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4 Years Old
REHOME Sinatra

Sinatra may not sing like Frank, but he will certainly steal your heart with his charm.

Sinatra is undeniably handsome, just take a look at that face! Not only is he incredibly beautiful on the outside, but his inner beauty matches it perfectly!

He is kind, gentle and an absolute sweetheart. In the kennel, he is impeccably behaved, making him a true pleasure to look after. 

It has taken Sinatra a little longer to fully reveal all his personality, but now we are seeing more of him, we love him even more than when we first met him. 

His personality traits and temperament are simply perfect. This boy is laid back and patient, always happy to wait his turn without a single complaint. 

Currently, Sinatra shares a kennel with joy. He adores being in the company of other greyhounds. He is a social boy with the other hounds meaning Sinatra would be more than happy to share his forever home with another hound or two. 

Due to him being a more chilled-out boy, Sinatra would thrive in a home with older children, teenagers and adults. He prefers a laid-back lifestyle where he can relax and enjoy the company of his human companions.

While it may take him a little longer to open up, when he does, it’s truly something special. Dogs like Sinatra, who show their exceptional nature when they are comfortable, are always a joy to be around. 

You may have noticed that he is listed as orange. During his dog test, he had a bit of trouble getting up close to the spaniel. After watching his body language it seems his hesitation stemmed from a place of uncertainty and anxiety. 

He was just unsure about what the spaniel was, so it is in no way reactivity towards other breeds. We are confident with some training and confidence budling with other breeds, Sinatra will become a well-rounded dog in no time!

Sinatra is perfect in pretty much every sense and once he becomes comfortable with other breeds he will be utter perfection. 

Sinatra is a true catch inside and out. With his stunning looks, kind heart and easy-going nature he’s ready to bring so much love to one lucky family.

REHOME Sinatra