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3 Years Old

Get ready to be enchanted by Wizard for this magical boy will surely cast a spell on your heart from the moment you meet him!

Wizard is a true gentleman, always ready to give us humans plenty of affection and charm. While it took some time for his true colours to shine, we are lucky to witness his kind-hearted and loving nature come out more each day. 

Adopting Wizard means endless love and laughter. His playful and fun-loving spirit brings joy to everyone around him. He is such a happy boy, and we look forward to seeing him enjoy the love and comfort of a caring family, embracing all the joys that home life has to offer.

Wizard thrives on the one-to-one attention he receives lighting up each snuggle session or walk. His love for bonding and companionship is evident in every interaction, melting hearts with his gentle and affectionate demeanour. 

It’s heart-breaking that being a larger black boy Wizard may be overlooked by potential adopters. We hope that someone will see his beauty and gentle nature, which makes him truly irresistible.

Just take a look at that handsome face!

Despite being bigger in size Wizard is such a gentle giant. He is a soppy boy at heart who craves love and affection. 

His sensitive nature allows him to develop deep and affectionate connections with humans, displaying a warm and compassionate personality that is difficult to resist. 

Wizard's enjoyment of walks is lovely to witness. Although he may initially be enthusiastic, Wizard quickly becomes a calm and enjoyable walking companion.

His independence shines through as he prefers his own space, making him a perfect match for a family that can shower him with all the love and attention. 

This magical boy truly enjoys his alone time and would thrive as the only dog in a loving household, where he can be the centre of attention. He has always kennelled alone so is used to his own space and being in his own company. 

In his dog test, Wizard showed us just how magic he is! He was relaxed and polite when walking past, alongside and meeting Blossom. To be honest Wizard’s main focus seemed to be getting on with his walk and checking out all the smells!

Wizard would be a great fit for families with older dog dog-savvy children, teenagers and adults. Whether he is part of a family setting or enjoying the chilled-out nature of an adult-only home, Wizard’s friendly and adaptable nature ensures he will thrive in most environments.

In the magical world of Wizard, love, laughter and companionship await those who open their hearts and homes to this enchanting greyhound. 

So if you’re ready for a lifetime of love and enchantment, let Wizard cast his spell on you and make your home truly magical!