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4 Years Old

Pinky, also known as Pinky Pie, is an absolute joy to be around.

She is not your typical sized greyhound, as she is quite small, but that only adds to her loving charm. She is such a special girl, we all love her so much!

She has had the pleasure of sharing her kennel with quite a few nice, calm males. She is currently sharing with Sunset and she absolutely adores him. Pinky will happily live alongside a calm male greyhound in her forever home or she will be happy being the only dog.

What sets Pinky apart from the other hounds is her entertaining and loving nature. She is always ready to put a smile on your face and make you feel so loved. Her sweet and kind soul is truly special.

How could you say no to that adorable face! We cant help but shower her with affection every time we walk past her. She is honestly one of the most adorable greyhounds you will ever meet.

At the kennels, Pinky has captured the hearts of everyone who has gotten to know her. Her unconditional love and playful personality makes her a true gem!

As you can see, Pinky is colour coded as red, which means she has struggled to pass her dog test whilst here at the kennels. In saying this we have seen a lot of our red dogs go on to thrive in ther new homes and improve massively around other breeds. Pinky just needs someone who is confident in handling a dog who may have challenges with other breeds.

Rest assured, we will be there to support whoever decides to give Pinky her forever home. Our main goal is for her to thrive with her new family.

Pinky will not be the best fit for a home with younger children. But she would thrive in a home with teenagers and adults, as that is what she is used to here at the kennels.

Pinky has been with us for quite a while now, and it would bring us so much joy to see her settled into the perfect home.

Whilst at the kennels, Pinky is having training sessions to help prepare her for the outside world. She is a smart girl who catches on quick! We have no doubt that she will become a well-rounded and amazing companion in no time.

So, if you are ready to take on the reward of giving this special girl the loving home she deserves, we will be right here happy as ever.

If you are looking for a dog who will bring endless joy and love into your life, Pinky is the perfect choice for you!!