to be everyones friend and is so tolerant.  After initial introductions (which can be a bit like OMG FRIEND and licking any little ones in the face) he will quite happily stand proudly while being stroked and otherwise manhandled.  He loves to be stroked; he doesn’t care who is doing it.

We have no qualms with Alan going into a home with kids, he’s got an excellent nature and one that cannot be faulted in regard to humans!  He is very adaptable and unflappable; he takes everything in his stride and doesn’t really ever seem to be overly bothered by anything going on around him be it other dogs kicking off or unexpected loud noises and bangs from a dropped food bowl. 

Sometimes I wonder if there is much going on behind those eyes as he’s just so unbothered!  Though secretly I think Alan may be quite smart and knows there is no use getting all worked up over things...being horizontal is far more important!

But being a the perfect BFG aside, he is a BBB...a big black boy!  He’s a big ol’ lump of a dog.  Not massive, but a fair size for a male greyhound which in itself will put people off adopting him no matter how brilliant his nature is!

Add in the fact he has come off the track with a severely broken hock, that has enough metal work thrown in it to rival a car, that will forever have him walking with a limp...the odds of being chosen are even lower!

Then just to top it off...he is vocally and physically reactive to other breeds.  And there you have it, the icing on the cake, this boy will be here for the rest of his life!

Hopefully one of our fosters comes available soon to take him on and start working him past this reactivity but being in foster isn’t going to change his colour, gender, or injury!

Alan really is a fantastic dog, a true gentleman and everything you could want in a greyhound...indoors anyway!  He will spend all day roaching on the sofa, sunbathing in the garden or otherwise enjoying his human’s company while snuggling up for Netflix and chill (not in that way, get your head out the gutter!)

While Alan can’t go on great long walks and adventures because of his injury, he will still enjoy life to the fullest with the more typical infamous two 20-minute walks...maybe down to the local café or the local pub for a sneaky sausage and fuss from all the humans!

We really do wish Alan all the happiness in the world and know that one day he will find his forever home...but for now we will thoroughly enjoy his company because he is an absolute gem and we’re all besotted with him.  As are all our volunteers and visitors!

One day someone will be able to see just how much they need Alan and his Eiffel tower ears in their lives!