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7 Years Old
Special Soul

Ally holds a special place in all of our hearts here at the kennels. Her gentle and sweet nature is truly remarkable, and we all have a huge amount of love and admiration for her.

At first, there was a plan to rehome Ally with her brother Jim. However, a difficult decision was made to separate them to improve their chances of finding permanent homes. Despite the separation, both Jim and Ally are thriving, and it has been confirmed that this decision was in both of their best interests.

The past year has been challenging for Ally, especially after being returned with her siblings due to struggles with a newborn baby in her previous home. Transitioning back into kennel life has been tough for her as she thrives in the home environment. 

Understanding Ally’s journey sets the stage to appreciate her wonderful personality and why she would make a fantastic addition to her forever family.

Ally is incredibly sweet and gentle. She showers us humans with love, making every moment spent with her feel cherished. Her expressive puppy dog eyes have a way of melting hearts instantly. She also has a playful and cheeky side that adds to her charm.

Ally strikes the perfect balance between her laid-back, kind nature and her playful antics. When she forms a bond with someone, her love runs deep, creating a sense of comfort and ease when in her presence. 

We love Ally for all her unique traits and special ways. Her little quirks, like being a little bit stubborn about going out to the toilet so many times a day, bring laughter each day. She brightens up each of our days at the kennels.

It is heartbreaking that Ally, an older black dog who struggles with other breeds, is consistently overlooked and disregarded. Ally is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Ally is currently kennelled by herself and has shown her adaptability and independence. She’s content in her own company making her a perfect fit as the only greyhound in the home. 

She may be able to live with other hounds if all the correct introductions are made and she feels happy and comfortable in their presence. With everything she has been through she has become a little unsocial with the other hounds. 

Ally would do best in an adult-only home or one with teenagers due to a previous stressful experience with a baby in her other home. In order to thrive she needs a chilled-out lifestyle with no young children.

She has struggled to pass her dog test here at the kennels, but when she went to the park, she showed little interest in the other breeds. She is a smart girl who catches onto training quickly, which is a positive. She just needs positive socialization in her forever home to help her overcome these issues.

Going into the home environment could work wonders for her reactivity as seen with many of our other red dogs. Once out of the kennel environment they thrive and find the presence of smaller dogs less stressful.

Ally’s calm and laid-back nature shines through, making her a joy to care for each day. She is clean, patient and well-behaved in her kennel.

The love and compassion she shows to us humans if truly special, making her future family incredibly fortunate to have her by their side, showering them with love and affection every day. 

The impact Ally makes on those around her is immeasurable. She is a wonderful example of a hound with so much potential and love to give. With the right guidance and understanding Ally will soon thrive and become the perfect companion for years to come. 

Adopting Ally would not only change her life but also bring immense joy and love to yours!