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2 Years Old

Look how adorable this boy is! Those puppy dog eyes are irresistible making you instantly fall in love with him.

His puppy dog eyes have a way of melting our hearts and capturing everyone’s attention. It is impossible to resist his irresistible charm.

Syd has such a calm demeanour, he is a super chilled-out boy who loves spending his days relaxing. It’s lovely to see him so settled in the kennels.

He also has a silly and playful side to him, this boy definitely knows how to have fun! 

His playful bursts will make you smile and laugh. He is a master when it comes to spreading joy and happiness. Your life will be full of laughter with this boy around. 

Syd also has a lovely cuddly and affectionate side to him. He loves it when we go and sit in the kennel with him so he can shower us with all the love he possibly can.

His affectionate and loving nature will make you feel cherished and loved. Syd’s well-behaved nature is a testament to his gentle and sweet spirit. 

Syd is currently kennelled with the beautiful Connie, with whom he shares an incredible bond. They truly bring out the best in each other.

He loves the company of other greyhounds, so he would happily live with them in his forever home. While he does enjoy their company, he is also perfectly content with being the only dog in the home.

Syd loves his humans and would love to be a part of a loving family. He would do well with dog-savvy children who will understand if he needs space. 

He is an adaptable dog who will thrive in a variety of home environments. Whether he is a part of an adult-only household or becomes part of a family, his easy-going nature and flexibility will allow him to slot in with ease. 

As you can see, Syd is colour-coded in orange. He had difficulty passing his dog test with the spaniel and found it overwhelming at times. 

Syd has already begun training with our kennel dog trainer and has shown off his intelligence. With continued time and support, we are confident Syd will become comfortable with other breeds in no time.

Syd is a special boy seeking his perfect forever home with his special human.

Open your heart and home to Syd today, you won’t regret it!