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4 Years Old
Fun Loving

Hattie is the most adorable and loveable hound ever. She captures the hearts of everyone who meets her with those adorable puppy dog eyes!

Her lovely little face and equally exceptional personality are both beautiful. Hattie gives off a wow factor with her happy-go-lucky, social and affectionate nature, easily winning over us humans and the other hounds.

Hattie has an exceptionally kind heart and a radiant soul that brightens your day, effortlessly spreading joy and warmth to those around her. 

Despite not being with us for long, Hattie has already shown remarkable adaptability and comfort in new environments. She has settled in seamlessly, making her a pleasure to get to know. 

In the kennels, she is happy, clean, and always excited to see what each day brings. She loves life and everything it has to offer. Hattie’s affectionate nature and love for people make her a delightful companion, always wanting to be around her humans.

Her fun-loving spirit, evident in her typical greyhound silliness combined with her loving personality will make her a perfect addition to any household. We don’t think this sweet girl will be with us for a long time with her beauty!

Hattie is an independent girl who doesn't rely on other hounds for confidence, meaning she will do well as the only hound in the home. She is also social and comfortable around other hounds, so she would also happily live alongside them in her forever home. She is truly going to be content either way!

One thing I do need to mention about Hattie is her enthusiasm when it comes to walk times. This enthusiasm does translate into pulling on the lead due to her excitement to be out of the kennels. However, this is easily managed with a harness, so it should not discourage you from adopting her.

During her dog test, Hattie impressed everyone with her friendly demeanour. She happily trotted past and politely interacted with Blossom. Her good nature and social skills when it comes to other breeds are a joy to see.

Hattie can happily live with children of most ages as long as they are dog-savvy, along with teenagers and adults. She is an adaptable girl who will easily fit into most family dynamics!

Everyone has fallen in love with Hattie, captivated by those beautiful eyes and sweet personality. She would be an amazing greyhound for first-time owners or someone looking for an extra addition to their household. 

Whoever welcomes Hattie into their home is in for a real treat she is sure to bring immense joy and love to her forever family!